Countdown Timer For Your Landing Page

We have just completed another round of improvement to our Landing Page Builder.

One major improvement is the addition of a new element called ‘Countdown‘.

Thanks to our fellow member, Matt, for suggesting it.

With this element, you can create landing pages that look like this…

Or this…

How To Add A Countdown Timer?

Adding a countdown timer is as easy as adding any element.

You’ll now see an ‘hour glass‘ icon under ‘Add New Element‘.

Click it to add a countdown timer.

There are 3 parameters you can change:

1) The design / type of the timer.

2) The starting time of the timer.

You can also choose to hide Days and Hours.

3) URL to redirect when the countdown completes (or leave it blank to stay on the page).

That’s all.

The setting may be simple, but the benefit is huge.

Having a countdown can invoke a sense of urgency and hence increase the response rate.

Give it a try today. I believe you’ll find it useful.

27 thoughts to “Countdown Timer For Your Landing Page”

  1. Thanks, guys, you’re amazing. Leadsleap is by far the best for service and it’s a one-stop-shop for everything you need online.

    I highly recommend you to anyone and I’m definitely a lifelong member.

    Keep up the great work

    1. Hi. Thank you nice comment I know this platform is the best. I am trying to set up everything from the scratch. This is a bit overwhelming. Do you know anyone who can do the set up for me. Very new to online business. But I know this is the place to be. I can’t wait to start advertising and earning.

        1. Please contact our support for personalized assistance. Also, you can speed up the communication process by being more specific in your question.

  2. I wanted to suggest a timer but here it is already ;) Thanks Matt, the funnel builder is getting better and better!

  3. It’s wonderful Kenneth thanks :-)

    Where do folks re-direct the page to when the time runs out?

    Do most just leave that blank?

    Looking for some suggestions.

    1. Most people won’t stay till the end. Those who do are most likely curious about how it works. For such people, you can send them to your blog that teaches people how to do things, or an opt in page that says ‘I will show you how to creating stunning landing pages at ZERO cost!’. ;)

  4. What to say sir I have no idea what you are talking about landing page iamvery pleased by your actions how ever my mean concern is maililst or emaullist a d how to do the emails marketing maybe one day I will learn that thankyoufit Mr your kindness God bless and God bless freedom God bless the people of leedleep and their family and happy Easter thankyouall

  5. I love using timer in my landing pages because it motivates visitors to optin fast. I just used it now for my new landing page i built today, But My challenge now is how can I published my landing page so I can share it to my target audience for optins?

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