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I first signed up for a free Leadsleap account about three months ago. Being new and unfamiliar with the system, I was relatively inactive for several weeks after I signed up.

While searching for ways to generate traffic and leads I again came across leadsleap several times and read some reviews about the website.

My curiosity was triggered by several positive reviews so I decided to seriously explore and study how leadsleap works. It was then that I realized how leadsleap can help generate targeted traffic and leads for free in exchange for some extra effort and time. The additional benefits and perks offered also convinced me to upgrade to Pro account.

So far I am very satisfied with the results my leadsleap Pro account is giving me. I've got my first few commissions within a few days of promoting my marketing funnel in leadsleap.

I have spent almost a year trying to earn my first affiliate commission by following methods promoted in video tutorials of many known youtube influencers but none of them seem to work.

With leadsleap, I finally did it!

I am more motivated to work harder on my leadsleap account and earn more commissions. What's even more remarkable is that leadsleap allows me to build my email list at the same time with a few people opting into the programs I'm promoting almost everyday!

LeadsLeap Member Benefits

Leadsleap is free to join and its free membership unlocks doors and opportunities which in other similar platforms will certainly cost you a hefty price tag.

You can remain a free member for as long as you want and continue to use all the resources available to free members.

Upgrading to Pro membership is optional and you can do it later when you think you are ready to take advantage of the additional benefits and resources available to Pro members.

Leadsleap offers an advertising platform and a whole array of marketing tools that any newbie can dream of. Here are a few to mention:

1. ) Free advertisement

This is available to both Free and Pro members. Create your ad text and banner or image and post for viewing by all members. There are two types of ads:

  • Credit Ads - available to both Free and Pro members and is credit-based with 1 credit required for each ad view.

  • Pro Ads - no required credits and will be shown on the network 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This is available to Pro members only.

Credit ads will expire after 14 days and need to be updated. Credit ads of Pro members are not subject to this rule. Free members can post a maximum of 3 credit ads while Pro members can post 10 credit ads and 10 pro ads.

How to Earn Credits

  • By Surfing Ads - First 5 seconds earns you 0.2 credits (0.4 if Pro). Thereafter, you earn 0.02 credits every additional 5 seconds for up to 1 minute.

  • Reporting Problem Ads - 1 credit per problem ad reported. False report will earn no credit.

  • Adding PPC Ad Widget to Your Website - You earn credits when people click the ads in the widget.

  • Using Leadsleap Link Tracker With Ad Widget Activated - You earn when people click the ads in the widget.

  • Overriding Credits - These are credits you earn whenever your followers view ads. They are also used in the calculation of your Daily Active Bonus. The more personal referrals you have, the more overriding credits you'll earn.

Credits earned will expire after 6 months so make sure to encash remaining credits not used for advertising credit ads before they expire.

2. Social Review Platform

You can use this platform to write reviews and share your assessment and observations about the programs or products that you have tried. Writing reviews can help you improve or boost SEO traffic.

3. The Link Tracker

Using link tracker enables you to detect if you are getting real visitors instead of bots and also lets you know how long they spend surfing on your link.

4. Email Marketing

Leadsleap offers a free email marketing system (SendSteed) which you can use to build your email list, set up autoresponder, create automated follow-up emails and send broadcast to your list.

5. Page Builder

Leadsleap page builder allows you to create almost any kind of web page you can think of, such as opt-in page, thank you page, capture page, landing page, splash page, bridge page, etc.

6. Funnel Builder

The funnel builder allows you to organize your pages by creating a marketing funnel which you can share with others. This is a feature available to Pro members only.

7. Form/Popup Creator

This tool lets you create animated opt-in forms and/or popup and add it to your website, blog, tracker or pages created using leadleap page builder.

8. Hosting Service

Leadsleap provides hosting for images and PDF files, so that you can use them in your landing pages, popups and SendSteed emails.

Four Ways To Make Money in LeadsLeap System

  • Daily Active Bonus - view at least 10 ads a day to qualify for this bonus.
  • Credit encashment - convert credits into cash if you don't use them to advertise your credit ads.
  • PPC Earnings - add leadsleap Ad Widget to your website or use Link Tracker to earn when your vistors click on the ads in the widget or tracker.
  • Affiliate Commissions - promote LeadsLeap and earn recurring commissions when your direct referrals upgrade to Pro membership. Free members get 25%, while Pro members get 50%.

Leadsleap lets you build your network within the system, with you at the top. Your direct referrals form the first level of your network. Those that your level 1 refer personally will form level 2 and this goes on until level 10. Everyone in levels 1 to 10 are your followers and this has the potential to grow exponentially. You will earn commissions when your direct referrals upgrade to pro membership. You will earn credits when your followers surf ads, which you can use for credit ads or encashment.

