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Safelist Mailer
Wp Live Business Center Moyer's review...
Master Safelist Mails Solves Marketer Problems with GMAIL

MasterSafelistMails is a free tool from Dave Mosher that helps manage all of your safelist emails for over 300 safelists from one location!

Most marketers, when they sign up for safelists, use the same GMAIL account, which is SO wrong. With the volume of credit mails, solo ads, and SuperSolo ad traffic generated from active safelists, the limitations set by Google for GMAIL accounts is easily exceeded with the ad traffic from 20 to 50 safelists. What happens from the user perspective, is that Gmail slows down or even stops receiving mail if those thresholds are met.

As a admin, I see the damage this inflicts on the safelist email servers because Gmail sends literally thousands of warning messages BACK to the email servers, and even "bounce" messages that must be processed. Not only do the email servers have to handle the increased load of error messages, but Gmail itself tries to resend the bounced message dozens of times before the message is marked undeliverable, each time generating even MORE error messages. This is why even a relatively small safelist can seem sluggish AND worse yet, YOU may be missing important messages to your inbox! You may even get messages like, "Site is in Maintenance Mode" or "500 Error" when logging on while the server allocates all resources to play "catch-up".

People are of the misconception that by using Gmail filters to delete these messages, they are solving the problem. The only problem it solves is keeping your inbox and spam filters clean. Gmail thresholds for number of emails received are still in effect. So to address this issue properly, you should limit the number of safelists that send email to a single Gmail account to 20 (even recommendations for up to 50 is pushing those limits). You can create an unlimited number of Gmail accounts, but then you have created another email management nightmare.

I use Postbox, a reasonably priced 3rd party tool that costs about $20 per year, to manage my many Gmail accounts from one interface. Messages are downloaded to Postbox and deleted from Gmail, which avoids exceeding my Gmail storage limits.

But if we were able to completely eliminate the management nightmare of a multitude of Gmail accounts with a FREE utility in your toolbox, wouldn't that be better?

By using MasterSafelistMails, all credit mails, solos, and SuperSolos go directly into your MSM Inbox. No more BLOWING UP your Gmail accounts! Fewer Gmail accounts are needed, and you only need to use ONE tool to manage the emails for over 300 of Dave Mosher's safelists.

With MSM, there is no need to delete the thousands of emails in your Gmail account, because those emails are being delivered to MSM and not your Gmail account. This saves YOU tons of time to clean things out. You won't exceed your Gmail storage limits.

Your MSM Inbox will display the 50 most recent emails for each safelist you add to MSM. Emails over 7 days old are automatically purged, but you can still access the emails from individual sites for up to 30 days in case you run out of mails to click.

All of your credit mails, solo ads, and Super Solos go directly to your MSM Inboxes for each of the individual sites. Your Gmail account will only receive Admin Emails, Verification Emails, and Password Reset Emails. This also insures almost 100% deliverability!

Things I Like About MasterSafelistMails

You need fewer Gmail accounts, which means fewer accounts to manage.

Get all your messages for over 300 safelists in ONE place - MasterSafelistMails

MasterSafelistMails stores your userid and password for each site you add to MSM, so you can login to each site you added to MSM by clicking a single button

The 50 most recent emails will display, but if you need to see more, you click one button to login to the site so you can view more from the native safelist interface.

You can get all the credits you need so you can send credit mails or trade for other ads without having to search your inbox for emails from that site. Click what you need, then login to the site to post your ad.

Things I Like About These Safelists

Diverse audiences. Dave has acquired many of these safelists that have had a established base of dedicated members and followers of the previous owners. They are all carried over when Dave takes over a site.

Each of the original sites has been migrated to Dave's proprietary safelist software that is TESTED and PROVEN (there was/is a lot of junk safelist software out there).

Dave has only two versions of software - standard safelist script, and Instant Commission script. Expect the same look and feel, same ad types, same upgrade levels, same commissions, same contests on all sites of the same script format.

