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Internet Marketing
Joe Lopez's review...
Tube Mastery by Matt Par: A Comprehensive Review

In the digital era, where content creation has become one of the most sought-after skills, "Tube Mastery" by Matt Par stands out as a beacon for aspiring YouTubers. This course meticulously breaks down the process of starting, growing, and monetizing a YouTube channel into actionable steps. Matt Par, a successful YouTuber himself, shares his insights and strategies that are theoretical, tested, and proven in the competitive world of YouTube content creation. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the key highlights of this course and why it has become a go-to resource for many aspiring YouTubers.

What is Tube Mastery?

"Tube Mastery" is an online course developed by Matt Par, a young entrepreneur who achieved significant success on YouTube at an early age. The course is designed to guide beginners through the intricacies of starting and growing a YouTube channel, with the ultimate goal of turning it into a lucrative venture. Matt Par, the course creator, is the brain behind "Tube Mastery" and a testament to its strategies, having grown several YouTube channels to millions of subscribers and substantial earnings.

The program is structured into several modules, each focusing on different aspects of YouTube channel development. These include niche selection, content planning, video creation, channel optimization, monetization methods, and strategies to scale the channel's audience and revenue. The course covers everything from setting up a YouTube channel to advanced growth hacks and revenue generation techniques.

My Experience with the Program so Far:

My journey into the world of YouTube content creation was sparked by a deep-seated desire to share my passion for sustainable living with a broader audience. After months of consuming countless videos and tutorials with little progress, I stumbled upon "Tube Mastery" through a recommendation. Knowing Matt Par's success and the promise of a structured path to achieving similar results, I saw it as an opportunity too good to pass up. My aim was to launch my channel and make it a significant source of information and inspiration for sustainable living practices.

Initial Impressions and Expectations

Upon enrolling in "Tube Mastery, " my expectations were cautiously optimistic. I was impressed by the course's organized structure, promising a clear roadmap from channel inception to monetization. Matt's approach of sharing personal anecdotes alongside strategic advice added a relatable and authentic touch that resonated with me. I was eager to dive into the content, hoping to uncover the secrets to YouTube's success and apply them to my niche.

Progress and Results Achieved to Date

Since beginning the program, the growth and transformation of my YouTube channel have exceeded my initial expectations. In the first few months, by meticulously following the module on niche selection and content planning, I was able to refine my channel's focus, which significantly improved viewer engagement and subscription rates. Implementing video creation and channel optimization strategies led to a noticeable increase in video quality and search visibility. Although I am in the early monetization phase, the upward trends in viewership and engagement are promising indicators of future success.

What I Like:

One of the most remarkable aspects of "Tube Mastery" is the depth and breadth of content covered in the course. Matt Par has left no stone unturned, ensuring that every phase of the YouTube content creation and channel growth process is explained in detail. This thoroughness brings immense clarity to often perplexing aspects of starting and growing a YouTube channel, making it invaluable for beginners.

Beneficial Features or Strategies

The strategies taught in "Tube Mastery" are not just theoretical but practical, actionable, and proven. The course's focus on niche selection and content planning has been particularly beneficial, allowing for a targeted approach that significantly increases the likelihood of success. Additionally, the emphasis on SEO and channel optimization strategies has been a game-changer for visibility and audience growth. The monetization methods and techniques for scaling the channel's revenue potential have also been eye-opening, focusing on long-term sustainability rather than short-term gains.

Unexpected Benefits of Pleasant Surprises

One of the unexpected benefits of enrolling in "Tube Mastery" has been the improvement in my video production skills. The course includes detailed advice on creating high-quality videos on a budget, which has helped me elevate my content without breaking the bank. This was a pleasant surprise, as I initially joined the course primarily for its marketing and channel growth strategies. Additionally, the supportive community and access to Matt Par's feedback have kept me motivated and accountable.

Notable Support and Community Aspects

The community aspect of "Tube Mastery" is another standout feature. The course provides access to a private community of like-minded creators, where members can share experiences, offer support, and even collaborate. This sense of community has been motivating and opened up networking and collaboration opportunities that I hadn't anticipated. Furthermore, Matt Par's active involvement in the community and willingness to provide personalized feedback is a testament to his commitment to student success.

Success Stories or Improvements

Since implementing the strategies from "Tube Mastery, " my YouTube channel has consistently grown in viewership, engagement, and subscribers. The practical insights into monetization strategies have also begun to bear fruit, marking the early stages of transforming my channel into a revenue-generating venture. Hearing other success stories within the community has been incredibly motivating, reinforcing my belief in the course's effectiveness. As for improvements, I can't think of any significant areas where the course could be enhanced. The regular updates and bonus content have also kept the material relevant and up-to-date.

