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Bruce Taylor's review...
I joined Worldprofit on 3 September 2018, but I glanced over the website, assumed that it was a "garden variety" company, just trying to sell a bunch of stuff.

So, I pretty much ignored the company for the first several months, but I eventually came to understand that my first impression was completely wrong.

Once I started actually examining the program, researching the tools that were provided - and actually working with the system - my perception completely changed!

In this review, I'm going to present facts, features and benefits of Worldprofit that are not obvious at first glance.

My first clue, as to the value of Worldprofit, is that I found that almost every time I started "digging around the site", I discovered a new benefit that I hadn't seen before.

In fact, several times I paid for a program that was already available to me for free, as a paid member of Worldprofit.

Let's look at some specific examples.

Here, in a nutshell, is the model used by the majority of profitable Internet Marketers. Advertise to give away something for free (most often, an e-book, report, blueprint or some other downloadable digital product) in order to collect the email address of a prospect.

Once you have an email list, only then do you offer to sell something. Only about every 5th email should be an offer to sell anything. This means that about 80% of your broadcast emails should be something genuinely useful, valuable and informative.

In other words sell to your list, not to your ads.

Obviously, this is "email marketing" and requires the use of an autoresponder.

This is, of course, an oversimplification of the process. I just attempted to tell you in a few sentences what many marketing courses and "gurus" charge money for you to learn.

Now, in order to actually do this, you need a lot of marketing tools, and the knowledge/skill to use them.

You need an autoresponder, squeeze pages, products/services to sell, graphics, a way to promote to build your mailing list, free products to give away... And a lot of other stuff. If you still think that you need all this stuff, it's because you haven't been marketing for very long. People, that have been in business for a while, know that I'm telling you the truth.

I am well aware that probably a majority of marketing programs try to tell you that you can just pay for a magic button, program or company that will do all this for you, without you doing any work or research, if you just give them some money.

How's that working for you?

It's not working at all for 95% of would be marketers, because only about 5% of them are actually earning a profit.

For one thing, if you do not own and control your mailing list, then ultimately - you lose! The company (or the world or the market) changes, or even if you just change your mind... You go back to square one, and start over.

To come to the point, Worldprofit is a marketing platform that provides ALL of the tools you need, to market YOUR business.

This includes:

  • An autoresponder, Landing Pages, graphics builder, etc./li>
  • Safelists, Classified Ads, dozens of ad examples, banners etc.
  • More than 200 PLR books and courses, to offer to your customers for free
  • Numerous forms of advertising that you can use for yourself AND earn commissions on by offering them to your leads.
  • Training (in easy to use modular videos) and high quality support.
  • Too much more to talk about in this introduction

It's not free, simple and easy.

But it is affordable, understandable and achievable.

It takes time, work and study.

When you are ready to move to the next level, Worldprofit is a good option.

My "Amazing Discoveries"

It embarrasses me to admit this, but here are the most important things that I learned from my experience with Worldprofit.

1. "Everybody Knows" that the "money is in the list". But, stated another way, this means that "you don't make any money unless you actually HAVE a list! " It was only until I had about 1000 people on my mailing list that I started making a profit.

2, My second realization was that when I doubled the size of my list, I doubled my income!

The reason why I'm embarrassed to admit this, is that Worldprofit is all about "list building". You learn HOW and WHY to use promotion, landing pages, autoresponders and numerous marketing tools to build your list. Why this is so hard for people to comprehend, I don't know, but I guess you have to experience it to believe it.

My recommendation is that, if you want to create a profitable business, then get started today, learning to build your own mailing list, and how to use it.

What I Like

One thing that I found really frustrating (in my "home-business" marketing) is that no matter what I wanted to do, I had to buy other programs and spend weeks trying to figure out how to get anything done.

With Worldprofit, even though I'm promoting some business other than Worldprofit, every tool that I need is already available to me without any additional expense.

And, just as important, the SUPPORT is there, 24 hours per day. I can contact support, or go directly to the Live Business Center to get advice from one of my fellow marketers (the "Monitors" in the LBC are all fellow members). In addition, there is a training video for almost anything you can think of.

Products and services to sell, many forms of advertising, graphics, squeeze pages, training and guidance, web hosting, Wordpress blogs... Everything! It's all right there.

