Credit Allocation For Credit Ads

Some members have been asking whether it is possible to allocate their credits to their Credit Ads based on their preference, instead of the credits being deducted automatically.

My reply had always been ‘No’, until now…

From now on, Credit Ads can be run under 2 modes:

1) Auto Mode
2) Preload Mode

1) Auto Mode

This is the default mode. It is also the mode that your Credit Ads have been using all along.

In Auto Mode, your Credit Ads will be shown in the network as long as you have credits in your account.

When someone visits your ad, 1 credit will be deducted from your total credits.

The advantage is that it is automatic. As long as you have credits, you will get traffic.

The disadvantage is you can’t allocate your credits.

2) Preload Mode

In Preload Mode, you will preload credits into your Credit Ads.

Say you preload 100 credits to one ad, and 50 credits to another ad.

Practically, since 1 credit = 1 traffic, what you are doing is to allocate 100 traffic to the first ad, and 50 traffic to the second.

The advantage is you can control how you want to use your credits. If you have a lot of credits (some of you do), you can even choose to spend some for Credit Ads and encash the rest, which is not possible in the previous system.

The disadvantage is the Credit Ad will stop running the moment it runs out of its preloaded credits. You will have to monitor and top up the credits from time to time.

How To Toggle Between The Two Modes?

Your Credit Ads, by default, will run on Auto Mode.

If you want to change to Preload Mode, simply enter the amount of credits you want to preload when you set up the ad.

See the screenshot below. It should be self-explanatory.

If you want to switch the ad back to Auto Mode, simply click the checkbox shown below:

Do I Have To Do Anything Now?

No. Your Credit Ads are now running on Auto Mode. You don’t have to do anything if you are happy with the way it worked.

But if you prefer to control the use of your credits, then you can explore the new Preload Mode.

If you have any question, please write it below so that others can benefit too. I’ll reply asap.

21 thoughts to “Credit Allocation For Credit Ads”

      1. Hi there when are you going to add the Bitcoin cash out option for affiliate earnings which I think is more flexible than transfer wise and easy to use. Thanks hope to hear from you soon

        1. We can pay via bitcoin, just that we didn’t make it official. Please contact our support and give us your bitcoin address. We will add it to your account. :)

  1. I love the pre load option because i like being able to cash in my credits but also use some for advertising and this way i can do both extremely easy and effectively. Please keep this option forever.

    Thank You !

  2. Waw this is wonderful l love this system, the updates is nice and clear keep it up @adimin Kenneth hopefully you will work with me too to cash my dreams here

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