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Jimmy Adames's review...
Once in a while, you join an advertising site; because it's offering a plethora of free ad views. For most of the sites you get what you pay for - FREE, which is underwhelming results. With that said, it's no cost; so what do you have to lose? Free Business Builder has been a pleasant surprise and has become one of my most reliable platforms to generate sign-ups.

I signed up, because it was part of handfuls of promo codes included for upgrading at another popular site. Did not think anything of it then, but since; have upgraded at FBB twice, without hesitation.

If you take advantage of the promo code Peter is offering to join Free Business Builder including promo codes to his other sites it's 200,000 ad views right off the bat at no cost to join, which includes a solo, banner & text impressions, etc. You can convert some of those views for more solos or other ad options that may benefit you more depending on your marketing approach.

One powerful feature is the option to build YOUR list using FBB, so as you are growing your FBB downline and other downlines within the membership you are getting subscribers to your own list.

Peter has been reliable in accessibility and paying out commissions. Which goes a long way in growing a membership and keeping folks active and subsequently providing the platform to promote your products or programs to potential buyers and subscribers.

The only thing that I wish was better, but I'm confident Peter will improve on; is the downline builder. It's way too clunky and not pleasant to navigate through the tons of advertising sites that's in the builder.

If you are looking for another RELIABLE site to promote your product or program, but your advertising budget is low or non-existent then free ad platforms are a great way to get the word out. Unfortunately, most free programs can only take you so far unless they have an active and GROWING membership. FBB is one of my top reliable sign-up generators and the solo ads have been a notable part of my experience with the site.

Needless to say that I recommend the site whole-heartedly, but truer words have never been said; you have nothing to lose and much to gain.


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Internet Marketing
Raviraj Deora's review...
My Online Startup is one of the best step-by-step free affiliate marketing course which covers everything about how to channelize your efforts in the right manner by sharp shooting and make money online by marketing and promoting products of others as an affiliate.

My experience with the program so far

I have enjoyed the free training as well as special training provieded to partners. The free traning is as good as many of the premium trainings out there in the market which costs around $997. I have managed to found many of the hidden places available to market the products. Before this training I was only aware about places like search engines and PPC websites for marketing but there are many places where we can promote our products and offers.

What I Like

  • Getting more and more Traffic – isn't it our biggest worry? Generate Traffic on your Targeted Group and that's actually proven by thousands of testimonials that there is a great inflow
  • Build onto the scale of your email recipient's list and get your network the needed push.
  • Mstering the skills to have a great inflow of cash
  • Specially designed for you – tools for lead generation and blog set up
  • Aren't we looking for ‘Learn to Earn' Programmes? Here is the best one for you and completely free of cost.
  • Allows you to actually study all topics for free. Of course you would be paying for the tools suggested for affiliate marketing. The content is absolutely free and doesn't require you to sign up continuously.
  • It has a ‘leave a note for yourself' feature – while watching the exciting videos on content of this course, you can simultaneously write pointers for yourself to circle back to. (Don't we wish for this feature everywhere on online courses and more)
  • The instructor itself - Chuck Nguyen who is a leading online entrepreneur and a great teacher is based in Melbourne, Australia and has a huge industry experience as an affiliate marketer himself.

What I Dislike

Nothing much to dislike about the free course. However if someone wants to promote MOS they must be a partner of MOS.

Clickbank is required to promote MOS but unfortunately clickbank is not allowing to open accounts in few of the countries.

Final Verdict

My Online Startup is an excellent course and Mr. Chuck Nguyen has created one place for the best course. Go ahead and be the best affiliate you can. Don't think much before signing up because it's free. See it for yourself. The only situation you need to assess is to opt for the ‘insider programme'

I highly recommend you to join ‘My Online Startup', the best free affiliate marketing training course.

It's all about learning and being the best. And I mean it.


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Blog Tools
Michael Williams's review...
The AIOP press is a blogging platform unlike any other.

There are many other blogging platforms, such as blogger and wordpress, but where AIOP press differs is that your posts become articles in an "online magazine" format which is made available through syndication and through search engines.

As AIOP is a high traffic site also you get to piggy-back on that traffic also which can only serve to benefit you.

The benefits

You can quickly establish yourself as a brand and as an expert in your chosen field. In this way you can establish credibility quickly and even have others refer to your articles/posts as reference sources.

You can promote multiple income creating opportunities through advertising banners along with posts.

Be mindful that you focus on quality over profit however. Nobody likes, reads or shares "spammy" content.

You can also use this feature to build your list, AIOP also provides hosting and autoresponder services which you can easily tie into your aiop press blog.

What could be better?

You're limited to banner size and positioning. I'd like to be able have bigger banners and be able to choose the positioning of them.

Final Verdict

Definitely get into blogging. Do not leave yourself at the mercy of the big tech tyrants.

If you already have a blog, great, copy that content over onto AIOP press to gain more traffic. You could copy older posts over on to AIOP press and end the posts with a tag line such as

"for more up-to-date content please visit my regular blog at www.Your blog address"

Never turn away from a traffic source.

