New Feature: Email Subject Rotation

This is yet another feature added to SendSteed Broadcast.

It’s called Email Subject Rotation.

If you send a broadcast to your SendSteed List now, you can add up to 4 Subjects.

You can also track the open rate and click rate of each subject.

Details below…

How To Add More Subjects?

If you open the Broadcast Editor now, you will see a + sign next to the Subject input field.

Click on it to add another Subject.

You can add up to 4 Subjects (see the example below).

Next, set up the rest of the broadcast as usual and then send it to your list.

The system will automatically rotate the available subjects.

How To Track The Performance Of Each Subject?

In the Broadcast listing, you can click on any of the Sent, Open or Click stat.

Other than the usual details that you can see previously, you will now see a new table detailing the sent, open and click stat for each subject.

With these stats, you will be able to tell which subject generates more open and click rate.

This will help you to write better email subject over time.

That’s all for today. More updates in the pipeline. ;)

15 thoughts to “New Feature: Email Subject Rotation”

  1. Great! Thank you for adding this feature. Will help a ton seeing which subjects wok best to use for solo ads etc!

  2. Fantastic feature. Can’t wait to roll the Broadcasts out with these! Thanks Kenneth for your dedication in adding quality to LeadsLeap.

  3. Hi Kenneth, maybe it’s only me, but I haven’t seen (or noticed)
    such a feature with any other service yet. Awesome addition to track Your success. Thanks!

  4. In my opinion, Leadsleap is the BEST autoresponder for home business and independent entrepreneurs! The Landing Page Builder, support & price just can’t be beat. Well done!

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