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IM Tool
Emmanuel Iyore's review...
Builderall is "the future" of digital marketing software in the present. No need to pay different subscriptions and spend hundreds of $$ anymore just to do ONE SIMPLE THING!

Get ALL the tools and integrations you can think of for your eBusiness in ONE PLACE at an affordable price. Choose Builderall if you want value for your money.

What I Like

You can build professional sales funnels and/or choose a template from 350+ niche funnels. Builderall pays lifetime referral commissions, Tier 1 & 2. A great way to earn a stable income and replace any salaried job. Great Facebook community and highly responsive Support team.

Equipped with effective and reliable list management and autoresponder systems, Builderall also has plug-ins and integrations for website chat, Social media chat (it has it's own chat bot! ), shopping cart, check-out forms, webinar, blog, Wordpress and SO MUCH MORE!

Also vast training resources, graphics resources, promotional tools for Affiliate marketing (downloadable banner and videos ads, swipes, etc.. Really you should check this out yourself.

What I Dislike

Understanding how to use the tools and integrations seem a little overwhelming and confusing at first but as you get more familiar with the interface, it becomes crystal clear how to use them.

Some articles in the training area (knowledge base) for learning about certain functionalities are not yet uploaded so if you happen to get stuck in those areas, you'll need to ask questions in the Facebook group.

Also some tutorial videos have not been updated to match renamed built-in apps and the upgraded interface so you'll need to bear that in mind when following the walkthrough videos.

Final Verdict

Builderall is a fantastic tool for its price and features. No need to 2nd guess: the 30-day trial for the premium subscription is a "no brainer". You get access to use the tools and features within 30 Days for $1. Money-back guarantee on your first payment for any subscription plan for another 30 Days. You cancel your subscription at any time.


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Richard Daigle's review...
Like all of Frank Salinas' ad sites, he continues to over-deliver with Pro Traffic Club. So many ways to Advertise, get traffic, build your list and make up to 75% commissions paid to any of 10 processors!

What I Like

I like that Frank is honest, supportive and has never missed a payment. The Ads are looked at, clicked and I have already got signups and sales advertising my other sites. The commissions are paid fast to numerous processors. It is truly a powerhouse Ad and Commission site.

What I Dislike

I haven't found anything to dislike yet but if I do, I will update this review.

Final Verdict

You just can't go wrong with Frank Salinas and especially with this site. Honest, Transparent and very effective.
I high recommend anyone who needs good quality traffic, plenty of eyeballs to see their Ads and unlimited 75%
commissions to join and take the highest possible upgrade.


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Affiliate Marketing
John 's review...
Wealthy Affiliate is a programme I stumbled upon by pure chance last year.

I love this programme because of the level of engagement on the site. You see, Wealthy Affiliate isn't just a training programme for online marketers. Amongst other benefits, I enjoy the ability I have as a paid member to communicate with other members 24/7 should I choose to do so.

I also love the fact that I can blog within Wealthy Affiliate. Blog posts are instantly picked up by Google. I was amazed how last year one or more of my posts got to page 1 of Google within 24 hours!

I love the fact that the training material is constantly reviewed to keep the content relevant.

The language used in the training material is simple to understand. Above all the concepts taught can be implemented immediately.

What also impresses me is the multicultural dimension of its members. Wealthy affiliate has members from the far flung corners of the earth.

Wealthy Affiliate is an educational programme that I love because it benefits everyone from the newbie to the Millionaire netpreneur.

I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone who wishes to learn or increase their knowledge of Internet Marketing.


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Marketing System
Carlos Anastacio's review...

My experience with the program NPN Builder is that it's an all in one marketing system that helps you earn easy affiliate commissions.

NPN Builder is a specific funnel used by affiliates to build their main Global NPN Account. Think about NPN Builder as an entry level that anyone can afford.

Once people join NPN builder at the basic for $17 or pro at $27 monthly then if it's right for them they can upgrade to global NPN Director for $67 monthly or Executive for $147 monthly.

As you can see there are 4 levels within Global NPN, but affiliates can choose to promote the funnel NPN builder and work their way up to higher levels if they choose.

NPN Builder is a done for you funnel ready to go and promote.

It comes with your own autoresponder to help you build and follow up with your leads.

I been a member for several years, and really love the training from the owner. He's a straight shooter and won't hype anything. He gives solid advise on several of his training platforms.

What I Like

NPN builder converts really well with cold traffic. I personally promote it on safelist and traffic exchanges and have really good opt ins.

