How To Drive Traffic To Blog

Nowadays it seems that everyone is having a blog, but many have no idea how to drive traffic to blog. I hope today’s discussion can shed some light to bloggers who are struggling to drive traffic to their blogs.

From time to time, I get people asking me if they should advertise their blog to get traffic. My advice is always ‘No’. If you have a new blog, remember, advertising it is not the way to get traffic. There are some exceptional cases of course. But in most cases, advertising is not a good traffic source for blogs. (Blog plays a different role in advertising. I may discuss this next time.)

Have you heard of gurus saying that blogging is a way to get traffic?

Yet bloggers are scratching their heads wondering how to drive traffic to blog.

Shouldn’t blogging generate traffic? If so, why do you need to drive traffic to your blog? Shouldn’t you just keep blogging and your blog should generate traffic on its own?

Well, you know things are not that simple.

A new blog is capable of generating traffic on its own ONLY IF it’s optimized for search engine. Else, you’ll have to think of ways to drive traffic to the blog and that can be tedious and even frustrating to some.

In my opinion, if you were to start a blog, it must be optimized for search engine. That’s the laziest way to drive traffic to your blog.

How do you build a search engine optimized blog?

There are just two things you need to do.

1) Write search engine optimized posts

Most bloggers simply blog whatever they like to say. You can do that if you are Paris Hilton. If not, you’re not likely to attract people to read what you’re writing.

A ‘purpose-driven’ blogger will do careful keyword research and optimize his article for search engines before posting it to his blog. Almost every blog post is his arrow that aims to shoot down the top position in the search results.

2) Build backlinks

The objective of a blogger should be to turn his blog into an authority site.

My definition of an authority site is one with a high PageRank. To get a high PageRank, you have to get many backlinks to your blog.

The game of search engine optimization is unfair. Authority sites receive more attention and better rankings from the search engines. You can write very good content but if your blog has no backlink, you’re not likely to get much attention.

Link building is boring and tedious. And you won’t see the return immediately. But it is necessary.

Did I say ‘necessary’?

Besides the normal ways of getting backlinks, such as submitting articles, press release, forum marketing etc, there is an innovative way that you should explore if you are serious.

It’s to create a free online application that people are interested to link to. If you don’t know how to create one, you can always get a freelancer to do it. But you need to come out with the idea.

For example, in the blog industry, many bloggers create free WordPress plugins. Useful plugins get lots of recommendations from other bloggers and thus backlinks.

Final comments

Building a blog that can drive traffic on autopilot takes time and effort. In the meantime, you should look for other ways to drive traffic to your blog. The way I recommend is to build a list. You can easily build a list through advertising and offering something for free. Then you can send this list to read your blog.

This is the beginning stage, when you have to actively drive traffic to your blog. If you keep following the two steps above, your blog will eventually get traffic from the search engine automatically. This is when your blog can become your faithful and passive traffic generator. This process can take 3 to 6 months, depending on how hard you work.

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  1. Hi Kenneth,

    Yep.., That is good article for me, I really want to increase my traffic more than 100 a day, and my page rank site too.


  2. Hi Kenneth

    Great article. I have had great success building traffic to my blog just by leaving good relevant comments on other peoples blogs. It is best to choose a high traffic blog, well kinda like this one.

    Right now there is a very good traffic building interview on my blog with Michael Cheney as well as a free traffic Ebook by Cheney.

    These could be additional help for your readers

    Thanks Kenneth
    Thomas Northrop

  3. Interesting post
    And really important the traffic question.

    I think at the end of the day it is about stamina and quality. Buiding backlinks is rather tedious [one could always outsource] but backlinks seem to be the highway that brings the traffic

  4. Thanks Ken for the summary. I’ve been successful search engine optimising my husband’s site for 3 keywords but I find it very hard to optimise broader sites and categories which have a great deal of competition. Conversion is another story. I am hoping the economy picks up so conversion rate will also increase

  5. Apart from the above you can find a lot of useful tips from ebooks by JOhn Chow and Others. Most important thing is to encourage others to comment or employ professional bloggers initially. Once the traffic begins to come in, then it grows itself.

  6. Hi Ken,

    I agree, keywords are crucial to driving traffic to your blogs. SEO may be more important to a blog, than a website. I think even the keywords in your URL are very important.

    Keep the good info coming our way!



  7. Hi Kenneth,
    GREAT JOB! Very well explained. I would love to know more about blogging. By the way: what do you think about “Automated Blogs” which are updated daily, you know this staff!?!
    Thank you.

