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Safelist Mailer
Andre Reutens's review...
You wouldn't want to miss signing up for this one, even if its Free. You are able to upgrade to Pro level for free after completing some tasks and collecting points.

Jason Wise (the same founder as FreeAdvertisingForYou) gives you clear instructions to get more traffic to your offer.

There are many ways to get your activity on viralmailerforyou rewarded. Promo codes are plentiful to be used across both platforms. The solo ads are very responsive.

Being a Diamond member, I've no regrets upgrading because the number of clicks I get for my offer/link is astounding. This site gets 80,000+ hits per month (SEOQuake analytics) so you can gauge from there the vibrancy of the site's activity.

Although the website looks like a standard web 1.0 old-style design, it will always deliver it's punch when it comes to getting your offer seen. So far there are 950 members (and growing). Don't be fooled by the small member base. These members are buyers and serious marketers, so don't pass them off as tyre-kickers.

Go ahead and sign up for free today and give it a go and work towards your free Pro upgrade then decide on upgrading even further. You'll be amazed as there are so many ways on this single website to promote your offer.

Of course, upgrading is always the better option - which saves you time and the site will get done for you and deliver its promise of great traffic. I love how it integrates well with FreeAdvertisingForYou.


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Robin Robinson's review...
My experience with the program so far

Everything has been positive so far. I learned how to set my campaigns to generate paid traffic to my Sites. I have been getting great results from the Ads I've put out. I've also learned how to set my my Autoresponder campaigns in a way that will bring me in paid traffic for years to come.

I've learned more here about paid traffic, than other Sites that cost a lot more.

What I Like

The price is great less than 5.00. I got way more than I was expecting, starting with the awesome video that makes it easy not only set up the CE, but how to put it all together in the best way to get that paid traffic to my offers.

I can set my ads one time and that's it the system does the rest. But it doesn't stop there I like the affiliate program. The cost makes it easy to bring people in. I can also promote the ClickEngine and another business at the same time.

Along with the traffic, there is training, tools and resources in the back end that I'm able to use in any business. I only get one email a day and you can win cash prizes for clicking the ads.

What I Dislike

I really can't say that I've found anything I dislike.

Final Verdict

ClickEngine is traffic magnet, and not just any traffic... But paid traffic. I don't have a cluttered Inbox, just one email a day. The cost in unreal for the traffic, tools and resources I get access to.

Thank you for reading

Robin Robinson


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Malcolm Keith's review...
EzClix is a new partner program to the EZ network of programs I have been a member of for some time so I had no hesitation in getting involved. It's been constructed in an 'EZ' way so that you can set it up for traffic to your opportunities and let it go to work. It's viral in its nature by the way the program grows and therefore the exposure to your promotion material.

My experience with the program so far.

While you can promote anything you choose, I think that online marketing, traffic generation and small business tools work extremely well. This program allows me to add login ads, banners and links. I recommend you direct traffic to an above the fold, enticing splash or capture page for your business rather than straight to a long product or business opportunity page.

The basic format used is a screen shot of your page that the traffic will be going to and a banner. To go on top of the viral page setup and other place. There is some easy setting up to do so you get the best out of this EzClix site. Other components you can fill in to further increase traffic to your site - and I really recommend doing every bit of it to maximize your exposure to traffic. Follow the checklist and aim for 100% completion.

In your back office you have a complete stats page so you can see the traffic and the results for each component set up. If you are getting lots of hits but no clicks it could be you need to adjust that landing page to be more effective. My CTR of about 3% to 5% is good but I may need to tweak my landing pages for improvement.

Things to note

Since launch mid 2022 the monthly price has moved up and is presently $6.90. Once you join you fix this price and it is still excellent value for traffic generated.

You can not use a rotator for your submitted link so don't waste your time trying to slip one in. I got round this by taking the one-time option of adding another two sites. You can change your sites any time on your Members' Dashboard.

What I Like

Once set up I can leave this alone to carry on working. I do log in in now and again to check my stats, get entered into a draw, and also see what other people are advertising. Long term this will deliver both quality and volume and I would rather start with getting a few hundred high quality visitors each month than thousands of trash-clicks. They also try to get everyone 2 EzClix sign ups to make the program cost free.

What I Dislike

Nothing comes to mind. The people behind these Ez programs are old hands at the advertising game.

Final Verdict

A good program to get involved with to get your opportunity shown on autopilot in many places for a low price and avoid too much time wasting clicking in different sites. Worth taking the one time, low cost upgrade to add another two sites.


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Affiliate Marketing
Sugiya Oki's review...
The first time I joined Wealthy Affiliate as a member was in May 2017, and I didn't look at it for the last five years.

But, since Covid-19 hit my country about two years ago, I've been spending more and more time at home. That's when I stumbled upon Affiliate Marketing (again).

In January 2022, I made up my mind. I told myself to start working on the things I'd left five years ago.

Now here I am, trying to make my way to succeeding in affiliate marketing.