Commissions are earned for OTO, Login Offers, and SuperSolo sales to your referrals. Nobody else does this! (HINT: promote these sites to get referrals! Watch for affordable upgrade specials to earn the highest commissions).

GET PAID. Dave is ON IT!

Happy Hour 2x or 3x credits allow you to earn a ton of credits quickly.

YOUR Textlinks are shown to YOUR REFERRALS when they login to the standard safelist script. (Another reason to promote these sites)

All 300+ sites are attentively and professionally managed (I am one of the admins). Many ad types are auto-approved or at least approved every day, 7 days per week.

Dave OWNS all 19 SuperNetworks so he can offer the best packages and deals BELOW RETAIL that include SuperSolos. Every site offers the opportunity to join Dave's newsletter so you get notifications about the best deals and events

All these sites also offer free promo codes at Advertising Blowout (and affordable upgrades for 4 other levels at Advertising Blowout that offer more promo codes on 400+ sites).

MSM has no downline builder, but if you join sites from Advertising Blowout and update the MemberTools! Affiliate Builder in Advertising Blowout with your referral URL from each site, then promote Advertising Blowout with MasterSafelistMails you can quickly create a super-downline.

Things I Don't Like

People try to skip the instructions and fail to watch my setup video, so they subsequently get frustrated and give up. Actually, these are not things I don't like, but things that you must understand in order to effectively use MasterSafelistMails to manage your safelist.

Patience. MasterSafelistMails takes a long time to initially load the list of safelists in My Sites and repaint the screen after updating a username or password.

Don't be Greedy or Lazy. When adding safelists from Select Sites, only check a few at a time that you know you will be updating. The more you add, the longer My Sites takes to load.

Remember to Update Your Password. If you change your password for a site, be sure to update MasterSafelistMails with your new password.

Check Back Often: Dave is adding more sites all the time. When new sites are added, these present more opportunities for fresh sets of eyes and fresh ads.

You Still Need to Login to the Individual Sites.

  • Update your profile in MemberTools! My Profile with a professional looking picture (no avatars - this is a business), and your payment methods.

  • Redeem promo code newmember for free ads.

  • Redeem promo codes from Advertising Blowout.

  • Click the Daily Bonus that may win you free ads and enter you into the various contests.


There is no downside to joining MasterSafelistMails to manage your safelist emails. It's free. You have one place to read your emails, one place with one-button login to your sites, password storage, and eliminate Gmail issues. And one place to discover new sites where you can get fresh eyes (and more opportunities).

Combine MasterSafelistMails with Advertising Blowout, you have a massive source of safelist ads and credits that solves the Gmail problem and gives you a promotable, downline building, commission earning opportunity with Safelists As A Business.


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Dave Pilgrim's review...
My experience with the program so far

I've been a member of Leadsleap for many years and I've seen the program grow from strength to strength, with more tools and features being added all the time. I'm currently an upgraded, Pro member, which has more than paid for itself in terms of the profits I've reaped back.

What I Like

Leadsleap provides so many great features that it's difficult to know where to start. As an internet marketer, my main focus is on building my own mailing list. I've tried several different email management systems, autoresponders, CRMs or whatever phrase you want to use and I always come right back to Leadsleap as my listbuilder of choice.

Firstly, Leadsleap allows you to quickly and easily build stunning landing pages to capture visitors' name, email, etc. You can create high quality, mobile-friendly, professional pages which automatically track visits (and whether these are real people or bots), opt-ins, geographic location, IP addresses, etc. You can also add cookies, pop-ups, videos and a whole lot more.

Obviously, once you start building your mailing list, you need to have a reliable way to contact them. The platform allows you to have multiple lists with UNLIMITED subscribers (I don't know any other list management system that provides this for FREE) whom you can broadcast emails to whenever you like. Upgraded members can also set up automated email series for long-term, hands-free follow-up campaigns.