What I Dislike

Commissions are paid around 30 days after you have earned them, but on the other hand this is a solid business and really starts to build a residual income over time. This is not a get rich program so to avoid fraud and chargebacks, that's why commissions are held for 30 days.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a solid affiliate program to promote NPN builder is a ready made funnel to help you earn commissions.

All you have to do is send targeted traffic and let the system do the selling and telling for you.

As you get comfortable with NPN Builder you can upgrade to director where all the bells and whistles are for building a solid affiliate business. Basically a tool suite from funnel builders to tracking and blogs etc.


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Make Money
Geoff Dodd's review...
The tech setup was quite easy. I already had a Warriorplus account, so I could just copy + paste my links into the waiting text boxes. The promo graphics I found to be of high quality. The landing pages especially were enticing. A no brainer to select the best opt-in entry points. I have promoted hard and consistently, using my 2 email lists and a Desktoplightning account with 12,600 members in my marketing group. I wrote posts on 2 of my blogs.

So far I have been able to transfer $378 out of my connected Warriorplus wallet into P-P so I consider this a successful venture after just 3 months. Looking forward to more upside, because the hard work like blog posts has all been done.

What I Like

As I say, the promotional graphics actually exceeded my expectations. I mean the ideas in the landing pages and the color matching and graphics used. I like the idea, too, that the inventor had when he designed MonsterMode System. He connected 5 successful businesses together in a series. That explains the 700K part. It is about the earnings that Bryan had made in these 5 online businesses, separately, before linking them together in a 'monster funnel. ' So it's had a lot of prior planning and thought go into it.

The fact that Bryan gives you 100% commissions. This is rare. I like the incentive factor built in to Monster Mode 700K. I often write the commission rate straight into an ad. It attracts a heck of a lot of attention and gets the click.

What I Dislike

The only thing I dislike about Monster Mode 700K is one of the 250x250 green and black promo images. It just didn't grab me. I think it is better to create both images and Web pages with a simple black and white format, plus red for contrast. You always need to think in terms of grabbing attention quickly.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Monster Mode 700K System is worth working. It is easily understood as a 'super funnel. ' That is because 5 business programs have been connected up in a series, within one marketing funnel.

You need to do some market research first. Work out how to appeal to your ideal customer, by age, occupation, wealth and location. A bit of extra work and this funnel will return the desired result. It is working sufficiently well. The inventor told me that every program he creates is 'evergreen' so it will still be around in the years to come. I will keep all my links online.


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Internet Marketing
Raviraj Deora's review...
My Online Startup is one of the best step-by-step free affiliate marketing course which covers everything about how to channelize your efforts in the right manner by sharp shooting and make money online by marketing and promoting products of others as an affiliate.

My experience with the program so far

I have enjoyed the free training as well as special training provieded to partners. The free traning is as good as many of the premium trainings out there in the market which costs around $997. I have managed to found many of the hidden places available to market the products. Before this training I was only aware about places like search engines and PPC websites for marketing but there are many places where we can promote our products and offers.

What I Like

  • Getting more and more Traffic – isn't it our biggest worry? Generate Traffic on your Targeted Group and that's actually proven by thousands of testimonials that there is a great inflow
  • Build onto the scale of your email recipient's list and get your network the needed push.
  • Mstering the skills to have a great inflow of cash
  • Specially designed for you – tools for lead generation and blog set up
  • Aren't we looking for ‘Learn to Earn' Programmes? Here is the best one for you and completely free of cost.
  • Allows you to actually study all topics for free. Of course you would be paying for the tools suggested for affiliate marketing. The content is absolutely free and doesn't require you to sign up continuously.
  • It has a ‘leave a note for yourself' feature – while watching the exciting videos on content of this course, you can simultaneously write pointers for yourself to circle back to. (Don't we wish for this feature everywhere on online courses and more)
  • The instructor itself - Chuck Nguyen who is a leading online entrepreneur and a great teacher is based in Melbourne, Australia and has a huge industry experience as an affiliate marketer himself.

What I Dislike

Nothing much to dislike about the free course. However if someone wants to promote MOS they must be a partner of MOS.

Clickbank is required to promote MOS but unfortunately clickbank is not allowing to open accounts in few of the countries.

Final Verdict

My Online Startup is an excellent course and Mr. Chuck Nguyen has created one place for the best course. Go ahead and be the best affiliate you can. Don't think much before signing up because it's free. See it for yourself. The only situation you need to assess is to opt for the ‘insider programme'

I highly recommend you to join ‘My Online Startup', the best free affiliate marketing training course.

It's all about learning and being the best. And I mean it.


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