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IM Tool
Sebastian OUEDRAOGO's review...
This review is purely based on my own experience. I am using this tool for my business and I want to share my honest opinion about this all-in-marketing software.

I am an affiliate marketer and I needed an all-in-one marketing tool I can use to run and manage my business seamlessly and under one roof. There are tools like Corex Funnels, ClickFunnels and Kartra that offer vast arrays of tools suite and features I can use. But what makes them not a good fit for me is their price tag - at least $97 for their basic plans.

I am just starting out and really want to save more money while running smoothly my business.

My search leads me to the all-in-one software. I have signed up for their free plan and then upgraded my account to get advanced features. In fact, I fall in love with this tool because not only does it allow me to access features most software charge for money, but also its price tag is relatively low compared to its key competitors.

In fact with the all-in-one-marketing tool I can:

  • Create landing pages and leads generation funnels to generate leads for my business for free,
  • Create sales funnels, integrate them with payment gateways such as Paypal and Stripe to sell my digital products for free. Even selling physical products is possible but I don't sell such products.
  • Create webinars funnels to engage my audience and generate more leads and sales,
  • Connect my own domain name to the platform for free - something I cannot even get with a certain paid tools basic subscription.

And the best part, there are hundreds of stunning and responsive funnel templates to choose from, customize them, and make them fit my business needs.

Another great feature this all-in-one platform offers is the membership and online course builder tool.

With the software, you can create a membership site and integrate payment gateways with upsell and downsell capability, you can create, host, and sell online courses no matter the format of your course (video, audio, text, etc.. )

You can also create a blog or website to market your business online. This is very important if you want to drive organic traffic for your business. No matter if the service you are offering is coaching or consulting service, online courses, etc. also offers email marketing and automation tool with great features like automation workflow builder, autoresponder, tagging system etc.

This is the last tool suite of this software but not the least because email marketing plays a great role when it comes to building a trust relationship with your audience and increasing sales conversion rate.

What I Like

There are many features this all-in-one platform offers I like but here are some of these features I like the most:

  • It offers a free version that allows users to create 1 membership site, 1 blog, 3 funnels, and build up to 2000 email contacts with the possibility to connect their own domain name to the system for absolutely free. That is important for branding.
  • The paid version is relatively low and value for money - just $27 per month to access most of the features you need to pay $97 per month to access with some of its competitors like ClickFunnels,
  • Possibility to run your own affiliate program, get hundreds of people to help you spread the word thanks to their marketplace.
  • You get all the tools suite you need to run and manage an online business under one roof. That saves you more money and also time.
  • Training and useful resources

What I Dislike is a new all-in-one marketing tool. That means there are many things that need to get improved.

For example, in terms of integration, you are limited compared to key competitors like ClickFunnels and Kartra.

Personally, this is not an issue for me because it is a complete marketing system.

Those who want to pair it with their favored email marketing tool can also do it.

Final Verdict

I will recommend this tool to everyone who wants an affordable all-in-one marketing tool to run his business. The best part is it offers a free plan that gives you access to almost all the tools suite to test it.

The paid version is also affordable. For just $27 you have access to what you will need to pay $97 per month to access with some tools out there. And even more.


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Affiliate Marketing
Dominic Kristianto's review...
My experience with the program so far

Newbie Affiliate Secrets is kinda different with the usual course for beginner because it is delivered in 5 x PDF guides with full screenshots and labelling to show you the exact steps of building a successful affiliate marketing business.

It is easy to consume and the instructions are clear. The method is based on creating funnel and building your own list using Email Marketing.

As someone who already in the trenches for more than 3 years, I already know the method and it is the basic that every new affiliate should do in order to build sustainable online business.

Stuart, the Newbie Affiliate Secrets creator, has been doing online business since 2006 and he is now active as an Affiliate Marketing Coach.

What I Like

No fluff, no BS, going straight to the method which are 100% applicable and with clear example to follow.

You can use the method taught inside this course to actually make money online.

When I started as an Affiliate in 2019, I got overwhelmed by the so many Gurus teaching lots of things out there.

There are like thousands of method and I don't know which one will work for me.

Newbie Affiliate Secrets take one method and explain it in detail so you can follow through and actually done it in a timely manner.

What I Dislike

Well, Stuart is using a well known email Autoresponder and it's very good for Affiliate Marketer.

I personally don't use it because it's kinda pricey and I already found what works for me. It's an optional whether you use the one Stuart is recommending or find another one that suits you better.

There are so many alternatives out there for Email Autoresponder and funnel builder, take some time to investigate them and choose one you think is the best for your current condition.

Final Verdict

If you are at the beginning of your journey as an Affiliate Marketer, I recommend you start with Newbie Affiliate Secrets.

