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William Nabaza's review...
My experience with the program so far

It gives me good traffic since I gained a lot of sign ups on it and earnings too because of it's twice a week contest on who reads the email most.

What I Like

I like the signups and earnings it gives. Contests pumps me up.

What I Dislike

Nothing yet at the moment

Final Verdict

It is one of my favorite tools when it comes to email marketing. Gives me leads that usually turns into buyers.


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Arnold Fisher's review...
DOSH App is a great opportunity to earn cashback. Use promo code: ARNOLDF1 This app is extremely seamless and literally works to put money back in your pocket without you having to even think about it.

What I Like

A good friend of mine introduced the Dosh app to me last year. They told me about their referral program and the $15 promo. I jumped right on it and it was very simple to register and verify my info and add my debit and credit cards.

The app provided me with notifications as people joined using my referral link. The app has never crashed on me. I love its simplicity and color scheme. It was easy editing my profile and adding Venmo info to transfer my commissions.

What I Dislike

As of today, I've had no issues with this cashback app.

Final Verdict

The Dosh app has amazing local offers! You can get cash back just by shopping at stores Dosh has listed in on their offers page.

Just use the card(s) linked to your Dosh account to shop and you're good to go. I'll continue to use this app.

Get a $10 - $15 bonus for each person who signs up for Dosh using your unique referral code and connects their debit or credit card to the app.

There is no limit to how many referral bonuses you can earn, but you do have to be a Dosh member to participate in the referral program.

How To Earn The Bonus

  • Click on the 'Refer' button in the Dosh app.
  • Share your unique referral link with your family and friends through social media, email or text message.
  • Receive a $10 - $15 bonus for each person who - Signs up for Dosh using your referral link,
  • Connects a debit or credit card, and Verifies their linked card.
  • Use promo code: ARNOLDF1

Bottom Line

Dosh is a great way to earn extra cash simply by spending on things you would buy anyways. It works especially well in big cities where Dosh partners are plentiful.


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Mark Hodgetts's review...
My experience with the program so far

Traffic Hoopla has been around for as long as I can remember. It has evolved a lot over the years and has responded to the changing dynamics of the advertising industry as the traffic generation industry has evolved.

Starting out as a ranking service for traffic exchanges solely, Traffic Hoopla has never really pretended to be anything else other than a downline builder and a ranking service.

Over the years there has been much conjecture about the veracity of the rankings, but every week without fail, Hoopla's owner, Bill Carr has published his rankings. He doesn't shy away from the fact that he ranks each advertising service according to several key factors. These are and always have been:

  1. The authenticity of traffic.
  2. The volume of traffic.
  3. The responsiveness of traffic.
  4. The profitability of the affiliate program.

He has copped criticism from time to time about seeming to favor certain exchanges and not rating some very popular ones. However. He has been consistent in ranking traffic services according to his criteria.

From its humble beginnings of ranking the top 10 exchanges, Hoopla has now become a viral traffic generator of its own accord with specific sites dedicated to slightly different sections of the market. Besides the flagship program, Hoople also has sites dedicated to:

  • List Mailers
  • Traffic Exchanges
  • Viral advertising
  • Bitcoin earning sites
  • Rewards earning sites
  • Most profitable traffic earning sites

Each program draws you further into the traffic web, with several traffic sources (including Leads Leap) being consistently recommended across all sites.

As a traffic builder, Hoopla has proven to be more durable than anything else on the market, it also has the added bonus of generating some affiliate commissions over time.

What I Like

Hoopla first and foremost has a trust element built into its brand. It keeps on keeping on. By and large, its rankings (with the occasional surprise) are pretty close to my own perceptions. It is consistent, clear, and never wavers from its core purpose of building traffic. If you use this and recommend it to others, it will help you to build traffic over time.

What I Dislike

Some of Bill's emails are a little folksy for me, but that's really nitpicking. I'd like to see a little more how-to guides for beginners in the member's area as it can be a little confusing. Sometimes. , I fear that Bill's desire to keep things simple may be a little overzealous. But it seems to work for him - so who am I to judge?

Final Verdict

The Hoopla family should be part of your marketing arsenal. Preferably recommended on the back end of your marketing efforts. It is proven to work, helps build traffic, and has been around for almost as long as Traffic Exchanges. If you haven't joined, I think that you should.


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April Dowling's review...
I've been using Top Dogs Rotator for over a year for the link rotator tool. I do not use it seriously for traffic generation. Free members can rotate unlimited sites and also promote their affiliate link automatically. All members can also get traffic by viewing micro ads and referring new members. Also you can earn affiliate commissions as a free or upgraded member.

What I Like

This is a pretty straight-forward site with good support. It's a unique concept to combine a rotator with traffic.

The owner is responsive, as well. I like how the upgrades are LIFETIME and how that means no monthly expenses.

What I Dislike

The site can be confusing for newbies.

Final Verdict

To date, I have earned over $70 by promoting this as a free member. I just upgraded to the $47 traffic pack a few days ago using my affiliate commissions (in addition to the $70 which I was paid). I think this site is a good option for a rotator tool, but not sure how well the traffic converts.

I upgraded to get access to the 2nd tier commissions and higher first tier commissions since lots of people upgrade.


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Home Biz
Rob Willmann's review...
How my AdCardz Journey Began...

Too Long; Didn't Read (TLDR) I give it an A+. I use their service, am upgraded, and make commissions on this. See the update at the bottom for more.

