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Safelist Mailer
Melissa Moreno's review...
To be honest it is put as a Solo mail but I can not find any place to put my emails. It started with the email goes to my Gmail spam account. It did not come right away it came after 10 min or something. I am so confused by all the diffrent things in the admin that I clicked at HOME again and have to look at 3 ads again. In the FAQ it says you have to look at 3 ads to keep the account active and can add 2 links. When you open the account it says 1 link and 3 ads. I do not think anybody will log in everyday just to look at 3 ads.

I browsed around where to put my 100 credits and all I see some link ads.

What I Like

Many options to get credit. But I still do not understand how to get them.

What I Dislike

I dislike the whole system. It is too messy and too many things, you need to look at 3 ads before you log in and if you click home or refresh you will be back on the 3 ads again. After 20 min I can not find anything and I will not log in again to click 3 ads.

Final Verdict

I do not think they will last very long. All options goes to pay money and it is a lot of money for that kind of money. Over 600 USD you can buy your own script. It been two month now and I still not understand how to use the system.


Did not spend anytime looking into this since last review and they have not come back to me with any answers and suggestions. Do not see them rotating anywhere anymore.


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Internet Marketing
Stephanie 's review...
This is my honest My Online Startup Review

What is My Online Startup?

My Online Startup is an affiliate marketing training platform that teaches beginners how to start an affiliate marketing business.

And it allows more seasoned marketers a platform to promote a free course and earn additional commissions through the many income streams available.

What's Included?

You get access to the main training course, completely free which covers topics ranging from building a blog and developing your mindset, to generating traffic from youtube, forums and other sources.

Not just that, but there is a community of like-minded individuals where you can not only interact with these members, but you also earn rewards for participating in the community.

The training is presented in video format which makes it very easy to follow the owner, Chuck, step by step through each process.

There are currently 2 memberships which are:

  • Free membership - which is free for life, and you can earn $20 for every Insider referral you bring to the system
  • Insider membership - This is a paid membership which has a one time fee of $147. But once you upgrade you get access to many more features, and you can earn $100 for every Insider referral

My experience with the program so far

I've been using this site for just over a 1 month now, and I'm amazed by how much value is provided in this free course.

There is an option to upgrade, but I feel like a beginner to online marketing would get so much value just from the free course alone.

Not just that, but you get high-quality affiliate banners to promote on your site or Facebook.

They are incredibly eye-catching, and I've received many referrals already from promoting this program.

What I Like

  • Promotional tools and resources making it easy to promote on social media, on my blog etc.
  • Free training offers a lot of value
  • Insider membership is only a one time fee rather than a monthly membership
  • Get rewarded for participating within the community forum
  • An active community of other like-minded aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Chuck is a successful internet marketer, so you'll be learning from someone who's started where you are
  • Free affiliate program

What I Dislike

  • You have to purchase Getresponse and ClickMagic to activate your "free" system. So it's not totally free, and if you're like me and you already have an autoresponder and tracking tool, then you miss out on the benefits of this "free" system. But if you don't have any of these tools, then purchasing them via this program makes sense.

Final Verdict

Overall, I feel Chuck has created a high-quality platform for anyone needing to get started with affiliate marketing on a budget.

He outlines the top tools to use in the business, and you can invest in those when you feel you are ready and can afford to do so.

But despite the many positives, there are some things I don't like very much, as outlined above, but I would still highly recommend this course to complete beginners.

Ultimately, the results you get from using are dependent on you.

You can have the best training course in the world, but if you don't put in the work and keep persisting, you won't achieve anything.

So bear that in mind with any training platform you join.

Wishing you the best with My Online Startup.



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Home Biz
Stephanie 's review...
I've been a member of IncomeWay for a few months now, and this is truly one of the best earning opportunities I've come across.

Not only am I earning instant and residual commissions, but I'm also building my list and providing the users an opportunity to get more traffic to their offers.

