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Affiliate Marketing
Stephanie 's review...
As a dedicated member of Wealthy Affiliate, I've made over $5000 in commissions thanks to Wealthy Affiliate and it's affiliate marketing training.

This platform has taught me how to create websites that not only rank on 1st page Google but also earn a monthly income as a result.

I'm able to take what I've learnt from the training and use it to create multiple niche websites.

Currently, I have 3 niche websites, and 2 are currently earning a 3-figure monthly income each, while I continue to build out my newer site.

Plus, I only work on these websites part-time when I'm not at my healthcare job.

All this is possible thanks to the training and tools provided by Wealthy Affiliate, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a way to start an online business and work from home.

What I Like

  • Free to join and no obligation to upgrade, although I recommend it
  • Free keyword research tool
  • The premium membership includes web hosting, keyword research tool, opportunity to request and submit blog comments, request website feedback from other members, interact with like-minded individuals through the community and live chat
  • Affiliate program pays up to $175 per referral
  • Can even earn commissions as a free member
  • Can contact the owners directly - they might not always answer straight away, but when they do it's a nice feeling :)
  • High-quality training modules on various topics within the internet marketing niche
  • Teaches you how to build a profitable niche website, without having to promote Wealthy Affiliate
  • Hundreds of success stories, including me :)
  • Start an online business for less than $2 a day

What I Dislike

  • Training can be overwhelming, especially if you're a complete beginner
  • Sometimes the community conversation topics are off the subject of internet marketing
  • Some training modules are outdated, but the Wealthy Affiliate owners try to update as often as possible

Final Verdict

Overall, I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate. As someone who started this journey with no knowledge of affiliate marketing, I'm glad to say I've earned $5000 in affiliate commissions because the Wealthy Affiliate training showed me the steps I needed to make it happen.

If you're still on the fence, just check it out for free, what have you got to lose?

Wishing you all the best,


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Home Biz
William Berg's review...
I joined SCD in January of 2020.

November 2021 update: I'm still a member of this program and this month I earned over $700. This is the most I've earned in one month from this program.

Honestly, it is the first program in the past 10 years I am actually earning an income from. This is a big surprise for me since the program doesn't require members to do anything.

How You Make Money. Just a simple 1 tier affiliate program. Commissions paid on monthly membership fees so it's residual income forever. No MLM or pyramids.

When you get 5 sales, you earn $450 per month per membership you own. 90% commissions. Want more sales? Just buy more memberships!

Guaranteed Sales. Wouldn't it be nice to just skip the hard advertising part and just 'get sales' instead? 5 sales are guaranteed or your money back.

The Cost. Each membership is $100 per month. Once the admin gets you your 5 sales, they then deduct the cost for those sales out of your future commissions.

The Product. 100's of great home business plans and marketing courses that actually work. The mailing list ranker alone is well worth the membership fees. You won't need most of this content if you join The Perfect System because we do it all for you, but it is great info nonetheless.

What You Do. Nothing. Just be patient while a 30+ year marketing expert does all the work. Understand that get rich quick schemes do not exist. If you catch the shiny object syndrome and want to jump ship to something that promises $1000 a week in 30 days, you are about to be scammed again, my friend.

What I Like

Income is guaranteed, plus no more internet marketing. The program uses good old fashion postcards and direct mail to bring in paying members. The owner has spent thousands of dollars testing different mailing lists and has found a few that are very profitable. Members are encouraged to do nothing but sit back and wait for their PayPal deposits.

What I Dislike

Members do have to wait a few months for their guaranteed paid signups. This depends on the time of the year, the economy, etc. To be honest, I didn't have any luck using internet marketing to bring in new members, so a few months is actually impressive to me.

Final Verdict

If you're struggling to earn any money online, then this program is for you. It is the only program that is currently earning me an income. Bill Anderson is the owner and I stay in contact with him on a weekly basis.


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Downline Builder
Stephanie 's review...
MFI is a "Done For You" marketing system created by internet marketing, Mack Mills, that helps you earn on 4 different income streams.

