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Hasan Florence's review...
To me, Leadsleap is a fantastic program. I joined some years ago and the day after becoming a Pro member, by the grace of God, I received some surprising results with a number of people opting into my sites! You don't have to be a Pro member to get LeadsLeap to work for you, but it really helps with the ten, 24/7 Pro Ads section, available only to Pro Members to use to get more traffic to your sites. Most of the tools are able to be used by Free Members.

What I Like:

The owner is constantly improving the site or adding new useful tools that benefit those who use this site. He also answers support requests promptly whenever I have a support issue and no matter what time I send it, he responds quickly.

I enjoy how my ads are shown on an ever-expanding network of thousands of sites.

Leads Leap makes sure you are successful by having created a number of useful and productive marketing tools to help all their members be successful in their promotions.

I also like the traffic coop opportunity where you can make $.10 to $8 per 1000 sites, and you can participate in this even as a Free Member.

They also have other ways to earn like PPC, PPC widget code, Credit Encashment, Daily Active Bonus, and you can earn affiliate commissions of 25% as a Free Member and 50% as a Pro Member.

Every section of your Leads Leap dashboard is clearly explained after you click on the question mark at the end of each title so no need to feel overwhelmed if your first time here.

What I Don't Like:

I regret that if only I had joined LeadsLeap sooner.

Final Verdict:

If you feel that LeadsLeap is good for you, then you know what to do.


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IM Tool
Herbert Flores's review...
My experience with eCoverly so far is outstanding. It's the first time I've come across technology that allows us to create animated covers with such ease and professionalism. It has truly revolutionized the way I design digital product covers.

Welcome to the review for eCoverly, the ultimate solution for creating eye-catching eBook covers and digital product designs. If you're tired of spending countless hours and dollars on cover designs, eCoverly might just be your saving grace.

The creator of this game-changing tool created by Adeel Chowdhry with his team and it's available on clickbank.

While the above text provides insight into the product's capabilities, it doesn't include specific testimonials or results. However, the features and benefits we're about to discuss should give you a clear idea of its potential.

The main selling point of eCoverly is its ability to create stunning animated eBook covers and static designs effortlessly. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned marketer, this tool empowers you to stand out in a crowded digital marketplace.

One of the standout features is the vast library of templates, models, and customization options. This means you can quickly and easily create unique covers for various digital products, from books to CDs and even business cards. It's a time and money saver that ensures your products look professional.

Another fantastic feature is the drag-and-drop editor, which makes the design process smooth and enjoyable. You can insert and resize images, play with fonts and colors, and apply various effects—all within one user-friendly interface. It's like having a graphic designer at your fingertips.

Now, let's tackle a common question: "Is eCoverly suitable for me? " The answer is yes, whether you're a beginner marketer, agency owner, or a writer looking to make your book stand out. It's the ideal tool for anyone who wants to boost sales without breaking the bank or dealing with the complexities of design software.

Here's a quick overview of the core features:

Create animated ecovers - 40 templates to choose from and everything is fully editable.

Create static ecovers - 250 templates to save you time and they're all fully editable too.

Choose your product model - models are the shape/type of product you want to create. For example you can design a cover for a box, a CD, a report, etc. You get 20 of these different models to add your design to.

This is definitely one of the more simple ecover design tools I've used, but it's actually packed with heaps of handy features and the finished designs look a lot more professional than I was expecting.

Aside from creating animated covers, eCoverly also allows you to create static covers too. Unlike other tools, there are tons of templates to get you started and there's also the option to create covers for 9 different product packaging styles:

  • Books
  • Boxes
  • Business/Membership Cards
  • CDs & DVDs
  • Flyers & Magazines
  • Big Screens & IMac
  • Laptops
  • Mobiles
  • Tablets

What does it cost?

Normally it is recurring but the special launch price is a one-time $37.

  • $37 Personal Licence
  • $47 Commercial Licence
  • $67 Premium Commercial Licence

Note: There are some upsell but it's optional.

What I Like

What I like about eCoverly is it's easy to use with step-by-step tutorials and its remarkable versatility. I can also add a new services on my business or add a gig on freelancing sites like fiverr.

