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Safelist Mailer
Andre Reutens's review...
You wouldn't want to miss signing up for this one, even if its Free. You are able to upgrade to Pro level for free after completing some tasks and collecting points.

Jason Wise (the same founder as FreeAdvertisingForYou) gives you clear instructions to get more traffic to your offer.

There are many ways to get your activity on viralmailerforyou rewarded. Promo codes are plentiful to be used across both platforms. The solo ads are very responsive.

Being a Diamond member, I've no regrets upgrading because the number of clicks I get for my offer/link is astounding. This site gets 80,000+ hits per month (SEOQuake analytics) so you can gauge from there the vibrancy of the site's activity.

Although the website looks like a standard web 1.0 old-style design, it will always deliver it's punch when it comes to getting your offer seen. So far there are 950 members (and growing). Don't be fooled by the small member base. These members are buyers and serious marketers, so don't pass them off as tyre-kickers.

Go ahead and sign up for free today and give it a go and work towards your free Pro upgrade then decide on upgrading even further. You'll be amazed as there are so many ways on this single website to promote your offer.

Of course, upgrading is always the better option - which saves you time and the site will get done for you and deliver its promise of great traffic. I love how it integrates well with FreeAdvertisingForYou.


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Clive Anderson's review...
TopDogsRotator is a little gem (I say little, but it's merely in expression and not description) when it comes to unique systems with a twist. Knowing that people want; No, Require, a constant consistent flow of traffic/visitors to view their website/s TopDogsRotator has the whole situation covered, and covered well.

A free to join simple to operate and use specialist system that has its finger in many pies when it comes to getting members websites actually seen. (There are upgrades available, which put this already amazing system into hyperdrive for a member).

I joined TDR back in November 2021 from a trusted recommendation due to the high level of success my referrer had been experiencing with the TDR system, and even as I update this review on 2nd September 2022 I'm still massively impressed by this exclusive system.

I'm updating this review again now in Novemeber 2022 as the owner has just gone to massive lengths to totally revamp the entire system making it even more desirable and workable as a successful business tool. (This revamp is based on previous success with the system and no expense or thought has been spared in making this an even more desirable and practical system for getting ANY online results that a member desires).

The owner, Maryanne Myers, is no stranger to providing the best when it comes to online promotions. She has been involved with and building exclusive traffic/leads systems since 1998 onward, and clearly knows how to make this format of system work well for its members.

The system was launched in Oct 2019, and at time of me initially writing this there were over 10,000+ now 11,539 now 12,082 members and there have been 358,806,180 408,104,352 421,936,280 views delivered to members websites. That's, Tens of Thousands of VIEWS Every Single Day! (Last updated 22nd January 2023).

So, when it comes to getting the traffic and hits a person needs to their sites TDR certainly has the capability to provide, and provide BIG is what it does!

The TDR's power comes from being aligned/attached with over 300+ other active traffic provision systems. So, guess what? When you place your website link into the two main features of TDR (The 'Add Rotator Sites' feature and the 'Your Micro Ads' feature) you get exposure on the TDR system itself, as well as all the connected traffic systems.

There are many reasons this should be called a traffic giant, especially when you take into consideration that they offer members up to a million views of any site within a very short time frame.

For me, it just makes sense to use TDR for consistent traffic.

Here's their quote, 'word for word': - "You get a huge traffic package (up to 1 million! ) that will last for a while and it never actually ends, Because you'll also get up to 4000 hits a month FOR LIFE! so you never run out. "

"Now having been a member for a few months and adding an update to this review on 1st May 2022, I can add that there is no reason to not join TDR (If you are serious about getting traffic) and in my opinion a person should upgrade at the earliest opportunity to experience an absolutely massive flow of hits. The hits are plentifull and continue to be worthwhile for the results. "

Well, I'm updating this reveiw again as of 1st July 2022, and this system is still providing masses of traffic, and sign-ups. Whats not to like. You can join a 100 traffic systems online and not experience half of what's on offer with TDR.

Now into 2nd September 2022 and TDR is still providing targeted traffic to the places I need it. Maybe its time you put it to the test?

My latest update as you will have read above was on 12th November 2022, and even seeing how the firgures have grown should at the very least provide anyone reading this with serious food for thought as to what to do next.

The way this is done is simply phenomenal...

There is so much more to TopDogsRotator, and all of it is good for marketing and seeing results, but if I had to put my finger on a dislike it would simply be the program name, as I believe the term 'Rotator' projects a cumbersome view of what the system actually does. However, none of this detracts from the programs overall abilities.