Spillover Level (For Pro Members Only)

A member can theoretically have ten associates or uplines. However, not every member will have ten uplines because some of them may be at the top of the network, or some of their uplines may have had their accounts terminated. As a result, there are 'empty' upline positions. These vacant positions will be appropriated to Pro members, which will comprise the Spillover Level, and it will grow continuously as the system allocates followers to this level automatically.

With LeadsLeap It is highly possible to start earning as soon as within a week after joining, as I did.

Leadsleap has about 171,400 members worlwide which means your ads can be viewed by these huge number of people who are all interested in the same niche you are promoting. Furthermore, your ads will also be exposed to people outside of Leadleap network through the use of the Ad Widgets in your website, or link tracker if you don't have a website.

Leadsleap has been around since 2008 and it is constantly being upgraded with additional tools and features to keep it updated and relevant. Rest assured that it will be around for many years more considering the high number of satisfied users as reflected in the very high ratings it is getting from reviews which you can readily verify by searching online.


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Affiliate Marketing
Dominic Kristianto's review...
My experience with the program so far

There aren't many affiliate product which is straight to the point and cut the BS like Lazy Commissions. I can't tell how much value I get inside this product because it is too much already (which you are getting for FREE! ).

What beginners alike need is a working and proven system that really helps them to show their expertise and awesome value to the world and is paid handsomely for that. That is everyone's dream, right?

But unfortunately, there are so many scams and BSs out there (too many to count) that made confused people even more confused!

With Lazy Commissions, you get a system that actually works, and if you want, you can invest a small amount of budget to get your business started right away (less than $10! ). I am happy with what I learned inside this course, and I believe this should help you build your online business fast without spending too much time and effort figuring things out yourself.

What I Like

The system just works! This is what I have been doing for 3 years now since 2019 and Lazy Commissions just made it simple enough to follow and digest, PLUS it has an awesome support system and community inside.

The creator, Tim Ikels, is a good friend of mine and I have known him back since I started learning about Affiliate Marketing in 2019. It goes without saying that I know how he thinks and his moral code standard.

Lazy Commissions was built upon the idea that we are sick and tired to see garbage products that just don't work and only make the vendor rich. If you love this idea, then Lazy Commissions is for you.

What's more, Lazy Commissions are always updated regularly and this proves that Tim is really serious about making an evergreen product that everyone will find massive value in.

What I Dislike

Lazy Commissions is still in the early stage so therefore you might see that the materials lack some videos, but Tim is doing all he can to build this up alone and that is one hell of dedication!

The latest update version already includes videos and audio as well. Quite a big progress for a free product!

I hate the fact that Lazy Commissions is not around when I started my affiliate journey back then. I guess I can only say: lucky you :)

Final Verdict

Either you are a beginner or you might already doing affiliate marketing with no result to show, this will help you for sure. You got nothing to lose since this is totally Free to access. The Upsells are there to help you shortcut the effort and time needed to actually implement what you learn inside the Free Course.

If you are a seasoned/veteran Affiliate and you would like to help others start an online business, this is very helpful since you can make Lazy Commissions as if this is your own product and get all the leads opted in under you.

Sounds great? Then you can start now and see for yourself if this is really valuable for you or not.


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IM Tool
Benny Lo's review...
My experience with the program so far

I'm using Stacker to build a bonus page for my affiliate campaigns Stacker just like smart bonus page & let's you click through and easily choose from literally millions of instant pages fully complete with built-in bonus products that will put your visitors in a buying FRENZY that you can use to make money with virtually any online affiliate offer.

Stacker can generates your pages on the fly with built-in videos, timers, DFY bonus products and all. Bonus pages don't get ANY faster or easier than THIS.

Literally all you do is enter a few custom details like your name and email, click the 'STACK IT! ' button, and instantly create your bonus page.

Also can sends clicks and visitors to our users' Smart Pages on LITERAL AUTOPILOTwhich mathematically guarantees traffic...

What I Like

  • Easy to use no-code website and funnel builder
  • Breakthrough App Generates 1-Click "Smart Bonus Pages"
  • FREE Automatic Hosting On All Stacker Smart Pages
  • 100% Newbie Friendly

What I Dislike

  • Slow response from stacker support team
  • Only 30 Stacker bonus pages in the front end so I must delete when the launch period of my promotion is over

Final Verdict

If you're an affiliate marketer like me then you probably know how time consuming it can become when you need to create a new bonus page for each campaign that you run.

By using stacker I can create my affiliate campaign bonus page less than 15 minutes.


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IM Tool
Dominic Kristianto's review...
My experience with the program so far

This is a new product from the man who made Sqribble, Pixel Studio FX, and much more cool software. Hence why I am interested to find out about Prezentar.

