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Affiliate Marketing
Borislav 's review...
I was researching on domestic forum how to build wordpress website/blog and one member recommended me to WA. I have joined and on easy way have made my first blog and post on wordpress platform (in first day), and the best thing - all for free. Many tutorials and tools are included in starter free membership.

Later I wanted to look deVIPatform and unlock some features and made upgrade to premium and guess what - I am still premium after so many time.

The most important tool is keyword research tool Jaaxy - it helps a lot to avoid big competition.

There is big community of successful marketers and anytime you can ask for help.

You will spare a lot of time and get right info on time.

I have learned a lot about blogging and SEO and that cost me small money in compare how much I would spend for courses.

What I like?

The best thing is support. If you have any problem there is always someone who will help you. You don't need to search on Google or Youtube and waste your time.

Also I like that is opportunity to learn a lot of things for free and to try some great tools.

What I dislike?

There is a lot information and for beginners my advice is to go step by step.

Wealthy affiliate is great program and community and if you follow all steps you can not fail.

It is a real online business, working since 2005.

From many tutorials you will learn how to get organic traffic from Google to your blog or website and how to build nice looking website/blog.


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IM Tool
Phil Payton's review...
After two years I've seen nothing to dissuade me of Builderall's integrity - they genuinely want you to get the most value from their systems. I'm using their amazingly comprehensive toolset for all my digital marketing needs:

Page/Funnel/Site builder (super fast)
Social media automation
Webinar builder
Course-building platform
Video wrapper
Plus many, many more tools

What I like:

All the tools are in one place, with one support team and one low price for everything.

If you join the Premium Plan, you'll be grandfathered in at that same price forever.

You would have to combine many of the existing, big name tools like Wix, ClickFunnels, Kartra, Mail Chimp, Many Chat, Kajabi etc. just to get the same functionality as Builderall - and new stuff is being added all the time.

They have an excellent free affiliate scheme which pays thirty percent commissions on two levels.

There's a really friendly community with a never-ending supply of tips, tricks and videos, in addition to the vast amount of company training on offer.

What I don't like:

It can be overwhelming when you first see the huge number of tools available. My advice is to take in bite-sized chunks and get confident with one tool at a time.

Final verdict:

You can try out everything for just $1.00 and you'll not be disappointed.


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IM Tool
Borislav 's review...
I have seen many ads about this program but I have joined when my friend recommended me and told me all details. I was shocked because I have never thought there are so many features and tools inside All In One Profit (AIOP).

For $10 in basic membership lots of tools are available:

- web hosting
- unlimited autoresponder
- link cloacker
- link tracker with brand option (you can insert your image and increase number of signups)
- link rotator (great feature if you use Traffic Exchange sites)
- splash page builder (squeeze page)
- how to videos
- free advertising
- press blog
- downline builder

Great thing that system have default squeeze pages connected with your referral link and automatic follows up messages. System will take care everything about your referrals.

Compensation plan is great plus with 100 % affiliate commissions and even up amazing system. In short words every second referral from your referrals will become yours!

All these things should have price about at least $30-50.

There is only one minus: old design with some little bugs - weird space between words, wrong letter(s).

Cashout option are great: there are many ways but I like the most accepted payment processor today in online business: support for crypto. Great optiVIPyoneer too.

Very good optiVIPF: you can buy membership for your referrals and code will be visible on capture (splash) page connected with your referral link. It is a really great way to build your downline.

Highly recommended system, especially for beginners. With only $10 per month you can run serious online business with all tools you need.


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IM Tool
April Dowling's review...
I've been a member of Press1Cash for nearly 2 years. At first I basically did nothing with it because I didn't understand the power of the system. Then I realized how silly I was for neglecting it. It's an extremely powerful instant pay program with leverage. It offers a 1-up comp plan and instant $200 per sale to any payment processor of choice.

What I Like

  • The simplicity of the system. It's very easy to get up and running
  • The ability to choose any payment processor
  • Admin does not touch your money
  • Ability to switch out any program you want to generate leads for
  • 1-time payment and you can resell it for life

What I Dislike

  • Occasional system glitches
  • Support can take a few days to respond
  • Auto text phone number expires after 1 month and you have to buy a new one ($12)

Final Verdict

This is a powerful lead generation tool and business opportunity that can generate you thousands if you put it to work. There is unlimited possibility with Press1Cash. It can easily help you earn six figures by just earning 2 sales per day (not including pass-ups).