The value of Worldprofit is that all the marketing tools you need are at your command... To empower you to build not my business, or even Worldprofit's business - YOUR business, the way YOU want it!

What I Dislike

The one thing that I find most discouraging is that it takes a long time to build up your mailing list to the point where you are breaking even. I joined in 2018, and I just reached about 1000 people on my mailing list. If I knew then, what I know now, I would have been more focused and efficient. To start making a good income, you need (in my opinion) at least 10,000 people on your list!

Thanks to Worldprofit, I now know how to accomplish this.

In my experience, the major stumbling block for this program is that people want and expect a significant paycheck the first month. That is not a reasonable and realistic expectation. Here's why:

In Internet Marketing, you only earn a profit when you sell to your list. Do you actually have a list? Then, sorry to be the messenger of bad news, but you are not going to make a profit.

It takes time to create your mailing list! First, you need a lot of knowledge to understand how email marketing works. Then you need autoresponder messages, landing pages etc. Once all that is set up you have to advertise to get people to opt in to your lists, and you need thousands of people on your list. This takes time, work and effort!

If you find this little bit of information discouraging... Well... Welcome to the real world!

Do not expect a free ride. There is no free lunch. There are no short cuts. There is no push-button, magic fairy-land program where you get rich without doing any work.

The good news is that Worldprofit will teach you HOW to do all of this and more. Plus ALL the marketing tools you need (including multiple forms of inexpensive and effective advertising, web hosting and virtually any thing else you can think of) are available in one place.

Also, once you have gained this knowledge, ability and experience - THEN you can do this with almost ANY business.

In my viewpoint, if you are not using an autoresponder, and building your own mailing list - then you are losing money, not making it.

If you're not ready to invest the time, work and effort... good luck with that!

Worldprofit is not free, but the best way to proceed is to join on a monthly basis, to see if this is what you really want to do. If you decide to continue, watch for the best price on a yearly subscription. You can save more than 50% by waiting for the best value.

In my experience, the best way to view Worldprofit is this:

I know that people start a business because they want to EARN money immediately. It's a lot more realistic to make your initial goal to BREAK EVEN.

Why? Imagine having all the marketing knowledge, tools & techniques (along with the support, guidance & advice) of Worldprofit available to you - and it's paying for itself! Once you hit that threshold then the sky is the limit, because you just need to keep doing what you're already doing, to keep growing your income.

And, remember... You don't even have to be promoting Worldprofit. You decide what programs, products & services you want to promote. If your focus changes, you still have your mailing list. Your mailing list IS your business, and your business IS your mailing list.

Final Verdict

Worldprofit is to empower YOU to do what YOU want to do!

Alternate viewpoint: Imagine if all the benefits of Worldprofit are available to you for free! (because the money you earn with Worldprofit is covering your monthly subscription! )

If you're looking for a free ride... Dream On! But if you're ready, willing and able to put the work, time and imagination into building a reality-based business this is the right investment for you.


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Tom Lindstrom's review...
This review will help you learn more about one of biggest and best sites where you can purchase high quality email solo ads to promote your online business opportunity.

I will share my personal experience of buying solo email ads (see my results at the end of this review), what I especially love about Udimi and things that could be improved.

Personally, I think is one of the best places you can buy email solo ads, for around $50 you can get 100 clicks to your offer. Buying traffic is an investment in your business. Free traffic will also get you results, but it is very slow and time consuming.

Only 100% Targeted Traffic!

You can be 100% sure that only people who are truly interested in what you have to offer will click through and read your message, bots and fake traffic will be automatically filtered out.

The traffic you receive from Udimi is highly targeted because your offer is sent to people who are interested in what you have to offer.

I have purchased 14 solo ads so far (see my results at the end of the review). I especially love their rating system, it gives me the opportunity to read reviews from other Udimi customers before I place my order.

Quick Results

You can expect to get traffic really quickly. In some cases the traffic starts within a few hours of ordering. The seller must deliver your traffic within 100 hours of accepting your offer.

Your goal is naturally to get as many leads as possible to sign up for your offer. If your optin page looks professional and you have a great offer, then you can expect to get a high optin rate (and sales down the line).

When your traffic order is finished, you have the opportunity to rate the seller. This will help others to determine if this particular sellers traffic is converting. After rating the seller, you have a 50% chance to win a $5 discount on your next traffic order.