What I Like

  • Can set your own upgrade prices
  • Earn 100% commissions on upgrade purchases (there's also an option for IncomeWay to handle the payments, so you earn just 75% -- ever since I added this option I've actually gotten more upgrade purchases, I think it provides an easy option for the user to pay via credit/debit card. )
  • Build a list of users interested in generating more traffic -- I've found my list to be very responsive to the various offers I promote
  • Build a list that also has proven buyers -- so you're likely to generate some sales for other email promo offers
  • Can send broadcast emails to your list
  • Can schedule emails, send recurring emails and set up a follow up series for when they place their ads.
  • Affiliate program pays out 50% commissions
  • I've made $300+ dollars in instant and recurring commissions so far
  • You're providing value to the people that visit your site, as you are giving them a chance to get more traffic/views to their offer
  • As the site is based on Wordpress, you can customise it to look more unique
  • Email management service to respond to queries when users contact you.
  • Can manually edit ads in the back office
  • A list of traffic sources you can use to promote your new ad site
  • No long term commitment. Option to try of a few months and see how it is, and cancel at anytime if need be
  • Only $14/month for all these features.

What I Dislike

There are only a few little things I dislike or wish could be improved

  • You don't get detailed reports on the email broadcasts (e.g. opens and clicks)
  • No option to preview email before sending

But these are just small things compared to all the benefits/pros of using IncomeWay

Final Verdict

Overall, I'm so glad I came across this platform. I've built a more targeted and responsive list, and can advertise to proven buyers, which I struggled with before.

I'm also earning instant commissions because of the upgrade purchases, which is very exciting to see, as well a residual income which is already paying more than the cost of my membership.

I believe that IncomeWay is a platform that absolutely anybody could get started with.

It doesn't matter if you're a complete newbie to internet marketing looking to generate your first income online or you're a seasoned marketer who wants to add an extra source of income...

... IncomeWay is for you!


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Paid To
Melissa Moreno's review...
Waiting for my first payment but it will happen soon. There is always money to be made even if it is not much there is still small money you can use for example advertising or buying stuff with bitcoins. Have offer walls, PTP, POP ups ads, video ads and many more ways to make money

What I Like

I like the website look like, it looks modern 3.0 and it has an easy feel to it. They also have an active support forum with an admin and the options to earn money is many. Now they also add a PTP option while promoting so for example I get paid when someone click this link on my review.

Update on 2021 - I use the website mainly as a dump on bad traffic and get paid for it. If you have traffic you really not need this is a good place to send it.

What I Dislike

Sometimes the non paid pop up gets a bit to heavy they are really disturbing and should be limit to one an hour.

Final Verdict

It looks like this one will expand and make more options to make money will keep working on it and try a few others as well.

Update I am not as active as I once was and I have not reached the limit for getting paid yet.


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Home Biz
Lesley Hallows's review...
Organic Prospects is one of 2 platforms that I've been using since October last year, to acquire cost-effective leads with an interest in MMO (I've also written a separate review of the other platform).

Who are Organic Prospects and what do they offer?

Organic Prospects offer their members (ie, me) a daily supply of 70 fresh leads EVERY DAY! To supply the prospects that we members generate, Organic Prospects use a 4-step process to:

  1. Source - By targeting the top 15 social media sites when running their prospect acquisition campaign. They look for prospects with the highest level of genuine interest.
  2. Grade - Prospects are then graded between zero to 100% with 100% representing the highest genuine interest level.
  3. Filter - They then filter the prospects with a genuine interest level grading, and disregard prospects that grade below 75% interest. This leaves only the highest graded interest prospects for us, Organic Prospects members.
  4. Distribute - Each Organic Prospects member will be assigned 70 genuine interest leads every single day. These can be viewed, contacted, downloaded, and emailed using Organic Prospects inbuilt complimentary mailing system.

What would you get as an Organic Prospects Member?

