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Marketing System
Angela Peters's review...
Level Up 247 is a brand new state of the art technology which any network marketer can use to build their business on autopilot.

The system is designed to help network marketers AUTOMATE & DUPLICATE their business online by providing them with the marketing tools they need to succeed.

The system is still in Pre-Launch and is due to launch on the 31st Of July 2021 so this is the perfect time to start using the system to build your down-line absolutely FREE.

Marketing Tools You Get With The System

  1. Landing Page Builder
  2. Flyer Designer
  3. Contact Manager
  4. Ability To Order Targeted Traffic On Demand

My experience with the program so far

I am so EXCITED to be part of a marketing system which not only solves a problem most network marketers have which is having targeted leads they can talk to everyday.

The Level Up 247 system also pays you up to 3 income streams while building your business.

3 Powerful Ways To Earn With Level Up

1. FAST START Bonus - Receive $25 on the first order of your customers

2. ACCELERATED Binary - Level Up's Accelerated Binary is the fastest plan to earn unlimited income.

3. LEVEL UP BONUSES - Rank Up And Earn an additional $5 bonus for all new LEVEL UP 247 system orders

in tier 2 and tier 3 depending on rank.

The sign up process is very simple and straight forward, and so is the back office. It is very clean and user friendly with a drop down menu on the left hand side.

What I Like

I like the simplicity and use of the platform, very easy to navigate for beginners. I also like the business model which is designed to offer marketing tools and targeted traffic for network marketers.

I like that since I joined yesterday I can see my team has grown up to 5 levels in my back office and I don`t understand how this is happening but absolutely DELIGHTED to see this.

What I Dislike

Since the system is in pre launch a lot of the tabs in the back office are placeholders and I can only hope that once we launch the features will work as they are suppose to.

Final Verdict

The people who were most successful in the gold rush were the people who provided the miners with the tools they needed to succeed. We are now living in a different gold rush the information age, the new gold rush gives everybody the opportunity to make money while working from home.

I am so EXCITED to be part of a system which provides the tools needed by marketers to grow their business during pre launch.


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Marketing System
Joy Healey's review...
My experience with the program so far

I am new to this program, but overall I'm very impressed with what I see. It is a sensible program where much of the setup work is already done for you, so a new-comer can get started in about an hour, following detailed instructions.

After that "all" that's necessary is to find customers, but that's obviously the case with any online business. Even there, you get help, with an initial number of hits being sent to your referral link to get you started, AND you'd fall within my down-line with the POSSIBILITY of overspill within the program.

Support from my upline and the DFY system creator is good.

The main money generator is the TrafficWave (TW) auto-responder, a well-respected and long-lasting program that provides an essential service (mailer) that EVERY online marketer needs.

Traffic Wave is one of those programs I left some years ago in my innocence as a newbie marketer. I really wish I had persisted because I now see features I wasn't smart enough to understand at the time. The most obvious features of TW are:

  • Unlimited mailings for a fixed monthly fee, others typically increase their cost as your list grows
  • That brings in a monthly income from...
  • Compensation plan based on a 3 wide by 10 deep matrix, so there's a possibility to earn down to 10 levels (subject to qualification) - 1 personal referral only needed to get paid down to 3 levels of introduction that could come from the team
  • Training webinars in online marketing from the TW founder
  • TW has landing pages for all kinds of niches, not just make money online, so you can use it for any other business

In addition to Traffic Wave, this 'done-for-you' business generates income from 2 other businesses. One of them costs $1 a month, hence the name of the program. The other is optional.

What I Like

  • As you'll have seen, I love the fact that this is based round Traffic Wave, an essential service from a stable company.
  • I also love the 'done for you' emails that follow-up on people who opt-in to the landing page (which is also provided for you).
  • The emails are hype free and sensible, explaining why you should take a common sense approach to making money online.
  • There's a facility to use a rotator to promote your whole team's link. Obviously getting sign-ups from your introducer will encourage a newcomer to stay and start building their own team.

What I Dislike

I dislike the name! It implies that you can start the program for one dollar a month, when every-one with any common sense realizes that you need tools such as an autoresponder to actually build ANY business online. So in the space of minutes you go from thinking the cost is $1 a month, to a suggested upgrade to the Traffic Wave autoresponder.

But I guess most online marketing is like that - you buy into a cheap offer and it's followed by an up-sell that's extremely useful but not 100% essential.

Final Verdict

Overall I'm extremely happy with the program and the Done-For-You aspects that get a beginner started with:

  • An essential tool for any online business (Traffic Wave)
  • Their first landing page
  • An excellent email sequence.

Let's face it, lack of those are the main reason for most newbie failures.

This would be a five-star review if the 'front-end' program, or name, was something different.


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Web Service
Melissa Moreno's review...
I started out good but then they change the terms and I was in conflict with them for a week but then I really appreciated their good service. I have a lifetime package with domains and I had virus on some of them or trojan on old domains that is not good for the server.

What I Like

They check for blacklist and virus trojans you name it and the support answers very fast.
They have now expanded their Facebook forum and you can ask questions in there.
They help you delete the viruses if you can not do it by the program.

What I Dislike

I am not really happy with some of the customer support when we had a conflict.

Final Verdict

Update You can now also block countries from your firewall directly if you dont want a certain country on your website.

There can be trojans, old script and other things lurking on your website put there by other webmasters. I love that someone for this cheap price can fix it. Other programs cost much more.


