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Bobbi Jo Nichols's review...
I'm excited to share my experience with LeadsLeap, and let me tell you, it's been a GREAT addition to my online business.

One of the features I really like is the Traffic. So many users are seeing my business content and that's what I needed.

The targeted traffic is there, in front of real people interested in what I have to offer.

What I Like

I'm not a techy person, but the interface allows me to go through the program easily. I like the way it gives instructions on each page where I need it most.

It has the instructions right there in each area so there is no need for me to spend hours trying to figure it all out. I can jump in and get started boosting my leads right away. LeadsLeap is like having my own Teacher here with me. Very real feedback from real users.

It's gives trust and credibility to my Brand right out the gate. It is truly a step up from some platforms, it has the community right here for you. It's not just another platform. It's a hub for marketers and entrepreneurs to come together. Similar to a support family to keep you moving onward.

What I Dislike

It's a good idea to follow up with your referral's, the double-optin format keeps your referral contact information.

I like to know my referral and their contact information. I want to make sure they know, like, and trust me. You definitely want to create a page for LeadsLeap if you want to follow up with referrals.

Final Verdict

LeadsLeap is a great tool to get your business out front and on top, a terrific resource to move your business upwards.

Whether you're a seasoned marketer or just starting out, this platform has something for all types of niches and programs.

Get ready, this is a boost in leads. This is a community that's going to give back.

Trust me, I wouldn't steer you wrong!

To Our Success,
Bobbi Jo Nichols, MCEC
SoloPreneur @ Worldprofit


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Traffic Exchange
Paul Germana's review...
I have been with Evelyn Kramer at WealthBuilderHits since 2014. I ran ProfitTrek as part of the WealthBuilderTENetwork. She really WAS a WealthBuilder.

As one of the leaders in the ClickTrackProfit era, WBH has always broke the mold in new membership, traffic generation and team surf competitions.

WealthBuilderHits is one of the best traffic resources, because there is always SOMEONE surfing and we pay what we owe. Were always in the Top 5 at ClickTrackProfit!

I like that WealthBuilderHits has been around from the beginning of the TE race. Evelyn has a lot of experience online. Pretty sure anyone who's anybody remembers WealthBuilderTeamCoop and CTP Teams knows that generating traffic online is about peaking interest in listbuilding and traffic generation.

So when I put sites in rotation at WealthBuilderHits, traffic actually flows and my sites get real pageviews. Membership IS growing steadfily.

Only thing I don't like about Welthbilderhits, is that there aren't more members, but one day at a time I say.

With everything going on, it can be tough to stay focused on an internet business, but that's exactly why I think that

WealthBuilderHits will continue to grow, as the leading traffic resource and commission based affilaite program.

WealthBuilderHits is one the best TE's online, because of the history.

I honestly hope to see you soon.

Paul Germana


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Scott Dubois's review...
Hello everyone! Today, I'm excited to share my experiences with the OLSP system, which I've been exploring alongside my other marketing tools and promotions.

The OLSP system has been an intriguing journey for me. When you initially sign up, the process is free, but there's an upgrade option available for just $7 at the top of your dashboard. This minor investment significantly amplifies your promotional capabilities. You can share your upgraded link across various platforms, including Facebook, safelists, and other traffic sources. Diversifying your traffic sources, unlike Facebook and TikTok as recommended by Wayne Crowe, is advisable beyond the usual Facebook and TikTok traffic.

After upgrading, you'll encounter an optional offer (OTO) for a Facebook tool. I opted in, and it has proved quite effective. This tool automates some tasks but still requires active engagement to truly amplify your reach, whether you're a novice or a seasoned marketer. However, this is not needed at the start honestly.

Influence plays a pivotal role in affiliate marketing, and increasing your visibility through platforms like Safelists, Facebook, or soloads is vital. The OTO aids in expanding your Facebook presence and directing targeted individuals into your funnel. However, for newcomers, I suggest not rushing into link-sharing. Instead, focus on offering value and forging genuine connections.

For example, when I interact with someone new to this field, I inquire about their use of essential tools like squeeze pages and autoresponders, crucial for capturing leads and maintaining contact. My approach is to educate them on the significance of these tools, drawing on insights from seasoned marketers like James Neville Taylor.

This educational engagement is the type of value I offer when connecting with new Facebook followers. Once they trust and value your advice, they're more likely to explore the OLSP system you recommend.

While I've successfully signed up users with OLSP, I'm still awaiting my first sale from those users. Nonetheless, once someone joins through your link, Wayne Crowe's team steps in to handle the sales process, making it relatively hands-off for you.

Now the magic link is even better which you can also sign up for, for an additional 7 dollars which is even better...

You get paid per sign-up... AND THEN get paid again and again when you send emails to that list and even more when you make a sale with the email list... These emails are emails you are sending out but every time your list clicks you make money every time they buy you make money. From this, I have received lots of commissions now

For just $7, (14$ if you get the magic link as well) OLSP is definitely worth considering. You can add it to your marketing rotator or promote it directly to your existing list. It works seamlessly in the background, potentially generating passive income. I've gathered leads who receive daily communications from Wayne's team, including invites to live sessions designed to convert them fully.