I still have a lot to learn, and I believe I made the right decision by upgrading to Premium membership this February.

My experience with the program so far

As a total newbie in affiliate marketing, Wealthy Affiliate really helps me through their courses.

In fact, I made one of my first recurring sales through their referral program.

You'll find a lot of new members where you can help each other through the Wealthy Affiliate network.

What I Like

  • Firstly, Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It provides you with a guide on building your website, writing content, and how to drive traffic to your website.
  • Secondly, you can sign up and join the Wealthy Affiliate to explore and create your first website for entirely free (no credit card required).
  • As a Premium Member, you can access Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool for free.
  • You can also earn credits by giving feedback and comments on other people's sites.
  • You get access to an entire course led by experts who have been successful in affiliate marketing before you.
  • Moreover, if you have any questions, all the Premium members will always be ready to help you 24/7.

What I Dislike

  • Some of the fundamental courses are a bit outdated.

Final Verdict

As an affiliate marketing network with more than 1,4 million members from 193 countries, and 17 years in the affiliate marketing business, Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best platforms to help you build your online success.

There is an African Proverb that I like,

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. "

Let's go together and tap into the unlimited revenue sources through Wealthy Affiliate.

I'll see you inside.


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Internet Marketing
Dominic Kristianto's review...
My experience with the program so far

In my entire experience doing Affiliate Marketing for more than 3 years now, I never encounter any program like Leads Lion before. I mean, there are some High-Ticket programs that come with weekly group coaching, but NOT Accountability Weekly Coaching to make sure that you do your part and keep track of your progress.

And that is just one of the massive benefits I get from this program. As a High Ticket Marketer, I know exactly that content creation and personal branding play a significant role to succeed in this saturated market.

So the concept of Leads Lion is quite fascinating for me because it combined the power of branding, content creation, omnipresence, accountability coaching, and High-Ticket Closer Team all in one program for a very reasonable price point.

Since this is very new (just launched on 1st November 2022), there are still a lot of opportunities and I think this is the best combo that will help you succeed in 2022 and beyond.

What I Like

#1 thing I like the most is: THE INSTANT PAYOUT! Meaning that after you made a sale, your commission will land in your designated bank account right away without any waiting period. This is frickin awesome! :D

There is no other program out there like Leads Lion. If there is, then it won't be priced as low (only 2 figures per month! ) with so many benefits like Accountability Weekly Coaching, Step by Step hand-holding on how to brand yourself (basically with this you can promote anything you want, so no more relying your "life" on a certain program/vendor! ), a Closer Team that will help you close High-Ticket tier of Leads Lion, and many more!

Plus, the modules are gated, which means you will not get overwhelmed and you can manage your time wisely while also making sure that you will actually practice and DO what you learn and GET results. Nothing is more simple than this.

What I Dislike

Because of the amount of support provided, there is no low-ticket option for this program like its predecessor, List Lion. But on the bright side, you will also get the 5 Days Challenge of List Lion for FREE!

And I think for some people. No money-back guarantee will turn them off. But since the reason is that we actually get paid instantly via STRIPE express for any sale, then this policy is the best I think. You can try for a month and see if this is a yay or a nay for you.

Obviously, since this is a Done-With-You type of program, this is not for the lazy marketer who doesn't want to do the work.

Final Verdict

Gone are the days of spraying your affiliate link without no proper marketing effort and hoping that somebody will buy. If you want to succeed in Affiliate Marketing, you have to learn the basics of marketing.

Personal branding is the key to a sustainable and long-term business because people buy from the person they know, like, and trust. Leads Lion provides you with branding, content creation, accountability, and automatic sales process, and even helps you close your high-ticket sales effortlessly.

I highly recommend Leads Lion because not only do I know who the creator is, but also because I can testify that the methods indeed work IF you do the work!

I honestly think with its current price point, this is way too valuable. Then again, the one who can judge it is the one who actually dives into it themselves. Right?


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IM Tool
Matt Pugh's review...
ConversioBot is in my experience an amazing piece of AI Technology.

I must say that my experience with Conversiobot has been amazing. I purchased this so that I could increase my conversions with gathering leads into my business and I must say, it's certainly done that.

I'm finding that because it's interacting with the visitors. It's getting more responses and more conversions so I'm building my list much quicker.

It's also giving the personal touch to my visitors and it's also targeting them more so I can route them to the correct autoresponder series that I have setup depending on what answers they provide within the bot.

What I Like

You can create unlimited bots

It's so simple to use, even for beginners The training videos are nice and short and all laid out professionally so are easy to navigate and follow

The bots are very professional looking

You can add your own images and branding to the bots

You can remove the Conversiobot branding on your bots

At the time of writing this it comes with a commercial licence so you can sell your bots to others as well.

What I Dislike

In all honesty, there isn't anything that I dislike about this bot

Final Verdict

If your not using conversiobot in your business / opportunity then I highly recommend that you take a look at this as it will improve your conversions and you have full flexibility over it all.


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