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Internet Marketing
Nick Havekes's review...
My Online Startup is a free course where you can learn how to build a business through affiliate marketing. Most 'free' courses that I've seen so far only give out small bits of info but never the whole picture which is hidden behind steep paywalls. My Online Startup doesn't do that: Everything that you need to start your own online business is in the free course.

You can also become a Partner to start earning as an affiliate. This requires a one-time investment, but in return you get extra courses and you can get a Done For You system to kickstart your affiliate business.

My experience with the program so far

I'm really positive about the program. I have already learned a lot from other paid courses, but even within the free program I learned new things. Chuck not only explains in great detail how to get leads but he also gives the tools to do it. I'm also really fond of the DFY system. If I had to build it myself it would cost me a lot of time. Now I'm learning how it works while I'm using it at the same time.

What I Like

The course is very detailed with long step by step video tutorials.

The main course is free.

Many tools are given for free too.

DFY is fantastic.

What I Dislike

DFY isn't completely free. It does require extra investment in page builder and autoresponder tools.

Some videos are a bit outdated, creating some confusion when trying to put the training into action.

Final Verdict

I'm very optimistic about MOS. I've tried other programs before but I haven't gotten so far with my business as I am now. Whether you are new to affiliate marketing and want to learn or already have experience but want to have extra income streams, I recommend to try it out.


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High Yield
Jean Lauture's review...
I was introduced to it over 2 years ago but failed twice to invest due to Crypto Exchange Platforms limitation or because of their high fees. I saw the potential and I finally joined over a year ago. Novatech is a legal registered Hedge Fund Company in Forex and Crypto Trading that allows its members to invest and earn profits on a weekly basis.

Like with many investments there is the risk aspect to consider, especially for those who are less familiar with deregulated currencies.


Novatech is an investment opportunity with an optional affiliate program.

It is a registered MetaTrader Broker operating its own MT5 trading platform. It offers also the Percentage Allocation Management Module (PAMM). All investors (experienced or not) can choose PAMM or MT5 to trade. Basically, people can invest as low as $50 in PAMM. However, it seems that mostly the network builders were able to make profit with investment lower than $500. The coins used are: BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT-ERC20.

What Do I Need To Do at Novatech?

Well, to get Crypto incomes:

  1. Open a PAMM account
  2. Add fund to it.
  3. Choose the auto-invest option of your ROI or do it yourself.
  4. With the latter, you will:

  • Compound your bonus or
  • Withdraw your bonus

Besides these activities you can opt to share the opportunity if you want to expand and scale your business for more earnings.


The benefits of investing with Novatech, just to name a few, can be highlighted as follow:

  • Investments with no expiration dates
  • Access to capital. Withdraw anytime.
  • No earnings caps - Profits distributed weekly.
  • No withdrawal limits
  • One-of-a kind Affiliate Compensation Plan.

There are 7 ways to get paid if you choose the networking (optional). Otherwise you still enjoy your participation with the weekly ROI.

What I Like

The Novatech platform is easy to use and support is highly visible.

The company is lead by reliable, trustworthy and transparent owners. Members usually refer to Novatech = Consistency! Also communication is timely and maintained as a top priority. By the way, no matter how many people you have in your groups ==> EVERYONE'S MAKING MONEY.

What I Dislike

Honestly the program has lived up to its promises. Frankly the words 'Don't Like' don't really fit here.

Final Verdict

Novatech is a hidden gem to diversify portfolios. It has a sustainable business model where every member is a real investor contributing to growth. In conclusion, we see Novatech definitely as a real business lead by real people, making real Crypto Incomes.


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Dylan 's review...
My experience with the program so far

I am new to using funnels (new to marketing space all together). The Click Engine is the second step to the Maximus system I have found on Leads Leap. I believe the system is perfect for people such as myself who are new to marketing and is setup so the vendors will approve you to sell products rather easily. Not much to report on the stats so far as I am barely a week in but I have generated over 1000 clicks in the first several days with this system.

What I Like

I like that there is a low bar to entry as someone like myself isn't ready to jump in spending a bunch of money right away with no experience.

What I Dislike

Nothing to dislike yet besides maybe spending a bit more time on the platform than I was expecting.

Final Verdict

I would recommend anyone just starting out to start with The Click Engine as $4.95 is barely anything to spend for the amount of information I gathered from these guys. I usually think you can find any kind of information if you just look hard enough but these guys at The Click Engine have given a lot of comprehensive guides to understanding how all these systems can work together and saved me a lot of potential research time. Check them out!


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List Building
Sugiya Oki's review...
My experience with the program so far

I've been a member of List Infinity for several months now. So far, I've earned more than $350 straight to my payment processor account. It's one of the top programs I refer to people who are just getting started with making money online.

Previously, List Infinity had a free membership option. It attracts many people to sign up for the program, but too many people are not doing anything. To fix this situation, List Infinity closed its free membership plan and became a paid-only membership.

I believe it's a wise decision from Derrick Van Dyke—as the owner of List Infinity, to change this program to a paid-only membership so it will attract people who want to take action.

What I Like

First of all, I love the idea of getting a direct commission to my payment processor account. That means I don't have to wait 30 days to receive my commissions.

As a Pro member, I can earn $25, $50, and $100 when my referrals upgrade their membership to Starter, Advanced, or Pro Level.