  • 70 prospects daily, all of whom are filtered and demonstrate a 75% and over genuine interest in MMO
  • Exclusivity! What's yours is yours - your leads are 100% exclusive to you
  • Tier 1 prospects (from the USA, Canada, UK and Australia, with at least 80% from the USA)
  • Freshness - every lead is sent to respective Organic Prospects members within 48 hours
  • Genuine interest filter
  • Organic mailer is complimentary within the system, so no third-party autoresponder needed
  • Cost effective - $29.95 per month with a one-off set up fee of $30
  • Affiliate programme. Double your daily leads to 140 per day by just referring one single active member
  • In addition to double daily prospects, Organic Prospects will upgrade your leads from a genuine interest rate of above 75% to those ranging between 85-100% So not only do you generate even more leads, the leads are of even higher genuine interest for what you have to offer.
  • Commission is paid down 5 levels ($5, $4, $3, $2 and $1 respectively)
  • Banner ads and an affiliate link are provided ready for you to copy and paste

What I Like

  • This is a really cost effective way to build a list of interested prospects, and as we know 'the money is in the list! '
  • The quality of the leads is great, and your leads are your leads exclusively. You can download your list to import into other autoresponders, though if you're not ready to absorb the costs of the main autoresponders out there, you can email your leads (once per day) through Organic Prospects own mailing system which is easy and free to use (as part of your membership)
  • Your download information about your leads gives you: first name, surname, date acquired, IP address, email address, and genuine interest percentage level
  • Leads are all Tier 1
  • Stats are provided, so you can easily check how your emails are working, open and click rates
  • You can double your daily leads by referring just one single active member (not only can you double your daily leads in this way, the genuine interest level of your prospects is even higher)
  • The compensation plan with Organic Prospects is generous

What I Dislike

  • Bearing in mind that I now have thousands of leads from Organic Prospects, if I choose to upload them to one of my two autoresponders, that would bump my costs with them up considerably. So, if just starting out, I would suggest that you just use Organic Prospects own mailing system to start with until you can afford to pay for a 'main' autoresponder. (Please note, I am currently testing a new autoresponder programme that charges just a one-off (reasonable) fee to import 15,000 leads, and a second (reasonable) fee for an unlimited account. However it's still relatively early stages in their development and there have been a few teething problems which are getting sorted. So I won't report on this system until these have been ironed out).
  • When using the emailing system within Organic Prospects, the emails will show as coming from either: "Your Name" or "Organic Prospects" So this could make the email seem slightly impersonal. Therefore I always choose the option with my first and surname shown. And I always add my custom signature at the bottom of each email, so as to make the email more personal.

Final Verdict

Membership with Organic Prospects is definitely worthwhile, especially if you're new to the online marketing world, need quality leads, though lack the budget to buy from the other more costly lead providers.

Gather your leads, build a relationship with them, nurture them. Promote only quality products that you yourself would endorse and use. Use Organic Prospects as part of your business building toolkit and you'll go a long way to a successful and sustainable online business.

All the best!


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Thomas Tucker Jr's review...
Since I have been a member of the family it has been awesome, honestly I wish I had found this when it first was launched I would be a hell of a lot better off than I am right at this particular time in my life. I have been with this program for only a couple of weeks but what I have seen and what I have talked with other members this is a true gem of a find.

What I Like

This is a passive earning program with little to no managing or placing ads or anything of the sort, you just simply keep your ad budget above $10 and the program does the rest, I see sales being made on a daily basis and my cashback is growing day by day. You really need to check this out for your self.

Being able to see sales coming in on a daily basis is awesome, the more you are able and willing to put towards this program the more you will get out of it, as soon as I have more funds available I will be investing more to make my sales count grow exponentially.

What this system does is just mind blowing, it actually goes out on the net and finds products that are trending/moving then creates ads around those products and with your ad budget places these ads in high traffic areas, which results in sales daily. And you get to cash in on this simply by funding your ad budget... This is just out of this world simple.

What I Dislike

Nothing to dislike about this program.

Final Verdict

Honestly if I had $10,000.00 to put into this program I would without hesitation, I have seen this program working non-stop and making a profit from day 1. Yes I would recommend this program without hesitation to anyone that wants to make some extra money online, best program I have ever found. Success to anyone that joins.

Looking forward to seeing you on the inside!


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