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Scott Dubois's review...
My experience with the program so far

My Experience with this program has been great. It is packed full of great value and can honestly rev up anyone's earnings. Now I started out with this system and literally in 3-4 days I had ended up promoting it and got a 1000$ sale.

The webinar on the next page is 100% correct you can earn big commissions if you implement what is shown and be consistent in finding traffic.

That is the key to success in this online world which is CONSISTENCY you will see it everywhere and being consistent in everything you do will find you the commissions and sales you need and want.

What I Like

I like how easy it is to implement everything. Now I know in most of my reviews so far I have put into them that it is easy to implement mostly everything but that's also because I've been working with computers since I was 3 years old. Now I am not saying at all that it isn't easy for someone who doesn't have tech skills because honestly, this system doesn't need any high-tech skills or a PhD in technology.

DFY Stuff? Who doesn't like DFY stuff? I love it, especially traffic? Yes, there is done for you traffic, done for your email swipes, done for you just about anything!

I like the teachings of the fellow who runs the webinar. He is very soft-spoken and very good to learn from. I have worked closely with him for a year now and honestly, most of his things on the internet he is very soft-spoken and very easy to learn from.

What I Dislike

The stuff I learned from this webinar worked for me. I can say that honestly there isn't much I found that I disliked other than the fact that he has traffic from a blog that you can put your own blog into... I am not much of a blogger and haven't been ever so it is hard to know just what to write...

Thank goodness for AI stuff now huh? I just go and have GPT write the blog for his blog traffic and boom.

Final Verdict

Final verdict is You can learn a lot from this webinar. I did and I am thankful I did. When I had found this gentleman I had been in the industry (On real affiliate marketing) For a whole month... That is it... I learned and learned well and eventually found myself earning money from the stuff he mentioned in the webinar!

To be honest I have sought after much information because in a new world it is best to gain as much knowledge as possible and I learned from many people in this online world. Knowledge is power as they say and that is no different when learning a new business or whatever have you.

This webinar will teach much and the system will teach more. You can be earning a 1000-dollar sale like I did in 3 days or more or less. I personally enjoyed this. And will continue enjoying it


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Frank Lefebre's review...
My experience with the program so far

I call Leadsleap "The Internet's Best Kept Secret! "

Hi, my name is Frank Lefebre from Columbus, Ohio. I have been in network marketing for over 30 years. I have been full-time since 2009. I have used Leadsleap tools since 2008 but never promoted it as a business opportunity.

One day I was looking around the members area and discovered I had $163 in commissions (at 25%) and a downline of over 200. People joined from the tools and a few of them had upgraded. I thought "what if that had been 50%? " I immediately upgraded to Pro to earn 50% commissions and I started promoting. To date I have earned close to $4000. (see updated stats below! )

Update 12/18/22:
Total Followers: 634
Total earnings $1364.65

Update 3/8/23:
Total Followers: 740
Total earnings $2072.15

Update 7/14/23:
Total Followers: 890
Total earnings $3179.20

Update 9/24/23
Total Followers: 950
Total earnings $3670.65

Update 11/13/23
Total Followers: 1017
Total earnings $4011.05

Update 2/1/24
Total Followers: 1085
Total earnings $4623.10

Update 4/1/24
Total Followers: 1124
Total earnings $5089.40

I wish I had "discovered" Leadsleap sooner. Don't make the same mistake.

What I Like

I love the tools and particularly the landing page builder and autoresponder.

Residual monthly income. Even free members can earn!

Pro Members can have their ads shown in the network 24/7 without credits. Pro Members also have unlimited lists, pages and popups, and access to several other advanced features. You can check it out in the Member Area. Pro Members also earn 50% commission and get free followers.

What I Dislike

You don't get your referrals' contact information (privacy rights) therefore I suggest making a capture page for Leadsleap if you plan on following up with referrals.

Final Verdict

I absolutely love Leadsleap and highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about building their online business and income.


