Landing Page Countdown Element Update

Couple of weeks ago, we released a new element called ‘Countdown’ in our Landing Page Builder.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you can refer to this post.

Since then, we have received some feedback from our members.

Today I want to update you on 2 improvements to the Countdown Element.

1) Resizable Flip Countdown

Previously only Basic Countdown is resizable. Now the cool animated Flip Countdown can also be resized, but it is a ‘cheat’.

What I mean is, you can resize it, but it will automatically approximate to one of the three standard sizes as shown below:

There is no way to make it fully resizable due to the animation requirement. But we reckon that these 3 sizes should be enough for most designs.

2) Countdown From Fixed End Time

Previously you can only countdown from a certain time. Say if you set a 3-minute countdown, everyone who goes to your page will experience 3 minutes of countdown.

Now you can set the countdown based on a ‘Fixed End Time’.

Say you have an offer or webinar that ends on a certain date and time, you can set that time as the End Time. The countdown timer will automatically calculate and show the remaining time to the visitors.

Here is how the two settings look like:

You can toggle between ‘page load’ and ‘fixed time’ and set the time accordingly.

If you use the Fixed Time option, be sure to enter a URL (see arrow below), preferably an opt-in page, so that visitors who are late for the offer or webinar can opt-in and be notified of the next offer/webinar.

If you want to try out these option now, go to LeadsLeap Page Builder and try it. (If this is your first time trying the Countdown Element, read this guide before trying.)

7 thoughts to “Landing Page Countdown Element Update”

  1. You and your team continue providing your members with these amazing tools. I may be bias, because I’m an upgraded member; but without question one of the best and well-spent sites I belong to. Thank you for the additional countdown elements, I’m sure it will be a hit.

  2. This is a wonderful post. Thank you. I will look at it in the morning. It is too late now. I’d better sleep and do it first thing!

  3. This has to be the absolute best platform for marketing tools EVER!!! And you just keep making it better and better! Thanks for adding this. I remember when I use to have to piece sites and tools together from all different platforms… Now I have everything I need right here in one place. $30 a month with this platform is worth every penny!

  4. All page editing forms on the right are showing white text, donno whether this is some missing setting or what?

    Am talking about the already existing text and not the text in the editing fields.

    1. Hi Brian, I briefly check your page in the page builder. I don’t understand what’s the issue.

      Can you please contact me via support ticket? Give me the page id, the browser you use and if possible, a screenshot of what you see.

  5. Every time I think Leadsleap is slowing down and becoming somewhat stagnant,
    you always seem to supercharge the platform… There’s absolutely no other marketing system that has all the best tools and marketing advantages as Leadsleap. Keep em Coming!

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