How It Works

You promote one link which has 4 income streams available within the system

What's Included In the MFI System

The system itself is one of the income streams, and you get access to training videos to help you set up the income streams, as well as:

- Tracking link feature
- Resources to help you promote (email swipes, Social media posts, Website banners etc.
- Bonus income streams
- Private Facebook Group
- Support
- and more

The steps are very easy to follow:

Step 1: Watch The Welcome Video

Step 2: Set Up Your Income Streams

Step 3: Set Up Your e-Wallet

Step 4: Watch The Back Office Tour

Below is an outline of the 4 main income streams:

  • Income Stream #1 - Multiple Income Funnel
    • MIF is the 1st of the income streams which costs $49/month and has a yearly upgrade also You can earn residual $20/month to $180/yr commissions on this first income stream
  • Income Stream #2 - Easy1Up
    • There are packages starting from $25 up to $2,000 one time payments and you earn instant 100% commissions on the package that your buy-in at
  • Income Stream #3 - TextBot Ai
    • This is a $100 one time payment and you can earn 100% commissions of $100 and/or $500
  • Income Stream #4 - Traffic Authority
    • The lifeblood of any online business is traffic. Without visitors to your site, you get no income. Therefore, the system has TA traffic within the system. So not only can you use TA to get traffic to your MIF system, but you can also become a reseller of the traffic packages you purchase and earn commissions when your team members purchase traffic.
    • You can use the TA traffic for any affiliate program or offer you are promoting in the Make Money Online / Home Business niche
  • BONUS Income Stream #5 - My Lead Gen Secret
  • BONUS Income Stream #6 - Scalability Pro

So as you can see, there are multiple options to earn, and all the income streams complement each other very well.

I recommend activating all of the income streams if you can, but you have the option to activate only the ones you want to and/or can afford.

Plus, even some of the top names in internet marketing are promoting this funnel.

My Experience So Far

I've been able to generate 50+ leads so far in the system in a short space of time, and it's great knowing they are all being followed up by Mack Mills, so I just need to feed the system with traffic and the system does the work for me.

It truly is a high converting system and it's great to see the success that is coming out from using this system.

I already had an Easy1Up membership and Traffic Authority membership, so that made it easier for me to get everything set up.

Overall, the system is simple to follow, and the income streams are straightforward to set up.

What I Like

  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to follow videos
  • Resources and tracking available within the system
  • Private Facebook group for extra support and interaction with other MIF members
  • High converting funnel which I'm seeing results in already.

What I Dislike

  • It's a "Done for you" system, therefore you can't learn the marketing skills for yourself within the system. So if that's what you're looking for, then MIF may not be for you.
  • No traffic training within the system, so you would need to have these skills already or learn them yourself if you don't want to use Traffic Authority, or want to learn free traffic methods.

Final Verdict

Thanks for reading my Multiple Income Funnel Review.

Overall, I believe Multiple Income Funnel is a great system if you want all the hard work done for you and want to focus your efforts on generating traffic and leads. I like that everything is easy to follow and I didn't need to spend too long getting it all setup.

Although it can be quite costly if you get in at all the top levels of each income stream, you do have the option to only activate the income streams you want to earn on. But that does mean you could potentially lose out on some income.

I like how the income streams work well together, and are great tools for any marketer to benefit from.

All in All, I highly recommend this system for newbies and veterans who are looking for a simple system to start promoting and make money online from home. All you need to do is set up the recommended income streams and drive targeted traffic to your funnel.

All the best and good luck with the system :)


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Downline Builder
Chris Joy's review...
Dani Kash created the LeadsLeap Profits system to help marketers comprehend the LeadsLeap marketing platform and earn signups. When others sign up for this system, you get a 100% commissions. ($10 one time lifetime membership).

There are ten videos with step-by-step directions on how to setup a list, capture pages, and ad bars, as well as ten days of action steps that show you how to produce traffic and leads for any business.

The LeadsLeap Profits system is unique among other systems, in that it concentrates on generating revenue from a single platform while also teaching you new abilities as a marketer in this field. It's more than simply a downline builder; it's a success system that even a rookie can grasp!