Useful Tips

When you order clicks at Udimi, you will get the best results by choosing a vendor that offers traffic in your niche. So, if you have an offer in the "make money online" - niche, you need to pick a vendor that offers traffic in that particular niche.

The Udimi website is also very easy to use, you can do a search to find sellers in your own niche and your old solo ads and payment information are saved in the system for later use.

The site has also a chat that allows you to chat with the vendor and get more information about the traffic. The support team helps with any questions you may have. has also many in-depth tutorials available for solo email ad buyers. I especially recommend reading the "how to buy a solo ad" - tutorial before you do anything else.

You will learn lots of useful tips and avoid costly mistakes. Buying email solo ads is very effective, but it must be done correctly in order to get great results.

Another great tip I can give is to read the forum regularly. The forum is the best place to learn about email solo ads and ask questions. Other members (both buyers and sellers) will answer any questions you may have.

There is also an affiliate program available if you are interested in earning commissions for referring new members.

Always Start Small!

When you find a seller that has an email list that matches your offer, be sure to read the reviews from other customers before you place your order. It will give you an idea if this seller delivers what he/she promises and if recent customers have received sales and optins from their solo ads.

It is always a good idea to start with a small campaign first to see if it converts or not. You can always buy more clicks later.

Buying email solo ads is always a bit risky, you can never be 100% sure of the outcome. If you are serious about building an online business, then you must invest money into your business.

Udimi is one of the best places to buy advertising, you can really build a responsive email list just by investing a small amount per month. Email solo aVIPobably the quickest way to build a responsive email list.

Usually when buying email solo ads from Udimi or some other place, you will get sales over time when your subscribers receive more information about your offer and get to know you. It takes time to build a relationship with your subscribers.

Always write down from which seller you buy ads and what results you get from each mailing. When you find a good seller you can easily buy more leads and scale your business fast.

My Udimi Email Solo Ad Results:

Solo ad 1: I ordered 125 clicks and received 149, this resulted in 54 leads and 1 sale so far.

Solo ad 2: I ordered 175 clicks and received 188, this produced 50 leads and 0 sales so far.

Solo ad 3: I ordered 125 clicks and received 168, this gave me 47 leads and 0 sales so far.

Solo ad 4: I ordered 100 clicks and received 108, this produced 37 leads and 0 sales so far.

Solo ad 5: I ordered 100 clicks and received 104, this produced 41 leads and 1 sale so far.

Solo ad 6: I ordered 150 clicks and received 162, this gave me 48 leads and 2 sales so far.

Solo ad 7: I ordered 125 clicks and received 135, this gave me 33 leads and 1 sale so far.

Solo ad 8: I ordered 100 clicks and received 110, this resulted 42 leads and 1 sale so far.

Solo ad 9: I ordered 150 clicks and received 165, this produced 49 leads and 2 sales so far.

Solo ad 10: I ordered 150 clicks and received 165, this solo ad run produced 43 new leads and 1 sale so far.

Solo ad 11: I ordered 125 clicks and received 125, this solo ad generated 68 new leads and 1 sale so far.

Solo ad 12: I ordered 200 clicks and received 230, this solo ad gave me 39 new leads and 0 sales so far.

Solo ad 13: I ordered 125 clicks and received 137, this resulted in 18 new leads and 1 sale so far.

Solo ad 14: I ordered 150 clicks and received 168, this produced 33 new leads to my offer and 1 sale so far.

Solo ad 15: I ordered 200 clicks and received 235, this ad run produced 47 fresh leads to my offer and 1 sale so far.

Solo ad 16: I ordered 150 clicks and received 175, this email solo ads run generated 51 new leads and 3 sales so far.

Solo ad 17: I ordered 100 clicks and received 107, this solo email gave me 38 new leads and 1 sales so far.

Solo ad 18: I ordered 500 clicks and received 553, this solo ad generated 187 new leads to my list and 6 sales so far.

Solo ad 19: I ordered 275 clicks and received 302, this solo ad generated 114 new leads to my email list and 7 sales so far.

Solo ad 20: I ordered 150 clicks and received 165, this email solo ad generated 43 new leads to my email list and 2 sales so far.

Solo ad 21: I ordered 275 clicks and received 301, this email solo ad generated 51 new leads and 3 sales so far.

