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Marketing System
William Nabaza's review...
My experience with the program so far

The platform is a genius idea. It's just what I'm looking for. Usually in a toolbox, we men are usually looking for tools and we don't want our tools lying around and when we need them we just can't find them. The Admin and Owner of Buildabizonline is very friendly to me and willing to go the extra mile for his customer support.

What I Like

I specially like the free autoresponder bonus with unlimited subscribers and unlimited campaigns. Though I can't consume it all like 500 people is too much for me in a given autoresponder but it assures you that it will not just come down for no reason at all. Same category can go as high as $17.95 but thinking that it comes with 24+ web tools, the BABO system is a great steal all along.

What I Dislike


Final Verdict

It's good for both beginners and advanced level. Mr. Ian Stewart made sure that when he teaches in YouTube, he meets the needs of across the board people, from beginner to advanced users of babo. It's a great steal at $10/month and you can still get discounts by purchasing advance 6 months and you get it for U. S. $50 with a free month. Purchase in 1 year and you get 2 months free. Also if you want to own the business, refer people because there is 60% recurring monthly commission. You refer 3 people and the babo is free for you.


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Paid To
Joy Healey's review...
I have been an 'Influencer' with this program for several weeks now and have been impressed with the way it's run - and with the payments I have received.

Using only my existing fans, followers and blog subscribers I am getting paid for simple tasks, such as writing articles or sharing links on my social media account. You can choose to receive products or cash, but I prefer cash!

So far I've received over $400 - 2 articles at $200 each, plus $5 for sharing a link on Twitter. The money is already in my PayPal account so I know it's legit.

I can earn $5 for anyone I introduce to the site - but this is the first time I've tried that, as I wanted to be sure I received my payment first.

You can do this too.

I hardly go on social media, so if I can do this - anyone can!

What I Like

  • The tasks relate to 'real-world' businesses, not just 'make money online'.
  • A surprisingly intelligent 'robot' looks after the site, and helps me find opportunities.
  • Also if I'm near a task deadline, 'Sally-bot' reminds me to get working.
  • But if Sally-bot gets stumped, the support team is very responsive too.
  • The people issuing the tasks are real people who you can message with questions about the tasks.
  • This can be completely part-time. If you don't want to do a task in the market-place, just dismiss it.
  • Recruiting is completely optional.

What I Dislike

  • Because I'm in the UK, my tasks (so far) have excluded products - but I imagine that could change.
  • I wish there were more tasks!

Final Verdict

A genuine program with potential to earn a bit of cash through your own efforts.


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Social Network
Jerome Maurice's review...
My experience with the program so far

Using social media to share your blog posts is a great way to promote your website or business opportunities, and it sets you up as an authority in your niche, allowing your content to get viewed by thousands of social media visitors and even search engines to certain extent.

Blog2Social is a WordPress plugin used for social media posting that you can use to cross-promote any of your new content, post, or business opportunities to all your social media pages. It is a convenient social media posting plugin that offers all-in-one solution for many websites, blogs owners and even internet marketers.

Ever since I discovered Blog2Social Plugin, it helps me to automate my social media activities and have saved me a great deal of time in managing my social media post. What this plugin will do is, it will automatically convert your post into a proper format that allows you to post content directly from your WordPress dashboard to your social media pages. Hence, saved you time to post to your social media accounts one by one manually, plus you can automate your posts by using the auto-scheduling, auto-posting and cross-promotion.

Blog2Social supports 15 social networks [as of the date of this review], including the giants like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. It also supports other platforms like Flickr, Reddit, Medium, Google My Business, VKontakte, Bloglovin, Tumblr, Torial, Flickr, Diigo, Reddit and many more.

To have this plugin auto post your content, all you have to is, connect your WordPress blog to all your social media accounts and each time you create a new blog post, it will automatically share your post to all your social media networks profiles, pages, and even groups.

Blog2Social comes in two flavours, it offers a free version as well as Pro version with a 30-day trial. But it really comes down to you if it is going to be worth the upgrade. For me personally, although I'm a Pro member, you probably don't need to upgrade to the premium version if you are not an active blogger or internet marketers and running only few social media account. But if you are, then maybe try it for free first and later consider upgrading.

What I Like

  • Saved time, where it will automatically post to all your registered social media accounts every time you publish a new blog post.
  • Option that allows you to create your own time schedule to share your post
  • The One-Stop Workflow feature allows you to customize the messages and preview them before they are published
  • The easy-to-use drop and drag user interface allows you to move posts in the calendar view.
  • Add hastags, links and tags
  • Ability to curate content from other trusted third-party sources.
  • Support over 15 Social Media networks
  • Great way to draw more traffic to your social media pages and your blog
  • You can revisit and review all of your published and scheduled social media posts in the calendar

What I Dislike

Although the plugin allows you to make changes by editing each of the messages. Unfortunately, you don't have the option to choose the placement of the URL in the message.