    1. I’m not familiar. If you auto update your blog with unique and high quality content, I think it’s fine. If you are adding crap to your blog everyday, I don’t think it’s the way to go.

  8. Thanks Kenneth for your input,
    I personally like using a wordpress blog, there are a number of plug-ins to help you with this. Don’t overlook social book marking. It takes a little time to do but well worth the effort.

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  11. Kenneth gave very good views on how to drive traffic to blog. But to me, it depends on the blogger. If you aim to make money from blog whether direct or indirect, it is a MUST to bloggers to learn on how to increase traffic to your blog. As a beginner,FIRST, the basic principle is to enrich your blog contents. You must regularly update your blog whether by introducing new tittles or update the present blog. We must understand people come to your blog for something to read. SECOND, active in blogging by visiting, give comments and write your blog URL on the blog you visit. This is in line with Kenneth suggestion to create back links. THIRD, you must put relevant keywords in each blog you write(in blogspot they call ‘labels’ at the bottom of the blog)

    1. If you can post once a week, it’s good enough. The main thing is to post keyword optimized articles. The idea that search engines prefers websites that post regularly may not be true. I have websites that has not updated for years and still holding the top positions in search results.

  12. Once again, Kenneth hits the subject straight on. It is a pleasure reading this blog and I love sending my potential new associates here as well. WordPress blogs were made to be traffic magnets and with the advent of Web 2.0 and all of those really cool and mostly free widgets you can do just about anything imaginable.

  13. hi kenneth..

    thanks for your tips…since i am your subscriber i read almost of your article..but i still want to motivate myself to do all the seo aspect because sometime i feel tired and boring to do that.thanks again

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  16. Driving traffic to a website or a blog is truly a hard task. I agree with you that you should create optimized post and backlinks to get good massive readers. But you need to keep in mind that it’s not only the amount of traffic that matters, but traffic that converts.

  17. Driving traffic to a blog can be a hard task. I agree, the best way to drive traffic to your blog is to give away something of value for free, of course, and then follow up with them with an autoresponder and send them to your blog and encourage comments and on your posts. Of course, if you provide good, quality content then you will attract more readers.

  18. Great post.

    Like you mention at the beginning of your article, the best way to get a bunch of visitors to your blog is to Write search engine optimized posts.

    With time you get many of your post rank well in the search engine and you’ll get plenty of free ‘targeted’ traffic from google, yahoo and so on…

    Very important to check your cpanel stats every couple days, you’ll find all the Keywords that have bring peoples to your blog and you will definately find some ‘GOLD’ keyword in there.

    Oh an make sure you have a optin form on your blog.

    Once again great blog post ;)

  19. Search engine optimised blogs will always get visitors from the search engines.
    For most people keyword research is better said than done but it is nevertheless critical if you want toget traffic to a blog.

    Back links will also always push your blog higher in search engines and even though you won’t see immediate results,it is always worthwhile.

    To your success online,
    Kevin Njoroge

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  20. This is a great post because I think a lot of people don’t understand that creating backlinks is necessary and they often overlook it. If you want great page rankings, you need solid backlinks, bottom line. Also, you should always write around a keyword whether it be in an article or a blog post. Nice work.


  21. Thanks. This is a useful article indeed. For me I ran blogS related to niche on
    forex price action trading.In my early days I started a simple blog without having any knowledge of SEO and traffic generation.

    Initially I was filled with passion and aimed to make a part time passive income online. But soon after I started the blog,I “banged the wall”. I only have 2 or 3 uniques a day even after a month! …sigh!

    This is a good article for all IM beginners. Great article!

  22. Driving traffic to website is really very important to make your site visible and to do this I suggest you do all the techniques listed in this post because we cannot succeed if we do just 1 or 2 strategies, I have an idea to add to this post because there are millions of people going online each day to play game. I used YourKidsClub games as it has wide variety of games that are related to my niche and can help generate more traffic.

  23. Great tips. I have been doing some of these suggested tips myself. Blogging is a great marketing tool to expand your business. This is an inspiration to fellow bloggers–to strive to become better contributors of new information and make our readers feel their time was best spent reading our blogs.

  24. Ken, I have been following you for about 3 weeks now and I am consistently impressed with your professional level of training. I am just coming out of the gate with my site and my heart skips a beat every time you challenge me to a new level of growth or a different way of thinking.

    Many Thanks,
    Kim McDaniel

  25. Everyone is running after social networking sites. So we need to run after them to get a good and consistent traffic.As time changes strategies also changes.There is not a single way to get traffic for all times.

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