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Luis Simoes's review...
My name is Luís Simões and I'm a member of the Clubshop, since March 27, 2020.

On this platform I found a way to build a business at my own pace and according to my financial availability, which I had not yet found in several job sites on the Net.

At the Clubshop I found a group of people who are willing to help through the media kennels (Facebook and Telegram) including the administrator who is present and gives the members face when they need an answer to a dirty problem.

Trusted platform to be paid every month between the 10th and 20th of the month, whenever we have commissions to receive and that the amounts of these commissions are equal to or greater than $10, if less, they will be added to the next month.

At Clubshop, people from all over the world can build an online business using the unique and advanced Marketing platform, called GPS, for a monthly fee, with 6 different GPS.

GPS allows ordinary people to build a real and legitimate business month after month, performing all the main and most difficult tasks on their behalf 24/7, automatically, who can try GPS Free for 30 days Free without any obligation.

As a GPS subscriber, you can be sure of one thing: you have the best vehicle ever designed to allow the average and inexperienced citizen to reach any income goal they can conceive. And it gets better every month!

My experience at Clubshop has been very pleasant, reliable and with monthly income, and very motivated to continue to grow in Clubshop.

What I Like

I especially like working with serious and honest websites, which is so hard to find on work sites on the Net, I really like the GPS Tool that allows you to get partners all over the world, partners who can also activate their own GPS and build their own business, I like to receive commissions on purchases made by members in various parts of the world, in various international and local stores, I like the Clubshop training video course that allows me to learn how this fantastic business works...

What I Dislike

For now nothing to point, for me it's very good...

Final Verdict

Everyone who works online, buyers, affiliates and partners have great opportunities to build a business, an income with this platform. The clubShop Business is really affordable. Take a 30-day free trail, activate your GPS and see how it works.

Have fun
Luís Simões


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Health & Fitness
Andrea Sanders's review...
My experience with CTFO so far is that the Products are amazing. I especially like the Super7 immune system booster great tasting daily chewables very fruity and tasty, Also the coffee it give me that instant mental clarity more energy.

Doing Business with CTFO I only have positive results.

What I Like is how simple this business is, its very transparent and set up so everyone is able to do very well, no hoops to jump through, no products to stock up then try to sell it, order as you need, no heavy recruiting to earn, customer are free to order without any pressure, excellent customer service.

I also like the new comp plan that gives every member a fair chance to earn a huge weekly income. There are so many different ways to earn and its not hard, very easy and lots of tools to help, no one is left in the dark wondering what to do next?

What I Dislike is not anything, except my order ships from the east to me in the west and I am very anxious to receive my package :)

Final Verdict

If some one is looking for a Free to low cost opportunity and is a nutrition lover, this is a great opportunity to join CTFO, They offer a 60 day Money back guarantee on all Products, the pay plan and training are outstanding I recommend taking a look at this Business.


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Marketing System
Angela Peters's review...
The free bot system is brand new state of the art Facebook messenger chat bot which any marketer can use to generate leads online for their business both online and traditional businesses can use benefit from the technology. It is so brand new it is still in Pre-launch as I am publishing this post and it is due to launch end of June 2021.

4 Ways The Free Bot System Can Help You Grow Your Business

  • The free bot system can help you build both your email and Facebook subscriber list.
  • Gather the following information from your prospects, Facebook profile name and profile picture, email address, phone number, location, gender etc./li>
  • It can help you follow up with your leads via Messenger, Email and SMS
  • Present your opportunity to your prospects.

What Do Free Members Get With The Free Bot System?

Free members of the free bot system get to chose 2 out of 25 done for you custom web pages complete with done for your automated messenger chat conversations.

Free members also get a state of the art CRM tool they can use for free up to 100 contacts after which they can either chose to pay a minimal monthly fee or pass up their contacts from the 101st. The CRM can be used to follow up with their prospects via email and SMS (You have to pay for SMS credits)

Who Is The Founder Of The Free Bot System?

You might recognize the founder of the free bot system, Michael Price provides the software behind the Power Lead System, a marketing system which has been on the market since 2014.

Michael Price has actually been providing systems since the 90`s and the Free Bot System is his latest project.

Can I Get Paid For Referring The Free Bot System?

