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Internet Marketing
Denise Cl's review...
My experience with the program so far with world profit.

I've joined worldprofit as a free associate in December 2020 and wished I found this program sooner! After a few months in the program , I upgraded to a silver and then platinum membership because of the great results I was getting. Worldprofit is a great business platform that has over 27 years of online success. In fact, Worldprofit has the distinction as being a business platform that was in existence when the internet was just developing!

I really like so many options available on the platform its hard to get started. I really like the free affiliate training. Apparently most persons are doing it wrong when it comes to promoting affiliate products/ programs. You have to build a list first, then when you build your list , then you can sell your products to your list!

Speaking of products, Worldprofit has a PLR product vault with over 500 products. As a free associate you can download the products to use, but if you're an upgraded silver or platinum member, you can download and sell and keep all the money. In fact there is over 10,000 different ways for you to create a home income with Worldprofit.

World profit really teaches that promoting is the key to growing an online business. And its easy with numerous land pages available with your affiliate link embedded in the landing page. There are also banners, a landing page builder, for upgraded members : bonus goodies like promo codes to boost your safelist / ad exchange traffic power and allows you to grab thousands of dollars of free traffic and advertising to your site(s).

Some other great features are Clickbank, Jvzoo, Amazon, Fiverr stores ; a graphic studio ; an autoresponder; a multi-commission system - This program provides hundreds of dollars in Free advertising at 18 high traffic sites. You can promote your affiliate links to 135,000 members and start getting conversions.

What I Dislike about worldprofit is sometimes it can get confusing when searching for a feature on the websites' menu. But there is always the live business center ( opens 24/7 ) and support ( which supports within 24 hours) to help you out with any technical issue.

The final verdict -

Worldprofit can help if you're interesting in growing a business, not just a business opportunity. Joining worldprofit for a free associate membership would benefit you whether you have an affiliate program or not. Plus as an added business incentive, you will get bonuses that will be a boost to your business.


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Home Biz
Matt Pugh's review...
My experience with HBA so far

I've had a great experience with The Home Business Academy, from the very first day I signed up, I've felt like a big part of the family within the community where even the owners are very active.

HBA started back in 2016 with a mission and has been growing strong ever since.

Every sale and purchase you make with this business, you are donating meals to starving children around the world and in May 2022 alone they provided 5204 meals to starving children and since they started the company they have provided over 120,000 meals. Each of these meals covers one child for a full day so imagine the impact this has had on people. I absolutely love this idea as I'm building my own business with it which is generating me monthly residual income but I'm also helping people at the same time. It's a win, win

HBA provides you with a funnel builder and a training academy where you can build any type of web page, sales funnels, mini-sites, registration pages, webinar pages, team pages and even a full on membership site which is amazing. In fact, the full site of HBA was built using this exact funnel builder so the possibilities are endless. It also provides you with all the training that you'll ever need for it.

They also have a traffic and conversions training upgrade which goes deep into both free and paid traffic methods, as well as providing much more value to help you along with your business.

In May 2022 alone, the company paid out over a massive $130,000 in commissions to it members and that's just in one month. Surely those big numbers tell you how amazing this business is.

What I Like

The funnel builder is easy to use, the training is top quality and the community is the best and very helpful

The 80% Monthly Recurring Commissions are massive for a system where everything is practically done for you.

The fact that I'm helping starving children around the world just by working my business.

What I Dislike

Nothing, really. The system works great for me

Final Verdict

If you want to build a genuine business online or you already have one then I personally highly recommend HBA as you have a tool to help you with any business as well as all the training you need for free and paid traffic options and the 80% commissions build up very nicely. Plus not to forget that you'll be helping children around the world. And you can get started for just $25


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Paid To
Joy Healey's review...
I have been an 'Influencer' with this program for several months now and have been impressed with the way it's run - and with the payments I have received.

Using only my existing fans, followers and blog subscribers I am getting paid for simple tasks, such as writing articles or sharing links on my social media account. You can choose to receive products or cash, but I prefer cash!

So far I've received over $560 - which include payments for 2 articles at $200 each right down to $5 for sharing a link on Twitter. The money is already in my PayPal account so I know it's legit.

Update June 2022: Another $100 in my bank, so it's now over $660.

I can earn $5 for anyone I introduce to the site - but this is the first time I've tried that, as I wanted to be sure I received my payment first.

You can do this too.

I hardly go on social media, so if I can do this - anyone can!

What I Like

  • The tasks relate to 'real-world' businesses, not just 'make money online'.
  • A surprisingly intelligent 'robot' looks after the site, and helps me find opportunities.
  • Also if I'm near a task deadline, 'Sally-bot' reminds me to get working.
  • But if Sally-bot gets stumped, the support team is very responsive too.
  • The people issuing the tasks are real people who you can message with questions about the tasks.
  • This can be completely part-time. If you don't want to do a task in the market-place, just dismiss it.
  • Recruiting is completely optional.

What I Dislike

  • Because I'm in the UK, my tasks (so far) have excluded products - but I imagine that could change.
  • I wish there were more tasks!

