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Health & Fitness
Edward Keyte's review...
My experience with the program so far

I first looked at LiveGood back in August of 2022 when they had their first version launch. At that time I was about to start my weight loss journey anyway and was looking out for a network marketing opportunity that could support me in my weight loss, fitness and health goals and was hugely impressed with what I saw at LiveGood, but sadly I could not join up at the time as it wasn't worldwide.

Anyway cut a long story short; now they are 100% global and thank goodness! I jumped on board immediately!

Ben Glinsky is the CEO and I've known him since 2016 so my decision to join was made easy as I have a lot of trust in Ben.

The website is spot on and the funnel system is powerful as they use a unique powerline system that feeds into the forced matrix giving everyone a big potential to get that jump-start that most people struggel with when trying to build a team.

I'm very much into fitness and weight management and I can save up to 70% on a lot of these products by simply being a member of the system. The low monthly price to become a member of LG is under $10 and that is a no brainer and that is why people stick with this business unlike other Network marketing companies where the average drop out rate is 3 months or less.

What I Like

I love the products and that they are so affordable unlike elsewhere where it's just so over priced and which is why people often drop out of those other companies.

I love the built in marketing funnel that has a dynamic powerline system that feeds into a matrix; that is a nice touch.

What I Dislike

To be perfectly honest there really is nothing I dislike. I have heard others mention (in a positive way) that IF there could be more products would be great however for me I think it's not too overwhelming on choice rather than having too many choices; there are also the affordable packages including the "Everything Pack" where you can optionally get all the great products for an incredible low price It's just So simple or just purchase individual products such as a complete multi-vitamin product for under $10 with up to 79% savings on other competitive over priced products!

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a really simple business to understand, with an easy to grasp comp plan yet powerful, and a range of products that are not only needed by most people but are essential for everyone's health. Then LiveGood is for you. I do say it is very simple but it is very powerful.


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Web Design
Daniel Germain's review...
One of the first tools I used to make logos, videos, and thumbnails for my YouTube videos was Canva. Despite the fact that I initially utilized the free option, I have always appreciated the ease of use and variety of possibilities that this design tool offers to help us in our work. For the finest results, I now use the Pro version.

If you're looking for a simple and effective way to create beautiful visuals for your online presence, look no further than Canva. This online design tool has been around for years and has always been able to keep up with the latest trends and technology.

Whether you're creating graphics for your website, social media profiles, or just need a quick way to illustrate an idea, Canva is a great option. I use Canva as much for my work as for my hobby

One of the great things about Canva is that I found it really easy to get started. You don't need any special skills or experience to create beautiful visuals using this tool, and it's perfect for anyone who wants to create simple or complex designs. Plus, the range of options and templates available means you can create anything you want.

One downside of Canva is that it can be a little slow at times when you're working with large files. I experienced more issues with the application. However, this isn't usually an issue, and overall, I've found Canva to be reliable and user-friendly.

Canva saves me a lot of time and money. If you're looking for a simple and effective way to create beautiful visuals, I would definitely recommend giving Canva a try.


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Health & Fitness
Gareth Davies's review...
What attracted me to LiveGood is that they not only offer an exciting money-making opportunity during these difficult financial times, but they also provide affordable access to quality nutritional supplements to keep my family healthy and safe.

Not only did LiveGood make good on their promises; they exceeded them.

In about a week after my initial investment into the program I was already making a profit. I have been told that even without making a referral you can still make $2047 a month, but in just a few days I was able to make my first referral. It really wasn't that hard once you get started.

Everything was easy to set up and they have a great support staff available when you need it.

As someone who uses CBD oil, their prices are the most affordable on the market. My wife uses their plant-based protein shakes and we're saving money by the hundreds.

What makes the LiveGood program so easy is that their product line is so varied and affordable, it's a breeze to promote. They have such a wide selection of health products to choose from, there really is something for everyone.

The design of their compensation plan is brilliant. Even if you don't refer anyone right away, you're still able to make money, but it's not hard to get referrals when they have a plan that is this good.

They offer easy-to-access support when you need help, and I also really love their Facebook support group which is always active with fellow program members who are willing to help. It's easy to get a question answered and everyone is friendly.

What I love most however is that not only is the financial investment inexpensive, but the amount of time to get up and running is minimal as well. This allows me the opportunity to make good money while also having enough time to enjoy it with my family.

My only caveat is that I wasn't supplied with many marketing materials that I could use to sell the products they offer. Right now, I create my own images and write my own text to promote LiveGood supplements and the program.

It's great that other members of the Facebook group are willing to help and share tips when it comes to creating materials as well.

I feel so fortunate to have discovered LiveGood. They are really the right pairing for a lifestyle that is health-focused (like mine). Their product line is varied and has already become an important part of our daily nutritional plan.

The fact that they also offer an opportunity to not only save money on their products but also market them for a profit is an incredible bonus.


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Home Biz
Frank Hudacek's review...
My experience with the program so far

I joined the Home Business Academy Affiliate Program about 18 months ago and it has been one of the best choices I have had with any affiliate program. Being an online marketer for 15 years, after investing considerable amount of funds in various other programs, early-on, I find the HBA has just about everything an online beginner to the experienced marketer will need.

