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Internet Marketing
Meir Ben Hadar's review...
"My Online Startup" is a free training program that helps all levels marketers (new/intermediate/experienced) to build a full operational online business from scratch.

This is mainly a training platform but also have a huge side of being one of the top affiliate programs out there.

When you first register as a free member you can start and learn everything from how to buy a domain, and how to maintain a blog, how to get leads to your business and how to become an authority in your niche.

What I Like

As an experienced marketer I like the fact that "My Online Startup" is a real genuine platform that let's newbies the opportunity to really learn how they can open an online business from start to finish.

I think they give real tools for real people and really help them succeed.

I also like their business opportunity where people that joined free can upgrade and make money from the platform with multiple income streams.

What I Dislike

I think some of the modules in "My online startup" could be more user friendly, and it would be nice if they would have a PDF version of the videos about each module.

Final Verdict

In total, I personally really love this platform as a way to learn about affiliate marketing and on how to start an online business, and I also very like their business proposal where they offer earning from multiple streams of income with only one link.

A great All-In-One platform.


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Internet Marketing
Raviraj Deora's review...
My Online Startup is one of the best step-by-step free affiliate marketing course which covers everything about how to channelize your efforts in the right manner by sharp shooting and make money online by marketing and promoting products of others as an affiliate.

My experience with the program so far

I have enjoyed the free training as well as special training provieded to partners. The free traning is as good as many of the premium trainings out there in the market which costs around $997. I have managed to found many of the hidden places available to market the products. Before this training I was only aware about places like search engines and PPC websites for marketing but there are many places where we can promote our products and offers.

What I Like

  • Getting more and more Traffic – isn't it our biggest worry? Generate Traffic on your Targeted Group and that's actually proven by thousands of testimonials that there is a great inflow
  • Build onto the scale of your email recipient's list and get your network the needed push.
  • Mstering the skills to have a great inflow of cash
  • Specially designed for you – tools for lead generation and blog set up
  • Aren't we looking for ‘Learn to Earn' Programmes? Here is the best one for you and completely free of cost.
  • Allows you to actually study all topics for free. Of course you would be paying for the tools suggested for affiliate marketing. The content is absolutely free and doesn't require you to sign up continuously.
  • It has a ‘leave a note for yourself' feature – while watching the exciting videos on content of this course, you can simultaneously write pointers for yourself to circle back to. (Don't we wish for this feature everywhere on online courses and more)
  • The instructor itself - Chuck Nguyen who is a leading online entrepreneur and a great teacher is based in Melbourne, Australia and has a huge industry experience as an affiliate marketer himself.

What I Dislike

Nothing much to dislike about the free course. However if someone wants to promote MOS they must be a partner of MOS.

Clickbank is required to promote MOS but unfortunately clickbank is not allowing to open accounts in few of the countries.

Final Verdict

My Online Startup is an excellent course and Mr. Chuck Nguyen has created one place for the best course. Go ahead and be the best affiliate you can. Don't think much before signing up because it's free. See it for yourself. The only situation you need to assess is to opt for the ‘insider programme'

I highly recommend you to join ‘My Online Startup', the best free affiliate marketing training course.

It's all about learning and being the best. And I mean it.


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Home Biz
Lesley Hallows's review...
Organic Prospects is one of 2 platforms that I've been using since October last year, to acquire cost-effective leads with an interest in MMO (I've also written a separate review of the other platform).

Who are Organic Prospects and what do they offer?

Organic Prospects offer their members (ie, me) a daily supply of 70 fresh leads EVERY DAY! To supply the prospects that we members generate, Organic Prospects use a 4-step process to:

  1. Source - By targeting the top 15 social media sites when running their prospect acquisition campaign. They look for prospects with the highest level of genuine interest.
  2. Grade - Prospects are then graded between zero to 100% with 100% representing the highest genuine interest level.
  3. Filter - They then filter the prospects with a genuine interest level grading, and disregard prospects that grade below 75% interest. This leaves only the highest graded interest prospects for us, Organic Prospects members.
  4. Distribute - Each Organic Prospects member will be assigned 70 genuine interest leads every single day. These can be viewed, contacted, downloaded, and emailed using Organic Prospects inbuilt complimentary mailing system.

What would you get as an Organic Prospects Member?