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Marketing System
Paul 's review...
IM Income System is affiliates earn 100% front-end commission and makeup to $184 PER sale plus recurring income with our new 1- click internet marketing system. IM Income System gives its members an instant solution for making money online while learning valuable skills. The system requires no installation and can be activated easily in one 1-click

Members enter their AUTO-APPROVED affiliate link into a simple form, click ONE button, and their system is LIVE instantly and ready to make sales. They simply share their 'special promotional link' with others. And get paid while the system does all the selling! Our instant 'plug & play' business-in-a-box system gives you MANY powerful ways to earn commissions.

There's nothing to download and nothing to install! The entire system is FULLY HOSTED and ACTIVATED INSTANTLY with no technical skills needed. This eliminates ALL of the work and makes, it EASY for anyone to get started, no matter their experience. There's no worrying about product development, customer support, web hosting, installing software, or needing any technical skills whatsoever, it's all handled for you.

What I Like

Very easy system to great for building your list. You add more module as you go which is great. They have a high ticket price product which you get a wopping $500.

You can just start with $9.95 and get 100% commission on the front end

What I Dislike

Nothing to dislike.

Final Verdict

Easy system to get up running with just one click, great for building your email list, you can connect it to most autoresponer which is great. Very cheap to get started and no monthly fees.


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Brittany Johnson's review...
I've been a member of The Downliner for about a month now and I would have to say that I am highly impressed. I've been involved with a few other traffic coops however The Downliner is a complete game changer.

So far I like to use the text ads, and with that I have consistently gotten over 50% click thru rate with over 5000-9000 views in a 24 hour time frame. Which has also resulted in a few sign-ups to my main businesses! Very impressive!

Ok, so what exactly is The Downliner other than AMAZING?

The Downliner is a traffic exchange coop that ultimately generates traffic to your websites. It is one of the latest breakthroughs in coop advertising and serves as an efficient and effective way of promoting while generating passive income for all members. It allows anyone to just add their website link with stats then receive traffic from many different sources including PTCs, Safelists, Traffic Exchanges, Classified Ads, CPC traffic as well as social media.

You can register as a free or paid member and can start using the platform immediately. You use points to purchase traffic/views to your websites and can earn points by either purchasing them, or promoting your own coop link.

When promoting your coop link you earn 1:1 which is 1 point per unique view.

As free member, you can earn 10% monthly recurring commissions per referral and if you are a paid member you can earn 30% monthly recurring commissions, when your referral upgrades. Free members can advertise 3 websites and paid members can advertise 10 websites in the campaign.

What makes this what makes this system utterly unique is that you can advertise your sites using banners, text ads (my favorite), and because we can post our sites too in Social Media. The social posts are shown on Twitter, Facebook Groups, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Pinterest without even having an account with them!

The Downliner have an anti-cheat system that prevents users from other traffic exchanges for using auto-surf bots to gain credits and a timer set with a recurring period valid for 5 minutes wherein views from the same surfers within that time period are not counted. These ensures that your coop views are not wasted and deductions to it are coming from unique views only from traffic exchanges.

The Downliner is attractively advertising us and The TE Coop. It displays our Gravatar photo, it shows how many points we just earned by displaying the site and it persuades the viewer to sign-up to the coop and promotes his/her ad on thousands of sites daily, just like what we are doing here.

This is incredibly compelling, to earn 30% recurring commission from our referrals, and I assure you that everyone who tries The Downliner advertising would not cancel their subscription any time soon. Actually, there's no need to advertise our referral link; we only need to rotate our own co-op link!

Most members who joined find the best way to start is by adding a banner to the system then adding their own social links. Once this is done you should add the sites you wish to promote. Once approved your site will be in rotation on the network.

You have the option always to upgrade your account and we only offer 1 paid option (except for the One-Time offer). Free members receive 10% commission and Paid members receive 30%. The cost to upgrade is $9.99 per calendar month which works out as costing much less than you would pay for a monthly membership at any leading Traffic Exchange or Safelist. The price includes 6,800 shop points equivalent to 5,400 Cooperative Views or two 30 day banner or text ads and is given each month you remain active.

Start promoting your websites now in The Downliner. I assure, you'll get a compelling TE advertising and a consistent monthly recurring income.

I give this platform a solid 5 Stars


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Downline Builder
Nathan Gurley's review...
My experience with the program so far

The Multiple Income Builder launched on 8/19/2021, so my experience with it is just beginning, but I own a mailer program from the same vendor so I am very familiar with the script, which is top notch.

The program creator is Alonzo Brown who also recently started Team True Greatness on a different script.

Under the Traffic and Leads section, you will find LeadsLeap as the top recommended resource and you can enter your LL Affiliate ID for your referrals to join, along with other popular traffic sites such as EasyHits4U, TrafficAdBar, and HungryForHits to name a few. Actually, I just purchased a Login Ad for this from Klara at H4H.

The Top 5 Income Streams are: Automatic Builder, Savings Highway, Easy1Up 2.0, BuildaBiz Online, and CTFO.

In the Tools and Resources section, you will find Tapestri, Mint Builder, GDI, TrafficWave, AIOP, and of course Alonzo added Tream True Greatness this morning.

PLUS, you can add your own programs!

Another nice feature is the built in messaging system. You can welcome your referrals and communicate with them to help build together.

What I Dislike is that it has so many proven programs that it is difficult to take advantage of them all, but I suppose that is a good situation.

Final Verdict is that Multiple Income Builder is free forever, with no upsells, so there is no reason Not to join. The script is solid and Alonzo Brown offers several years of proven leadership to help you earn daily commissions and weekly residuals.


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