Tutorial Is Now Searchable

Recently we added a ‘Side-By-Side’ tutorial system. The feedback was generally good,

except one problem…

There are too many FAQs to go through!!!

We hear you.

Now, the tutorial is searchable.

All you have to do is key in one or two keywords. The system will shortlist all the questions containing the keywords, in any order.

See the demo below.

Not only that, when you read the answer, the system will also highlight the keywords (see the demo above).

With this new feature, I hope you will not hesitate to go to the tutorial for help again.

That’s all this update.

Have a great week ahead!

14 thoughts to “Tutorial Is Now Searchable”

  1. A very useful addition. Another step in the continual improvement of an already excellent site.
    Thank you Kenneth

  2. Could you help me about the best time to create page to a LIST, when I make a Landing page: before or after loading “Email Series”?
    Thanks in advance for helping me.

    1. Rightfully you create a page after you have your list ready, otherwise you don’t have a list to add to the page. As for email series, it’s up to you. Some people don’t have an email series until they reach a certain list size. It all depends on whether you have an idea for the email series and the time to prepare the series.

  3. It sounds great. I will study it further and I’m sure it’s going to be valuable. Thanks a lot Kenneth. You are awesome.

  4. Thank you Kenneth. I can tell you really care about the membership on this Site. You give us just about every tool we need to succeed. Including the motivational tips in the Newsletters. They help a lot to stay focused and keep moving forward.

  5. Before joining LeadsLeap Kenneth I always thought there was something big missing from my online activities. Since I joined I realise I was right. Every time I login looking for a solution to a certain issue or to overcome a hurdle I seem to find a solution of one form or another within just a few clicks. It’s almost as though you’ve not only created a highly essential system for people to create and generate online success, but also a massive magic library to go with it. … Your extensive blog is almost as though you realise what members really need and have provided it, it’s priceless! … Needless to say, I’m writing this as a comment within your blog because what I have just stated above is exactly why and how I got here. Thank you.

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