  • 70 prospects daily, all of whom are filtered and demonstrate a 75% and over genuine interest in MMO
  • Exclusivity! What's yours is yours - your leads are 100% exclusive to you
  • Tier 1 prospects (from the USA, Canada, UK and Australia, with at least 80% from the USA)
  • Freshness - every lead is sent to respective Organic Prospects members within 48 hours
  • Genuine interest filter
  • Organic mailer is complimentary within the system, so no third-party autoresponder needed
  • Cost effective - $29.95 per month with a one-off set up fee of $30
  • Affiliate programme. Double your daily leads to 140 per day by just referring one single active member
  • In addition to double daily prospects, Organic Prospects will upgrade your leads from a genuine interest rate of above 75% to those ranging between 85-100% So not only do you generate even more leads, the leads are of even higher genuine interest for what you have to offer.
  • Commission is paid down 5 levels ($5, $4, $3, $2 and $1 respectively)
  • Banner ads and an affiliate link are provided ready for you to copy and paste

What I Like

  • This is a really cost effective way to build a list of interested prospects, and as we know 'the money is in the list! '
  • The quality of the leads is great, and your leads are your leads exclusively. You can download your list to import into other autoresponders, though if you're not ready to absorb the costs of the main autoresponders out there, you can email your leads (once per day) through Organic Prospects own mailing system which is easy and free to use (as part of your membership)
  • Your download information about your leads gives you: first name, surname, date acquired, IP address, email address, and genuine interest percentage level
  • Leads are all Tier 1
  • Stats are provided, so you can easily check how your emails are working, open and click rates
  • You can double your daily leads by referring just one single active member (not only can you double your daily leads in this way, the genuine interest level of your prospects is even higher)
  • The compensation plan with Organic Prospects is generous

What I Dislike

  • Bearing in mind that I now have thousands of leads from Organic Prospects, if I choose to upload them to one of my two autoresponders, that would bump my costs with them up considerably. So, if just starting out, I would suggest that you just use Organic Prospects own mailing system to start with until you can afford to pay for a 'main' autoresponder. (Please note, I am currently testing a new autoresponder programme that charges just a one-off (reasonable) fee to import 15,000 leads, and a second (reasonable) fee for an unlimited account. However it's still relatively early stages in their development and there have been a few teething problems which are getting sorted. So I won't report on this system until these have been ironed out).
  • When using the emailing system within Organic Prospects, the emails will show as coming from either: "Your Name" or "Organic Prospects" So this could make the email seem slightly impersonal. Therefore I always choose the option with my first and surname shown. And I always add my custom signature at the bottom of each email, so as to make the email more personal.

Final Verdict

Membership with Organic Prospects is definitely worthwhile, especially if you're new to the online marketing world, need quality leads, though lack the budget to buy from the other more costly lead providers.

Gather your leads, build a relationship with them, nurture them. Promote only quality products that you yourself would endorse and use. Use Organic Prospects as part of your business building toolkit and you'll go a long way to a successful and sustainable online business.

All the best!


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Marketing System
Carletta Hunt's review...
This program has a very unique downline builder than what you’ve probably been seeing, what I like about this program is that it actually bring sign ups to my primary business. I've tested this myself and seen the result. :-)

There's quite a few downline builders out in the marketplace, most of them, if not all, do not have a way for you to list your primary “money” program -  Really Simple System is one of the best downline builders I've found that provide users that option.  Don't get me wrong, I've seen other great downline builders online that also provide this option. However,  the Really Simple System is my most favorite because of it's simplicity.

In addition, I like the unique promotion tools the program provided such as Funny Cat Animated Pictures. I usually use the funny cat pictures on social media to help bring more traffic and signups to the system. They really work... those funny cat pictures made me laugh, therefore, I know it will do the same for others. 

The system is simple and unique, and very easy to navigate. I also like that it's built for both internet newbies and experience marketers. So far, I can't find anything I dislike about the program, except that some of the referral link are very long.  I usually use or tinyurl to shorten the referral link if needed.   

I truly believe Ryan the owner of Really Simple System is a very honest and trust worthy admin. He truly cares about his members. I have known Ryan for a very long time online.  I like the simplicity and the easy navigation Ryan provide with this system.


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Brent Milne's review...
This one has been a mixed bag really.

The program concept is excellent. Semi-handcrafted links using the power of an automated tool.

It does create links faster than doing them by hand, much faster.

You can post articles to sites that accept them, create profiles on sites that only allow that, manage your access to forums etc.

The ability to add your own sites is a winner in my opinion as the handicap on the fully automated tools is that everyone using that tool uses the same sites which usually ends up with them making changes to the login or submission process to stop the automation.

