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Affiliate Marketing
Govind Raghav's review...
My experience with the program so far

Hey everyone, I want to discuss this platform called Autoaffiliate that has totally changed my approach to affiliate marketing. Its state-of-the-art automation, driven by AI and bots, has saved me countless hours of manual work and consistently delivered impressive results.

The software is very easy to use, easy to understand because to its simple design, and creative for the affiliate marketing sector because it generates a consistent flow of passive leads that may be converted into sales.

As someone who has explored various affiliate programs over the years, I can confidently say that the autoaffiliate program stands head and shoulders above the rest. The training materials helped me understand affiliate marketing concepts, while the automated AI tools and bots assured maximum campaign performance.

What I Like

After struggling in the affiliate marketing industry for years, the autoaffiliate program, with its AI and bots handling the workload, is amazing. Witnessing its operation gives me goosebumps. After the complete setup of BOT, messages start flowing within an hour, and real chats with real people are simply amazing. I am thrilled with the wonderful outcomes that this program has achieved. Thanks to its advanced features, I can just sit back and watch as leads and sales come in.

The autoaffiliate program is revolutionary and is offered entirely for free. It has the ability to surpass its competitors and also set an example for them to follow.

What I Dislike

Because the program was fresh starting out, getting used to certain of its steps took some time. However, the business is now much better as a result of consumer input, which is a big benefit.

Final Verdict

Because of the system's use of AI, affiliate marketing will never be the same. It's a game-changer compared to traditional affiliate marketing methods. If you're seeking a program that utilizes AI and bots to drive sales, look no further, this program does it all for free. Yes, you heard it right, the system they provide is absolutely free. The company's founders have ingeniously designed a program that even those without internet or affiliate marketing experience can navigate. For advanced marketers, having an AI business handle all the work is a true luxury.

Moreover, complementing the AI and bots that are already doing the heavy lifting accelerates residual income growth without incurring any additional costs.

For anyone seeking to successfully maximize their profits using the most cutting-edge AI and bots, I strongly suggest this program. Every expert marketer deserves to have it.

This is my first review here at LeadsLeap after joining, and I hope it gives you great value. "Enjoy Earning"


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Aladine Brahimi's review...
I Love LeadsLeap!

LeadsLeap is an all-in-one online affiliate ecosystem, giving users a boxe of tools for easy lead generation, sales, promotion, marketing, and making a good income. The back office is like a gold mine with tutorials and a blog section showing what each tool can do and offering smart tips on how to use them.

What I Like:

Online since 2008 and can brag about a history of steady success. Surprisingly, they hand out some really useful marketing tools for free, showing they're serious about helping out their user community. The Pro upgrade is affordable and it's really worth it.

LeadsLeap offers easy page creation, wide exposure on different sites, and efficient list building, for free. They want to be a safe and user-friendly spot for a long time, really focusing on keeping users happy.

Commissions - The referral system is a big deal, offering a chance for ongoing commission income. With a big community of thousand members, LeadsLeap clearly meets the demand for getting solid online results. The Traffic Coop feature is an awesome way to monetise your marketing efforts.

What I Dislike:

There is NOTHING to dislike here!


I LOVE LEADSLEAP. It has become the backbone of my online business, thanks to its cutting-edge marketing tools. I am now a PRO member.


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Health & Fitness
Susie Elsmore's review...
My Partner & I were shown the Livegood opportunity in January 2023 , because the opportunity had just launched we saw how simple it was and what an amazing & brilliant concept it was, and did not hesitate to jump on board.

After 25 years trying to find something that we were passionate about we found Livegood and are extremely happy and we plan to share it with the world.

The founders had recently updated the compensation plan to include a done for you capture pages complete with follow up emails and a powerful power line which enables you to reserve a spot in the Matrix for free.

Livegood is essentially a membership club for a onetime joining fee of $40 and than $9.95 a month. It's just like having a membership for Netflix or Cosco but the difference is we get paid with our Livegood membership when we refer it on to others.

While at the same time you can position yourself to earn in 6 different ways, lets break them down for you.

6 Ways We Get Paid In Livegood

1. Weekly Fast Start Bonus

For each person who you refer to LiveGood who becomes a member and an affiliate for $49.95, you will rewarded with a $25 commission paid out the very next week!

Plus, if any of the people you enroll choose to enroll others, not only will they be rewarded, but you will also receive additional bonus commissions up to 10 levels deep.

2. 2*15 Forced Matrix Commissions

When you lock in your position in LiveGood, you are given your own business center in our fast filling 2x15 Matrix!

As more people join LiveGood every week, they are placed in the matrix UNDER everyone who is already in there, following their enroller.