As I am publishing this post in June 2021 the Free bot system offers 3 different compensation plans.

  1. Free Bot Plan Free members can earn a monthly recurring income if people they refer to the system chose to upgrade, the free bot system has a payment structure which pays up to 5 levels deep every new customer you get unlocks a new level until you get to level 5.
  2. VIP Club Membership is an optional membership, you have to be a VIP Club member yourself in order for you to earn from the VIP Club level. Again you can earn a monthly residual income, up to 5 levels deep each paying customer unlocks and new level until you get to level 5. The VIP Club membership costs $20 A month.

4 Benefits Of Being A VIP Club Member

  • You get unlimited done for your web pages with automated chat conversations
  • A free Facebook and LinkedIn course to help you close sales on social media ($197) value.
  • Vacation certificate 3 months after being a VIP Club member and once a year after that ($1,000) value.
  • Your Membership unlocks a 2nd monthly recurring income stream.

  1. Life Time Bot Membership Lifetime bot membership gives you the opportunity to pay a one time free of $497, you get the benefits of both the free bot system and the VIP Club without ever having to pay ANY monthly fees.

4 Benefits Of Being A Life Time Bot Member

  • No monthly fee for using the free bot system
  • VIP Club Membership monthly fee is waved forever
  • $150 onetime bonus commission for referring lifetime bot members
  • Unlimited done for you conversations and ability to edit these conversations

My experience with the program so far

I was a member of the Power lead system for years and recognized Michael Price when the pre launch went live and so far I have been blown away by the opportunity, the more I learn the more in awe I get.

Michael hosts live events with his lead developer Scott and he gives attendees the option to un mute themselves and ask any questions.

Michael and Scott are open to suggestions by the members and are always willing and able to lend a hand.

What I Like

I like that this technology is brand new in an industry that based on AI. I like that the founder is open and transparent and can be reached directly to answer any queries.

What I Dislike

The free bot system was set to go live a week ago, but is still in the process of being launched, the temporary sign up page and back office can be overwhelming and confusing for most people.

Final Verdict

During the gold rush, the people who provided the tools were the people who made the most money. We are now living in a new gold rush, a digital age the free bot system gives you the opportunity to give away something of value which marketers can use to generate leads for their business.


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Internet Marketing
Raviraj Deora's review...
My Online Startup is one of the best step-by-step free affiliate marketing course which covers everything about how to channelize your efforts in the right manner by sharp shooting and make money online by marketing and promoting products of others as an affiliate.

My experience with the program so far

I have enjoyed the free training as well as special training provieded to partners. The free traning is as good as many of the premium trainings out there in the market which costs around $997. I have managed to found many of the hidden places available to market the products. Before this training I was only aware about places like search engines and PPC websites for marketing but there are many places where we can promote our products and offers.

What I Like

  • Getting more and more Traffic – isn't it our biggest worry? Generate Traffic on your Targeted Group and that's actually proven by thousands of testimonials that there is a great inflow
  • Build onto the scale of your email recipient's list and get your network the needed push.
  • Mstering the skills to have a great inflow of cash
  • Specially designed for you – tools for lead generation and blog set up
  • Aren't we looking for ‘Learn to Earn' Programmes? Here is the best one for you and completely free of cost.
  • Allows you to actually study all topics for free. Of course you would be paying for the tools suggested for affiliate marketing. The content is absolutely free and doesn't require you to sign up continuously.
  • It has a ‘leave a note for yourself' feature – while watching the exciting videos on content of this course, you can simultaneously write pointers for yourself to circle back to. (Don't we wish for this feature everywhere on online courses and more)
  • The instructor itself - Chuck Nguyen who is a leading online entrepreneur and a great teacher is based in Melbourne, Australia and has a huge industry experience as an affiliate marketer himself.

What I Dislike

Nothing much to dislike about the free course. However if someone wants to promote MOS they must be a partner of MOS.

Clickbank is required to promote MOS but unfortunately clickbank is not allowing to open accounts in few of the countries.

Final Verdict

My Online Startup is an excellent course and Mr. Chuck Nguyen has created one place for the best course. Go ahead and be the best affiliate you can. Don't think much before signing up because it's free. See it for yourself. The only situation you need to assess is to opt for the ‘insider programme'

I highly recommend you to join ‘My Online Startup', the best free affiliate marketing training course.