What I Dislike

Nothing to dislike so far.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, if you're planning to create covers for your digital products, eCoverly is a game-changer. It offers efficiency, professionalism, and the ability to create animated covers that can significantly enhance your sales. Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your digital game.

So, what are you waiting for? Click on my link and purchase eCoverly today. As a bonus, when you do, you'll receive an exclusive bonus package to help you make the most of this incredible tool. Take action now and start boosting your sales with eCoverly!


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Safelist Mailer
Clive Anderson's review...
ListJumper: A Highly Active Free To Join List Building And Traffic System That Is Used By Some Of The Biggest Marketing Names Online (That alone should say something about its standing at least)

ListJumper is owned and managed by Darren Olander who is a well known, trusted and highly respected online program provider.

Darren owns and runs several unique and worthwhile systems that are focused on providing high quality with effective results to the user.

ListJumper is a uniquely developed traffic system that provides members with exceptional global results for their businesses.

It is certainly far from run-of-the-mill, which becomes instantly apparent the moment a person joins, logs in, and gains access to the back office.

Once inside the back-office, scrolling down the main menu listing reveals an array of features and benefits, some of which almost appear to interlink provideing members with not only a powerful armoury of business promotional tools, but also a selection of in-house marketing solutions, which increase a users ability for securing results.

ListJumper is free to join and members can start utilising all the programs features straight away. Even by just logging in each day and reading one of the messages listed under "Member Inbox" you are gradually elevated to a higher position within the system. This in turn provides you with greater exposure for your own messages (emails) and premium ads that you submit within your back office.

When I first joined I started by using ListJumper as my very first daily activity, I read between 15-25 messages, and over the week this provided enough activity to gain effective results from the systems, as well as elevating my profile within the systems premium ad portion. Even now as an upgraded member I still read 15 to 25 messages a day. (It's just a good habit).

You can upgrade in 3 different levels. There is a Bronze, Silver, and Gold, all of which provide superb value for money as well as excellent additional exposure and results.

For instance. As a Gold member you will be able to send out 6000+ emails every 3 days. This is certainly geared up for high impact results...

Login page ads are also another great way to get everybodies attention to your promotions, as with any system that provides them they change a negative return to a positive very quickly.

There is also a monthly referral contest that not only gives members the opportunity to gain additional income, but also the system rewards for getting in the top 5 positions range from an extra 1000 credits up to 16000 credits. This is certainly NOT to be sniffed at.

In essence I have only really scratched the surface of ListJumper here and tried to point you towards what I believe are some of the most important factors within.

One other thing I would add is that the premium ad system within works exceptionally well and is well worth exploring deeper so as to optimise when placing your ads. (This is high-class exposure).


Here's a Tip: If you join ListJumper be sure and check out the second promotional email (Listed under "Promotional Tools" on the menu). It contains a reward code that will get you 300 extra credits straight away.

The back office also provides a link to a site where you can gain further additional reward codes that you simply add to your ListJumper system, which in turn will provide you with even more free credits for your activities within.

My Thoughts:

Personally I've found using Listjumper as an extremely easy method with which to gain exceptional results. These are results that go above and beyond what you will be expecting. The unique way it has all been mapped together puts it as a must have system in my book.

Clive Anderson


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Marketing System
Bekolos 's review...
My experience with the program so far

ClickFunnels 2.0 represents a major overhaul and redesign of the popular sales and marketing software ClickFunnels. Co-founders Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson have made it clear that version 2.0 is not just an incremental update, but rather a complete rebuild from the ground up using modern web development technologies like ReactJS.

Some of the major changes and new features in ClickFunnels 2.0 include:

New Dashboard and Navigation

  • The dashboard has been completely redesigned with sections for each aspect of your business (Sites, Products, Analytics, etc.. This allows team members to focus only on their area of expertise.
  • The "Sites" section replaces funnels and allows you to build complete websites or "funnel hubs" with pages like home, blog, ecommerce store, and more.

Enhanced Page Builder

  • Create pages outside of funnels for more flexibility. Easily switch between pages within a funnel.
  • The new editor allows realtime collaboration so multiple people can edit simultaneously.
  • More templates available to speed up page building.

Faster Page Load Times

  • Optimized code and use of CDNs results in much faster page loads compared to version 1.0 and competitors.
  • Image optimization "on the fly" also improves speed.