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Marketing System
Benny Lo's review...
My experience with the program so far

If you want to build your list faster then other marketers do then Siphon is one of the best tool

I've joined this siphon program since 2020 to build my email list. To jumpstart the system, simply share your siphon website with other people online. By sharing your siphon website, you're not selling anything. Instead, you're giving away FREE version 5iphon websites to other people. Or rather, siphon system does this for you as you simply share your website link with others. How easy is that? (If you've been having trouble making money online, it's because you've been trying to SELL things through your traffic rather than give something of value away for FREE up front - and then present your paid offers. )

I recommend making it your goal to implement one traffic method (free or paid) as revealed inside member area every day to jumpstart your system, and send a fresh surge of visitors to your 5iphon website.

Your main initial goal should be to build an email list up to several hundred members using low cost (or even free) traffic methods, As people join 5iphon through your siphon Reloaded website, they'll obviously be joining your email list directly (similar to old school, one-by-one list building).

But when they join, they'll also 5iphon website of their own, and as they too begin sharing it with others, the "magic" begins... The first FIVE people they refer (through their own website) will be automatically added to YOUR email list (not theirs) by our system. In other words, this system "forwards" the first 5 email subscribers they get to YOU. And from there, this system continues to forward residual / ongoing leads to you on autopilot -- 10% of all of the leads they generate go to YOU. This goes on for the LIFE of their siphon activity!... And this happens with EVERYBODY who joins siphon through your siphon website!

This powerful "lead forwarding system" is built in to your 5iphon website and runs on its own. All you do, once again, is share your 5ihpon website with others and allow our system to build your list and results on autopilot from there.

Every free version member who joins siphon Reloaded through your referral link will WANT to get their first 5 'base leads' (which are added to YOUR list and not theirs) as quickly as they can, so that they start getting the same viral list building benefit from the people they refer.

What I Like

  • Free to join (only build a list)
  • Low cost to upgrate (build a list & earn income in the same time)
  • Ease to use
  • Traffic training inside member area

What I Dislike

  • Using number 5 as domain name
  • Can't use html code to setup with your own autoresponder (must use their recommended autoresponder like aweber, getresponse, mailchimp & trafficwave or you can save to 5iphon storage]

Final Verdict

This is simply an amazing way to leverage your online marketing efforts and build your own opt in 'money list' at lightning speed - faster than ever before. It sure makes building a list one by one seem painstakingly slow and old fashioned.


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Health & Fitness
Myra 's review...
My Experience with the Program So Far

Let me take you through my journey with LiveGood over the past year. From the moment I signed up, it's been nothing short of remarkable. The ease of ordering, coupled with their lightning-fast delivery, has made every transaction a breeze. And let's not forget the high-quality products that have been a game-changer for my health and wellness journey.

What I Like

There's so much to love about LiveGood. Firstly, the quality of their products is unmatched. I've tried various nutritional items, and each one has exceeded my expectations. And the best part? I'm saving a significant amount compared to what I used to spend elsewhere. The wholesale prices make it possible for me to stock up on all my essentials without breaking the bank.

Additionally, the atmosphere within the LiveGood community is incredibly supportive. Whether you're a seasoned health enthusiast or just starting out on your journey, you'll find a welcoming environment that encourages growth and success. And let's not forget about their affiliate program – getting paid every Thursday is just the icing on the cake!

What I Dislike

To be honest, there's very little to dislike about LiveGood. If I had to nitpick, I would say that I wish they offered a wider range of products. While their selection is excellent, having even more options to choose from would be the cherry on top. However, this minor inconvenience pales in comparison to the numerous benefits LiveGood provides.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, LiveGood has exceeded all my expectations. From their exceptional products to their seamless ordering process and supportive community, they've truly set the bar high. If you're looking for a low-cost club membership that delivers premium nutritional products straight to your door, look no further than LiveGood. Join the club and experience the difference for yourself – you won't be disappointed!


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List Building
Scott Dubois's review...
My Experience with Vita Vee's Optin Dojo

Hello and welcome to my review of Vita Vee's Optin Dojo. I'm excited to share my personal experience with this program and explain everything I've discovered since becoming part of his site.

I must start by saying I love all of Vita's online tools, especially the one I'll discuss in a moment. Anytime you see his name in reviews or associated with any tool, I highly recommend picking it up because he creates amazing things.

At the beginning of my affiliate journey, I heard about Vita Vee through the Rapid Profit Machine and learned about his Optin Dojo. Initially, I wasn't interested and continued using ClickMagick. However, after some time, Vita's name resurfaced within the Rapid Profit Machine, and by then, he had launched Traffic Zest. Being part of Traffic Zest, I was curious and did some research.