Solo ad 22: I ordered 350 clicks and receive 372, this solo email ad generated 87 new leads and 6 sales so far.

Solo ad 23: I ordered 225 clicks and received 254, a nice over-delivery! This email solo ad produced 102 new leads for my offer and 4 sales so far.

Solo ad 24: I ordered 150 clicks and received 178, this solo email ad generated 65 new leads and 5 sales so far.

Solo ad 25: I ordered 225 clicks and received 257, this Udimi solo ad produced 125 new leads and 4 sales so far.

Solo ad 26: I ordered 250 clicks and received 251, this solo email ad generated 92 new leads and 6 sales so far.

Solo ad 27: I ordered 500 clicks and received 552, this email solo ad produced 258 new leads and 5 sales so far.

Hopefully this Udimi solo ads review gave you some insight in how effective email solo ads can be and why this is one of the fastest ways to generate targeted traffic to your offer that converts into leads and sales.


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Andre Reutens's review...
I joined topdogsrotator as a free member at first and after a month, decided to upgrade to pack 1 which cost me $47 for lifetime. I did this because this particular pack would offer me 200k hits to be distributed to the links I park under its infinite rotator. Adding to that, 2000 hits a month for life. That's quite cool considering the fact that 200k is hard to use up at one go.

So far, the experience of having hits at my disposal has been exciting as it gives my websites leverage and more eyeballs to it. Not only you get these hits, you are also given 20 micro ads to be placed at the top right hand corner of each website link you have placed in the rotator (The FAQs will explain more). Once you have set up these small txt ads, watch the hits increase in proportion to your links in your rotator.

One of the advantages of topdogs is that you can even put your other rotators within the rotator, in addition to other coop programs that you have already signed up with. With multiple links allowed, you can just go crazy with it. The topdogs rotator link can be used on other sites as well. So its a win-win situation.

The only thing is that some links i.e. Warriorplus or JVzoo links don't seem to display within the rotator BUT they get good interactions/clicks from placing them on the micro ads (I've tracked and traced them, so yeah it works) that shouldn't be a great concern.

All in all, you're getting one of the best non-intrusive website blasters to across 317 and counting websites that the owners of topdogs are partnering with. It's a no-brainer. In my opinion, upgrading is the best option to get those links and sites seen. No regrets from me.

As of the date of this review, I've already made $96.00 in affiliate commissions and have 20+ signups under me. 2 of them already have their own downlines. It's possible. You should give it a go too!

Promoting this really pays off and covers your initial investment. Promote ethically. Hint: Promote your TopDogs affiliate link within this program itself :)

All the best!


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Affiliate Marketing
David Martinet's review...
Lazy Commissions is a comprehensive affiliate marketing course created by Tim Ikels and Paul Neidig, two experienced marketers who have specialized in affiliate marketing for many years (Paul Neidig claims to have been in Internet marketing since 1997).

These two marketers have teamed up to create an affiliate marketing training course aimed primarily at beginners, which will guide them step by step through the process of creating an online business with the goal of earning $100 a day.

And the best part: Lazy Commissions is free (at least during pre-launch, i.e. now)!

Why Lazy Commissions Was Created

The two say they created Lazy Commissions as a reaction to all the marketers who launch so-called "miracle products" that are supposed to make a lot of money, but turn out to be very disappointing in the end.

These products are often abandoned by their creators right after their launch, in order to create another program, which will be just as disappointing but which will fill their pockets.

Indeed, Lazy Commissions is the opposite: It is a program containing real knowledge, which must be applied in order to achieve the desired result. If you're looking for a "magic button" to bring you fortune, pass by!

Overview of Lazy Commissions

Lazy Commissions is divided into several parts:

The Foundation

This part explains why most people who get into affiliate marketing fail, but also how the whole business works. It also explains how to choose your niche when you want to start, the tools you need and how to create your own offer.

Email Marketing

This part explains how email marketing works, the important concepts and the mistakes not to make.

Lead Generation

This part explains how to create your marketing list, the offer that you will propose to your future leads, as well as the most common mistakes.

Traffic Generation

Here is explained the different sources of traffic, and especially what we need to understand in order to create sources of traffic that will convert according to the initial offer that we propose.


Many bonuses are offered, in the form of ebooks or videos on the different aspects of Internet marketing.


