2 New Features Added To SendSteed Autoresponder

Recently we received this inquiry:

“Does the system allow for ‘copy codes’ so that a team member of mine can copy my entire campaign to his/her account?” – Jim

That was a great idea, so we worked on it immediately.

We’ve also added a ‘Find and Replace‘ feature.

Details below:

1) Share Code

Share Code allows you to share the Email Series in your SendSteed List Manager with others, with just a code.

This is useful if you want to let your team members from any program to duplicate your email campaign, hence helping them to succeed.

To do so, just click on the Email Series Setup (arrow 1), click Share Code (arrow 2).

Copy the Share Code and give it to your team member.

Next, they simply have to click Import (arrow 3) in their list and enter your Share Code to import your entire Email Series into their list.

Another use.

You can also duplicated your own Email Series to another list of yours using the Share Code, instead of having to copy and paste everything one by one.

2) Find And Replace

After importing an Email Series, the next task is to replace all the affiliate links.

Replacing the link in every email is tedious.

So we add a ‘Find and Replace‘ function (arrow 4 in screenshot above).

Your team member can easily find and replace the affiliate links in all the Email Series.

Another use.

Overtime, you may have to change the affiliate links you have been promoting.

With ‘Find and Replace‘, you can easily search the episodes that need to be changed.

Then you can replace them either one by one or all at once.

Here’s an illustration:

You can search for the domain name of the affiliate link you want to replace.

That will return all the contents with the domain name, including all hyperlinks.

Then you can copy the HTML link and replace it with a new HTML link.

If you have to customize the content further, you can edit the affected episodes one by one.

One last thing…

Many people are clueless about writing Email Series.

If you can share your Email Series with your team members (for whatever program you are with), you are doing them a big favor.

At the same time, you are establishing yourself as a leader and growing your team.

It’s win-win.

34 thoughts to “2 New Features Added To SendSteed Autoresponder”

  1. That’s an incredible addition to this autoresponder feature. Many including myself used to have to pay for the share feature, and now thanks to you, its now available. Now all that it takes is investing some time setting a campaign up and before long I will be a pro at using this awesome feature. Great job!

  2. Excellent option. This brings LeadsLeap’s SendSteed closer to feature parity with some of the ‘paid for’ autoresponders that are out there.

    The only item I would add is this: IF you copy another team member’s autoresponder series, then PLEASE customize the emails and make them your own. Personalization really goes a long way to building relationships, instead of ‘boilerplate’ emails that get sent out. You’ll get better performance by allowing some of yourself to come through in your emails.

    Nice job on the features. Kudos!

          1. I have read that but I am afraid that it doesnt make much sense to me since I am technically challenged sort of speak. lol

          2. Manny, I would suggest that you first get your feet wet by simply following the guide.

            When you have something going but are stuck at certain step, contact our support.

            It’s easier to show you how to proceed with your current project than to do a demo on something generic.

  3. Wow!, an awesome set of new features, making the auto-responder even more powerful, fantastic job as always Kenneth.

    In fact, I noticed we can now promote the sendsteed page with our referral links which is brilliant because this is now a very attractive proposition for a many marketers who have yet to experience everything that Leadsleap has to offer.

    Btw, I have been a member for a good while now and have finally upgraded to Pro and am so glad I did. This addition of the AR kinda tipped me over the edge…lol!

  4. Wow… talk about impressive support… I only asked about this as a possible feature 2 weeks ago, and here it is already! Whudda thunk? Really amazing… and it really notches things up for Sendsteed. Thanks so much Kenneth!

    1. We try to make things simple. If you have suggestion on how to make it even simpler, just send us your suggestion. :)

  5. WOW! Totally impressed!

    I use AWeber and I will continue to use that account. But I am going to start using Leads Leap’s SendSteed, as well. I want to experience this new autoresponder as it grows.

    Great work, as usual, Kenneth and Leads Leap crew!

  6. Fantastic! That’s just what I need to move forward and import my campaign emails into Send Steed so I can offer them to my JV Diamond members. Thank you!

    David Hurley


    1. David, the import function is to import email campaigns within SendSteed system, across different users.

      It is not to import email campaigns from external sources.

      If you have a lot of email campaigns to import, please contact our support. We see what we can do.

  7. Kenneth, you have no idea how tempted I am to stop using my current autorepsonder and switching over to SendStead. The share code feature is a welcome addition but the find and replace tool for all of your emails is genius. I can’t tell you how many times I find out from my subscribers that an affiliate product is no longer for sale. Then I have to try and remember how many different places I’ve set up my link. It’s a huge pain and I know I’m just leaving money on the table if I don’t change every single one.

    Even though I’m currently using 2 great autoresponders, I may do a test run of SendStead just to give it a try.

    1. That’s why we added a Find and Replace function. :)

      There are other intuitive features in SendStead. I hope you’ll like it.

  8. Kenneth this is an awesome addition. Some paid responders won’t let you share your campaigns. And the find and replace feature is great, along with the tutorials on how to use the tools available to us on LeadsLeap.

  9. I just saw this now, am sure this is going to be great. Good job! Thanks for giving all to improving services rendered in LeadsLeap…

  10. WOW..This is an awesome tool you added…It’s really great…Just by reading it through I found out that your new tools are fantastic…

    Keeping working hard and we too keep promoting and earning from your program

    Thank you

  11. Oh I got one one suggestion..Can you try to make the comments news on the top…It’s difficult to go down through to comment…

    Thank you..

  12. Hi,tried to Post a new free ads i entered the URL and filled in everything,and i clicked on ”CLICK HERE TO ADD/CHANGE IMAGE” several times but it ain’t working. Any solution to that? Apart from that,everything is GREAT!


  13. Loving the new features, Kenneth, but I’ve been reluctant to move away from my old autoresponder and fully commit to SendSteed as it will mean losing my lists.

    How about adding an ‘import leads’ feature so members don’t lose their hard-won mailing lists?

    1. I understand. To protect the reputation of the mail server, we do not allow import of leads. What you can do is to create an offer to your current list, get them to opt-in to your new list at sendsteed. Over time, most of your active subscribers should be in your sendsteed list. Then you can cancel your old autoresponder.

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