One night, despite my success with Traffic Zest, I couldn't resist diving deeper. My research led me back to Optin Dojo. While checking out a few solo ad vendors from Traffic Zest, I stumbled upon an online report authored by Vita Vee, priced at just $5, titled "Solo Ad Mastery: Overnight Hacks. " This report links to Optin Dojo, and I believe every online entrepreneur should grab it.

The report, though inexpensive, was packed with six or seven hacks for solo ads that transformed my business. Following Vita's advice in the report, I saw a dramatic improvement in my conversion rates and email performance. This report is a must-have, as it guarantees front-end sales and enhances backend email and follow-up sales. My capture and bridge pages, modeled after Vita's suggestions, converted between 45% and 90%.

For instance, during a Traffic Zest campaign, my pages converted at 70-80%, and solo ads from James Neville-Taylor converted at 45%. Additionally, Vita's Optin Dojo guides you on selecting the right products, a crucial skill for success in the Make Money Online niche.

The Optin Dojo

Optin Dojo is a comprehensive software that tracks your links and offers more features than ClickMagick, all at a lower cost. It's user-friendly and highly effective. I highly recommend both the Optin Dojo and the solo ad report, as they provide exceptional value and innovation.

What I Like

  • The simplicity of Vita Vee's tools, especially Optin Dojo.
  • The report's groundbreaking hacks that dominate the solo ad space.
  • Optin Dojo's superior tracking compared to ClickMagick.
  • The affordability of Optin Dojo at $37 a month versus $60 for ClickMagick.
  • Vita Vee's consistent creation of outstanding tools.

What I Dislike

There's nothing I dislike about the Dojo or the report. Both are exceptional!

Final Verdict

If you grab the report, you might see my testimonial on the page, as Vita Vee kindly agreed to feature it. My final verdict is a strong 5/5 stars. Both Optin Dojo and the solo ad hack report are masterpieces, packed with value and innovation.

Optin Dojo has genuinely revolutionized my approach to affiliate marketing. The tool's simplicity and effectiveness in tracking and improving conversion rates have given me a competitive edge. It's rare to find a tool that not only meets but exceeds expectations, and Optin Dojo does just that. The hacks in the solo ad report are practical, actionable, and designed to produce immediate results, which has been a game-changer for my campaigns.

Moreover, the affordability of Optin Dojo, especially compared to other tools like ClickMagick, makes it accessible for marketers at any level. Vita Vee's dedication to providing high-quality, user-friendly tools is evident in every aspect of Optin Dojo. His ability to anticipate the needs of online entrepreneurs and address them with innovative solutions is truly commendable.

In summary, Vita Vee's Optin Dojo and the solo ad hack report are essential for anyone serious about succeeding in affiliate marketing. The insights and tools provided have not only improved my business but have also instilled a greater sense of confidence in my marketing strategies. I strongly recommend these resources to anyone looking to enhance their online marketing efforts. Thanks for reading, and I hope this review helps you make an informed decision about Vita Vee's Optin Dojo and the solo ad report.


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IM Tool
Jordan Angelovski's review...
My experience with the program so far is wonderful is all-in-one marketing platform provides the convenience and accessibility that we all crave.

The suite includes several tools, including:

Funnel builder
Email marketing software
Online course builder
Marketing automation
Affiliate program management
Blogging platform

First of all, truly a wonderful customer service team. When they meant that they will reply to your query or solve your issues within 10 minutes!

I like everything about it, the email marketing campaign, the blog, the drag and drop builder. Everything is pretty simple, although it does take some getting used to and toggling around.

Website loads super quick and isn't laggy at all.

This all-in-one tool will save you time and money by providing you with all of the tools you need in one handy location.

Many big marketer are already switching from other platform to Systeme because is much cheaper, much faster, and easier to use. is completely risk-free to get started with. You may start utilizing the platform's services for free by signing up for free (no credit card necessary)

As relatively new they are great and will be even better over time

They have a very interactive Facebook community and welcome suggestions to continue to improve the software which is another plus in the series.

What I Like

I really love that I have everything I need under one simple to use system.

What I Dislike

Have not found anything I haven't liked yet.

Final Verdict

Highly recommend!


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