Stuart definitely knows what works and what doesn't and I like his style of teaching. He is a real marketer and someone I respected in this online space.

I hate fake Gurus and I can assure you that Stuart is not one of them. His method works, but you have to try it yourself to know that.

With that said, I wish you all the best for your online journey my friend!



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Howlin Mike Howell's review...
This is how I made my first sales and commissions; and I still make sales with it today.

But the beauty of this is that it gives you REAL and DOABLE secrets that the top marketers use every day.

This is excellent for anyone interested in affiliate and email marketing. It provides the necessary foundational know-how to make it work.

You WILL use this as long as you do online business!

Learn how to get:

  • Plenty of REAL traffic
  • Multiple sources of income
  • A time-saving strategy (Adapt it to your business! )

I had ZERO online marketing experience, but with a reasonable effort - using these strategies you should have success or at least find out if you really have the will-power to make it happen.

If you jump into the fast-flowing river of the internet and expect to win - this is the REAL information to make you street wise.

This is not another Shiney Toy with a magical TWO-BUTTON-SOFTWARE solution.

You're not going to be an instant millionaire with this; but if you work it, It will have a lasting impact on how you do your business. It's newbie friendly with the blueprint to make a modest $1000 a month, or if you have serious focus a possible six-figure income.


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Kellie 's review...
My experience with the program so far

My first impression of the Affiliate Advertising Club is just that: very impressed. The system is currently in pre-launch and set to open to the masses on 10/24/23. It is a site that will allow you to get traffic to your offers by purchasing ad packs and multiplying your money with the funds you use to purchase those ad packs.

No cash to purchase ad packs? No problem. Start free and get sign-ups who buy packages, earn commissions from those purchases for free, and then purchase your ad packs.

I am not sure if that is the best thing about AAC or the fact that the money that you pay for ad packs doubles until the completion of cycling up the matrix. I have not seen a pre-launch as exciting as this in quite some time. Just my opinion!

*Update: Launch day was pushed from 10/24/23 to 10/26/23, the reason being that the founder wanted to allow members more time for those having trouble with their crypto platforms. AAC opened up on time right around 11 am as promised. The launch went very smoothly and members were able to purchase their ad packs and buy traffic immediately. There were members in profit by dinner time and proof videos popped up all over the company's Facebook group and Telegram. I even watched a withdrawal video by 5 p.m. !

All and all, I found the site very easy to navigate and very interactive. I feel that this is going to be a great traffic source as the members are paid and strongly incentivized to surf daily at the risk of losing their spot on the matrix cycle line. Also, the individual looking at your ads is given a 15-second timer so they will get a good look at your offer.

There are 3 different methods to make money with Affiliate Advertising Club:

1. Earn money on your traffic packages through ARP (Activity Rewards Points) Earn your daily points by clicking on 2 banners and 2 text ads every day in the back office and clicking on one activation link in a solo ad once per week. As long as you satisfy these daily requirements you will earn money on your traffic packs.

2. Earn money through the ads you post using ad credits. These ads are banners, text, log-in/log-off, and solo ads. Use them to advertise compelling offers that other marketers would be interested in, of course. Remember, this is buyer traffic.

3. Affiliate commission earnings, no purchase is needed to cash in on this. Just get sign-ups and earn a commission. There are levels to this; Pearl 10% commission, Ruby 15% commission, Diamond 20% commission. Earn each time your referral makes a purchase. This can add up quickly!

Note: Cryptocurrency accepted at this time:
1. Litecoin (LTC) is the preferred crypto with the lowest fees and the fastest transaction speeds.
2. Bitcoin (BTC)
3. Ethereum (ETH)
5. Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
6. USDT Tether (USDT-ERC20)
7. Tether-Tron (USDT-TRC20)
8. BNB
9. Ripple (XRP)
10. TRON (TRX).

What I Like

I like the straightforwardness of the founder, Clay Montgomery. I also like the clean feel of the site itself, which has very few distractions from the ads placed by the members and is easy to use. I also love the fact that anyone can start for free and still earn money.

I like having many choices of the 11 cryptocurrencies accepted for payment, which makes purchases secure. I like the idea of getting traffic in front of hungry buyers to my offer. Also, I like the very high-income potential, and there is no need to recruit others to earn money here!

What I Dislike

I am not very fond of only being able to use cryptocurrency and being unable to use fiat currency. It may scare some people with no experience using digital currency. But no big deal; members should have no problem walking their sign-ups through the process.

Final Verdict

It's a very promising system. In short, this is a very powerful traffic exchange on steroids. People who get started in the very beginning, like myself, will multiply their money the fastest. I have every intention of making this a priority for my advertising and recruiting efforts!