Final Verdict

Unless you have a huge social network, you may only get a few tasks, but it's a genuine program with potential to earn a bit of cash through your own efforts. Free to join so why not give it a try?


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IM Tool
Karl Stevens's review...
My Experience with the Program so far

In short, I'm impressed with Groove. Cm and really like it.

Groove. Cm consists of a number of separate but related (and interrelated) apps; GroovePages, GrooveFunnels, GrooveMail, GrooveKart, GrooveVideo, GrooveSurveys and a dozen others. They form a powerhouse suite of specialized but dedicated and fully integrated marketing and business applications. In fact, there are 18 different 'stand alone' products in the suite, all of which are designed to work smoothly and flawlessly together.

Open to everyone, I initially tried Groove. Cm as a free member. Remarkably, the platform offers far more for free than most competing services offer at a significant monthly fee ($30/mo. And up).

I recommend that everyone who is serious about internet/digital marketing give Groove a spin, just to get an idea of what is available for free, if for no other reason.

What I Like

As for me, I really like what I'm seeing here, and have enjoyed and benefitted from the pieces of the platform I've used to this point. Given that Groove. Cm has so many app niches in the digital marketing realm covered, it will take me a while to try them all.

To be clear, I should mention up front that I have extensive experience with all sorts of marketing software, going back over two decades, so I have a pretty good idea of what I speak.

More to the point, I'm a fairly tough customer who is not easily impressed or readily fooled.

As for Groove. Cm, I'm now a paying member. I decided to buy-in because I could see the huge product upside while it was being developed, and I trust prime mover Mike Filsaime, one of the original gurus of the field.

All that being said, I'm still objective; I call balls and strikes where I see them, and try to be totally objective in my reviews.

Objectively, you won't find a more full-featured suite of internet marketing products available anywhere else, not for any amount of money. That you can try it and use it for free for as long as you like is, to my mind and IMHO, absolutely amazing and unparalleled within the industry.

Furthermore, the value provided is simply unprecedented. If nothing else, you owe it to yourself to check it out!

What I Dislike

Not every product of the Groove platform is 100% polished yet, which shouldn't be surprising considering that parts of the overall suite are still 'in beta. ' Having said that, most of the programs within the platform are completely functional, full featured and powerful. It's just that on the margins, they're not necessarily as slick as the dedicated competition.

For instance, GrooveFunnels doesn't have as many bells and whistles as LeadPages or ClickFunnels. On the other hand, all the features it does have—and it's overall integration of 18 different products—make it pretty much a 'no brainer, ' especially for the price.

Final Verdict

As indicated above, Groove. Cm has the usual bugs and glitches you'd expect with any new suite of apps, especially one with the scale and scope of what is being built here. But the Groove team is constantly releasing new features and fixing gremlins, and in my experience, the customer support is fast, friendly and thorough.

Furthermore, 100% free is hard to beat! Especially when 'free' gives you a full-featured suite of apps which do what others charge significant $$$ for and don't do half as well.

One of the things I really appreciated about Groove before I became a paying member was that I could completely forget about time pressures or 'losing my work' if I didn't pay up.

After all, since the basic platform was free for life, I didn't have to pay up! At all. Ever. It was a great relief knowing that whatever I created was going to stick, because I was never going to be locked out (or lose the content I'd created) for not paying that monthly fee.

In the end, you may decide that Groove. Cm is not for you, but IMHO, you owe it to yourself and your business to check it out—especially since there's literally no barrier to entry whatsoever. Free is free and free is good. Enjoy!


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Downline Builder
Susan Collier's review...
My experience with the program so far

I joined Elite List Building around 6 weeks ago as I kept on seeing a splash page that intrigued me and which I felt would help me figure out how to put everything together in a complete system to earn a real income online, rather than just the odd commission.

I have never worked out the 'whole package' before - how to get started with little or no funds and actually make the pennies into dollars and the dollars into 100's of dollars! I needed a plan, but a plan that took into account my strengths, my likes and dislikes. And that is just what I got with Elite List Building.

Ellie Murphy, the owner is very present in her business, is available on the facebook page and working almost everyday to show and help people to succeed. The basic start up is using her website, along with traffic exchanges and paid to click websites (if you want to) to start the pennies rolling in, then learning how to slowly but surely upgrade with the pennies you make until you are paying for upgrades with ease.

The main plan is to automate your traffic, so that you can have success with any program you like, as you are able to send so much traffic that you get referrals and commissions easily.

For the first time I have plans; both daily and weekly plans and goals to strive for and finally, I find I am no longer bored with trying to earn a living online, and happy to build on what I have learned already!

What I Like

Elite List Building has so many different plans that you can follow depending on your preference and on the amount of time you have for your business. I believe there is something for everything, and I am noticing some big marketers getting involved.

What I Dislike

I want to give a balanced review, but after 5 minutes of sitting thinking, I can think of nothing I dislike about this program. If there is a website involved that I dislike, I don't have to use it!