3. 50% Matching Bonus

As HUGE as the Fast Start Commissions and Matrix Bonuses are, our Matching Bonuses are even BIGGER!

You will also match 50% of the matrix commissions on everyone you enroll, AND a percentage everyone those people enroll

FIVE ENROLLMENT GENERATIONS DEEP, regardless of where they fall in your matrix!

4. Retail Commissions

As an affiliate of LiveGood any time one of your referrals makes a purchase as a Retail Customer, you will earn 50% of the difference between the Member price and the Retail price.

Retail Commissions are paid following the same payout structure as as Fast Start Commissions.

Unlike Fast Start Commissions that are only paid out one time, Retail Commissions can be earned unlimited times every time a Retail Customer places an order

5. Influencer Bonuses

For Affiliates who choose to market products to Retail Customers on a larger scale, you will earn additional bonuses on all of that volume.

In fact, you will earn up to 100% of the difference between the Member price and the Retail price on all orders by your referred Retail Customers.

6. Diamond Bonus Pool

Once you achieve Diamond rank, you will share in 2% of total company sales every month!

What I Like

I like that the founders of this opportunity have a proven track record in the Industry, they have taken everything they had learn from successfully launching similar businesses in the past and put together an amazing opportunity which allows everyone to win.

It's just so different.

What I Dislike

I can honestly say there is nothing I dislike about Livegood. The products a world class and affordable for everyone. The comp plan is amazing

Final Verdict

After 25 years of being involved with many other opportunities we have never seen anything like Livegood.

If you are looking for a home based business in 2023 than I suggest take a look at this Livegood opportunity and what it offers, it may just change yours and your family's life.


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Health & Fitness
Benny Lo's review...
My experience with the program so far

LiveGood is a health-product buyers club that provides an income opportunity. Independent affiliates are rewarded for sharing the products and for building teams of other independent affiliates who do the same.

Commissions are paid to these affiliates on retail product sales and on club membership fees. The payments are structured through a compensation plan via 4 income streams including product and membership sales through a tired system up to 10 levels deep.

I've join LiveGood at December 29th and after 48 hours, I've got 8000+ prospects in their powerline marketing system. It's hard to believe but it's fact. You can watch the video presentation in my landing page, how LiveGood powerline marketing system works.

The LiveGood compensation plan is fair and easy to understand. It works for anyone and everyone that wants to participate. There is a one time forever $40.00 affiliate sign-up fee and $9.95/month for membership, that is manageable for all people.

The main component is a 15-level-deep tiered system. Affiliates advance through the system as they "rank-up" based upon their performance and progress in sharing.

There are 6 different ways to be paid:


In fact, you can earn up to $2,047.50 per MONTH without ever enrolling a single person with matrix commissions.

What I Like

Affiliates & members are rewarded for sharing the products and for building teams also make passive income with less effort.

Commissions are paid to these affiliates on retail product sales and on club membership fees. The payments are structured through a compensation plan via 6 income streams including product and membership sales through a tired system up to 15 levels deep.

What I Dislike

LiveGood pays commissions is not ready for International when I made this review because LiveGood just launch for Global in December 2022.

Final Verdict

LiveGood is a new concept business model in health & wealth niche.

Having access to health and wellness supplements at 75% less on average then the nearest competitors is life-changing for many people.

They can finally afford the products they need, delivered to their door.


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Health & Fitness
Joe Marujo's review...
My experience with the program so far

Let's get one thing out of the way up front: A lot of marketers are advertising this as a way to "make $2000 without enrolling anyone. "

While that is a mathematical possibility, it's not going to happen. No one is going to make $2000 per month just by joining. I'm sure that's going to upset some folks, but we need to be real.

Having said that, if you do market this program, you will make money. No program ever created by Ben Glinsky did not make people money. This one will be no different.

The Powerline fear of loss model is very convincing and will convert lot's and lot's of people.

What nobody is talking about is that there are some very good products that are reasonably priced, especially for an MLM. Ben has a licensed pharmacist on staff that probably wouldn't risk his professional association if the products weren't legit.

I also like the fact from a marketers standpoint is that you can promote this without any additional tools, which makes it very newbie-friendly.

The email follow-up provided by the company is also very good, again, using the fear of loss as a very compelling motivator.

What I Like

You might not really understand what we have here with LiveGood...

That is, unless you see it like I do.

You see, I've been an on and off member, fan, and yes, victim of the MLM/network marketing business model for more than 3 decades.

This is not my first rodeo.

In all those years I, like many, have searched for "the unicorn. "

The company where the average person can actually win.

It never really existed.

Don't get me wrong, there are some really great companies occupying the MLM space.

The problem is, they're filled with roadblocks that keep the average person constantly chasing a dream that never comes true.