What I Dislike:

Despite the numerous benefits and positive experiences I've had with "Tube Mastery, " a few aspects could be considered shortcomings or, at the very least, areas for potential improvement.

Honest Critique of Shortcomings or Areas for Improvement

While "Tube Mastery" has largely lived up to its promises, one of its few shortcomings is perhaps the initial cost barrier. The program, though comprehensive, might be expensive for those just starting and unsure of their path in content creation. Additionally, while the course is updated regularly, some sections could benefit from more frequent updates to keep pace with YouTube's constantly evolving algorithms and policies.

Personal Challenges Encountered While Using the Program

On a personal level, the sheer volume of information presented in "Tube Mastery" was initially overwhelming. Balancing the time between learning and applying the concepts in real time to my channel was challenging. This often led to periods where I felt I was not progressing as fast as I hoped, which can be discouraging for newcomers eager to see quick results.

Comparison with Other Similar Programs

Compared to other YouTube growth courses I've sampled, "Tube Mastery" stands out for its depth and practical approach. However, some alternative programs offer more hands-on support or personalized coaching sessions at similar price points. These features can be particularly helpful for creators who thrive under direct guidance and feedback. While "Tube Mastery" provides exceptional value through its content and community, adding more personalized support options could enhance its overall effectiveness and appeal.

Final Verdict:

"Tube Mastery" by Matt Par has proven to be a valuable asset for anyone serious about turning their YouTube channel into a successful, revenue-generating venture. The comprehensive nature of the course, combined with practical, actionable strategies, provides a roadmap to success that is difficult to find elsewhere. The community aspect and ongoing support from Matt Par further enhance the learning experience, making it not just about video creation but about building a sustainable online business. While the course has challenges, such as the initial investment and the volume of information to digest, the potential rewards justify these hurdles. For those willing to commit the time and effort and who can manage the financial investment, "Tube Mastery" offers an in-depth guide that could turn your passion for content creation into a profitable career.

Thank you for reading my review of Youtube mastery!


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Health & Fitness
Myra 's review...
My Experience with the Program So Far

Let me take you through my journey with LiveGood over the past year. From the moment I signed up, it's been nothing short of remarkable. The ease of ordering, coupled with their lightning-fast delivery, has made every transaction a breeze. And let's not forget the high-quality products that have been a game-changer for my health and wellness journey.

What I Like

There's so much to love about LiveGood. Firstly, the quality of their products is unmatched. I've tried various nutritional items, and each one has exceeded my expectations. And the best part? I'm saving a significant amount compared to what I used to spend elsewhere. The wholesale prices make it possible for me to stock up on all my essentials without breaking the bank.

Additionally, the atmosphere within the LiveGood community is incredibly supportive. Whether you're a seasoned health enthusiast or just starting out on your journey, you'll find a welcoming environment that encourages growth and success. And let's not forget about their affiliate program – getting paid every Thursday is just the icing on the cake!

What I Dislike

To be honest, there's very little to dislike about LiveGood. If I had to nitpick, I would say that I wish they offered a wider range of products. While their selection is excellent, having even more options to choose from would be the cherry on top. However, this minor inconvenience pales in comparison to the numerous benefits LiveGood provides.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, LiveGood has exceeded all my expectations. From their exceptional products to their seamless ordering process and supportive community, they've truly set the bar high. If you're looking for a low-cost club membership that delivers premium nutritional products straight to your door, look no further than LiveGood. Join the club and experience the difference for yourself – you won't be disappointed!


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Affiliate Marketing
Riccardo 's review...
My experience with the program so far

I've been a happy member of Legendary Marketer for a few months now, and this is truly one of the best earning opportunities I've come across in my entire entrepreneur life.

Not only because I am earning instant and residual commissions, but I'm also learning High Ticket Affiliate Marketing and building my email list, and providing the users opportunities to get more traffic and sales to their offers.

What I Like

  • The Ceo of this company is David Sharpe, a multimillionaire entrepreneur guiding you in the same direction
  • You are educated daily with video lessons divided into 15 days with simple tasks
  • You will have your own personal advisor, this is such a great value
  • In the Blueprint there are step-by-step courses for various business models: affiliate marketing, digital products, coaching and consulting, and event and masterminds
  • Email management service to respond to queries when users contact you, so you don't have to worry about your email sequence
  • They will teach you Copywriting, Lead Generation, Sales and Presenting
  • The commissions are high, especially if you're a pro-affiliate( 60% commissions is awesome)
  • A Customized High-Ticket Business Plan ( all next features are FREE BONUSES)
  • FB Ads Templates
  • High-Ticket Video Scripts
  • High-Ticket Phone Scripts
  • Personal 1-on-1 Business Plan Consultation With An Advisor From My Team
  • a replica Of David Top Converting High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Funnel
  • Only $7 for all these features.