If you're not promoting your own pages, Leadsleap's unique Link Tracker allows you to track and monitor traffic to third-party affiliate pages. You can even show other people's website/pages in a frame with your own ad bar, pop-ups or opt-in form overlaid. This works well if, for example, you're sharing other peoples blog posts on social media but want to also build your own email list at the same time or have your own pop-up ads appear there.

The other main feature of Leadsleap is the advertising. All members can display free ads, which are shown both within the platform to other Leadsleap members and also on hundreds of other sites across the internet. This is made possible because Leadsleap has a free 'paid-per-click' program similar to Google's AdWords program. Members can display a Leadsleap widget on their website, which shows other members' ads, and get paid when those ads are clicked. Hundreds of Leadsleap members use this facility, meaning your ads can be shown on all those other members' personal websites or blogs.

There is also a new traffic co-op. If you use traffic exchanges you will already be familiar with how a traffic co-op works - you advertise the co-op link in one or two of your favourite traffic exchanges and in return get traffic from tons of other TEs for free.

All the above options are available for both free and upgraded members. They work on a credit system whereby you earn credits for clicking or displaying other members' ads and these credits can then be converted into traffic for your own ads (or cash, if you prefer). If you prefer hands-free advertising, though, without having to click or promote other people's ads, then the pro option is an excellent choice. I'm finding my pro ads are getting thousands of click-throughs per month, generating leads and sales on autopilot while I'm free to work on other aspects of my business.

The last thing I want to mention here (I could talk about other features all day) is that there is a 10 level downline system. Whenever you refer new members, and when those members refer new members, and when THOSE members refer new members, they all go into YOUR downline 10 levels deep. All members in all 10 levels of your downline can see your message or ad for whatever you want to promote to them, and you also get a percentage of the credits that all those members below you earn. This has huge viral potential.

In order to help you grow your downline and bring in new referrals, there are a number of different free tools and ebooks you can give away. These are all automatically rebranded with your affiliate link, so anyone who wants to use the tools, or decides to join Leadsleap after reading the ebooks will be joining as YOUR direct referral. This not only gets you extra credits and more potential customers viewing your ads, but whenever any of your direct referrals upgrades, you earn commissions.

What I Dislike

Personally, I'm not so keen on the traffic co-op. I've tried it a few times and decided I'd rather pay for the pro ads than spend hours surfing traffic exchanges. I do see many of other members using the co-op, though, so obviously opinions vary and a lot of people seem to love it.

Final Verdict

I love this program for so many reasons and would wholeheartedly urge everyone to join it. It's totally free for life, so there's nothing to lose. Obviously, you can decide to upgrade further down the line if you like what you see or you can continue using the free tools forever and still get excellent value from them. The choice is yours.


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List Building
Wayne Brooks's review...
What is it?

List Infinity is a free, hosted, simple to use, and easy to setup viral list building funnel system that I found to be just what the Doctor ordered, when I was looking for a legit, full-featured marketing system that lets me add my own offers with ease. The free system consists of done-for-you (DFY) lead capture pages, a customizable bridge page, a DFY sales page, and a pre-written e-mail follow-up series powered by third-party autoresponders AWeber and GetResponse. I personally use AWeber with my configuration of the system.

What does it do?

List Infinity gives me the ability to leverage the efforts of others by delivering to my list every 5th visitor captured by each of my active system subscribers. In addition, the system provides an affiliate program that gives me the ability to earn instant cash flow by referring others who choose to upgrade their free system to one of List Infinity's 3 paid versions. Each paid option delivers enhancements to the free version like additional capture pages, the ability to activate additional income streams including your own custom offers (which is my favorite feature), and increased earning potential. Starter level upgrade sales pay you instant $25 commissions. Pro level upgrade sales pay you $100 commissions, and Elite level upgrade sales pay you instant $300 commissions. For this reason, I upgraded to the highest level which is Elite, as I want to generate as much cash flow as possible with the system. All commissions are paid instantly to my Stripe account. No waiting (another favorite feature of mine). PayPal is also a payment processing option, if you prefer it.

