Yet Another Upgrade In PopupXpert

This is the 3rd upgrade for PopupXpert in a short span of 2 months.

Bear with me.

In this upgrade, we have made some fundamental changes in the backend processes.

So some old templates may NO LONGER work.

To be sure, your old popups will continue to WORK on your website. What I mean is when you feed them into the editor, they may not work.

If your old popup is not compatible with the new editor, either you upload a new template, or contact our support. We will fix it for you asap.

Ok, here are some of the new things we’ve added:

1) An Image Gallery

We’ve added a library of 300+ images.

They are categorized into

  • Large Background,
  • Medium Background,
  • Small Background,
  • Portrait,
  • Banner, and
  • Object.

Large background can be used for full screen background.

Medium background is good for background of popup.

Small background and Portrait are for smaller image designs.

Banner is good for header image or slidebar. (See the samples below.)

Last but not least, Objects are transparent background images that you can use to add ‘live’ to your design. (Check out the samples below.)

If you are a Pro Member, you can upload images to your own gallery. We will host them for you.

With a vast selection of images (even more will be added in the future), creating pretty popups is now a matter of choosing a suitable image and changing the texts.

Take a look at the new collection of templates we’ve added:

But don’t limit yourself to the templates.

With the new image gallery, you can create your own unique opt-in form with just a few clicks.

2) Improved Image Editing

Another major improvement is the image editing capability.

You can now

  • adjust the image positioning in the view port,
  • make the image grayscale,
  • blur it,
  • rotate it, and
  • change its brightness.

3) Hide Credit

Pro Members can now hide the credit.

To hide the credit, go to 5. Animation > Hide credit

4) Z-Index sorting

Previously, to change the vertical layer of an element, i.e. to bring an element in front of another element, you change a parameter called ‘z-layer’.

I find this method a little confusing, especially when you have too many elements.

In this new system, you simply sort the editor of the element. (If you are used to Photoshop, this concept should be familiar to you.)

When will LeadsLeap Landing Page Builder be ready?

I know many of you are waiting for our landing page builder.

It’s almost done!

In fact, most of the improvements in today’s update come from the new landing page builder.

If things go well, it should be ready by the end of next month.

In the mean time, have fun with PopupXpert.

24 thoughts to “Yet Another Upgrade In PopupXpert”

  1. Astounded Kenneth!

    I haven’t even taken a look at the changes yet, but without a doubt, yet another incredible ‘Leap’ forward for Leadsleap.

    Fantastic features for free members and yet more added value to the pro members, amazing job Kenneth, I can’t wait to see the final builder, if this is anything to go by….well..what can I say…a real win for everyone, great job my friend.

  2. Wow thank you very much for this update! I love the look of this and will be taking full advantage of this great system.

  3. Wow & wow!

    This is fabulous & fascinating :) And that too even a free member can use Popupxpert with this much of options…
    I have grossly underestimated folks.
    Well, what’s the cost of Pro membership?

  4. This is great Kenneth and team. Kudos to you guys. The efforts are so worthwhile and timely amazing! Well done.

  5. I am thankful for whatever you do as without your help I would not know so much about marketing business. You will always give me the correct information.

  6. Absolutely Awesome Upgrades: LeadsLeap simply keeps getting Better & Better. If you’re at all serious concerning your online marketing campaign results and you’re NOT an upgraded member of this fantastic platform, you’re simply missing the boat! No other platform I’ve used in my 20+ years of marketing comes close to LeadsLeap. NOTHING!

  7. I signed up for this years ago and I’m glad to see this is still live and kicking

    a lot of things I started I see are no longer active

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