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Web Service
Melissa Moreno's review...
I found this program while getting massive spam on one of my wordpress sites. I had 60 000 registered users in one week. I did some research and I found this program that protects you from boots and spam registration while it also gives you a share of the profit. Warren Buffett once said that you should make money while you sleep. "Warren Buffett Quote: 'If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die. ' This is my main goal while looking for income opportunity online.

This program will make you money while you sleep and it does not cost you anything to sign up. You just put a code on your website and it start making money. Every time someone try to put a comment, log in or sign up on your website you get paid. Facebook and other companies collects your social date to feed their AI for free and this company is selling your users input and giving you a share.

What I Like

It took my 5 minute to sign up an easy email and confirm link. Add your site and the code in wordpress or whatever site you using and you start to calculate your earnings right away. It will also protect your website from boots and spam in the same time. If you have a PTC site or any site you can actually hire people to solve the problems for you and get paid.

What I Dislike

I can not see anything I dislike. It is a very easy program maybe that the payment with token and points is not clear but as long as I make a passive income it is ok. It will take a while before the income show since it is calculated slowly.

Final Verdict

  1. You make passive income.
  2. You make money while you sleep
  3. It pays with Pay Pal
  4. It protects your site from boots and spam.
  5. It takes a few minutes to install on your wordpress.


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Stephanie 's review...
So far I've had a positive experience with Easy Traffic Now. I've been able to build my list using this website, and it's very affordable compared to other solo ad websites.

What I Like

  • Affordable
  • Can start with just purchasing 50 clicks
  • I got 7 opt-ins on my first campaign with only 25 clicks purchased (I average 25-30% optin rates)
  • Multiple ways to pay
  • Affiliate program pays 15% lifetime commissions
  • Works best on Home Biz, Make Money Online, Health & Fitness and Personal Development offers

What I Dislike

  • From my experience, it doesn't work for just any ol' affiliate offer. So make sure to pick your affiliate offers wisely (as mentioned above), and use a capture page.
  • Takes up to 24 hours for your ad to be approved and start getting clicks, so can feel like a long time when you're eager to get started.

Final Verdict

Overall, I'm happy with the experience I've had so far with Easy Traffic Now. It provides an affordable platform for marketers to generate traffic that converts into leads and potential sales.

Even if you just purchased 50 clicks to test it out, I think you'll find that it's worth it :)


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IM Tool
Carlos 's review...
My experience with the program so far

Viduber is new and exciting and has the market's competitive advantage when speaking of video marketing!

Included with Viduber is a complete video template builder. With it's easy-to-use drag and drop features, you can create many video landing pages with ease. All centered around your video and offer.

Collect, capture data, and follow up with your viewers and subscribers through the very powerful lead capture autoresponder system which is also included to make Viduber and its capabilities the number one video service provider. The true top gun for all your video marketing needs.

What I Like

What I like about Viduber is that there are no ads on your video, unlike other platforms an ad will pop up or at the end of video it would have the next recommendation. You have full control with Viduber to create content and engage with your audience without having them get distracted with other ads.

Viduber includes a complete drag and drops video landing page builder (Build a massive list of viewers and subscribers). This video landing page builder is tied to an all-included 2. Lead capture email autoresponder system. (Follow up to create that trust and loyalty with your viewers and subscribers allowing you to capitalize on huge profits).

Final Verdict

Viduber is a game changer for those that like creating videos. I like the fact that they pay 60% commissions and reward you on a 2 tier affiliate program.

I highly recommend Viduber as a marketing tool to expand your audience when marketing online.


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Marketing System
Andre Reutens's review...
I heard of Level Up 247 through my upline on one of the marketing and traffic platforms I am active on. At the time I signed up to Level Up 247, it was just beginning to pick up pace and it was in pre-launch.

Even though it was at that launch phase, I was quite impressed with the structure of how the site was built and that the founder, Jordan Lear has put a lot into making the platform simple enough for newbies to the internet marketing arena.