What I Dislike

There are only a few little things I dislike or wish could be improved

  • You have to wait all 15 days to complete the challenge, I wish it could be possible to speed up if I want to.
  • Business is not available in some country

But these are just small things compared to all the benefits/pros of Legendary Marketer

Final Verdict

It's worth it.

Overall, I'm so glad I came across this course. I've built a more targeted and responsive list, and can advertise to proven buyers, which I struggled with before.

I'm also earning instant commissions because of the upgrade purchases, which is very exciting to see, as well as a residual income that is already paying more than the cost of my membership.

I believe that Legendary Marketer is a platform that absolutely anybody could get started with.

It doesn't matter if you're a complete newbie to internet marketing looking to generate your first income online or you're a seasoned marketer who wants to add an extra source of income...


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Isabel Miranda's review...
I joined LeadsLeap in 2015 and I am really surprised for all the features of this site, it is easy to receive leads from their traffic, but most importantly is they provide free tools that are better than the paid ones in other sites, my favorite is the The Real Tracker.

One thing that I really like is that Kenneth, the owner, really cares about his members and very open to receive suggestions, two times he has implemented small recommendations that I provided!

My favorite part is that the site is constantly evolving with new features, it is exciting to know what is next!

My ROI is positive in LeadsLeap. That is the reason that I am a Pro Member.

Update- As of April 2024 I have 52 direct referrals in LeadsLeap plus 443 in my spillover


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List Building
Linda Bomba's review...
My experience with the program so far

I recently joined the list auction because this is another tool my mentor has been using to generate leads and sales and he is the #1 recruiter in several programs and I know using these he is getting 100 leads a day!

The List Auction is a powerful list-building and traffic-generating system that helps you build an enormous list of double opt-in prospects that are looking for what you have to offer... And you can start for free.

Think how fast your list will grow and how many sales you can rake in - especially when the people who are reading your emails have a track record of being action takers.

What makes The List Auction unique is not only getting traffic to your offers but you can also earn not just money but credits, buy and sell on auctions, send emails and run text and image ads.

There are 3 membership types starting with a free account where you get downline ads, earn 20% commissions, can send 26K emails a year.

The second membership is a silver account where you get downline and featured ads, 30% commissions, can send 109,500K emails a year for $12 a month, $29 for a 3 months or $57 for a 6 month package,

The third membership is a gold account where you get downline, featured, top mail ads and special offers, 40% commissions, can send 365,000 emails a year for $22 a month, $47 for a month's or $87 for 6 month's.

What I Like

The fact I have the ability to send 365K emails out per year.

What I Dislike

Nothing so far but they commissions mostly via crypto currency or a payeer, fayad, wise accounts which a lot of people may not be familiar with these.

Final Verdict

If your looking for more exposure and your opening to learning how to do auctions on this site I would highly recommend it and you start for free so there really isn't any risk to try this out. Some people may not understand how doing auctions could benefit them and skip this over.


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Linda Bomba's review...
My experience with the program so far

I recently learned about this program however I did have a free account for a long time and never used it.

Boy have I been missing out!

I actually went PRO today and set up 10 ads and started getting leads immediately!

I had no idea how powerful this system is and using it to grow my online business.

What I Like

I like all the different features you can use. I have been able to upload high converting pages that I have a share code.

This has to be one of the most powerful systems I have seen in the 12+ years I have been online. I am paying way more for just my auto responder!

For $27 you get a funnel and page maker, an auto responder, a tracking tool, a rotator tool and advertising through being able to set up 10 days and by giving reviews of products/services you use.

Not only do they pay you for referring people through their affiliate program, they pay you to surf 10 ads everyday with their daily action bonus. They also pay you through promoting their COOP, PPC and credit encashment.

There is not other affiliate program in this industry that does this so again there so many features and tools with this system it is worth way more than $27 per month.

What I Dislike

So far NOTHING but if I had to pick something and would like to see they pay faster there is currently a 60 day hold on commissions.

Final Verdict

I think is an outstanding system that every online business owner needs for a price that can't be beat!

I am so impressed with this whole system and the longer I use the more value I see there truthfully is anything else out there like this in our industry. I wish I found this when I got online in 2011.

If I was just starting out I would use this and not invest the thousands of dollars I have put into having auto responders, funnel makers, tracking tools and advertising. This is the best resource I have to date in this industry the value for the price is outstanding.

Leads Leap is a platform that will help you get more leads and sales and give you exposure for your business.


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