New Feature: Youtube To Broadcast

We have just released another automation named ‘Youtube To Broadcast‘.

This function allows you to automatically send out a broadcast to your list whenever you publish a new Youtube video in your channel.

Like ‘Blog To Broadcast‘, a snippet of the video description and hyperlink to the video will automatically be inserted.

In addition to that, the system can also automatically insert the video thumbnail image!

To illustrate, here is how the email template can look like:

With the above template, the auto-generated email broadcast will be like this:

You can see that the placeholder ~v_thumbnail~ is automatically replaced by the video thumbnail.

Step By Step Guide

Simply to go SendSteed List Manager > Youtube To Broadcast, and click ‘Add a new Youtube RSS feed’.


1) add the RSS feed of your Youtube channel

Don’t know what is the RSS feed of your Youtube channel? Don’t worry, it’s already partially filled in. You simply have to enter your channel ID.

2) customize the email template

3) select the list that you want to send to

4) select if you want the broadcast to send out automatically

That’s all.

Once the feed is activated, our system will automatically check the availability of any new video on your Youtube channel, create a new broadcast based on the template you have set up, and send it to the Active Subscribers of your selected lists.

How Soon Will My New Video Be Broadcasted?

The automation process is the same as ‘Blog To Broadcast‘.

The system starts checking for new video at the 30th minute of every hour. If a new video is available, a broadcast will be created and sent automatically in the next hour.

If you don’t want to wait for the system to detect your video, you can manually run the detection by clicking the ‘Running Man’ icon.

Once you click it, a broadcast will be created immediately using the latest video.

How To Test If My Video To Broadcast Works?

After you have set up the RSS feed and email template, you can run the Feed manually by clicking the ‘Running Man’ as depicted above.

The system will create a broadcast based on the last video in your Youtube channel.

You can then check the broadcast and see if it is what you expect.

That’s all for today’s update.

I hope you’ll find this new feature useful.

18 thoughts to “New Feature: Youtube To Broadcast”

  1. Awesome! Thanks Kenneth for all You do for us in and with LeadsLeap. Today’s email tip is great too (how to get work done and stay focused). Thanks.


  2. Brilliant! I think I need to get a move on and set all these goodies up asap. Thank you for creating this feature, this membership site never stops giving value, cheers.

  3. Love this new feature! I am building both my YT channel & lists this year so this is perfect for me. LL goes from strength to strength, thanks Kenneth for all you do :)

  4. Excellent new feature Kenneth, I am not much of a blogger, but I do like to create videos for my subscribers. I am looking forward to putting this to the test, but it sounds like a superb addition to the LeadsLeap toolkit.

  5. Awesome Kenneth! LL become better and better! This is superb adition to already awesome LL toolkits. :) Wishing you further success :)

  6. Awesome! for all You are doing for us in and with LeadsLeap. Today‚Äôs email tip “how to get work done and stay focused” is very helpful. Thanks once again.

  7. I am not good at this internet stuff I iclicked on the link to watch the video but nothing h appened. What did I do wrong? Erica

  8. Hi, Kenneth.

    Thank you for this youtube broadcast tool added into the LeadsLeap and which will make LeadsLeap leaping forward even a lot better than its competitors.

    Cheers, PSWmusik.

  9. I am new here and so I can not comment on the topic YouTube to broadcast. My major concern now is how to ensure that I project my brand from the onset. What would my landing page and opt-in pages look like? Would they show my name or my company name? These are my present concerns as I try to do the basic things first – creat a list, set-up the list, etc. Need help, please.

    1. Our landing pages and opt in pages can be fully customized. You can easily include your brand into the design.

      If you have been surfing ads in our network, you’d have come across some well-branded, nicely designed pages, created using our landing page builder.

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