I would also like to add that the 7 dollars to promote a whole big huge sales funnel of things that can potentially net you over 200 dollars just to promote that one link and potentially have people buy is really good seems how other products will tell you. "Oh to be able to promote my high-end back-end products you need to pay an additional... " Yea, you get what I am saying... I've made my investment back now... Easily...

Here's what I appreciate about the OLSP system:

Its simplicity makes it straightforward to promote.

The done-for-you sales process is a significant advantage.

The training is thorough and supportive, providing substantial guidance.

The concept of earning passive income through the system is attractive.

Regular live training sessions and an active Facebook group offer additional support.


On the downside:

I have made commissions now so my previous statement in my previous cons list is taken away now. I have been making commissions from the magic link almost effortlessly.

Final Verdict:

I believe the OLSP system is worth a try, especially at such a low entry cost. While I await my first sale, I'm optimistic about its potential to generate passive income. I plan to increase my focus on OLSP soon alongside my other promotions.

If you're curious about it, I recommend giving it a try. The support is excellent, and it's an affordable way to potentially enhance your online marketing endeavours. I hope this review has been helpful. Best of luck in your marketing journey!


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IM Tool
Herbert Flores's review...
My experience with Minute Hook so far has been incredibly a game-changer! Not only does it provide me with valuable insights into my blog's performance, but it also helps me track conversions effortlessly. The setup process is a breeze, and within minutes, I had a beautifully crafted campaign running on my site. The animated call-to-action buttons are just the icing on the cake! Just got 78 views and 2 new subscribers in 24 hours after setting up!

Minute Hook, a powerful WordPress plugin and traffic generation system created by Cindy Donovan, promises to make building your email list a breeze. This beginner-friendly tool focuses on ease of use, with pre-built funnels, customizable popups, and automated email sequences all designed to streamline the process. Minute Hook goes beyond basic plugins by offering complete, branded funnels with high-quality lead magnets and targeted email sequences, eliminating the need for extensive content creation on your part. Even those without a blog can get started with Minute Hook's standalone funnels.

What I Like

Minute Hook shines in its user-friendliness. The included setup wizard walks you through the process, with pre-populated content for easy customization. The variety of features is impressive, including AI-powered newsletter creation, monetization options, and integration with popular autoresponders. The 30-day money-back guarantee provides a safety net for those hesitant to try a new tool.

What I Dislike

While Minute Hook offers a fantastic set of features, it's worth noting two limitations. First, the font used in automatically generated PDFs is currently Times New Roman and cannot be changed during campaign creation. This may limit some users' ability to perfectly match their brand's aesthetics. Second, there's no back button during campaign creation. This means you'll need to be careful to avoid mistakes, as editing requires starting over from the previous step. However, the convenience of the system likely outweighs these limitations for many users.

Final Verdict

Minute Hook offers a compelling all-in-one solution for bloggers and online entrepreneurs seeking to build their email lists and online presence. The core WordPress plugin allows you to easily convert your blog posts into lead magnets, while the included FunnelMates membership provides access to five pre-built, automated funnels and newsletters – perfect for beginners or those without a blog. These funnels cover popular niches like affiliate marketing and social media marketing, giving you a jumpstart on building your audience.

Beyond the core features, Minute Hook provides a wealth of additional benefits. The included training zone equips you with the knowledge to maximize your results, while bonus features like the popup generator and content locker module offer even more tools to capture leads and engage your audience. While the aesthetics of the automatically generated PDFs might be limited, the convenience and comprehensiveness of Minute Hook make it an attractive option for many users.

Here's a breakdown of what you get with Minute Hook:

Minute Hook WordPress Plugin: Effortlessly transform your blog posts into lead magnets and leverage their content distribution network for increased exposure.

FunnelMates Membership: Access five pre-built funnels and newsletters, complete with lead magnets, email sequences, and targeted promotions – all managed for you after a one-minute setup.

Automated Workflows: Save time with automated lead capture, email marketing, and content delivery.

DFY Weekly Content: Receive 12 months of fresh, curated newsletter content tailored to the five included niches.

In-Depth Training: Master Minute Hook with comprehensive training covering both basic and advanced strategies.

Bonus Features: Enhance your lead capture with popup generators, content lockers, and a smart 404 error page capture system.

If you're looking for a user-friendly and comprehensive system to build your email list and online presence, Minute Hook is definitely worth considering.


