PDF Hosting Now Available For Pro Members

One of the ways to build list is to give away an ebook, usually in the form of a PDF file.

To do that, you need a hosting server to host the PDF ebook.

Recently, a Pro Member asked if we could host the PDF file for him.

Certainly we can.

So we added this service into LeadsLeap.

(Coincidentally another Pro Member asked if we can host a video for him. For this request, I have to refer him to YouTube because video hosting is a different beast!)

How To Upload / Retrieve A PDF File.

There are 2 places where you can upload / retrieve a pdf file.

1) Within SendSteed Email Editor

Within SendSteed Email Editor, you will see a ‘Pdf’ button (see screenshot below).

Click on the button to upload or retrieve a PDF file that you have previously uploaded.

2) A Standalone Hosting Manager.

We’ve added a separate hosting manager in the Members Area for both image and pdf hosting.

You can find the link in the navigation bar.

When you click the above link, you will come to a page like this:

The usage should be easy.

Simply drag and drop a pdf file, or click the upload button to locate a file from your local drive.

After uploading, you can rename the file by clicking the button below.

To get the download link, click this button:

Hosting Limit

To conserve our resources, we set the hosting limit to 99 files and 100MB. This is a combined limit, i.e. both image and pdf files are counted into this limit.

That’s all for today.

If you have any feedback, don’t hesitate to write in the comment below or send me a support ticket.

19 thoughts to “PDF Hosting Now Available For Pro Members”

    1. I suggest that you start trying the different tools that we have, reading the guides as u go along. If you have any specific question, contact our support. I answer all questions personally.

  1. This is a great step up. Leadsleap is gradually becoming our one stop site for all our internet needs.
    Leadsleap is becoming very interesting. More grease to your elbow.

    1. I agree.

      With time restraints, my mom skills and learning new site was at a minimum. The one thing I knew to be true staying home and raising young people and learning to earn from home; open the email. :-)

      In my very spare moments, Lead’s Leap has given me the easy stay at home mom check. Right to my door.

      I appreciate the opportunity even the average person has to earn with this site. Still learning but okay with looking at ads from various companies, and opening email.

      Thanks to the companies that open their opportunities to the couch potato, the gamer, fisherman, and friend. Looking forward to my next checks and meeting of new online friends.

      Thumbs up,


  2. This is awesome and very exciting, good bye google drive for now, hello LeadsLeap hosting, yikes not even tried it yet hold on 1 min couldn’t wait just tried it and it was easy-peasy ☺

    Thanks a lot Kenneth

  3. Wow, another great addition to this already great platform. Thanks Kenneth! And thanks for listening to our requests and making them happen :)

  4. Good addition to your platform. I am kicking the tires and running budget numbers since undergoing cancer treatments and having really tight monies. I love internet marketing and am fine tuning my machine.

    Have you thought of having expiring links for your download button, so when you deliver the pdf/ebook they can only get it within a certain window/time frame as not to give away your work to others without opting in.

    1. Interesting idea. But I wonder if such a feature will be practical.

      If it is for the purpose of increasing the urgency to opt-in, a one time offer on the landing page may be a better idea, rather than limiting the download itself.

      If it is to prevent people from giving away your work, I’m not sure if it is a good idea. Some people may choose to download later on. Implementing a time limit to the download link may frustrate real users. For those who have the intention to give away, they can still download and give away. It doesn’t make much difference.

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