Having just joined the system myself I find it extremely easy to set up it took a less than 2 hours everything was laid out step by step and very doable for even technically challenged folks like me.

UPDATE: This has taught me A LOT! Trust ME.


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Arnold Fisher's review...
DOSH App is a great opportunity to earn cashback. Use promo code: ARNOLDF1 This app is extremely seamless and literally works to put money back in your pocket without you having to even think about it.

What I Like

A good friend of mine introduced the Dosh app to me last year. They told me about their referral program and the $15 promo. I jumped right on it and it was very simple to register and verify my info and add my debit and credit cards.

The app provided me with notifications as people joined using my referral link. The app has never crashed on me. I love its simplicity and color scheme. It was easy editing my profile and adding Venmo info to transfer my commissions.

What I Dislike

As of today, I've had no issues with this cashback app.

Final Verdict

The Dosh app has amazing local offers! You can get cash back just by shopping at stores Dosh has listed in on their offers page.

Just use the card(s) linked to your Dosh account to shop and you're good to go. I'll continue to use this app.

Get a $10 - $15 bonus for each person who signs up for Dosh using your unique referral code and connects their debit or credit card to the app.

There is no limit to how many referral bonuses you can earn, but you do have to be a Dosh member to participate in the referral program.

How To Earn The Bonus

  • Click on the 'Refer' button in the Dosh app.
  • Share your unique referral link with your family and friends through social media, email or text message.
  • Receive a $10 - $15 bonus for each person who - Signs up for Dosh using your referral link,
  • Connects a debit or credit card, and Verifies their linked card.
  • Use promo code: ARNOLDF1

Bottom Line

Dosh is a great way to earn extra cash simply by spending on things you would buy anyways. It works especially well in big cities where Dosh partners are plentiful.


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George Feelgood's review...
Internet Marketing works, but most so called gurus give the industry a bad name.

Case in point, simply subsribe to any internet marketer's mailing list and chances are the sales emails will start flowing, almost immediately!

It's as if most internet marketers think you're a walking ATM! No intro email, no sincere questions asking about your constraints - just a deluge of sales emails till you unsubscribe!

Successful internet marketers know how to connect with their audience, offering all the tools you need to succeed without pushing one to buy their latest shining object!

Which is why I was pleasantly surprised when I came across OLSP System!

Whilst I had joined their facebook group a while back, I forgot about the group for a few months.

What brought me back was I kept seeing lots of testimonials in my facebook newsfeed from users of the platform speaking positively about Traffic Domination, ome even showing off their weekly commissions!

Now, that's not something you see often! Most facebook groups are private, in case outsiders call them out etc. but not this group! When you join the group and go through the bootcamp, the help from anyone in the group's just awesome to experience!

Oh, the Bootcamp. Wassat, I hear you ask?

It's a 2 week intensive bootcamp on how to become a super affiliate plus covert ways to make your facebook posts go viral!

Best part of the Bootcamp?

You get a Done for You, highly optimised sales funnel PLUS $20 bucks sent to your paypal account!


Yep, you get paid $20 just to complete the course!

Not the other way round mind you. Here they PAY you to learn!

Don't get me wrong, as good as this sounds, you still have to put in the effort before you can start seeing results, and whoever you sign up under also has the responsibility to help you become equally successful!

Once someone joins the group under you, OLSP System sends them follow up emails to further training, affiliate offers etc. and should they purchase. Regardless of when in the chain of emails, you still get the commission!

What I Like

The facebook group is very active, so you never feel alone, and there's no such thing as a silly question. You ask to seek the help you rightfully deserve, or you go through past questions to see if your specific issue has not been answered before.

What I Dislike

New members become anxious and impatient to start making money, meaning they make a lot of mistakes instead of following the instructions in the bootcamp.

Final Verdict

For a free facebook group that pays you cash just to complete their bootcamp training, then go on to become a super affiliate, this is interestingly a breath of fresh air in the internet marketing sphere.


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