Now You Can Add Landing Pages To Link Rotator

This is a feature suggested by our fellow member, Nishit. He wants to rotate his landing pages (or more precisely, page campaigns) in Trckapp Rotator.

First, let me clarify that before today, you can already rotate landing pages within a page campaign. This means in one URL, you can rotate different page designs.

But if you want to rotate different landing page urls, you can’t do that straightforwardly.

Now you can.

Step By Step How To…

If you have been using Trckapp Rotator, the process is essentially the same.

1) Create a new rotator

Go to Rotators and click ‘Add a new rotator‘.

2) Add landing pages

Now instead of seeing just an ‘Add track links’ button (arrow 1), you now see another button that says ‘Add landing pages’ (arrow 2).

Click on ‘Add landing pages‘ to select the landing page campaigns that you want to add to the rotator.

That’s all!

The process is very similar to adding track links.

Just like track links, you can set the rotation weight, traffic limit as well as geographical targeting.

Can I mix track links and landing pages in one rotator?


Can I manage rotator from landing page manager?


In My Landing Pages, you will now see a button as shown below.

Click on it.

You can then add/delete the rotators that the page campaign is linked to.

That’s all for today.

More exciting features are in the pipeline.

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