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Tim Moseley's review...
My experience with the program so far

I must admit, I am absolutely tickled pink with this program. The reason why is because I have not had such success with any other affiliate offer over the years and I have been at this for around 10 years or so. The Z system states that it is a list-build and marketing platform that anyone can use to build their list and promote their links on autopilot; after being a member for the last 3+ weeks, [I received my resellers license on September 5, 2022], I have found that to be the case.

It was free for me to use, just like they advertised. However, they also offer a "resellers" upgrade for people who want to treat the platform as a real business and make money by giving it away. That is exactly what I did. I am a reseller and although I have yet to make a commission, I have built my list and have free four signups so far.

What I Like

I really like the fact that when I get a direct referral, that person will start receiving emails that are generated by the system and those emails will have my other affiliate links in them. The links won't be hyper-linked but the free enrollee will at leas see them and can copy and paste them into the URL field. The emails also encourage free signups to do the reseller upgrade which I will then get a 50% commission check.

Additionally, when any upgraded referral also gets an upgraded referral I will get 25% commission... The 3 level - when my referral;s referral, gets a referral of his own, I will get a 5% commission check. Which is pretty sweet. Pays down 3 levels, 50%, 25%, and 5%. So in essence I will get half of any checks received by my direct referrals and their is no limit on how many direct referrals I can get. In my mind that is an opportunity to earn significant residual income.

I feel like this The Z System has the potential of being so lucrative that it is not all that likely that people will drop out because the breakeven point is only 2 (upgraded referrals)! Get 2 upgraded referrals and my monthly cost is covered for me.

What I Dislike

I have not found any reason to dislike this program yet... If there was something it would be that it is such a new launch that they don't have all the funnels built for us yet. I built my own optin pages on Leads Leap which are actually doing quite well because my list at Leads Leap is growing daily, sometimes by 3, or 4 or 5 new names a day. The 300 x 250 banners I use at Leads Leap also get me optins using those same optin pages.

Final Verdict

I feel really good about The Z System. I work at it every day because I know I will build a huge list by using it and will continue to get optins and signups and some will upgrade to reseller.


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Clive Anderson's review...
The Click Engine projects to be a state-of-the-art traffic provision unit that provides its users/members with an unlimited flow of REAL visitors to ANY website of their choice on a daily basis.

It requires no further intervention by its users once they have registered, added a link, and activated the system.

Traffic views come from REAL people that are interested in, or have a desire to see online offers.

Let's just break this down a bit:

From your online experiences you've probably heard of, or come across these kinds of expressions: easy this, simple that, works like a dream, and so on.

And, in many cases what the expression refers to 'MAY' be true...

However, when it comes to so-called automated, done for you, or even set-and-forget systems, combining all of these and the expressions first mentioned above would be a rare thing indeed.

So, which category or categories does the Click Engine fit into?

Based on personal experience

Having used the Click Engine now for several months I wouldn't hesitate in saying that it fits into the entire criteria as mentioned above, and quite possibly a few others that I've failed to mention.

Here are 8 reasons why

1) It's pretty easy, because it has been comprehensively set-up and leaves nothing to chance

2) It's simple because anyone can use it and have it fully functioning in minutes

3) It works like a dream based on consistent results. Does exactly what it projects

4) Once you have registered and activated the system, it goes to work on complete autopilot. Nothing else to do

5) Everything has pretty much been done for you, nothing technical needed, just a couple of clicks

6) Once up and running you can just walk away and get on with whatever else you need to do

7) Works 24/7 even while you sleep

8) Provides members with traffic that convert into leads, sales, sign-ups, referrals,

The Click Engine system works really easily. All you need to do is simply submit a tracked link that you wish promoted.

Why it requires a tracked link?

The Click Engine requires a tracked link so that you can see the hits that are being generated for your offer. Then all you do is sit-back and watch the hits grow automatically.

I initially received 50 hits the first day, then 75, and onto 100+ hits in a day!

These are valuable results as you could sit clicking for credits with a traffic exchange for hours to gain the same hits, but also the traffic exchange shows any of your websites to the 'same viewer' multiple times, which can be a waste of your credits and your time.


