SendSteed Update – Track Your Subscribers’ Surfing Durations

There is an issue with SendSteed that has been bothering us for some time.

We notice that there are opt-ins with only 1 second of surfing duration.

What does that mean?

Either our tracking system is faulty, or those subscribers have their emails ready and they opt in as soon as the opt-in page is loaded.

We have been notifying members with large number of such opt-ins and getting more feedback from them.

One thing that is in common is, they get those subscribers from purchased soloads.

Leads from other sources seldom have such issue.

Our Solution…

Honestly, we have no solution.

There isn’t enough evidence to say those opt-ins are fraudulent. But the intention to opt in is questionable.

We will leave the decision to you, since you may be paying for the traffic.

From now on, you can see the Surfing Duration of your subscribers in SendSteed. See screenshot below.

Take the example above, if you see that you are getting a lot of subscribers with 1 second of surfing duration, you decide if you should stop the traffic source.


1) Surfing duration is only available for opt-in through hosted Page (using Page Builder) and hosted Form/Popup (using PopupXpert).

If you use raw html form, such tracking is not possible.

2) This is a newly added feature. Old subscribers’ surfing durations are not available.

To Conclude…

Your subscribers’ surfing durations is an indicator of their seriousness in opting in to your list.

I hope with this data, you can make wiser decisions on your promotion strategies.

23 thoughts to “SendSteed Update – Track Your Subscribers’ Surfing Durations”

  1. Thank you Kenneth. It’s not something I’ve had a problem with, I don’t have a large list. But I know it’s a valuable addition to LeadsLeap.

    1. You don’t need a large list to benefit from it. Even with a list of just 10 subscribers, it’s good to know how much time they spend on your opt-in page before they subscribe.

  2. Yeah, have a nice day to you Admin Kenneth, thanks for sharing this great opportunity.
    I want to learn more about the idea that how it works even I’m a free member as of now.
    Could it be possible to earn?

    I am more interested in it.
    Thank you so much.
    Juneben Besas

  3. Very interesting!
    I just had a solo ad run yesterday.

    On it’s surface the traffic seemed good.
    However – with this new system – I noticed a few double opt in – (active) subscribers that had only spent 5 seconds on the site and then opted in.

    I sent on of those subscribers a personal email (not through sendsteed) shortly after she signed up and became active.

    She replied back to me with the response of:

    “Leave me the HELL alone!”

    I’m interested to know more – about the inter workings of a solo ad vendor.

    I’m not expecting that answer here but just thought this would be an interesting addition to the conversation

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