The co-founders and support staff are very helpful, responsive, knowledge-based and professional. They take the time to answer the questions or concerns the affiliates may have. Real people, faces and voices, there to answer questions.

What I Like

The commission structure is one of the best offered in this online space, and paid weekly. This residual income is paid month after month for as long as your signup remains a member. The HBA program has provided the right platform to steadily grow my online business.

What I like is there is not any real selling involved. With the HBA I can offer this affordable program even when someone might say 'No' to my original, other product or program offer.

The HBA platform can be used for online and offline businesses. You can build funnels, pages, merchant sites, community programs, and more, and market them across any market location.

What I Dislike

There's nothing I dislike about The Home Business Academy. Being experienced the start up was quick, the online help and videos are clear walk-you-thru, A-Z.

For the newbie the amount of information could be overwhelming at first, but the Monday thru Friday live online sessions, the Q&A, the over-the-shoulder instruction, should not leave anyone with a feeling of being 'lost'.

Final Verdict

The Home Business Academy is an excellent resource for entrepreneurs of all levels. It's affordable, reasonably priced, and stays current on what changes are happening in the market.

The HBA has 11 live events Monday thru Friday, available for replay. Many are over-the-shoulder training by the co-founders and other successful affiliates of the HBA.

Whether you're interested in starting up a home business from scratch or refining your existing small business model, the HBA can give you the resources and advice you need to succeed and grow

Furthermore, their generous monetary support of an international program to feed starving children is an important part of the heart-felt center of the company and affiliate community.

I would recommend this program to anyone looking with a desire to grow and take their business to basic or highly, experienced levels.


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List Building
Dominic Kristianto's review...
My experience with the program so far

Business in a box for FREE with INSTANT PAYOUT is unheard of. Yet that is what you get with List Lions. This 5 Days Challenge will enable you to have a product to promote, how to promote, and even the leads are provided for you.

Another mind-blowing thing about this program is that you will get your commission as soon as the sale is made (hence the name, instant payout).

I like the videos and how Randy is delivering value through those videos. Email marketing is something I have also done for a long time and I do know how tough it is to get people into your list.

List Lion really helps me in terms of getting leads and I am happy it also helps me create some nice passive income every month.

What I Like

List Lion simplifies what others see as a complicated process. Affiliate Marketing is simple, but it is not easy to do.

What List Lion offer is something I believe will help many people, especially beginners, to make money online just like it did to so many people inside List Lion.

With List Lion, you get initially 100 leads and a legit autoresponder. In the beginning, you don't need too much stuff to start your business.

What you need is a good product that is proven to convert, a way to get the product in front of your prospects, and then create an offer to sell that product.

List Lion also has a warm community with weekly free training from a 6-Figure Affiliate Marketer, Randy himself. What else to expect from this point? Plenty! It will get better and better over time.

What do I really like? it's the fact that Randy has a certain period to give 100% Commissions to anyone who made a sale!

Imagine making $997 in one sale and getting $49 every month passively. Nothing beats that feeling of seeing those commissions get into your pocket!

What I Dislike

Actually, there is something missing from List Lion, and I realize that after one of my clients asked me about the email swipes to promote List lion itself.

Randy does provide the swipes but it still needs more personalization, plus if you use it as is, your email will probably go to SPAM directly. Hence, I create some swipes myself (thank God I learn copywriting lol).

Other than that, I am quite happy with List Lion. It's not perfect, but it works. That is what matters to me.

Final Verdict

The money is in the list? You bet! And List Lion provides that list for you at a very affordable price that is very hard to beat. Don't take my word on it, but just try searching out yourself.

There is no other low-ticket product that provides this much value besides List Lion (you get 100 leads as starter for FREE with an Autoresponder) If there is, please let me know.

Either you just starting your online business or you want to make some nice passive income with High Ticket commissions in between, List Lion is the one you seek!

Start out for FREE Today!


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List Building
Edwin Torres's review...
My experience with this program is fantastic is simple and easy to use and payment are instant to your paypal they teach you how to do it I already receive some payment I think this is one of the best program online today if you are looking to learn how make money online this program is for you. You can start with 10 dollars started or go pro for 100 dollars training is include and you get capture pages to build your list. This is my honest review The sales video is where your leads will also be invited to create their own free List Infinity login account and if they upgrade their account to either the lower level of $10 or the pro level of $100 you will get paid as the affiliate.

What I Like About This Program

Payment are instant As well including traffic generation training products, you get bonus courses on Facebook marketing, The 10K Blueprint, TikTok marketing, as well as YouTube and Instagram strategies

What I Dislike About This Program

Nothing. Everything is here for you to learn. However, it's much slower and harder to get traffic for free than it is just to pay for solo ads.

It works for me and I know it will work for you.

My Final Verdict

You can start with 10 dollars or go pro 100 dollars payment are only one time here you will learn how to set up your autoresponder email series to follow up with your contact list If you don't want to pass-up leads you need to upgrade to pro level and then you'll keep all your leads The paid membership includes lead capture pages and web hosting, email swipe copy, the follow-up email sequence, and relevant training. On top of your one-time membership fee, you will at least need aweber or leads leap for autoresponder.


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