There are 3 paid upgrades inside Lazy Commissions:

  • Rapid Implementation Kit: These are resources that will help you build your list in the fastest way possible. You will have access to squeeze pages, splash pages, a lead magnet, 10 pre-written emails to feed your autoresponder... I bought this upgrade and I recommend it. For the low price, it's really worth it.
  • The Secret Affiliate Insider: Access to a private community to get help and access to group coaching.
  • License Rights: This upgrade allows you to earn 100% commission on all upgrades within Lazy Commissions.
  • Special License Rights: With this upgrade, not only do you get 100% commission, but you also get access to the email addresses of people you refer to the program. This means you can make Lazy Commissions your own offer, the one you use to build your list. Personally, this is the first time I've seen such an offer. Usually, marketers don't give access to customer data. Here, they give it to you!

My Experience with the Program So Far

I really loved the content of Lazy Commissions. The explanations are clear and to the point. You really have to read everything that is proposed, because everything is important, no part is useless, which is unfortunately not always the case with other programs in Internet marketing that I could follow...

What I Like

The "No B. S. " side: You get the sense that the creators of this program really want to provide useful information and not useless verbiage, as is too often the case with many so-called "marketing gurus".

Lazy Commissions is really designed to be a resource that you can come back to on a regular basis throughout your affiliate marketing journey.

What I Dislike

As the program has just been launched, some parts are still empty, like the one about paid traffic (too bad, it was the part I was most interested in. No problem, I'll come back later! )

Final Verdict

I obviously recommend this program, especially considering its price (cheaper is not possible! ).

It is for me the ideal entry point into the world of Internet marketing. If you want a solid training in this field, go take a look at it!


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Internet Marketing
Phillip Skinner's review...
Hello, Guys! I have great news for you as I have accompanied a Auto Profit Links Review, and you will see my total legitimate survey on this Auto Profit Links Review Below.

What I Like

In this, you will become more acquainted with point-by-point data pretty much World's First Ever "100% Done For You" Auto Profit Link Software That Drives Unlimited Free Traffic To YOUR Affiliate Links to Setup Your Passive Income Streams in Minutes, Its Complete Features, working technique, Pros and Cons, Pricing Upgrades and some more.

World's First Ever "100% Done For You" Auto Profit Link Software That Drives Unlimited Free Traffic To YOUR Affiliate Links!. Auto profit links is The world's first Ever '100% Done for you' software that drives Unlimited free traffic to your affiliate links.

Auto profit links includes DFY campaigns, affiliate offers, DFY landing pages, free marketing traffic, premium hosting, everything you need to run a successful campaign for profit, Huge Collection Of Over 100 Premium Lead Magnets.

STEP 1: Find A Niche

STEP 2: Understand customers

STEP 3: Create a diverse affiliate system

STEP 4: Build an audience

STEP 5: Collect emails addresses

STEP 6: Find affiliate products

STEP 7: Promote affiliate products

STEP 8: Rinse & Repeat steps 4-7

Auto profit links Review page explains Scale Effortlessly Using The App To Make Custom Auto Profit Links For ANY Offer.

What I Dislike

No website? I actually don't agree with this. I think having one is essential in generating targeted buyer traffic. I'll explain more about this after telling you about the details of the training.

You will need products too. Thinking about this How do you monetize those emails? Using products of course!

Final Verdict

You can literally get in for less than the price of a couple of fancy coffees at Starbucks and it gets even better when you act right now you'll also get more than 70 plus brand new money-making bonuses worth thousands absolutely free you can see all the juicy details below please note these bonuses are not your typical PLRbonuses like you're used to saying each one of these premium bonuses can easily be sold for at least 100 bucks each but you get them absolutely free and to make this a real no-brainer for you we're totally removing all the risks whether unheard of no questions asked 180-day money-back guarantee yep that's right you're getting 180 days to try this out if it doesn't work out for you to contact our support desk and we'll get you a prompt refund this is an absolute no-brainer.


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William Berg's review...
My experience with the program so far

Order 50 clicks and received 48 clicks. Only 3 clicks counted as a "Real" visit. Meaning more than one second. 0 optins to my landing page.

What I Like


What I Dislike

With only 3 Real visits, it looks like this traffic is all bots or visitors that don't have any interest in any type of offer. Clicking off a page in less than a second is not desirable.

Final Verdict

I would not recommend this traffic for any type of offer.


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