With AutoFill Magic you can customise each site's details to match what they do so you always have semi-automated form filling and login.

When you use this in tandem with SpinRewriter you can create content and post it fast. Because AutoFill Magic also has spinning capabilities with another unique twist you can load up all your spun content and then let AutoFill Magic do it's thing with that.

It's a brilliant combination and a real time saver.

What I Like. .

I love the flexibility of this tool, semi-automation works far better than fully manual or fully automated.

I love the ability to add the sites I want to use and remove the ones that aren't functioning for me any more.

What I Dislike...

This is the one thing that made it hard to use when I first bought this.

It only runs in Firefox and only in older versions of Firefox.

Firefox made some changes in version 57 that broke AutoFill Magic.

There are two workarounds which I have used, bot work fine.

If you are a Windows user you can download a portable version of Firefox 56 with AutoFill Magic preinstalled and run it on your computer or from a USB stick just fine.

If you are a Mac or Lunix user it's a bit harder.

I found that WaterFox, a Firefox alternative, works fine with AutoFill Magic so that's what I use.

Trying to install and run an older version of Firefox doesn't work because Firefox will automatically upgrade even if you have that function turned off.

Waterfox is also available for Linux, Windows and Windows portable.

Final Verdict...

Other than the browser issues Autofill Magic has been a godsend for me.

It has sped up the process of building quality backlinks.

It has enabled me to better manage my PBNs and build a virtual PBN using web 2.0 properties.

If you time is valuable to you or you only have limited time to do the work required to build a successful web based business then this might be for you.


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Brittany Johnson's review...
I've been a member of The Downliner for about a month now and I would have to say that I am highly impressed. I've been involved with a few other traffic coops however The Downliner is a complete game changer.

So far I like to use the text ads, and with that I have consistently gotten over 50% click thru rate with over 5000-9000 views in a 24 hour time frame. Which has also resulted in a few sign-ups to my main businesses! Very impressive!

Ok, so what exactly is The Downliner other than AMAZING?

The Downliner is a traffic exchange coop that ultimately generates traffic to your websites. It is one of the latest breakthroughs in coop advertising and serves as an efficient and effective way of promoting while generating passive income for all members. It allows anyone to just add their website link with stats then receive traffic from many different sources including PTCs, Safelists, Traffic Exchanges, Classified Ads, CPC traffic as well as social media.

You can register as a free or paid member and can start using the platform immediately. You use points to purchase traffic/views to your websites and can earn points by either purchasing them, or promoting your own coop link.

When promoting your coop link you earn 1:1 which is 1 point per unique view.

As free member, you can earn 10% monthly recurring commissions per referral and if you are a paid member you can earn 30% monthly recurring commissions, when your referral upgrades. Free members can advertise 3 websites and paid members can advertise 10 websites in the campaign.

What makes this what makes this system utterly unique is that you can advertise your sites using banners, text ads (my favorite), and because we can post our sites too in Social Media. The social posts are shown on Twitter, Facebook Groups, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Pinterest without even having an account with them!

The Downliner have an anti-cheat system that prevents users from other traffic exchanges for using auto-surf bots to gain credits and a timer set with a recurring period valid for 5 minutes wherein views from the same surfers within that time period are not counted. These ensures that your coop views are not wasted and deductions to it are coming from unique views only from traffic exchanges.

The Downliner is attractively advertising us and The TE Coop. It displays our Gravatar photo, it shows how many points we just earned by displaying the site and it persuades the viewer to sign-up to the coop and promotes his/her ad on thousands of sites daily, just like what we are doing here.

This is incredibly compelling, to earn 30% recurring commission from our referrals, and I assure you that everyone who tries The Downliner advertising would not cancel their subscription any time soon. Actually, there's no need to advertise our referral link; we only need to rotate our own co-op link!

Most members who joined find the best way to start is by adding a banner to the system then adding their own social links. Once this is done you should add the sites you wish to promote. Once approved your site will be in rotation on the network.

You have the option always to upgrade your account and we only offer 1 paid option (except for the One-Time offer). Free members receive 10% commission and Paid members receive 30%. The cost to upgrade is $9.99 per calendar month which works out as costing much less than you would pay for a monthly membership at any leading Traffic Exchange or Safelist. The price includes 6,800 shop points equivalent to 5,400 Cooperative Views or two 30 day banner or text ads and is given each month you remain active.

Start promoting your websites now in The Downliner. I assure, you'll get a compelling TE advertising and a consistent monthly recurring income.

I give this platform a solid 5 Stars


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