Compulsory Review Of New Free Ads

Let’s start with the important updates…

1) Compulsory Review Of New Ads By Free Members

In the past, we allowed ads to be shown immediately upon submission.

But recently, there has been an increase in the number of problem ads. This is affecting our reputation and more importantly our members’ experience.

Enough is enough.

From now on, all new ads by Free Members will have to be reviewed before they can appear in the network.

As for Pro Members, their ads will still be shown immediately. So far we haven’t got any major problem from our Pro Members.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t review Pro Members’ ads. We review every ad in the network. It’s just a matter of timing.

2) Update Your Member Profile NOW!

I urge all of you to go to My Profile now and update your Public Profile.

Even if you have done that before, please go there and check again because we’ve made some changes.

You want your Public Profile to look professional.


Because from now on, other members are able to view your profile by clicking the avatar of your ad.

Try it.

Go to your member’s area and click on the avatar of an ad. You will be able to see the profile of that member.

(Note: At this point it only works in the Member’s Area. It doesn’t work on this blog yet. We need to change the WordPress theme in order to make it work. That will need more time.)

This feature is suggested by one of our fellow members and I fully support the idea.

It helps our members to identify who are the serious marketers and whether they can trust them.

Be sure to get your Public Profile ready by this week because I expect our traffic to surge from next week onwards.

3) $2600 Launch Contest Will Start On Monday

The launch date of LeadsLeap 2.0 is 16th Feb 2016. But you are not going to wait till then.

Our Launch Contest will begin on the 1st of February, which is the coming Monday!

The contest will stretch all the way to the end of February (29 Feb).

You have the first mover advantage to start promoting LeadsLeap 2.0 before everyone else.

People love to get early access to something. Make use of this advantage to get more referrals.

Go to ‘My Affiliate Links‘ for all your promotion needs.

You can find different affiliate links, Swipe Emails and Banners that you can use. There is even a section teaching you how to promote LeadsLeap 2.0, even if you have no resources at all.

There is a total of $2600 cash prizes to be won in this contest. Details are in your member’s Dashboard.

Give it a try. You can be the winner.

13 thoughts to “Compulsory Review Of New Free Ads”

  1. I really Love the idea of being able to view other member profiles, I was just discussing this very same subject with one of my LL downline members the other day! Great minds think alike! ;-)

  2. Kenneth I look forward to the added traffic that LeadsLeap will deliver I am confident that LL will be even better now that you have started version 2.0!

    I encourage all fellow LL Members to update their Profiles as they will enjoy the added traffic as well as showing that we are Professionals at Network Marketing or MLM or whatever Businesses/websites we are promoting.

    My Profile was updated a few weeks ago (I periodically check it to make sure everything is up to date too) and I always have liked to view my own Profile as how others will see it not just from the editing platform (I like that feature). That way if there are any errors I can spot them right away (like too long of a web address that I needed to shorten or a bio that is cut off)

    Thanks for everything!


    AKA rjpjrblue

    1. Hi Robert,

      First, thanks for the suggestion.

      We’ve added another component in the profile. It’s called ‘How to connect with you?’

      You can add your Facebook page or even your Skype ID if you want, so that others can know you better in person.

      Just key in any mode of contact you want. If it is a url, the system will auto detect and hyperlink it. Otherwise, it will remain as a plain text.

      1. Kenneth you are very welcome! Anytime I can help get new features that will help grow LL I will keep them coming. I just logged in and noticed that new feature and I added that new section to my current profile Have a great day!


  3. I really Love the idea of being able to view other member profiles, I was just discussing this very same subject with one of my LL downline members the other day! Great minds think alike! ;-)

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