I was a member for only a couple of days before taking advantage of the upgrades available. There are 3 in total and all carry a wealth of increased ability within the system, each with a virtually endless supply of hits, which is another key benefit, given the fact that you can add unlimited sites to you 'Add Rotator Sites' feature and up to 20 sites into the 'Your Micro Ads' feature.

In actual fact, the numbers quoted on the upgrades initially sound out-of-ths-world, but the results show differently!

In conclusion, I would certainly recommend the TopDogsRotator to anyone wanting to extend and impact their online results. Free is good, but upgraded is where things start to happen real fast, and for my part it's certainly above and beyond expectations. Certainly a major tool that any serious marketer should have in their have in their arsenal.

If you were looking to build a team within the TopDogsRotator you would not only gain commissions, but also additional hits to your internally promoted websites. A true win win system and one that I now use as one of my top tools.

Top Tip: If you join TopDogsRotator also add your TopDogsRotator link within the system itself! Why? Because the views of listed sites within TDR are shown within the other 300+ external sites. (This means you will also be getting referrals to your TDR and receiving a continuation of growing members, traffic, and money. So, well worth doing that one little thing).

Clive Anderson
P. S. What do people want? a no fuss, easy to use and action system that takes little time to utilise and provides maximum results. Well, I'd go as far as to say that the TopDogsRotator is that and much more.


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David Hurley's review...
My experience with the program so far

The Click Engine is a "micro-continuity offer, " which means it is a low-priced high-value offer that generates a high percentage of conversions and long-term repeat purchases.

The price point during the launch phase is just $4.90 per month.

The product is "buyer traffic" - The Click Engine will send visitors to your URL who are proven buyers in the "online business" niche.

How do we know the visitors that The Click Engine sends are all "buyer traffic" in the online business niche? Because they have all paid the monthly $4.90 subscription and are members of The Click Engine. There is no "free membership" option with The Click Engine.

There is also no clicking for credits. All you do is supply your target URL and that's it!

What I Like

What I like about The Click Engine above all is the guy who has created it, Jeff Aman, who I've been following for a while now.

So when I heard from Darren Olander that Jeff Aman had launched a new traffic generation service I sat up and paid attention.

More than that – I jumped right into The Click Engine with both feet!

Apart from liking the owner, I also like the simplicity of the system. You just send in your URL and you're done. No clicking for credits or anything like that.

I also like that every single visitor The Click Engine sends to my URL is a proven buyer in the online business niche. Perfect!

Another thing I like is the affiliate program with its 50% recurring commissions and the $25 bonus Jeff pays you each month you bring in 10 or more referrals.

29th January 2023 Update: Since writing this review I have referred over 70 buyers. Several of them also went on to buy one of the OTOs. (Note, there is now a second OTO which will earn you $16 a pop. )

The retention rate is very good and members tend to stick around, so residual income is a reality with this site (if you promote it). I consistently make a profit well over 10x the subscription fee.

Even better, Jeff pays $25 bonuses to affiliates EVERY TIME they generate ten sales of the main product. Just drop him an email and he'll send your $25 to your Paypal account. He has done that 7 times already for me so far (as of January 2023).

What I Dislike

There is nothing to dislike about this service.

Final Verdict

Now would be a great time to jump in because you will lock in the low $4.90 monthly subscription for life.

Knowing Jeff, this program is going to grow very quickly and so I anticipate receiving more and more buyer traffic every single month from here on out.

My advice: Take advantage of the low price point and give it a try.


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Malcolm Keith's review...
EzClix is a new partner program to the EZ network of programs I have been a member of for some time so I had no hesitation in getting involved. It's been constructed in an 'EZ' way so that you can set it up for traffic to your opportunities and let it go to work. It's viral in its nature by the way the program grows and therefore the exposure to your promotion material.

My experience with the program so far.

While you can promote anything you choose, I think that online marketing, traffic generation and small business tools work extremely well. This program allows me to add login ads, banners and links. I recommend you direct traffic to an above the fold, enticing splash or capture page for your business rather than straight to a long product or business opportunity page.

The basic format used is a screen shot of your page that the traffic will be going to and a banner. To go on top of the viral page setup and other place. There is some easy setting up to do so you get the best out of this EzClix site. Other components you can fill in to further increase traffic to your site - and I really recommend doing every bit of it to maximize your exposure to traffic. Follow the checklist and aim for 100% completion.