I am now a Founding member of Level Up 247 and I see that the downlines are really growing fast.

One of the attractions of Level Up 247 is that it has some ready to use marketing tools such as:

  • A landing page builder
  • Leads Manager & contact manager
  • Targeted traffic to order on demand

There are 3 income streams you can earn from in Level Up 247 while building your business. There's the Fast start bonus, where you receive $25 on the first order of your customers. Then there's the binary system (accelerated binary) - that is claimed to be the fastest plan to earn income. Last but not least, the Level Up bonuses - rank up and earn an additional $5 bonus for all new Level Up 247 orders.

Any new comer will find that signing up to this platform is simple and quick, with a clean dashboard that is easy to navigate and find what you need. Also, the menu on the left is organized.

The best thing is that their Facebook Group and community is growing fast and Jordan reaches out to the members helpfully. Jordan conducts training session often and will post quick tips and updates within this Facebook group.

My experience with the website has been satisfactory mainly because the site pages load fast. There are 4 websites that they have made for you to use for promoting Level Up 247; and all of them are optimized to give you high opt-in rates. I can attest to that.

So far the only thing I can point out about Level Up 247 is that some areas of the website or dashboard are still being developed. Since the system has been launched recently at the time of this review, the developers have been tweaking the site for the better. Nevertheless, I still have a good feeling about this one. It's going to be huge.

So if you're still on the fence about joining, sign up and go for the free tour. Yes... You can even start building your downlines while on tour utilizing the tools that Level Up 247 provides for you.


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Safelist Mailer
Arnold Fisher's review...
Adchiever is an effective credit-based and loyalty driven viral list mailer (aka Safelist). A viral list mailer is a site that allows you to send e-mail advertisements through the system in exchange for receiving some e-mail ads from other members as well.

The Adchiever system was created as a loyalty rewards program where you are guaranteed to get high click through rates as members anxiously wait for your mail.

There are literally dozens of loyalty rewards waiting for you free upgrades, responsive ad placements, and more...

What I Like

The more you use Adchiever, the more free advertising you get.

Other viral mailers and safelists only reward you with a static amount of mailing credits. At Adchiever you get more: Bonus mailing credits, bonus login page ads, bonus banner ads, and even free upgrades with no extra effort... Just as a thank-you for being an active member!

What I Dislike

I have no issues with the Adchiever viral list mailer. Nothing to dislike.

Final Verdict

Sharing Adchiever with others allows you to earn up to 50% recurring commissions when they upgrade. These are all monthly and yearly memberships so you can build a steady and consistent income. We've been around since 2010 and remain one of the top viral mailers in the industry.

Adchiever wants to give you the most value for your time as well as excellent results from your advertising. The unique loyalty rewards makes this a reality. Each email ad you read literally becomes more and more valuable for you.

As you refer others you will also be building a list you can mail, and who will join you in various other programs to earn you additional streams of income.


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Orlando G.'s review...
I have been a member of Nova-Tech for about 7 Months now, and it has been awesome.

I am very excited. It is not like any other program at all.

What I Like

One of the things I love about Nova Tech is that there are No Trading Skills Required.

You can have a PAMM account where they do all of the trading for you.

There is also a Trading Academy Library where you can learn about trading from the experts.

And this training is absolutely free for being a member.

My very best is Automated Trading & Updates.

They do all of the tradings for you, so you don't have to figure out all the technical stuff that can get you frustrated. Believe me, I know.

Totally awesome and unique is that your funds are not tied up. You see some programs require you to deposit funds for trading, but you are unable to access them.

Not so Nova Tech, you have all your investment and earnings accessible. You can withdraw your trading and bonus account whenever you want.

What I Dislike

Well, what I dislike just a little is that we get paid once a week. But that is okay with me.

Final Verdict

This is one of the best programs that I have come across so far. With more benefits, I have not mentioned here.

You can join for free and see for yourself. Check the training, you will love it.


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