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Web Service
Joe Marujo's review...
My experience with the program so far

Just 2 weeks ago this program launched. I was in profit on the first day. I started using the backup right away on my pc and happy to say it's fully automated and instant.

The iphone and android app is reported to be ready in just a few weeks. My wife will be happy since she has hundreds of photos of our grand kids on hers.

What I Like

The product has universal appeal. Everyone can relate to having a phone not back up because they're out of cloud space, or having lost photos or contacts because of a damaged or lost phone. Most of us run our entire business from a pc or laptop. Who hasn't lost files or media from a crashed hard drive?

For less than ten bucks a month for 6 devices, the comp plan is just gravy on top. 200% fast start commissions and check matching (very powerful) this really is a no-brainer!

What I Dislike

There's not a lot to dislike. If I had to nit-pick, I've never been a big fan of binary pay plans. Fortunately in this case it's just one of the ways that we get paid.

Final Verdict

For less than 10 bucks per month, you really can't go wrong here. Even if there was no compensation attached, this service would be worth it.

It's needed by everyone and really can't be beat at this price point.


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List Building
Scott Dubois's review...
My experience with the program so far

My experience with the list-building course right here I took over a year ago was exceptional. Let me explain a little about where I started.

When I first started out in Affiliate Marketing I had been struggling. I made 40 dollars in my first 3 months and that was it. I was starting to get discouraged and could not keep it up...

Here is what I was doing... I was doing affiliate marketing with Amazon and to be honest, I have long since found a proper way to do affiliate marketing with Amazon but it's not the same way that Affiliate marketing is done with digital products.

The way I was doing it was going to Facebook, Instagram, and every other social media network and just posting an unattractive link in my feed and waiting for sales... Not good at all as it only brought me 40 dollars in sales in my first 3 months.

One night I was on YouTube listening to music and an ad came over while listening to music that mentioned something to do with Affiliate Marketing. The rest is history. I signed up AND 8 days after I completed the 30-day course (Less for me because I did it in about 20 days because you can work at your own speed) I had my first sale of 1000.00. My commission on that was 500.00

What I Like

I like the teaching style of Igor. He shows you step-by-step how to set up everything from your domain to your email autoresponder, he teaches you how to find other winning offers and even teaches you how to get traffic from another source that I also use to get signups to my list.

He talks in a way that is not complicated and it is quite easy to follow along with everything if you need to pause the video for a second to set up what he showed you in a slide it is quite easy to do so.

His support is always at the ready and always willing to answer all messages that come their way. I usually had a message within a couple of hours and never had to wait a day or anything for support to get back to me...

I like how well he mentors and he isn't like the gurus out there that people are told to stay away from. Really if there are any beginners out there who are looking for a mentor to teach you Affiliate Marketing I recommend that you start with Igor as he is the best in the biz

What I Dislike

I didn't dislike anything in the course because it was all very informative. It taught me quite a bit about the business and taught me many things about the business that gave me many aha moments. I have even a couple of times gone back to the course to look up stuff or get inspiration.

Final Verdict

I don't know if I need to say any more about this course as I have stated all throughout this review it is an amazing course and I really recommend beginners to take a shot at it. Igor is the best in the biz and teaches a very thorough way of earning an income with affiliate marketing.

I have many bonuses to go along with the bonuses he offers if anyone is interested in taking the 30 day challenge. Trust me though you won't regret it.

This course is well worth every penny!


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Joe Leech's review...
My Experience.

My experience has been fantastic and well beyond any expectations. I'm a senior (85), and I've been involved in internet marketing for over 8 years. My only regret is not learning about this program sooner (I discovered it just a few months ago!). Had I known earlier, it would have saved me a lot of time and money. I've spent money and time on domain names, hosting, autoresponders, learning WordPress, and buying themes. That's all good to know, but having this tool earlier would have been great.

I Like

I like just about every aspect of this program. I'm still learning to use and tweak some of the tools, such as the PDF rebrander. One thing I particularly like is the reviews, as I look to expand my business inventory. Here, I can find honest assessments from users rather than reading sales hype from vendors. Another thing I appreciate is the exceptional range of tools. The cost, even with upgrades, is affordable, even for a person with a very limited budget.

What I Dislike

The learning curve is steep, and about the only way to learn on-site is to read and then print the tutorials. I use this program in conjunction with Click Engine, another one of my favorites, and Click Engine has some better tutorials which I recommend in another review.

Final Verdict

My final verdict is that I highly recommend this program for virtually any online marketer, if only to have a consolidated source of tools and a very versatile lead program. It's not entirely a full autopilot program because, to maximize the lead program, one needs to spend about 15-20 minutes a day clicking on leads to earn credits for your own form to go out. Otherwise, it's at the top of my online "stable".


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Traffic Exchange
Paul Germana's review...
I have been with Evelyn Kramer at WealthBuilderHits since 2014. I ran ProfitTrek as part of the WealthBuilderTENetwork. She really WAS a WealthBuilder.

As one of the leaders in the ClickTrackProfit era, WBH has always broke the mold in new membership, traffic generation and team surf competitions.

WealthBuilderHits is one of the best traffic resources, because there is always SOMEONE surfing and we pay what we owe. Were always in the Top 5 at ClickTrackProfit!

I like that WealthBuilderHits has been around from the beginning of the TE race. Evelyn has a lot of experience online. Pretty sure anyone who's anybody remembers WealthBuilderTeamCoop and CTP Teams knows that generating traffic online is about peaking interest in listbuilding and traffic generation.