Final Verdict

I can see how far I've come already with Elite List Building. I am expecting to upgrade in a couple of traffic exchanges in the next week or two, I have upgraded to the Gold level with ELB which gives me benefits and I have learned so much that I missed before, especially about digging deep into whatever program I am promoting! I've won a few draws too, which I would never have entered before. I've missed so much in the past. But now I'm earning pennies everyday, which are definitely going to be turning into dollars!


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Downline Builder
Clive Anderson's review...
What is 'LeadsLeapPROFITS' and more importantly what can it do for you?

LeadsLeap Profits is a dedicated system that is not only designed to enhance your entire LeadsLeap experience, it is also an express system for members to generate residual income when combined with the LeadsLeap program.

Whether you are already a LeadsLeap member or not, LeadsLeapPROFITS will guide you by the hand to a perpetual residual income that will grow and continue for many years to come. (Worth noting here that if you are not already a LeadsLeap member, LeadsLeap is 100% free to join for a lifetime membership, plus you also gain access to all the tools. Certainly worth having LeadsLeap in your arsenal as it will only benefit your online activities).

LeadsLeapPROFITS is a highly unique system on its own, but when combined through LeadsLeap it creates a tidal wave of positive results and income. So, is it worth getting a LeadsLeap account to gain the full capabilities of LeadsLeapPROFITS too? Yes, absolutely without a doubt it is.


As I am already a LeadsLeap member I was curious to see exactly how LeadsLeapPROFITS could actually enhance my LeadsLeap experience and increase revenue.

What I Discovered:

Upon initially joining it was clear that LeadsLeapPROFITS is a genuine system that had been extensively thought out and put together. An absolute powerhouse when it comes to generating online earnings, leads and exposure, and ALL from sharing/promoting a single link/URL.

The owner and creator of LeadsLeapPROFITS is Dani Kash, and she has a great online record for producing some of the most worthwhile and beneficial systems online, and looking through the workings of LeadsLeapPROFITS, this is probably one of if not her very best yet.

The program itself puts members in a front row position to capitalise massively from being a LeadsLeap member.

Dani has left no stone unturned when it comes to direction and format for achieving great results within both LeadsLeap and LeadsLeap Profits.

The key features not only allow you to drive massive amounts of traffic to both programs, but the methodology of how this is achieved is pretty unique.

I love the fact that someone has actually taken the time to provide LeadsLeap members with a true benefit that will not only enhance member experience, but also provide true value. LeadsLeapPROFITS would have taken a lot of time, thought, and effort to put together and the final result is explosive!

Of course, within the core of LLP a member will not only discover a fast-track means of gaining revenue, but also included is a 10 day training module, which is priceless (one module a day) this will enhance anyones online experience no matter what.

This knowledge is not only applied within LLP, but it can also provide a member with extensive knowledge on how to successfully master any program and build any business.

The 10 day course is not wishy washy nor does it follow suit of many other online programs that all seem to say the same thing. To say it is unique is probably a suitable description. (And, worth far more than a $10 membership of anyone's money for this LLP section alone).

So, ultimately, what does this mean for you as a Leadsleap member? First and foremost your LeadsLeap list will start to grow at an excellerated rate thanks to the tools provided within LLP. Secondly you will also be creating two forms of income by simply following the step-by-step instructions within LLP. (These income streams will be on a residual basis, so working your LLP business alongside your LeadsLeap business consistently for a duration should result in a considerable monthly income).

There are many more benefits to be had by being a LeadsLeapPROFITS member, too many to list, and probably best observed by becoming a member and exploring the back office.

What it costs to access ALL the benefits and get your LeadsLeapPROFITS system up and running is crazy! A One-Time payment of $10, that's it, no hidden charges. That $10 is paid directly to your sponsor, so even this is 100% commission based in favour of the member. (Getting paid instantly is a real boost, and you can select several methods to gain these instant payments).

My Dislikes:

I dislike the fact that LeadsLeapPROFITS was not around when I first joined LeadsLeap, but also glad that Dani Kash saw a need and created the exact tool that LL members can truly benefit from using.


I'd used a couple of systems in the past that were supposed to boost the entire LeadsLeap experience, but these turned out to merely be people setting up on their own and adding different twists to gaining increased results within LeadsLeap. They were good attempts, but lacked solidity.

Needless to say, these types of system are not even a comparison to LeadsLeapPROFITS and even in the short time that I have been a member of LLP I have seen more benefits from my membership from it than any of the aforementioned twists.

I realise it is difficult to know what works and what doesn't until we actually involve ourselves, and my hope here is that I have given you enough to make a worthwhile decsion based on what you now know.

Bottom Line:

If you are a LeadsLeap member or not, LeadsLeapPROFITS is a power-house for getting you the results that you need, and if you are a LeadsLeap member you will probably thank the day that you became a LeadsLeapPROFITS member.

I'm not saying you should or shouldn't join, but instead I'm just highlighting some of the benefits that a person will gain if they do.

I've used many all-in-one systems in the past, but I've yet to discover anything that can even come close to the overall benefits that have come from using LeadsLeap. And, now with the addition of Leads LeapPROFITS things are more exciting than ever before.

Why not set your earnings to auto-pilot income, it's the best...

Clive Anderson


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