Final Verdict

There are many ways on how you can promote your blog post to social media, and I do admit that prior to knowing about this plugin, I had spent a great amount of time just to post my new blog post one by one manually. This plugin has made my life easier, at least as far as posting to social media is concerned. Not only it is easy to use plugin for your WordPress, but it also allows you to simplify, automate and speed-up the process in promoting your blog.

I would highly recommend that you give Blog2Social a try, you probably don't need to upgrade to the premium version. Maybe just try the free version first. If you like the results you get, then maybe consider upgrading.


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Downline Builder
Nathan Gurley's review...
TeamTrueGreatness(TTG) is the latest and best membership site by Alonzo Brown and it is totally free of charge.

Leadleap (LL) is one of the recommended traffic sources and you can use TTG to build your LL team.
In fact, Alonzo offers high quality capture pages inside the membership that were created using the LeadsLeap system. In one of his videos, he explains how to use the LL share code to brand these pages with your referral IDs.

The 5 Major Programs recommended in TTG are: Savings Highway, Automatic Builder, Webtalk, Tapestri, and MintBuilder. All programs in the system are optional, but Alonzo explains how and why these programs were selected along with the recommended traffic sources such as LL.

What I Like:

What I like about TTG is that Alonzo shares motivational and personal development videos inside to help you overcome challenges and achieve goals. Having listened to Alonzo online for many years, it is quite obvious that he is a product of the product as they say. His messages are compelling and heartfelt. He truly aspires for you to achieve greatness in your life and built this system with that as the major objective.

What I Dislike:

The only thing I do not quite understand is the Tapesti program as it looks like it is not quite available for launch as of yet, but it could just be me.

Final Verdict:

The final verdict is that TeamTrueGreatness is an excellent team building and training portal with a diverse array of programs that work in tandem to achieve time freedom and financial independence.


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Joy Healey's review...
OLSP is the back-office (membership site) that contains free training and access to a Facebook community that helps complete newbies start earning online. Some have gone from zero to five figure incomes.

The group was originally started to teach members that making money online comes with building a list - but sometimes people still take a lot of convincing of this! This may have been because they didn't want even the small expense of an autoresponder subscription - but of course this is no excuse for LeadsLeap members, who have SendSteed!

For members who have yet to be convinced of the value of list-building, the group leader hosts training webinars and low cost product launches from which members can earn commissions if any of the people they have introduced to the group make purchases. (It's a two-level affiliate system, and there is no need to make a purchase to earn commission from your referrals. )

My experience with the program so far

I joined the program initially about a year ago, but was worried that there wasn't the structure I'd have preferred, so I let it slide.

However, it has now been completely re-vamped and a back-office added with proper tracking included.

Although I had earned smaller commissions when I first joined a year ago, with the new system I earned $160 in my first month "back" in the group.

I did this by recommending the group to a Facebook friend (i.e. no paid advertising). This friend has made TWO purchases that each earned me $80 commission.

What I Like

  • This is a genuine way for newcomers to make money online, with no requirement whatsoever to spend money first. All they have to do is recommend the training to others who need help.
  • Amazingly enough, you are PAID $20 to complete the initial training to get off on the right foot.
  • The training is good and doesn't perpetuate the myth that it's easy to make money online. Our leader will often warn how much he spent in failed ventures before he became profitable.
  • Lots of support for members - as well as support from more experienced members, there are THREE paid staff supporting this free group!
  • The owner has adapted to the needs of the members who were SO inexperienced that they initially found his training quite hard to implement! He's gone right back to basics now.
  • The products we are learning to promote range from $13 product launches specially for the group, right up to high ticket monthly coaching services. Again - NO requirement to buy them ourselves.
  • In 2021 some 'Guaranteed Income' products have been introduced - or Growth Hacks as they're called. I've personally made commissions from these so I know they work.

What I Dislike

  • Some of the webinars are rather long!
  • There is so much going on in the group that, as a part-time marketer, I find it hard to keep up. But that's just me - for someone with no other online business, it's a learning paradise!

Final Verdict

Highly recommended for the support and training. You will have access to all the group's copy-writers, image creators, video-makers - and all the other skills that a newbie affiliate marketer doesn't even realise they need.


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Web Service
Melissa Moreno's review...
I started out good but then they change the terms and I was in conflict with them for a week but then I really appreciated their good service. I have a lifetime package with domains and I had virus on some of them or trojan on old domains that is not good for the server.

What I Like

They check for blacklist and virus trojans you name it and the support answers very fast.
They have now expanded their Facebook forum and you can ask questions in there.
They help you delete the viruses if you can not do it by the program.

What I Dislike

I am not really happy with some of the customer support when we had a conflict.

Final Verdict

Update You can now also block countries from your firewall directly if you dont want a certain country on your website.

There can be trojans, old script and other things lurking on your website put there by other webmasters. I love that someone for this cheap price can fix it. Other programs cost much more.


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