Builtin Blogging

  • SEOoptimized blogging functionality allows you to easily add a blog to your sites.
  • Alternative integrations like DropInBlog are still available if needed.

ECommerce Capabilities

  • Build full online stores with shopping carts and products. Global products can be used across funnels.
  • Smart upsell flows and pre/postcheckout upsells.

Enhanced Analytics

  • Realtime funnel analytics let you monitor performance live.
  • Create custom reports to analyze metrics important to you.

Added Features

  • Build online courses and membership sites, often with templates.
  • Email capabilities expanded with workflows and draganddrop editor.
  • CRM features allow the use of ClickFunnels 2.0 as a CRM system.
  • Share entire workspaces (sites, funnels, etc. with other users.

The company will continue supporting version 1.0 while allowing users to create new funnels and sites in 2.0. This allows a gradual transition to the new platform.

ClickFunnels 2.0 pricing starts at $147/month for the Basic plan. A free 14-day trial is available to test it out. The official launch was on October 4th, 2022 after a beta testing period.

What I Like

The redesigned dashboard looks cleaner and more organized with sections for each part of your business. This should help productivity.

Being able to build complete websites/funnel hubs is a big upgrade over just funnels in the past. The added flexibility will be great for businesses.

Faster page load times are a major plus. Speed is critical for good user experience and SEO.

Built-in blogging, e-commerce, courses, memberships, users from needing multiple tools and integrations.

Real-time collaboration on pages and the ability to jump between pages seamlessly sound like big improvements for workflows.

Keeping version 1.0 available during the transition is smart to avoid disruptions.

What I Dislike

The pricing seems quite high, especially for small businesses or new users. The basic plan starting at $147/month is a significant investment.

While the new editor and features are welcome additions, the core functionality (building funnels and pages) doesn't seem radically different from a user perspective.

For users with existing funnels and workflows in version 1.0, migrating or recreating those in 2.0 could be a tedious process.

As an established product, I'd expect to see more AI/ML capabilities or automation to speed up funnel creation and optimization. Those don't seem highlighted.

There's no mention of enhancements or changes to their affiliate/partnership program. This seems like something that could be improved.

Final Verdict

ClickFunnels 2.0 is a major overhaul that adds valuable speed, design, collaboration, and functionality improvements compared to version 1.0. The ability to create full websites and funnel hubs, along with built-in tools like blogging and e-commerce, make it an attractive all-in-one solution for online businesses.

However, the high pricing and potentially arduous migration process for current users are significant barriers. The costs may deter new small business owners who would benefit most. Despite the upgrades, existing users may want to wait for details on migration options before switching versions.

Overall, ClickFunnels 2.0 is a promising but costly upgrade. For new users, it could fast-track building an online business presence. However frustrations may arise for those with existing investments in 1.0 workflows and funnels.


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Social Network
Iryna 's review...
My Experience with ProfitTok So Far

I was fortunate enough to have early access to ProfitTok, and I must say I've been truly amazed by how effortless it is to create the most visually stunning videos I've ever produced. What's remarkable is that I didn't have to put in any significant effort; all I had to do was insert keywords and choose from a variety of templates. The entire process is laid out step by step, making it incredibly newbie-friendly, and the support provided by the team is unmatched.

The best part is that you don't even need your own content. ProfitTok is not one of those software applications that leave you to figure everything out on your own. Moreover, the quality of the videos I was able to generate with ProfitTok is absolutely astonishing. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their video creation experience.


Prepare to skyrocket your TikTok presence and draw in millions of viewers using ProfitTok. In just three straightforward steps, you'll be well on your way to crafting professional-grade videos that could propel you into TikTok stardom!

Step 1: Access their remarkable short video creation software, powered by ChatGPT, without the need for downloads, installations, or complex configurations. Everything is conveniently available online.

Step 2: Simply input a keyword or paste your affiliate link, and let ProfitTok perform its enchantment. Utilizing state-of-the-art 'True AI' technology, this AI video creator autonomously generates, edits, and publishes your short video. Yes, you read that correctly — no video editing is required on your part. It's a breeze and a time-saver!