It's all about learning and being the best. And I mean it.


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Affiliate Marketing
Rob Willmann's review...
Wealthy Affiliate is the 'gold standard' of affiliate marketing training and tools.

I'm an upgraded pro member (annual upgrade... It's the most cost effective).

I recommend Wealthy Affiliate because of the:

  • Enormous amount of trianing, (updated weekly)
  • friendliness of the owners and their staff
  • Excellent tools (Jaaxy, hosting, etc.) that comprise their platform
  • immediate feedback availability via chat and via requests for feedback.
  • fantasting hosting. I currently host four blogs there, and their platform is top-notch.

What I Like

I've paid for many membership training sites in the past. To be fair Wealthy Affiliate is one HUGE membership site. The best content, training, and resources are for pro members. However the free offering is still nice.

Their training is excellent. They cover a wide variety of topics, many with video, and structured step by step. They even have a certification program for those of you who want to jump through hoops in order to get the cert. Realistically if you follow their training, you'll end up creating an SEO-ready blogging site with keywords based on research. Their methodology works.

What I Dislike

There's a lot of people who join WA and think that just by joining they are going to be successful, and they leave off the hard work. Once some time goes by, many of those folks are gone because they didn't put in the work. WA gives you the tools, but you have to put in your own effort.

There are also a lot of ways to distract yourself from your primary goal, largely with the social aspect of WA, which can lead you away from what you should be doing: writing!

Final Verdict

I 100% recommend Wealthy Affiliate. I use their training and have been a premium upgraded member for quite a while The info I've learned and assistance I've received is invaluable.

If you are looking for an all-in-one site to teach you how to be a good affiliate marketer, I can't say enough good things about Carson and Kyle. (and Jay! ) Their training, tools, and affiliate empire are rock solid. You can't go wrong with WA.

Update 5/30/2021

I have consistently been sending traffic to WA, and use them for multiple domains I host now. I enjoy how integrated they are into the Wordpress, and it makes it easy for me to login and write my posts. I love the fact that I can host a lot of domains with them for a consistent yearly rate. I have saved money on my hosting bill because of them, and their uptime is stellar.

I still recommend and use WA myself.



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Make Money
Nelson Da Silva's review...
Isn't a good one. I am sure Ellie is a good person to whom she want to be good to.

Problem I was having is there was no support from my sponsor, or admin of the site. The first problem I had was I upgraded in SMM, and she never upgraded my account and my account was in a paid subscription, and I emailed admin in support, through FB group, messanger, I even went to adding her as friend which she never rejected or approved. I was getting zero communication with her. And the reason why I think she wasn't going to communicate with me was because I was a member of maybe say about 85% maybe 90% of the programs she wants to build downlines for.

And when I was in the units part of the group, I left comments for referral links and nobody even answered. I got one answer from someone about GDI on FB. My rules are no picture, no way I join you. I need to know who you are. And I asked for whom my sponsor to SMM is so I can fairly join programs that I am not involved in under them to be fair. And all I got was judgement with the FB group and they pictured me as this mean old grumpy person who is crying about $1.

Trust me I have lost $100's in a day, I am sure I've lost even $1000 days. I trade stocks. I wanted to see if I could make another income stream so that I have 4 income streams all paying for itself. This SMM just proved me wrong with this PTC income stream. Better stick to my rentals, and stocks and mutual funds, and the PTC on my own until I get sick of it again.

What I Like

I really liked the way Ellie explained about the Rented Referral. Never thought of it that way. So I'm going to try it.

What I Dislike

I really disliked how she abandons those she can't make full $$$ on. I always thought she was a friend of mine until I decided to follow along with her SMM and FB group. Everything was fine and dandy until I joined and got active with FB group and SMM.

Final Verdict

Ellie is a good person. I just didn't like her work ethic with men like me. I still do believe she ignored me due to knowing I was about 85-90% already member of her downlines. Sorry Ellie, your a good person, and I really love the way you treat your dogs. I look forward to seeing your videos with your dogs outside, and the landscaping work you do. But with FB group, and SMM sorry I cant work like that. Hey. You may not like me now, but I still have a friendly respect for you, you are a good person. I only gave it 1 star because I was forced to leave one.


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