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Referral Funding
Don Fletchinger's review...
GoFounders/OnPassive is a business solution opportunity for all people all over the world. The system will have brand new, never-seen before technology that is revolutionary with a stand alone AI driven (Artificial Intelligence) completely integrated system.

This is a real business that has a real office building with employees located at 7380 W Sand Lake Rd, Orlando Florida 32819. The CEO and Founder is Ash Mufareh. Mr. Mufareh has developed and created this system to provide an opportunity for people to have a marketing system that has integrity and ethics firmly in place. His philosophies include securing a system that is reputable and not associated with all the fraud, scams, and schemes you find throughout the internet. He has designed the system where every member, whether passive or active, will succeed automatically.

He is offering a 100% lifetime, money-back-guarantee if you are not happy.

The OnPassive system will be capable of handling millions of members and will be built for the future. He emphasizes that this opportunity is the chance of a lifetime for many people to succeed in life with a new life changing business and platform. This business opportunity will also be inheritable and you will be able to leave it for your family if you desire to.

The system and platform will provide many business solutions as follows. It will recruit, convert, sell products for you, build your business, advertise to your market, send traffic to your sites, provide visitors and sign-ups, and provide daily income. It will give you a financial portfolio with your own crowdfunding platform by placing you sites in unlimited rotators and funnels. The system will market for you. OnPassive will be worldwide with a global presence and will be fully compliant with the laws.

"GoFounders" is the marketing arm and the pre-launch site for "OnPassive. " OnPassive is the acutual business platform and marketing system. GoFounders is a pre-launch team-building platform that enables you to invite members and start creating a team for OnPassive. There are currently "Founding Positions" available for a limited time at $97. The Early Founder Position will get you placed in OnPassives’s top leadership positions. Founders who join now will get in on the first 400,000 Marketing Campaign. Founders who join before all the other new members will get a much higher placement in the matrix. Founders will also get to beta test the OnPassive system before launch. When OnPassive launches, the Founders Positions will be locked in for six months. During that six months, the company will run campaigns to build the Founder teams by inviting millions and millions of other people to join. These people will be used to build the teams under the all existing Founders. As a Founder you will have the a team built under you and give you better chance to maker even more money.

It is hard to give any business opportunity a rating while in pre-launch, but what I have seen with this opportunity so far is the communication, training, tutorials, back office, marketing tools, company ethics, and webinars have been a 5 STAR Rating. I have not seen anything I have disliked about this opportunity all. GoFounders/OnPassive has been in pre-launch for sometime now and the start day for OnPassive is getting closer. Ash and his team are making sure that everything is totally set for the big launch of OnPassive to the online world that will happen very shortly. I fully endorse the GoFounders/OnPassive opportunity. Currently GoFounders/OnPassive is approaching 60,000 founding members and growing every day.


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Affiliate Marketing
King Of Traffic's review...
So I saw the Club Monster Mode Program on various promotional programs and the Capture Pages caught my eye.

I didn't join the program right away but as I looked at more and more opportunities the Club Monster Mode Capture Pages kept running through the back of my mind.

The next time I saw one of their ads I decided to take a closer look and see how it works. I discovered it was thought of by Steve Ayling a long time and successful internet marketer. He developed it as a free capture funnel system.

I decided to join and upgrade on all five programs to maximize the income potential. LeadsLeap really helped me out with this program as within a week I have numerous signups all from LeadsLeap. Signups came fast and easy promoting the Monster Mode and I already made a sale.

What excites me the most is the way it is set up. Easy and uncomplicated to connect you with instant payments from high paying programs.

My experience so far has been great as I made money in my first week using the Monster Club.

What I Dislike

So far I haven't found anything I dislike about this program. It was super easy to set up. It runs on auto and the payment system is from Warrior+ a top promotional program.

Maybe one thing I found a little annoying is dealing with the bombardment of advertising the Warrior+ system sends you. Club Monster Mode doesn't send you any spam which make up for the Warrior+ programs. Usually I just delete them.

Final Verdict

Club Monster Mode by Steve Ayling is free to join and easy to use.

It really is a unique and cool system where you can make some great money on the Internet. Give it a whirl it is free to join and check out.


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Internet Marketing
Alykevoh Sim Otala's review... is a legit and highly-paying-back program with excellent support.

It's a free membership that offers a complete "business in a box" that you can promote and earn commissions from.

You're able to set up income streams that you can use to earn commissions.

Using this system, I was able to earn $1008 in 40 days. So it definitely works.

What I Like

Very simple, detailed procedure and training to get you started. Free Training to understand the system. You can use it for any business, several income streams to set up and earn from, access to a funnel builder which is cheaper than leading competitors.

Just 2 members and your monthly membership is FREE with a profit of $75!
Get 20 members and earn an extra over $2000 per month with both 30 Minute Work Day and Home Business Academy. This is income you can really earn and it is not hard to do. There is detailed instructions and guidance with complete 183 page book along with complete video training

The fact that the owner (NICK) does not charge for the marketing system is awesome BUT for him not to charge for his ebook, well I can hardly believe that he gives it away for free. That's crazy! I am impressed with how much this guy wants to help you and me succeed! I would even sign up just to get his free book.