Step 3: With a single click, share your masterpiece on TikTok and unleash the potential of their cutting-edge 'algorithm hacking' tools. Utilize these TikTok resources to outcompete other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Strive for those highly coveted #1 rankings and maximum visibility. Plus, with our exclusive 'algorithm hacker, ' you'll have the opportunity to reach a vast audience of millions.

So, are you prepared to make a significant impact on the TikTok scene? In mere minutes, you can craft mesmerizing videos and attract a massive following. Don't let this extraordinary opportunity slip by. Join the ProfitTok revolution today!


In my view, I strongly recommend that readers seriously contemplate the purchase of ProfitTok. This revolutionary cloud-based application facilitates seamless video creation and editing, all thanks to its True AI technology. Moreover, the inclusion of a commercial license during the initial launch phase allows users to harness a substantial profit-making opportunity by providing video services to businesses. The user-friendly interface ensures that even individuals new to the field can excel in video marketing. This is a golden opportunity that you wouldn't want to miss — seize it now and unlock your path to online success with ProfitTok!

What I Like:

  • No need for hosting!
  • A comprehensive online business solution.
  • Extremely beginner-friendly cloud application.
  • The most user-friendly cloud app available.
  • Zero video creation or editing required — ChatGPT handles it all for you.
  • Comprehensive training included.
  • A one-time payment with no recurring monthly fees.
  • Expert marketing support available 365 days a year.
  • Suitable for offline businesses, e-commerce, affiliates, and virtually anyone else.
  • Effortlessly use ProfitTok to sell on your behalf by copying and pasting any link.
  • Leverage TikTok's resources to compete with platforms like Instagram and YouTube.
  • AI-based video creator and editor ensures you can generate top-notch content in seconds.
  • Full commercial rights, allowing you to offer these incredible services to your clients.

What I Dislike:

  • Price increase after the launch period ends.
  • Occasional bugs, though fixable.
  • No other significant technical issues.

Final Verdict:

In summary, ProfitTok has its strengths, but it also has some limitations. It can be a helpful tool for those looking to grow their TikTok audience and engagement, as it simplifies the process of finding trends and ideal posting times. It also offers a user-friendly interface with pricing options that can suit various budgets.

However, it's important to remember that no tool can replace the importance of creating engaging and high-quality content. ProfitTok can assist your efforts, but your success on TikTok will mainly depend on your creativity, consistency, and how well you engage with your audience.

Before deciding to purchase a tool like ProfitTok, it's essential to carefully think it over. Do your research, consider your specific needs, and make sure the tool aligns with your goals and budget.

Thank you for reading this review. I hope it has given you a clear understanding of ProfitTok, its features, advantages, disadvantages, and overall value.


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Linda Bomba's review...
My experience with the program so far

So far I ran 2 (3) day campaigns, the first I got 6 leads and the second I got 58 leads. I am shocked at how well this is performing. I did switch the funnel on the second campaign I am currently running unbelievable results for a $10 investment.

Get unlimited targeted traffic to any website. It is 100% real human traffiic not bots to boost your leads and sales for any business.

How they works is your place an order and your link is put on a rotator and they do provide stats.

They have different packages that you get unlimited traffic to your site.

Unlimited traffic for 3 days is $10
Unlimited traffic for 7 days is $30
Unlimited traffic for 15 days is $60
Unlimited traffic for 30 days is $100

What I Like

Love the results for such a small investment as I have spent thousands of dollars on Solo Ads, COOP, Facebook Ads and not gotten these kinds of results.

I have gotten crazy results with this traffic source. I ran one campaign for $10 for 3 days and got 58 leads which comes out to about $0.172 per lead which is the lowest amount I have every paid for a lead and I have been doing this for over 12 years now.

What I Dislike

Nothing but again if I have to pick the provider is not as visible as I would like I get a rare email after I have placed my order and other than that it feels like they are not there.

Final Verdict

I love this service. I am running a 30 days campaign and will keep testing this traffic source but I am so surprised at the results this has been delivering.

One of the best tips I can give anyone with any traffic source is test it with different funnels and offers. For example 2 different funnels I ran from the same traffic source one I didn't get any leads and the other I got over 50 leads! As marketers you always want to be testing! People tend to say it's the traffic source that isn't any good but in my 12+ years of working online many times it ends up that it's what your sending them to that needs to be fixed!

They cannot guaranteed anything and once your order is place there are no refunds.


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