LeadsLeap Widget Can Now Work On HTTPS Sites + More Updates

Some updates on what has been happening in LeadsLeap.

1) LeadsLeap Widget can now work on HTTPS sites.

Previously members with their websites secured with HTTPS were unable to add the LeadsLeap Widget to their websites.

We’ve just acquired the SSL certification.┬áIf your website is secured with HTTPS, you can now add LeadsLeap Widget to it and make money.

You can get the widget code here.

2) We’ve added a new ad type – ‘New Launch’

We’ve added a new ad type called ‘New Launch’. It is only available for Pro Ads.

If the product that you are promoting is at pre-launch stage or it has just been launched for less than 3 months, you may use this ad type to differentiate your ad from others. This ad type will automatically be reset after 14 days, i.e. after 14 days, the ad will not carry the ‘new launch’ label.

If you want to find out what are the new launches in the market, go to your Member’s Dashboard now. You will see a new ad unit called “New Launch Ad”. This unit will feature all the ads with the ad type ‘New Launch’.

It’s an easy way to keep you updated with the new launches in the market.

3) ‘Filter by tag’ feature is now added to TRT Rotators

The ‘Filter by tag’ feature that is used to filter The Real Tracker (TRT) Links is now available in TRT Rotators too.

You can now add tags to your rotators and filter them for easier management.

This feature is requested by our fellow member, Bob.

We have got several other feature requests, such as tracking the conversion rate. We are still working on them.

4) We’ve upgraded our server

After about one month of painful process (for me) and some inconveniences (for you), we finally completed our server upgrading process.

Lots of lessons learnt. I will blog about these lessons one day.

Anyway, long story short, our server is now doing well with the current traffic load, with enough buffer for more.

With the server issue settled, I’m now putting on my thinking cap again. Expect to see more interesting features and tools being rolled out in the months to come…

11 thoughts to “LeadsLeap Widget Can Now Work On HTTPS Sites + More Updates”

  1. Kenneth,

    Just like to say kutos for the recent “New Launch” feature. I think it will be extremely popular for website owners as well as those who want to keep an eye on new launches.

    I’ve got a question I’ve been meaning to ask you, have you given any thought to adding a simple buy credits feature for those who may not be able to afford the Pro membership. Or people like myself who own sites and run coop advertising with my members from time to time and are interested in buying a significant ad buy.

    Pardon me if I’ve missed the issue if you’ve addressed it already, but I’ve not seen it mentioned anywhere.


    1. You are right. We don’t sell credits.

      But you got a point. People who run coop ads will find our Pro Membership insufficient.

      Send us a ticket. We will discuss and see how we can meet your need.

  2. To Support,

    Don’t know if it is my browser or not but there is an issue with the blog new message link. It is linking many other functions on the page on multiple pages. So that means the top ad on the pro ad page and it’s div is all linked to that new blog message. Also the divisions below that ad and other buttons including the support button on the support page all go to the blog when clicking into the field to write. Instead of the cursor blinking as ready to write, the blog opens. So many of the buttons are affected by the hyper text command and they are all going to that blog listing instead of what they are meant for. Commented here because cannot get the support form to work. I would guess that someone forgot to add the tag in the right place or something similar. Thanks Jon

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