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Save Money
KASH EMPIRE's review...
My experience with the program so far

I recently joined Nexus Rewards on 08-14-2022. My experience so far has been a good one. I did not take immediate action when I first signed up but I wish I had as there is a fast start bonus that allows you to get the Loyalty Check Match bonus if you enroll 3 Premium members in your 1st 2 weeks or 5 in your 1st 4 weeks. You can see more about that when you join, otherwise if you don't take action in your first month and hit those marks you'll have to wait until you refer 20 Premium members to get the Loyalty Check Match. I still ended up getting my 20, but it would have been easier if I just did the 3 in 2 weeks right out the gate. So if you join, TAKE ACTION.

Once I did start promoting and building the business, I seen just how lucrative it can be long term and residually if you take it serious. Unlike other platforms that give you those up front bigger commissions for your direct upgraded referrals, I like that there is NO up front big commissions. Instead, when someone upgrades, you are paid $10 per month from your signups! This makes it super easy to get into profit for anyone and you aren't having to pay a whole lot to do it.

The apps that they have put together to help you earn and save money just make sense as well. Free apps that you install and then add your own referral links into Nexus Rewards to build. When people sign up and use these apps you benefit as well. So even if they don't Upgrade to Premium right out the gate you can still make money when they follow the blueprint and use the apps.

What I Like

I absolutely LOVE the apps they have put together that help you save money and get rewarded. They made it super simple to plug in and start generating signups to these apps which will create long term savings and income over time. I see the vision here and I love it!

What I Dislike

What I dislike about Nexus Rewards is the marketing tools that it offers. To me the Automatic Builder system is pretty old fashioned and needs some improving to bring it up to speed. Even though I have created my own capture pages and landing pages it still would be nice if the ones they offered were more present and exciting.

I also wish there were more for international members as well. I know that the business is still fairly new, but there needs to be some type of savings for them as well. As the apps so far only benefit USA members.

Final Verdict

All and all I think that Nexus Rewards is a very newbie friendly business opportunity that will out beat other platforms out there when it comes to earning a residual income and saving money. The compensation plan is hard to beat and it isn't complicated with a bunch of training videos and links to do this and do that. Simply set up your account, download the apps, use them and share. Once a member, it is all laid out for you and I am excited to see the growth over time and what this business is able to to for people!


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Internet Marketing
Philip Martindale's review...
Master Affiliate Profits (MAP) is a system that has been put together by John Thornhill and Omar and Melinda Martin. John Thornhill is the founder of the successful and popular Ambassador Program. Omar and Melinda are CMO and CEO of Higher Level Strategies, providing training, products and services for online marketers.

Their aim with MAP is to provide a complete ecosystem for affiliate marketers. The intention is to safe-guard leads (so they are not poached by the program vendors) and to include traffic, training and tools within the system. In addition, affiliates who sign-up will enjoy high commissions, even up to 100% during the current phase 2 that is open until the end of April.

My experience with the program so far

I joined about 3 weeks ago as a MAP Backer during phase 2. Though I consider myself very experienced with affiliate marketing, I have learned some absolute gems in the training. Implementing this new-found knowledge has helped me attract some high quality traffic to my one-link and build my list. I am confident that sales will follow soon as I can tell from the built-in tracking that I am getting a lot of interest from potential buyers.

By joining in phase 2, as a platinum member, I am showing my lifetime commitment to MAP. I can see how the system will remove many of the obstacles that have been holding affiliate marketers back. I am going to get 75% commissions on affiliates who join and upgrade to higher levels during phase 3, and I will also be entitled to level 2 commissions of 25%. As members will have to pay monthly (from phase 3 onwards), this will add up very nicely.

The lifetime cost of $797 (one-off) is good value for what you get, and just two sales will be all I need to earn more than that back,

Free members (joining in the imminent phase 3) will also be able to earn high commissions e.g. 100% on a product inside the system called traffic jump-start and 25% commissions on silver, gold or platinum level sales. Higher commissions are attainable by joining at the higher levels.

What I Like

I especially like the lead safe-guarding that MAP offers owing to the fact that it is an ecosystem. Its holistic qualities also mean that I have almost all the training and tools that I will ever need. The tools range from the ability to build funnels to creating bonuses and more. The training covers subjects such as list building, email marketing, traffic, video marketing, blogging, social media, and creating ads and banners.

I like the fact that the compensation plan is easy to understand and does not include gimmicks like powerlines and spillover and so on.

The fact that it will have a free membership option from phase 3 onwards, appeals to me, as it will be easier to sign prospects up who may then go on to upgrade.

I also like the way you can potentially earn commissions from external sources that the system integrates with or utilizes, such as WarriorPlus, JVZoo. Clickbank, Udimi, Aweber, Getresponse and so on.

The way that I can sort or filter my clicks by source, tracking ID and date, is a great feature as well as the way my leads and sales data are displayed.

What I Dislike

There is nothing I dislike. It has a few 'coming soon' items, but as long as they are indeed coming soon i.e. in phase 3, that's absolutely fine. The training and tools that are there are already very extensive.

Final Verdict

The system lives up to the claim that it is an ecosystem, with safe-guarding of your leads, built-in traffic, one link to promote, generous commissions, extensive training and tools and a thriving Facebook group.


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