Using a 100% commission, instant pay model and a state-of-the-art viral list building platform, I find List Infinity to be an ideal income-generating asset that grows my affiliate marketing business revenue and increase my profits, as it actively and passively grows my e-mail subscriber list virally.

Why do I believe List Infinity is unique?

There is one thing that makes List Infinity a slam dunk for me. One thing that makes it a truly unique standout solution against the competition. That one thing is the fact that commissions are paid out instantly to your Stripe and/or PayPal account on the same day that the sale is made. I've promoted a lot of opportunities over the years and this is a rare occurrence. Immediate, same day commission payouts (any way you want to slice it) means cash flow without waiting weeks or months. That my friends is good for both your business and your personal financial picture.

Bottom Line

Developed by Derrick Van Dyke, a veteran marketer and software developer who has created marketing systems that I have personally used with success for well over a decade, List Infinity is a rock solid solution for novice and veteran affiliate marketers alike, and I give it my highest unqualified recommendation 5 out of 5 moneybags!


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Health & Fitness
Edward Keyte's review...
My experience with the program so far

I first looked at LiveGood back in August of 2022 when they had their first version launch. At that time I was about to start my weight loss journey anyway and was looking out for a network marketing opportunity that could support me in my weight loss, fitness and health goals and was hugely impressed with what I saw at LiveGood, but sadly I could not join up at the time as it wasn't worldwide.

Anyway cut a long story short; now they are 100% global and thank goodness! I jumped on board immediately!

Ben Glinsky is the CEO and I've known him since 2016 so my decision to join was made easy as I have a lot of trust in Ben.

The website is spot on and the funnel system is powerful as they use a unique powerline system that feeds into the forced matrix giving everyone a big potential to get that jump-start that most people struggel with when trying to build a team.

I'm very much into fitness and weight management and I can save up to 70% on a lot of these products by simply being a member of the system. The low monthly price to become a member of LG is under $10 and that is a no brainer and that is why people stick with this business unlike other Network marketing companies where the average drop out rate is 3 months or less.

What I Like

I love the products and that they are so affordable unlike elsewhere where it's just so over priced and which is why people often drop out of those other companies.

I love the built in marketing funnel that has a dynamic powerline system that feeds into a matrix; that is a nice touch.

What I Dislike

To be perfectly honest there really is nothing I dislike. I have heard others mention (in a positive way) that IF there could be more products would be great however for me I think it's not too overwhelming on choice rather than having too many choices; there are also the affordable packages including the "Everything Pack" where you can optionally get all the great products for an incredible low price It's just So simple or just purchase individual products such as a complete multi-vitamin product for under $10 with up to 79% savings on other competitive over priced products!

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a really simple business to understand, with an easy to grasp comp plan yet powerful, and a range of products that are not only needed by most people but are essential for everyone's health. Then LiveGood is for you. I do say it is very simple but it is very powerful.


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Home Biz
Frank Hudacek's review...
My experience with the program so far

I joined the Home Business Academy Affiliate Program about 18 months ago and it has been one of the best choices I have had with any affiliate program. Being an online marketer for 15 years, after investing considerable amount of funds in various other programs, early-on, I find the HBA has just about everything an online beginner to the experienced marketer will need.

The co-founders and support staff are very helpful, responsive, knowledge-based and professional. They take the time to answer the questions or concerns the affiliates may have. Real people, faces and voices, there to answer questions.

What I Like

The commission structure is one of the best offered in this online space, and paid weekly. This residual income is paid month after month for as long as your signup remains a member. The HBA program has provided the right platform to steadily grow my online business.