It's also a fantastic tool for promoting whatever products you are currently promoting


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Internet Marketing
Glen Palo's review...
Worldprofit, Inc. Is a 25-year-old, A+ BBB accredited business providing training, resources, and support to help motivated individuals build real, successful online businesses.

My experience with the program so far

I joined Worldprofit in November 2016 as a free associate to take advantage of the free traffic package Worldprofit offers to induce people to watch their Live Business Center demonstration. Since I had an established, profitable online business, I was not interested in the Worldprofit paid membership. I already had the business tools I needed to run my business.

During the summer of 2019, I took another look at the Worldprofit business solutions with the objective of lowering my current business costs. My website hosting, autoresponder, and other business costs had risen. To make a long story short, I upgraded to the Worldprofit Silver membership in October 2019. I subsequently, upgraded to Worldprofit Platinum VIP membership in November 2019 and recently renewed my membership for another year.

What I Like

What I like most about Worldprofit is that it is a one-stop business solution company. There is an extensive list of business products including website hosting, autoresponder, lead capture page builders, graphics tools, advertising, and more.

Worldprofit offers an amazing quantity of free advertising as an incentive and a "thank you" for prospective members watching a short demonstration of our system making money for members. As I stated earlier, I joined as a free member to grab all the free advertising.

Finally, I like the free weekly live webinar training upgraded members get. If a member misses the training, replays are available to watch.

What I Dislike

Because Worldprofit has such a large amount of business tools and advertising available to members, Worldprofit sends a lot of emails to members. I use a separate Google Gmail account specifically for WP email.

Final Verdict

I wish I had upgraded my Worldprofit membership sooner instead of waiting 3 years.

Some people consider the cost of the Worldprofit upgrades too high. However, I DO NOT considering I cancelled my separate autoresponder, graphics package, website hosting, tracking services to use the ones available in the Worldprofit membership.


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IM Tool
Ayodeji 's review...
As a content marketer, I have discovered that video content capture more of my audience attention. And same has been the testimony of several of my colleagues. As such, I have always ensured that I have the best video creation tool.

In my continuous search for a video creation tool, I discovered VidSnatcher 1.0 created by Todd Gross about eight months ago.

Since then, I have found this tool highly exceptional. Now Todd Gross and his team have improved on this software. They have come out with VidSnatcher 2.0. I have exploded the new version and found it very useful. As such, I have decided to share what I enjoyed most with this software in this review.

  1. The screen recorder: The screen recorder is well suited for capturing screen recording. I find it very useful in creating tutorials for my online course. It captures both screen and my voice even without a microphone and filters noise.
  2. The voice recorder: When it comes to recording voice both on desktop and mobile, the experience was unique and excellent. This tool competes with Camtasia conveniently.
  3. Text to Speech: With VidSnatcher, I do not need to worry about text to speech conversion. The software comes inbuilt text to speech converter for both male and female. One other thing around unique is the ability of the software to translate to different languages
  4. Inbuilt icon and shapes: It also comes with inbuilt shapes and icons. Since I started using VidSnatcher 2.0, I do not need to worry about getting shapes and Icon from Pixel, Unsplash or canva. Top of it Todd promised regular upload of Gifs and other images
  5. Cloud Storage: This is a difference I found between VidSnatcher 1.0 and VidSnatcher 2.0. The later now comes with cloud storage. You do not need to worry about the location of your files. You can create an image with your mobile device and edit it on your desktop or vice versa. It makes working remotely very convenient for me.
  6. One time payment: All of this comes in a one-time payment. I do not need any monthly payment. And it is very affordable.

What I Like

  • I enjoy the ability to work from anywhere with any of my devices.
  • I Love not been constrained with disk space.
  • I love the screen capturing
  • I love the easy drag and drop editor for templates and images
  • I love the payment, it is affordable

What I Dislike

The video training is not comprehensive. The software does more than the training

Final Verdict

VidSnatcher is a perfect video editing tool for any content marketer. Form creation to editing and storage, the software has been designed to make work easy and enjoyable.

The pieces of training on the software is not comprehensive, you will discover more as you use the software.


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Traffic Exchange
Judy Meeks's review...
I can not imagine why anyone would not want to join this program if they are serious about getting traffic to a website with traffic exchanges and viral mailers. I find that it is one of the easiest ways to get loads of credits and it is free.

It is also a great way to get referrals to many different traffic exchanges and viral builders. It is so easy to do to. All you do is log in, click on the 3 bars in the upper right corner and click on either traffic exchange promo codes or viral list builder promo codes.

Then you start going down the list clicking on the not a member link if you are not a member of that particular program or enter your affiliate id if you are already a member.

After you join the program you can click on the view promo code link to find the promo codes. Copy the promo code and paste it to the redeem promo code area of the program. This may be under advertising, set up advertising, redeem promo code, or another link depending on the program.

Traffic Codex will tell you how many promo codes are available, the average user rating and how many members there are in that program, but I would not go by the number of members because that is not always accurate.

I find that the time spent copying and pasting each promo code is well worth it compared to clicking my fingers off every day. This saves me a lot of time and gets me a lot of traffic to my website.

Overall I would say this program is definitely worth it.


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