You could be using safelist emailers where-by you submit your email to a site and gain credits for emails you send by having to sit and read through multiple emails and view the connecting website for credits. And, even then this only means your email is sent to an amount of people, it does-not guarantee that everyone will open your email and click to see your website.

The Click Engine costs members just $4.90 a month, which is possibly makes it the cheapest reliable traffic source online, and it is a far better buy than most could imagine.

In fact, it is possibly one of the best set and forget automated traffic systems currently available, and better yet it actually provides worthwhile results.

AND, It Doesn't End There...

You also gain access to 8 members only bonuses and they are not to be sniffed at and certainly beneficial and worth having.

Also, if you did want to share the system, then the Click Engine also offers its members a really well put together residual package. And, more so because of the results it provides for such a low cost this too could be a worthwhile consideration.

So, for a system that provides a seriously beneficial product that buyers will be more than happy with you can also share the system with others and create a passive income that will grow for you in the background.

Back To The Main Topic...

Hopefully by now you have a pretty good idea as to whether the Click Engine is worth taking on, but let me just add. I've been online since the late 1990's and seen pretty much all there is to see, and of course seen the internet progress over the years.

One thing that stands out is the fact that virtually everyone is in need of worthwhile traffic, they want results, and all the time people are refining ways to provide for this niche.

So, what you have here in the Click Engine is something totally new and fairly unique. If Jeff Aman hadn't learned how to generate and create high level hits then the Click Engine would be floored, but as Jeff has mastered this side of things the hits that people are physically getting are far better than just average.

Is it worth you investing $4.90 of your money? I'd have to say; absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt.

Go For It. You won't be disappointed.

Clive Anderson


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Internet Marketing
Glen Palo's review...
Worldprofit, Inc. Is a 27-year-old, A+ BBB accredited business providing training, resources, and support to help motivated individuals build real, successful online businesses.

My experience with the program so far

I joined Worldprofit in November 2016 as a free associate to take advantage of the free traffic package Worldprofit offers to induce people to watch their Live Business Center demonstration. Since I had an established, profitable online business, I was not interested in the Worldprofit paid membership. I already had the business tools I needed to run my business.

During the summer of 2019, I took another look at the Worldprofit business solutions with the objective of lowering my current business costs. My website hosting, autoresponder, and other business costs had risen. To make a long story short, I upgraded to the Worldprofit Silver membership in October 2019. I subsequently, upgraded to Worldprofit Platinum VIP membership in November 2019 and recently renewed my membership for another year.

What I Like

What I like most about Worldprofit is that it is a one-stop business solution company.

Worldprofit has an extensive list of business products including website hosting, autoresponder, lead capture page builders, graphics tools, advertising, and more.

Worldprofit offers an amazing quantity of free advertising as an incentive and a "thank you" for prospective members watching a short demonstration of our system making money for members. As I stated earlier, I joined as a free member to grab all the free advertising.

Finally, I like the free weekly live webinar training upgraded members get. If a member misses the training, replays are available to watch.

What I Dislike

Because Worldprofit has such a large amount of business tools and advertising available to members, Worldprofit sends a lot of emails to members. I use a separate Google Gmail account specifically for WP email.

Final Verdict

I wish I had upgraded my Worldprofit membership sooner instead of waiting 3 years.

Some people consider the cost of the Worldprofit upgrades too high. However, I DO NOT considering I cancelled my separate autoresponder, graphics package, website hosting, tracking services to use the ones available in the Worldprofit membership.


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Internet Marketing
Dominic Kristianto's review...
My experience with the program so far

I'm going straight and tell you that I bought this because I think this is very helpful for Affiliate Marketers who are having difficulties getting approved by Big Vendors and therefore had a hard time finding a decent and good product to promote.

To sum it up, this product is about using leverage. What I mean by that is if you are just getting started or maybe you already made some money online but you are having difficulties with your promotion, then this product will help you with that.

in essence, you are going to "partner up" with Michael Cheney and sell his best-selling product that is proven to convert and make money, and you will get 100% commissions from your sales.