Roadblocks like:

Expensive starter packs, where you are encouraged to buy huge qualifying product purchases if "you really want to succeed... "

Overpriced products so they can pay commissions to the top, like hundred-dollar protein shakes that you can buy at Walmart for 22 bucks...

Monthly autoships that can cost hundreds of dollars just so you can stay active in the comp plan.

Monthly recruiting quotas that the average Joe (no relation) just can't keep up with.

You get the picture.

With LiveGood, they literally threw out the old, broken MLM model.

Instead, they took a page from the Amazon book. This is the Amazon Prime Business Model.

Charge a small monthly membership fee ($9.95) and sell quality products at below-wholesale prices.

You only buy products when you want to and when you need to. No quotas. No autoship.

Does it work? Ask the 100,000 people who joined in the last 90 days. Get on the Zoom calls and watch the countless people that never had success before and are finally winning.

So even if you've seen it before and you think you know, watch the video and take the free tour. This time, pay attention to what's really going on here.

What I Dislike

I find the company provided websites a little cheap-looking but since most of us create our own marketing, this shouldn't be a deal breaker for you.

Final Verdict

What we have here though, is a no-brainer.

For just $10 bucks a month you have a very marketable program and get to buy some very good products at very-wholesale prices.

Imagine if you had the opportunity several years ago to market "Amazon's new Prime Membership Program. "

Now imagine if you were getting paid $.25 per month for all the Prime memberships active today...

This might be the closest thing ever to the elusive unicorn.

I look forward to winning with you!


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Internet Marketing
Iryna 's review...
My experience with the program so far:

I joined WorldProfit with the primary goal of driving traffic to my website. With limited expectations, I simply added my blog link and left it at that. To my astonishment, on the very same day, I began receiving hundreds of visitors to my blog. This unexpected outcome compelled me to reconsider the value of WorldProfit.

I found a lot of benefits that WorldProfit offers:

  • Unlimited Free Classified Ads: Placing classified ads on WorldProfit has proved to be powerful. I posted a single ad and received 270 views and 160 clicks. This demonstrates the effectiveness of WorldProfit's classified ads. As a free member, I can enjoy the Goody bag, which includes multiple commissions from 18 sites, offering both traffic and referral commissions.
  • Solo Email Blaster: The solo email blaster feature allows me to send my emails to 3,000 members every three days. I've been using this tool occasionally and have seen a significant increase in traffic as a result.
  • Free Mini Blog: I can create a free mini blog to promote my affiliated products or direct visitors to my website, enhancing my online presence.
  • Referral Commissions: By inviting others to join WorldProfit, I have the opportunity to earn referral commissions, making it a potential income source.
  • 50,000 Guaranteed Free Visitors: Since joining in August 2018, I've received 27,063 visitors from WorldProfit. It's a reminder that, as humans, we often appreciate free things but tend to overlook them. Even though I haven't been consistently logging in or keeping my URL active, I've had the flexibility to change my URL whenever I wish.
  • 90 Days of Free SEO Optimizer Membership: This membership has been a tremendous help for optimizing my website's SEO. I've noticed a steady increase in my website's ranking.
  • Over 400 eBook Library: WorldProfit provides access to a vast library of eBooks that I can download and use freely. The best part is that this collection is updated every month, ensuring a wealth of valuable resources.

What I Like:

  • Comprehensive Toolset: Worldprofit offers a robust suite of marketing tools, including an autoresponder, landing page creators, and graphics builders. These tools are available at no extra cost, making it cost-effective for business promotion.
  • Support Availability: Worldprofit provides exceptional 24/7 support. The Live Business Center allows you to interact with fellow marketers, known as Monitors, who can offer guidance and advice whenever you need it.
  • Abundant Training Resources: The platform offers an extensive library of training resources, including training videos covering various aspects of online marketing. This valuable resource equips users with the knowledge and skills necessary for success.
  • Flexibility in Business Promotion: Worldprofit doesn't limit you to promoting their services exclusively. You have the freedom to promote any business of your choice, utilizing the tools and resources provided by the platform.
  • List Building Emphasis: Worldprofit emphasizes the importance of list building in internet marketing. This understanding is crucial, as it highlights that the real value lies in having a substantial mailing list.

What I Dislike:

I didn't find any.

Final Verdict:

In conclusion, WorldProfit has proven to be more than a simple traffic-driving platform. It's a comprehensive toolkit for online marketers, offering valuable insights and tools for building a successful business. While it may not be a free ride, it's a realistic and attainable investment for those who are willing to put in the work and dedication. This platform, with its hidden treasures and valuable insights, is a true asset for online entrepreneurs.


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