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Affiliate Marketing
Dominic Kristianto's review...
My experience with the program so far

I have known James for more than a year now and I'm fascinated by his work and his success. This product showed his consistency over the years using the same method he actually use to get that 1.1Million dollars in revenue back in 2021.

The process he laid out inside this course is worth more than the course price itself and he even shares the funnels he uses with the email swipes.

Overall, what he teaches really works, and it is being used by lots of marketers as well. If you are a total beginner or maybe you just starting out, this is worth a look.

In essence, this course is about how to build the fundamentals in mindset, deciding what product to promote, how to promote them, how to do the followups, and how to drive traffic. It's nothing new if you are already an established affiliate marketer, but you might want to learn from James because what he did actually works.

What I Like

It's a value-packed course with 16 video lessons, each describing the process James did to bank 1.1Million dollars back in 2021 during the pandemic. This is a no-BS course unlike so many others in the market nowadays.

James even shared the funnels and email swipes he uses. I totally won't recommend you to copy-paste it just like that though, but you can learn from it so you can make your own.

What I Dislike

James is using expensive funnel builders like ClickFunnels and expensive Autoresponders like GR and Aweber. I personally don't use them since I have my own website. But I can show you the more affordable alternatives for them especially if you are just starting out.

He is a marketer, so obviously his recommendations are also his affiliate link. This is a common thing vendors do inside their products. So if I were you, I would find better alternatives before I decided to jump into any of his recommendations.

Final Verdict

Is this course legit? of course! You will learn a lot and you can also directly implement what you just learned inside this course. James is a real person and he actually did 7-figures in just one year alone with his method.

This can be your breakthrough only if you take action on it. Remember, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You have to do the work just like James said and never give up in the process. If you can do that, this course will help you. If not, don't bother.

Building a solid business online is just like offline too. You need to do the work, make a plan, and execute it. The only difference is that online businesses can reach much more than offline did with less effort and budget. The Choice is yours. Hope this helps :)


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Internet Marketing
Dominic Kristianto's review...
What frustrate most beginners in affiliate marketing is how to start and where to begin. Luckily, those kinds of things are no longer a problem with EWF.

You see, it has a complete setup that you can follow easily and establish your online business in matter of days. You will have a working site and automatic traffic with this program.

Yes it's true! The most amazing thing that I found is that you only set the traffic engine once and it will work for you 24/7 without fail. You just need a couple of minutes everyday to check and adjust if necessary. Best part is: it's only cost you $30/month to do so.

I have never seen anything like this before! Forget paid ads! This is really something revolutionary and best part is that though it's mainly designed for Making Money Online niche, you can use it for any other niche and scale it up.

Some members already make $10K/month and keep crushing it. It gives me confidence that I can do the same thing also. This is not a get rich quick scheme, so you need to do the work by yourself.

The most important thing for me is that the method works! Unlike many other course out there, EWF comes with a lifetime mentoring from the creator himself! James is a really nice and smart guy who always answer my questions within a few hours! Thats crazy fast!

He really cares about our success and he provides extraordinary service in doing so. I don't tell this to brag. In fact, you can contact me and I will show you my conversation with him through email. So you know that my words are true.

What I Like

  • Easy to implement even for noobs and alike
  • Works with any niche, especially MMO/IM niche
  • Done for you setup and contents
  • Amazing support, 24/7 (except when he is sleeping of course... LOL)
  • You can scale your income with this program. Achieving 10K/month is possible if you do the work
  • Automatic traffic, set it once and you are good to go
  • You can get additional bonus about money generator method by doing free method

What I Dislike

  • The course didn't teach you the fundamental things thoroughly (blogging, email marketing, etc., but you can get that from another course for free
  • I found that you need to have a stable internet connection to watch his videos, sometimes it fails to load because of this. But not a biggie I guess, unless you live in a rural area with slow connection

Final Verdict

Are you a newbie or already made some sales but you are struggling with traffic? Paid ads is a big NO if you don't understand how to do it and you will need to spend a lot of money before making it worked for you.

EWF is a perfect course for you if you want to have a Done For You working method to make sales and automatic traffic that you just set up once and only need little maintenance.

This course is a steal with its current price. I heard that James will launch the third version soon. So before the price goes up, I suggest you secure your spot immediately.

Every existing member gets the new version automatically and you only pay it just ONCE for a lifetime mentoring from James. That is crazy cheap! I am a Coach and I charge $75/session to my clients. So I know what I am saying.

If you are tired with Fake Gurus and push-button system that promise you the moon and never deliver any values, you owe it to yourself to check this out.

That's all and I wish you the best of luck in your affiliate journey!

To your success,



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