Michael will teach you how to get the audience, how to create content, how to drive traffic, and how to convert it to sales. Pretty cool for something less than $10!

I found that the whole modules are short but concise and should you need further assistance, you can always contact the support department. I don't think there will be any other product that could compare to this one, in terms of price and quality.

What I Like

As usual, Michael is overdelivering by giving out great ideas on how to leverage his product and get 100% commissions for us to take in from the sales we generated.

If you think this is too good to be true, rest assured that it isn't. This is an example of how to do marketing the right way: give so much value first and then build lasting relationships.

You will learn a thing or two from this product, I am very sure of that. If you are into creating your own product, you will also learn a lot from this.

What I Dislike

Same as before, he uses a kinda hype sales page that isn't to my liking, but well, this is the MMO niche anyway. At the very least the product quality is more than what you paid for.

The videos are quite short so you will need another resource if you want to dive deeper into the topic at hand. Well, it's less than $10 so I think that is fair enough :)

Final Verdict

As I said, if you want to leverage a partnership with a Millionaire and make sales you can keep all the commissions you generated from it, plus getting support and the "how-to", you will not want to miss this product.

Michael is an exceptional guy and I think you will learn a lot from him. Plus, you will also have the opportunity to promote his other products, later on, to make more money down the road.


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Marketing System
Shanita Smith's review...
My experience with the program so far

M. A. P=Short for my automatic payment

I love this program so far as it has an extensive back office, training, and an awesome upline to help me with promoting and being successful with this biz. I also have permission to share that information with whoever decides to join me as well. That's the best part is to have someone to back you up if you have any questions or ideas to make the most out of it.

What I Like

There's so much to say I'll try my best to be not too long.

I love that you get $494 per referral! The cost of the program is $247+$33 to admin. You have to pass up your 2nd commission to your upline but guess what? So does your downline. They have to pass up their 2nd to you. So you get the first commission and the 3rd until infinity! Hence the $494.

The back office has it's own built-in-Autoresponder. It's only for this program or else you can be banned. You can contact your leads, make notes, see stats and so much more with it. Plus you can add a 3rd party autoresponder they provide and they have over 5 you can get access to. I'm currently using Aweber along with it.

I love their stat it's soo extensive right in the home part of the site you can see how many ppl clicked your link and in your auto-responder anyone who signs up to the capture page they get a score of how active they are. The higher the score the better chance of Conversion. You cannot find this anywhere else guys. I haven't come across no other program and I've been in the industry for over 10 yrs.

They have 3 capture pages but they are always working hard in the back office to make sure they convert well!

The best part guys is the Training and the marketing materials! They teach how to maximize you profits with Direct mail marketing, Solo ads, PPC Ads, magazines, and more. Yes, they have a co-op magazine and a co-op solo ads package.

Plus my upline who allows me to share the same team training to my downline will give you access to his own solo ad co-op plus more types of traffic. The possibility is endless and you will have so many options to choose from. Traffic is the lifeblood.

What I Dislike

None I love it!

Final Verdict

What are you waiting for? Come join and make some money! !


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Dylan 's review...
My experience with the program so far

I am a new affiliate marketer and this is the first marketing exchange I have set up to use. Not much of anything to compare it to but I have gotten over 1000 clicks in the first several days of using Pro on Leads Leap and the Maximus system.

What I Like

This seems to be a quick way to get into the space as there isn't much to set up in the beginning. With Pro, this seems to be mostly automated with a bit of daily bonuses to get with the few sites you sign up with.

What I Dislike

I originally thought this would be a much quicker process and was surprised at all the work involved in research it took for me to get started. This wasn't the completely passive income option I was looking for but it turns out to be another side hustle (which is always a great thing).

Final Verdict

As I was saying I was originally looking for a passive income option and this is a bit different than I was expecting. I think over time it will become much of a 'set it and forget it' type of thing but for now, marketing is a bit of a learning curve. I enjoy a challenge and will be learning a lot in this space. This is my entry project and hope to see some people join with me to make some money! I would recommend Leads Leap so far.


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