As you know, everybody is raving about video these days, because that's where the internet is heading but my biggest problem is: I don't want to show my face on camera!

I have been postponing doing Lives and creating Youtube reviews because I don't feel comfortable showing myself on camera.

And that is why I'm hooked with Prezentar since I now can create videos that grab attention, build trust, create the desire for what I'm selling and get lots of buyers to my opt-in pages.

I've done my research, and I've found thousands of YouTube 'superstars' with huge channels and videos that get thousands of free views, using nothing more than a slideshow presentation, hence why Prezentar is helping me in a big way.

What I Like

To name a few, here are the things that resonate with me most: Prezentar is simple to use, affordable, fresh & trendy themes, it has 50 amazing modern templates with an in-built audio recorder & music.

Another thing is that it has complete animation effects & stock images and most of all I only need to pay a one-time price. No need to pay monthly fees anymore! That should relieve lots of people I think lol

What I Dislike

Well, so far I think it's a good bargain for the current price. I was hoping for some other features but yeah, realistically speaking, this is an affordable software so I can't complain about it.

Final Verdict

If you hate to show your face in front of the camera but you need to create stunning video presentations for your Courses, Tutorials, Webinars, Product Reviews, Blogs, YT channels, etc.then you should consider using Prezentar for that purpose.

I always love new technology, because they make our lives easier. Hence, when I see something that fit my needs (and is still inside my budget), then why not? Well, that's just me anyway :)


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Ed Hopkins Jr.'s review...
This is the Ultimate place to advertise. I make money every month and the traffic is great.

I jumped on board not knowing what to expect. I have used several other programs Mary Ann Myers had created and wow this on is the best so far.

I am an upgraded member of course, everyone knows that's where the money is.

My emails always get over 1000 clicks each.

I have 82 Direct sign ups with 6 upgraded and 4 2nd level upgrades and 1 of them is upgraded.

I am going to stick with this for a while. I also have $122.40 owe me.

Spectacular things are happening as systems are being put into place.

So check back here frequently and I'll let you know what's going on.

I am Ed Hopkins Jr, your ProfitsLion sponsor.
call 785-577-8332 email me or friend me on Facebook.

Tell me about what you are promoting, don't spam me! Just a simple email telling me about yourself.

I have been with ProfitsLion since May 7 2019, there were only about 1400 Members at that time and I had none. LOL

But this is what I have achieved:

Direct Level sign ups = 83 (as of October 14, 2019 now have 87)
Second Level sign ups = 3 (as of October 14, 2019 now have 6)

I started out paying monthly, $17. A month, 1 payment came out of my pocket and then my commissions paid 1 month and just last week my commissions were enough to buy the Lifetime Membership at $147.

I will never have to pay again for ProfitsLion membership. All paid by commission's and I still have a balance of $17.90 as of this writing.

So is ProfitLions worth the money? You betcha it is!

This is where you can see up to 2 levels of your earnings for referring sales to ProfitsLion. With your membership, you earn 50% of direct sales referred and 20% of 2nd level monthly sales. (2nd level sales apply on those after you upgrade).

Ed Hopkins Jr


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Raghavendra Baswa's review...
When I heard this Click Engine first time, I ignored it. After few weeks again I read it from some sites than I was queries to find out what it is

And then, I found it's official site and the admin is 'Jeff Amen' watched a video which explained what will I get like 100% real buyer traffic

Then I was not so sure about it I wanted to take a try and I did so

I started to follow the steps told by the Jeff and it's just wonderful decision I have made by getting The Click Engine

There is no doubt I am getting Real buyers' traffic to my links and the tons of values he is giving me that is what we all need to have if we want to make a long-term earning

What I like:

I am getting lots of information about how to find hot products that people want to buy, getting a right converting capture pages to collect my leads and follow up for more sales.

He is giving away follow up emails series which he is using they are highly converting and providing info for more traffic from other sources also just for mere pennies.

Enough bonuses to make an extra income.


1. Easy Hands-Free Income.

2. The Secret to Pocket Change Traffic.

3. Traffic Booster.

4. Mailing List Maximiser.

5. The Top Ten List Building Fails.

6. The Action List Building Plan.

7. The Beginner to Super Affiliate Edge.

8. The Secret Marketing Magnet.

He is sharing all his knowledge with us and wants to help

In shot providing everything that we need to make money online right from now there is no way that we can't make it happen

What I dislike:

There are enough methods to follow but, it took me time to understand which one to follow 1st because everything is very powerful methods

I want to follow each and everything, I know it works why because it's used by many successful online business makers

3 Recommendation from me

1. Have an attitude of learning.

2. Be consistent in what you're doing.

3. Keep Hope success is on the way.


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