In your back office you have a complete stats page so you can see the traffic and the results for each component set up. If you are getting lots of hits but no clicks it could be you need to adjust that landing page to be more effective. My CTR of about 3% to 5% is good but I may need to tweak my landing pages for improvement.

Things to note

Since launch mid 2022 the monthly price has moved up and is presently $6.90. Once you join you fix this price and it is still excellent value for traffic generated.

You can not use a rotator for your submitted link so don't waste your time trying to slip one in. I got round this by taking the one-time option of adding another two sites. You can change your sites any time on your Members' Dashboard.

What I Like

Once set up I can leave this alone to carry on working. I do log in in now and again to check my stats, get entered into a draw, and also see what other people are advertising. Long term this will deliver both quality and volume and I would rather start with getting a few hundred high quality visitors each month than thousands of trash-clicks. They also try to get everyone 2 EzClix sign ups to make the program cost free.

What I Dislike

Nothing comes to mind. The people behind these Ez programs are old hands at the advertising game.

Final Verdict

A good program to get involved with to get your opportunity shown on autopilot in many places for a low price and avoid too much time wasting clicking in different sites. Worth taking the one time, low cost upgrade to add another two sites.


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Downline Builder
Judy Meeks's review...
I have only been a member for a few days now and I have already started receiving payments. I have been promoting other programs as well but nothing compares to Automatic Builder.

What I Like

What I like about Automatic Builder is that you can use several different payment methods including Zelle. Zelle is my favorite payment processor because it allows you to get paid directly to your bank account without having to give out your bank information.

There is also a way to accept credit cards that has nothing to do with skrill and ppal. You can still use these two if you want but it is nice that they have an alternative. They also accept CashApp and Gpay.

Tip: When signing up you have to click on Agree to Terms of Use in order for the payment buttons to become live.

Anyone can start earning right away depending on how much advertising you do. As I said before, I have not done a lot of advertising and I still got payments within a few days. Those who really go at it can earn as soon as today.

Automatic Builder isn't just about instant payments. There is a downline builder, a way to make residual commissions(commissions you get every month) and you can add your own favorite websites.

What I Dislike

One thing I don't like about Automatic Builder is that it has one problematic safelist in its downline builder. That is Global Safelist. Do not expect to get paid from Global Safelist, but you can get good traffic from it.

There are a few add-ons that cost monthly, but you do not need them in order to make money with this system. They do have some nice perks, but again, they are not necessary.

My Final Thoughts

My final thoughts are that this is a really great program, especially if you need money in a hurry. It can build you a nice residual income while receiving instant payments which is one of the reasons it has become my favorite program for making money online.


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Health & Fitness
Bassey Moses 's review...
My experience with the program so far

I found LiveGood on 04 January 2023 on leads leap ads, and the ad captured my attention with the phrase "Lock-in Your Position on Our Powerline Matrix". When I clicked on the link and watched the video on the livegood capture page, I could not hesitate entering my names and email to learn more. After entering my details, within 30 minutes, there were over 5000 pre-enrollees and over 700 upgraded members. The light bulb in my head could immediately register that livegood is going to be a cash cow. Apart from the money aspect, as a health professional, the liveGood products made a lot of sense to me. I said to my self, my aged parents, myself, my family members and friends will benefit tremendously from these amazing products.

As a person, I have been working on loosing some weight in order to feel mush better, for some time now and livegood has those amazing products with very affordable price tag. Good part is, livegood shows you their price and how much competitors are selling those same products in the market.

What I Like

The cost for the products are very reasonable and affordable.

LiveGood is a Wealth and health package for anyone that can see things from my perspective.

The live good products are life changing products.

The marketing system is a breakthrough marketing system that no other networking or direct sales company provides.

Having gone through the compensation plan, the compensation plan is huge.

LiveGood started in August 2022 in the USA, and now it is Global, so the market is huge.

As at the time I started writing this review, people have been rushing into my funnels, and because I was able to realize that livegood has some great potential to make me some money by locking in my position in the powerline matrix, my team has grown to over 27,000 pre enrollees, and over 12000 upgraded members and still growing and counting. I am really loving this. I perceive 2023, is going to be a great year.

What I Dislike

There is absolutely nothing I dislike about liveGood. Is a great opportunity, with great products and this is going to change the old school way that network marketing has usually transacted business.

Final Verdict

Livegood will help me a lot with weight loss and managing my blood pressure with the livegood super red and livegood super green and the rest of the awesome products.

Great Products, and great opportunity and no doubt, an excellent project to make some money in 2023.


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