PopupXpert Can Now Create Raw Html Form

Some website builders either do not support or charge a premium for those who want to add Javascript. An example is WIX.

As a result, some members cannot use SendSteed to build list, since the only way to add an opt-in Form was via Javascript.

We feel your pain.

Now you can generate traditional HTML form code.

Generating HTML form code is easy.

1) Create a new campaign in My Opt-in Forms.

2) Click Launch Editor.

3) In the PopupXpert, under Form Type, select ‘HTML Form’

4) Proceed to design your form as usual. Save when done.

5) Go back to My Opt-in Forms, you will see something like this:

Click ‘Get Form Code’ to get the HTML form code.

That’s it!

Please note that unlike the Javascript code, this HTML Form code doesn’t support tracking and animation.

If your web builder supports Javascript, you should use the Javascript code instead.

Another New Feature

Besides enabling HTML Form code, we have also added another feature to SendSteed.

You can now redirect your subscribers to another website after they have verified their email.

To set it up, just go to My Lists. (Refer to the screenshot below.)

This Redirect feature should not be confused with the Redirect feature in PopupXpert. (See screenshot below.)

The redirect feature in PopupXpert is to redirect subscribers to another URL immediately AFTER opt-in, BEFORE email verification.

The redirect feature in My List is to redirect subscribers AFTER email verification .

Which is better?

I feel that it is better to set up redirect AFTER email verification.

If you show the subscribers an offer AFTER opt-in but BEFORE email verification, they may forget to verify their email, or they may not be in the mood to see an offer as they prefer to verify their email first.

There has been quite a number of updates and changes to SendSteed and PopupXpert as we try to fulfill members’ requests. Please bear with me.

We are changing for the better.

17 thoughts to “PopupXpert Can Now Create Raw Html Form”

    1. You mean how the blog knows it’s you? The entire LeadsLeap website is linked. Once you login, everywhere you go, the system knows it’s you.

      1. Hi Kenneth!

        I know that :)
        I was only kidding!

        I sent a few emojis on that post but it didn’t show them.

        If it did you would know I was kidding!

        Thank You!

  1. Hi Kenneth,
    Thanks for the wonderful add-ons.
    That was a quick execution I must say.

  2. That’s exactly what I was silently begging for, while still being amazed at how insanely great this site is (and how dumb how I was to forget about it all these years!). Now, this is just PERFECT. I can’t think of a single reason why anybody would not want to use this site in any way. Thank you VERY much Kenneth!

  3. If you’re a serious online marketing entrepreneur and you’re not an LeadsLeap upgraded member, you’re most certainly missing out on some of the most beneficial and industry leading tools and marketing features you’ll find in any other program. I’ve never seen an program ADMIN as devoted to helping his members to succeed as Kenneth here at LeadsLeap. I find that a-lot of programs ADMINS simply strive to build up an large membership base and then as time goes on, they do absolutely NOTHING to keep the program FRESH and UPDATED… Thanks Kenneth for always working to keep LeadsLeap moving on into the future of online marketing!

    1. Well said Gregory, I could not have put it better myself, I totally agree with you my friend, Kudos to Kenneth for an excellent platform.

  4. Wow this is really great updates, and by the way, the best is to use 2 thank you pages, one before verification to tell them to confirm their email, and one after verification, and then track both those pages with the Convert codes so you see what needs to improve to get people to also verify their emails more.

    From what I can see now the only reason for me to still use TrafficWave is email templates which lets me write and send a new email in 5 minutes and still look pretty.

  5. HTML code for Form widget not displayed in form creation …lightbox is now my only option please correct

    1. That is because under 1. List, you’ve selected “I’m not collecting email”.

      Since you are not collecting email, you are not building a form, hence html form is disabled.

      To see the Html form option, please select ‘Use LeadsLeap List Manager’ or ‘Use 3rd-Party List Manager’.

  6. Thanks Kenneth for this innovation. More of your new ideas are there to simplify our work. I am happy to see changes in leadsleap all the time!

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