What I like is there is not any real selling involved. With the HBA I can offer this affordable program even when someone might say 'No' to my original, other product or program offer.

The HBA platform can be used for online and offline businesses. You can build funnels, pages, merchant sites, community programs, and more, and market them across any market location.

What I Dislike

There's nothing I dislike about The Home Business Academy. Being experienced the start up was quick, the online help and videos are clear walk-you-thru, A-Z.

For the newbie the amount of information could be overwhelming at first, but the Monday thru Friday live online sessions, the Q&A, the over-the-shoulder instruction, should not leave anyone with a feeling of being 'lost'.

Final Verdict

The Home Business Academy is an excellent resource for entrepreneurs of all levels. It's affordable, reasonably priced, and stays current on what changes are happening in the market.

The HBA has 11 live events Monday thru Friday, available for replay. Many are over-the-shoulder training by the co-founders and other successful affiliates of the HBA.

Whether you're interested in starting up a home business from scratch or refining your existing small business model, the HBA can give you the resources and advice you need to succeed and grow

Furthermore, their generous monetary support of an international program to feed starving children is an important part of the heart-felt center of the company and affiliate community.

I would recommend this program to anyone looking with a desire to grow and take their business to basic or highly, experienced levels.


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Internet Marketing
Dominic Kristianto's review...
My experience with the program so far

In my entire experience doing Affiliate Marketing for more than 3 years now, I never encounter any program like Leads Lion before. I mean, there are some High-Ticket programs that come with weekly group coaching, but NOT Accountability Weekly Coaching to make sure that you do your part and keep track of your progress.

And that is just one of the massive benefits I get from this program. As a High Ticket Marketer, I know exactly that content creation and personal branding play a significant role to succeed in this saturated market.

So the concept of Leads Lion is quite fascinating for me because it combined the power of branding, content creation, omnipresence, accountability coaching, and High-Ticket Closer Team all in one program for a very reasonable price point.

Since this is very new (just launched on 1st November 2022), there are still a lot of opportunities and I think this is the best combo that will help you succeed in 2022 and beyond.

What I Like

#1 thing I like the most is: THE INSTANT PAYOUT! Meaning that after you made a sale, your commission will land in your designated bank account right away without any waiting period. This is frickin awesome! :D

There is no other program out there like Leads Lion. If there is, then it won't be priced as low (only 2 figures per month! ) with so many benefits like Accountability Weekly Coaching, Step by Step hand-holding on how to brand yourself (basically with this you can promote anything you want, so no more relying your "life" on a certain program/vendor! ), a Closer Team that will help you close High-Ticket tier of Leads Lion, and many more!

Plus, the modules are gated, which means you will not get overwhelmed and you can manage your time wisely while also making sure that you will actually practice and DO what you learn and GET results. Nothing is more simple than this.

What I Dislike

Because of the amount of support provided, there is no low-ticket option for this program like its predecessor, List Lion. But on the bright side, you will also get the 5 Days Challenge of List Lion for FREE!

And I think for some people. No money-back guarantee will turn them off. But since the reason is that we actually get paid instantly via STRIPE express for any sale, then this policy is the best I think. You can try for a month and see if this is a yay or a nay for you.

Obviously, since this is a Done-With-You type of program, this is not for the lazy marketer who doesn't want to do the work.

Final Verdict

Gone are the days of spraying your affiliate link without no proper marketing effort and hoping that somebody will buy. If you want to succeed in Affiliate Marketing, you have to learn the basics of marketing.

Personal branding is the key to a sustainable and long-term business because people buy from the person they know, like, and trust. Leads Lion provides you with branding, content creation, accountability, and automatic sales process, and even helps you close your high-ticket sales effortlessly.

I highly recommend Leads Lion because not only do I know who the creator is, but also because I can testify that the methods indeed work IF you do the work!

I honestly think with its current price point, this is way too valuable. Then again, the one who can judge it is the one who actually dives into it themselves. Right?


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