The e-book is packed with extremely valuable information and training. You will learn literally everything you need to know to succeed in making money online with Nick's book.

What I like most is the easy to follow steps within the back office so you can be up and running within a few hours and his e-book along with the marketing system guides you to success. Also, something that really helps me is that it keeps me focused and directed on only the things I need to do to make money online.

What I Dislike


Final Verdict

Highly recommend even if you are a newbie or experienced online business owner.

Since it has a great training platform for anyone getting started with Affiliate Marketing, and wanting to grow their business with the right tools.

There is a telegram group of over 20,000 + people willing to assist you even if you are new to internet marketing with a private Facebook group for free training.

I was able to get $208 in 40 days, and I currently have almost 100 people on my email list so far.

HBA funnel builder is not only the best competitor to click funnels or groove funnel but also the best of its kind and very affordable.

It's 4x less the cost, and it's very easy to use.

I'm mostly using this program to grow my Network Marketing Business and I'm seeing positive growth.

Thus do not fail to try it for FREE.


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IM Tool
April Dowling's review...
I've been a member of Press1Cash for nearly 2 years. At first I basically did nothing with it because I didn't understand the power of the system. Then I realized how silly I was for neglecting it. It's an extremely powerful instant pay program with leverage. It offers a 1-up comp plan and instant $200 per sale to any payment processor of choice.

What I Like

  • The simplicity of the system. It's very easy to get up and running
  • The ability to choose any payment processor
  • Admin does not touch your money
  • Ability to switch out any program you want to generate leads for
  • 1-time payment and you can resell it for life

What I Dislike

  • Occasional system glitches
  • Support can take a few days to respond
  • Auto text phone number expires after 1 month and you have to buy a new one ($12)

Final Verdict

This is a powerful lead generation tool and business opportunity that can generate you thousands if you put it to work. There is unlimited possibility with Press1Cash. It can easily help you earn six figures by just earning 2 sales per day (not including pass-ups).


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Affiliate Marketing
Piergiorgio Sansone's review...
The Wealthy Affiliate, is by far, the most comprehensive, progressive, most extensive, best affiliate marketing platform/community in the world. I think it is the best and fastest way the start your blogging experience or start your eCommerce.

The aim of this Platform is the success of his members; that's it, then everything is focused on it.

Nothing has left the chance, and you know what are the details that determine the success of a product or service. There is everything you need the start an online business from scratch.

If you want the business to grow steadily, growth occurs when it evolves as an entrepreneur, acquiring and applying new knowledge, methods, and strategies in business.

For this reason, it's essential to follow an excellent educational program and always be up the date.

In few words, as an entrepreneur, you cannot afford the stop studying because the surrounding environment is continually evolving, and businesses must adapt to the evolving environment to grow.

The Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect platform to continually grow in your online business, overall if you are a beginner or even an expert marketer. As you will see, this platform gives you solid basic knowledge and also can help you to grow your business from the experience of his community members that's are over 1.4 Mil people.

What I Like

I will list the most of them:

  • the incredible support for any issue
  • the fastest google position and site authority
  • the incredible Service Management
  • the experiences of thousands of web entrepreneurs can help you and inspire
  • High-quality Foundation training and the Advanced for 100's topics are fantastic as well

What I Dislike

Inside the platform, also you have many ways to make money supporting people and becoming ambassadors, or publishing valuable content in your blog or as a training or tutorial, and many others.

The System tracks your daily activity and builds rank to evaluate your impact on the community. That's cool, but sometimes you can lose the focus on your core business following the rank and your positioning.

I suggest giving it to it the right weight and produce valuable content when it is possible for you and don't be a slave of the ranking.

Final Verdict

Suppose you want to sell your service or products in any niche. In that case, you desire, or even you don't have any idea about what is selling, I invite you to follow your intuition and join the WA anyway, you will be inspired by other users, talk with them and follow the excellent training they provide.

You don't have anything to lose. It's FREE to JOIN.

As for many other products or platform, I have included WA among products within my DLF Strategy: the Digital Lifestyle Formula, the strategy with multiple income streams in which I teach how to manage them, and bring them closer to the DLF Strategy.


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PLR & MRR Products
Paul 's review...
Very good program helpful admin easy to use. This is a great site if you are looking for some master resale rights products.

What I Like

What l like is you can join for free they pay out 100% commission , so your first paid referral can pay for your own membership. They have loads of different master resale products over 1500 plus each month they update with 10 to 20 new products. I like the products as most have sale pages included, very easy way to make some money.

What I Dislike

Nothing really to dislike.

Final Verdict

Pros are they offer a 100% commission per paid referral which is very rare, products are easy to download and a massive amount over 1500 products


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