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Erik's review...
Updates: The smart contract is Fully verified now.

My Full Review Below

A Breath of Fresh Air. This is something different, something special...

Finally here's what everyone loves and we've all been waiting for, so long...

EtherChain is The First 100% Decentralized Community Fund; no extra profits are made in the system, its P2P model ensures fairness, transparency and justice for all users.

Finally a trusted passive smart contract to grow Ethereum

1% Daily up to 310% ROI - with a first of its kind Sustainable model.

Learn why this is different than anything else we've seen in the past.

What I Like

  • Impeccable Trusted Leadership, Developer, Founder and fellow marketer Andreas Kartrud
  • Everyone Earns 1% Daily. (Finally! No recruiting needed to earn for the average person. )
  • First of its Kind Long Term Sustainable Model: ROI is given in 4 ways (1 passive and 3 via marketing) Each Deposit Cycle is 310% - after total roi is received through any of the 4 ways, a new deposit must be made to continue earning. (Learn more on the website guide)
  • NO REFERRALS REQUIRED in order to receive daily earnings 100% Passive!
  • Ability to Increase the speed of returns by helping to grow the fund via marketing. Reach 310% in a matter of days/weeks (individual results will vary) instead of 310 days by simply sharing the benefits of this fund with others!
  • Most powerful compensation plan (info on website guide) that rivals the best in mlm... Mark me. All top leaders are already coming in and everyone will be coming here... It is already viral.
  • Impossible for a member not to earn.
  • This is NOT a MLM/Matrix/Cycler, autopools(ponzis), first come first served or fear of missing out bs program.
  • Profitable, Fair and Transparent Opportunity to Grow Your Ethereum
  • Daily Webinars/Updates
  • There was nothing in the market before etherchain that was sustainable and appealing to both the investor and the marketer.
  • It is by far the most reasonable, safest, and best cutting-edge financial support model available at this time. Be careful as there will be copycats very soon. But no one can copy the leadership and community behind this project.
  • Over 2000 ETH in the Fund in just 4 Days of Launch !

What I Dislike

that it did not exist earlier!

you have to wait until your 310% is reached to deposit again. So don't come in with the minimum if you don't plan to refer because you'll be wasting your time for pennies for 310 days.

Final Verdict

This is it... I love it.

Etherchain is here to stay for the Long Run - What everyone's been waiting for is finally here.

Lets take care of it, love it and help it grow for everyone's benefit and for generations to come.

I'm so happy grateful and blessed to be sharing EtherChain. Enjoy! :)

DailyCryptoProfits. Win


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Affiliate Marketing
Jannette 's review...
My experience with Wealthy Affiliate has been the best compared to any other affiliate training program on the market.

What I Like

There are several things I like about Wealthy Affiliate and here are a few of them.

Websites & Hosting!

As a starter member, you are giving a free website and keyword research tool to get you started building your dream business in affiliate marketing. Starter members also get 10 free lessons in online training with video tutorials for the newbies in the online industry. This is great if you have no experience at all in website building. Plus, you can earn commissions by promoting and referring new members to Wealthy Affiliate. Premium members can build 10 websites and host on their own domains.


The training is endless if you are a premium member. As a premium member myself now since October 2019 I have learned how to build websites, build email lists, SEO, stay on top 10 of search engines along with building my social network followers. Every Friday there are new training webinars that help you stay up to date with the new updates in the website industry like the Google update requiring written content to stay on the first page of their results. I can continue on with more details of the training, but it is better to signup and give it a go yourself.


Your commissions are endless if you are serious about earning an income online with time and dedication. As mentioned above you can earn commissions by referring new members to Wealthy Affiliate while earning commissions with your content provided on your website. If you decide to upgrade to Premium, you can earn higher commissions along with earning from domain registrations, site comments, paid for creating training videos or written tutorials if not comfortable with videos.


They have an online community where you can interact with other members and ask questions. These community members will help you along the way to help you be successful.

What I Dislike:

If there is one thing I do not like, it would be the WA ranking. This ranking is based on your activity, are you creative, engaging with the community, and promoting Wealthy Affiliate. If you reach the top 200 other benefits are included, have yet to reach top 200. I publish 10 plus articles a week, interact with the community, and promote wealthy affiliates with no success of reaching top 200. The ranks are not that important as my websites are more important.


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