Once you have upgraded your account, which is a one-time payment, you can access your DFY capture pages to promote List Infinity and build your email list.

Based on my experience, the best way to promote List Infinity is to send high-quality traffics via solo ads with reputable results.

With the Pro Level Membership, you will get access to other valuable resources such as email swipes, Facebook Training, Solo Ads Rolodex, and many more.

You can also claim a free luxury vacation to various exotic locations worldwide if you upgrade to Pro. You'll get hotel vouchers for up 4 nights (depending on your destination) to claim for your vacation.

Above all, I like that this program keeps upgrading its features and listens to members' requests to deliver better value.

What I Dislike

I used to dislike being a Starter Level Member because I had to pass up every 5th lead to my sponsor. However, once I upgraded to Pro, I didn't have to do that anymore.

So, I have nothing to dislike. I'm a LeadsLeap Pro Member, and I'm glad to build my email list on LeadsLeap since it is also connected directly to the List Infinity System.

Final Verdict

This program is worth promoting, and I strongly recommend you to join.

It is suitable for every affiliate marketer, from beginners to experts.

If you have enough budget, do not upgrade to Starter Membership as I did. It's better to upgrade to the Pro Membership right away.


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Make Money
Deborah Englund's review...
My experience with the program so far

"Ok, it's $7 so I'll give it a go" - was my first thought. I was very impressed when I put up banners and text ads on the platform because after just a few hours I had 16 visitors, which is a much faster and better result than what I have seen from several other places. Very impressive as I said.

You pay 7 dollar once and get 700 points to use for bannerads and 700 for text ads. When You move up in the ladder You get more points to use for advertising.

To move up in the program - and earn more from Your referrals - You withdraw money from Your 7dollar account so all this advertising actually cost You only this 7 bucks - and from the results I´ve seen so far - that is very well spent 7 dollars.

What I Like

The low cost for impressing banner/ads result.

What I Dislike

The site gives off a sense of amateurism and inactivity - which is sad because the platform actually delivers above expectations

Final Verdict

Give it a shot. It is actually worth far more than those 7 bucks You pay. A lot more.

I would give it 5 stars for the results I´ve seen but because of the look of the site I give 4 - and I hope the owners will give the platform the love and care it is so well worth.

Deborah Englund


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Clive Anderson's review...
There are several online systems that project themselves as a complete online business building system and some are certainly of benefit.

However, what is a true online business building system, or all in one system and where does LeadsLeap fit into that line up?

I guess we all have different outlooks when it comes to our project objectives that we are working with online, but fundamentally securing every element that makes the entire process easier and our actions far-more effective is probably key for all of us that are looking to gain a successful outcome.

That's pretty much where LeadsLeap comes into play. I could sit here and type all the individual benefits that someone will experience and gain from LeadsLeap, but from my aspect that would become a book and not a review.

Upon initial entry into the LeadsLeap back office the business facilities and tools tabs on the left are in a format that is easily understood. Looking further into those tabs it is discovered that the ability and application of each section is extensive, but again easily understood thanks to the tutorial facility at the top right of every section.

There is also an up-to-date blog section created by the owner (also accessible via the back office) that not only outlines the capabilities of each facility it also goes into depth on how to gain the most from the features.

If you want Leads, Sales, Mass Promotion, Marketing and Income then LeadsLeap has got your back.

Some of the marketing tools alone are worth an extensive subscription, but LeadsLeap provides them all for free, and if you want to put things on autopilot then for a small monthly fee you can go Pro.

Either way you will indirectly earn income in 5 ways just by using the system, that's on top of ANYTHING else you do with the system.

They've been online since 2008, which clearly demonstrates long-term success as well as stability, and even with updates that have been added and included in the last few months the demonstration for members to succeed is clearly the main focus.


  • Create your own web, splash, lead-capture pages using easy to set-up templates that give any business/opportunity that professional look.
  • Gain massive exposure across the internet on multiple sites that you have nothing to do with. All from the comfort of LeadsLeap back office...
  • Build your very own large list without any huge domain or autoresponder costs.
  • Everything you'll ever need to build any business right at your fingertips.
  • If your goal is to earn a regular income online, there really is no better program to depend on.
  • Totally secure and member orientated. Will be here for many years to come...

An opportunity to excel in all that you do online and earn additional income while doing it. A truly great opportunity for anyone serious about generating a long-term high income online.

Oh, and one thing I've failed to go into is that even if you want to refer LeadsLeap to others (for which there are extensive promotional tools to do so) you will, as a Pro member receive 50% commission, and as a free member 25% commission every month.

A great way in itself to gain yet another ongoing, on growing income, and with 171.4 thousand current members the desire for people looking for results and to become a member of LeadsLeap is clear.

As with a lot of reviews the reader could be forgiven for thinking the writer is bound to state a positive in regard to the subject being discussed, and while this may be true in many instances that is certainly not the case here. I've always believed that the facts are the facts and they cannot be glorified if what is being said does not hold true.

In this review I've tried to create what is a realistic picture of the subject in question, but in all honesty on this occasion I feel I have probably understated a lot of the aspects, especially when it comes to the quality of all that LeadsLeap incorporates and provides for its members.

Clive Anderson


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