I was looking for another program where if I bought it, I could be an OWNER of a slice of it. I haven't created my own product or "membership" site per se, until now.

I purchased and now own my own adcardz adboard. Therefore this review is coming from someone who has upgraded, and purchased their main product line.

At the time of this writing, their monthly subscription cost for their SaaS (Software as a Service) is $14.00 a month. That's easily affordable. So I pulled the trigger and got my own board.

Once purchased, I selected my adboardz "slug" which is just a fancy name for the part of their domain URL that's distinct for you and your board.

[Disclaimer]: Please remember that this is a SaaS offering, and isn't software you install on your own webserver. All hosting and delivery of ads is done through their proprietary service. That means database upkeep and all that tedium is on them. I consider that a win for us marketers.

My logic is that the best money to be made online isn't panning for gold. The best method to make money online is to be helpful, and provide a needed service that helps others achieve what they want online. In other words, it's good to be the shop owner in town selling good to those panning for gold.

My entire online presence with marketing is based on that mindset. I look for ways that I can help others in their online endeavors and provide them with the tools they need to succeed. I truly believe that doing online marketing in such a way does indeed win in the long term.

Well, everyone NEEDS traffic.

I decided to work on owning something that could help others with their web traffic issue. Every marketer I know online needs more traffic, and if I can help facilitate that, then I am all for it. I am fairly active in many online advertising communities and sites. I decided I would look for a way to make an ad site that would help people get their own offer seen many times.

I came across and so far the response has been phenomenal.

My first step was to place a free ad on their platform.

Easy. I created a free ad, then upgraded that individual ad.

Each ad has to be "activated" (largely by viewing the page and seeing other ads, etc.) it became clear to me that this was how the traffic was generated: others were viewing the page to activate their ads, which would drive eyeballs to my ads.

Then I placed an upgraded ad to see the difference in how the platform performed. I was quite pleasantly surprised at the results.

I like the platform so much, that I bought my own adboard on their platform that I could use as a way to help others.

This really (to me) is the best part: You can own your own adboard, and price the miscellaneous portions however you want. Nice!

To me that is the perfect way for some new entrepreneurs to get started: own something that is turn-key that will help you make money.

What I Like

I like the simplicity and ease of use.

AdCardz makes it easy to get your free ad in front of other people. It's viral in the fact that to get your ad in rotation where it will have max effect and be seen the longest, you need to either watch other ads, or send people to your own ad. This creates the continuous traffic. I like how easy this works.

As a bonus, since I am also now an Adcardz program owner through them, I can set the amount of effort\points someone needs to put into it for their ad to be seen. That means that entrepreneurs can set this to a low participation points\value until their site is established. It's all configurable.

What I Dislike

The backend has a lot of resources, and I can tell the owners put a LOT of thought into this. However, it seems like the organization and UI aspect of the primary backend could be a little more thought out and robust.

Final Verdict

With all that said, I think that is a fantastic way for new marketers who want to get into program ownership to find a niche.

This product lends itself quite well to niche audiences. I firmly believe that the upgrade I've purchased and promotion I've done is only going to grow bigger.

I got into this as a way to find an advertising platform, and stayed because I now own a great product that I recommend to everyone.

I hope this review helps you understand a little better and how it can fit into your marketing plans.

UPDATED May 29 2021:

I still use Adcardz, and I have begun getting affiliate commissions from using and promoting my own adcardz board.

This really works and I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to own their own advertisiting site online.

UPDATED Jan 16, 2022:

I still have my adcardz account and recommend this as a simple turn-key entry level product. Free ads also make a great lead magnet for my lists. :)


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John Magellon's review...
With over 200 solo ad vendors, Udimi is a premium marketplace for solo ad sellers and buyers. Signing up for the website is completely free, and your first order will be discounted by $5.

By using the Udimi platform, all bot traffic is automatically filtered out, ensuring that you only receive real people viewing your ad.

What is the process by which Udimi works?

Your free account gives you access to the back office where all of the platform's vendors are profiled after you've created it.

You can narrow down your search by selecting one of the options listed under the "Find Sellers" menu tab at the top of the page:

  • The cost (cost per click)
  • "Got sales"
  • Niche
  • Ratings

As a result, your offer will receive more targeted traffic, and you'll feel better about working with the vendor, knowing a little bit more about them.

To make your first purchase, simply follow these steps after you've found the perfect match for your offer in the marketplace.

Step #1 - For most vendors, a minimum of 100 visitors is required for a successful campaign.

Step #2 - Select the options you want to apply to your order by checking the boxes next to them:

  • Filter at the very beginning (always leave this checked)
  • Mobile users only
  • Top Tier only
  • Prime filter (reserved to Prime accounts)

Step #3 - Add the URL of the website to promote in the text box provided (ad copy is optional).

Step #4 - Complete your purchase by clicking "Add to Cart" for the ad.

Step #5 - Sit back, relax, while you wait for the vendor to accept your order, and then watch the sign ups come in.

Step #6 - Check the status of your order by clicking on the "Orders" menu tab on the left side of the screen.

What I Find Appealing With Udimi...

Because of its simple and easy-to-use interface, the Udimi platform excels at helping customers find the best deal on a product or service.

What I Find Annoying With Udimi...

Nothing that I could find that wouldn't appeal to its users, really. It would be hard for anyone to find anything wrong with the system.


As long as you have a good marketing system with a landing page, a good lead magnet, and an auto-responder email series well organised, Udimi can help you quickly build your list and generate leads.

Hope that this review will be useful.



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