So when I put sites in rotation at WealthBuilderHits, traffic actually flows and my sites get real pageviews. Membership IS growing steadfily.

Only thing I don't like about Welthbilderhits, is that there aren't more members, but one day at a time I say.

With everything going on, it can be tough to stay focused on an internet business, but that's exactly why I think that

WealthBuilderHits will continue to grow, as the leading traffic resource and commission based affilaite program.

WealthBuilderHits is one the best TE's online, because of the history.

I honestly hope to see you soon.

Paul Germana


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List Building
Scott Dubois's review...
My Experience with Vita Vee's Optin Dojo

Hello and welcome to my review of Vita Vee's Optin Dojo. I'm excited to share my personal experience with this program and explain everything I've discovered since becoming part of his site.

I must start by saying I love all of Vita's online tools, especially the one I'll discuss in a moment. Anytime you see his name in reviews or associated with any tool, I highly recommend picking it up because he creates amazing things.

At the beginning of my affiliate journey, I heard about Vita Vee through the Rapid Profit Machine and learned about his Optin Dojo. Initially, I wasn't interested and continued using ClickMagick. However, after some time, Vita's name resurfaced within the Rapid Profit Machine, and by then, he had launched Traffic Zest. Being part of Traffic Zest, I was curious and did some research.

One night, despite my success with Traffic Zest, I couldn't resist diving deeper. My research led me back to Optin Dojo. While checking out a few solo ad vendors from Traffic Zest, I stumbled upon an online report authored by Vita Vee, priced at just $5, titled "Solo Ad Mastery: Overnight Hacks. " This report links to Optin Dojo, and I believe every online entrepreneur should grab it.

The report, though inexpensive, was packed with six or seven hacks for solo ads that transformed my business. Following Vita's advice in the report, I saw a dramatic improvement in my conversion rates and email performance. This report is a must-have, as it guarantees front-end sales and enhances backend email and follow-up sales. My capture and bridge pages, modeled after Vita's suggestions, converted between 45% and 90%.

For instance, during a Traffic Zest campaign, my pages converted at 70-80%, and solo ads from James Neville-Taylor converted at 45%. Additionally, Vita's Optin Dojo guides you on selecting the right products, a crucial skill for success in the Make Money Online niche.

The Optin Dojo

Optin Dojo is a comprehensive software that tracks your links and offers more features than ClickMagick, all at a lower cost. It's user-friendly and highly effective. I highly recommend both the Optin Dojo and the solo ad report, as they provide exceptional value and innovation.

What I Like

  • The simplicity of Vita Vee's tools, especially Optin Dojo.
  • The report's groundbreaking hacks that dominate the solo ad space.
  • Optin Dojo's superior tracking compared to ClickMagick.
  • The affordability of Optin Dojo at $37 a month versus $60 for ClickMagick.
  • Vita Vee's consistent creation of outstanding tools.

What I Dislike

There's nothing I dislike about the Dojo or the report. Both are exceptional!

Final Verdict

If you grab the report, you might see my testimonial on the page, as Vita Vee kindly agreed to feature it. My final verdict is a strong 5/5 stars. Both Optin Dojo and the solo ad hack report are masterpieces, packed with value and innovation.

Optin Dojo has genuinely revolutionized my approach to affiliate marketing. The tool's simplicity and effectiveness in tracking and improving conversion rates have given me a competitive edge. It's rare to find a tool that not only meets but exceeds expectations, and Optin Dojo does just that. The hacks in the solo ad report are practical, actionable, and designed to produce immediate results, which has been a game-changer for my campaigns.

Moreover, the affordability of Optin Dojo, especially compared to other tools like ClickMagick, makes it accessible for marketers at any level. Vita Vee's dedication to providing high-quality, user-friendly tools is evident in every aspect of Optin Dojo. His ability to anticipate the needs of online entrepreneurs and address them with innovative solutions is truly commendable.

In summary, Vita Vee's Optin Dojo and the solo ad hack report are essential for anyone serious about succeeding in affiliate marketing. The insights and tools provided have not only improved my business but have also instilled a greater sense of confidence in my marketing strategies. I strongly recommend these resources to anyone looking to enhance their online marketing efforts. Thanks for reading, and I hope this review helps you make an informed decision about Vita Vee's Optin Dojo and the solo ad report.


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Internet Marketing
Meir Ben Hadar's review...
"My Online Startup" is a free training program that helps all levels marketers (new/intermediate/experienced) to build a full operational online business from scratch.

This is mainly a training platform but also have a huge side of being one of the top affiliate programs out there.

When you first register as a free member you can start and learn everything from how to buy a domain, and how to maintain a blog, how to get leads to your business and how to become an authority in your niche.

What I Like

As an experienced marketer I like the fact that "My Online Startup" is a real genuine platform that let's newbies the opportunity to really learn how they can open an online business from start to finish.

I think they give real tools for real people and really help them succeed.

I also like their business opportunity where people that joined free can upgrade and make money from the platform with multiple income streams.

What I Dislike

I think some of the modules in "My online startup" could be more user friendly, and it would be nice if they would have a PDF version of the videos about each module.

Final Verdict

In total, I personally really love this platform as a way to learn about affiliate marketing and on how to start an online business, and I also very like their business proposal where they offer earning from multiple streams of income with only one link.

A great All-In-One platform.


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