Free Targeted Web Traffic – $202.90 In Affiliate Commission

I just received $202.90 in affiliate commission from one of my niche websites that I have not touched for several years. Not bad, considering that I hardly spend time on that website.

In today’s blog, I’m going to explain to you how you can do the same.

What I’ve done is probably the most traditional form of affiliate marketing, where I create a content website educating people on a niche topic and recommend products that I’m affiliated to.

For years, the website has been receiving free targeted web traffic from the search engines. In fact, it has been ranking in the top 3 position in Google for some important keywords in that niche.

Not to beat around the bush, here’s exactly how to do it:

1) First, you need relevant content.

For example, if you are promoting stock trading products, your first move is to create a website teaching people how to trade the stock market.

To your visitors, your website should look like a good resource center where they can learn about stock trading.

But from marketing angle, your website is actually made up of articles that are written to target certain keywords so as to get free targeted web traffic from the search engines.

2) Next, you need backlinks.

With targeted keywords and great articles, the next element you need is backlink.

Keyword + Content + Backlinks = Endless Search Engine Traffic

Once you have these 3 elements, your free targeted web traffic will grow gradually on autopilot.

3) Lastly, you need to convert the traffic into sales

Knowing how to convert the traffic into sales is a science. Here I’ll share with you 2 common strategies:

– Give them headache, sell them Panadol

People love free info, but they prefer quick fix.

Using the stock trading example, while your website may be teaching people how to trade the stock market, you can easily recommend some trading ebooks that give them some surefire trading strategies.

Or if you are building a website about acne problem, you can easily recommend an ebook that teaches them how to get rid of acne in 7 days.

– Teach them how, sell them the tools

Your website focuses on providing the know-how. In order to do what you teach, you recommend your readers to use certain tools, which you are affiliated to.

For example, if you are building a stock trading website, you can easily recommend tools like brokerage firm, trading software etc.

That’s it. A simple and straight-forward way to make some affiliate commission using free targeted web traffic. The method may be old-fashioned, but it still works in today’s environment.

25 thoughts to “Free Targeted Web Traffic – $202.90 In Affiliate Commission”

  1. You have to just love that when you find a commission like that. I have several articles that do the same for me on occasion that I wrote 2 years ago. As well as a couple niche pages I have floating around out there. So whether it seems old fashioned or not I think that it shows that if someone puts the proper work in today, it will make a difference in the future, even if they don’t touch it. :-)

  2. Thanks Kenneth,

    Keyword + Content + Backlinks = Endless Search Engine Traffic

    This is excellent advice and an excellent roadmap to success. Additionally you have already done blog posts in your archives which explain these magic three elements and how to do them in depth.

    Thank you for another superior blog.

    Lynne Gordon

  3. How do you get backlinks- easy to say not easy to do. Everybody that knows anything about seo knows that keywords+ new creative content+ backlinks = traffic. This is certainly not a new idea. A backlink from a google pr0 site isn’t worth anything. 1000 backlinks from a google pr1 isn’t worth 2 links from a Google PR6-7.
    I cant believe people fall for this.

    PS- Google values new content. Read Matt Cutts blog.

    1. Dwayne, of course its nothing new. But it is a simplified plan for new users that could be very helpful to those who are diving in for the first time.

      That’s why I personally applauded Kenneth so highly for this blog post.

      You and I know the various ins and outs of selecting which blogs you want to link to to increase your blog’s ranking but new people have to search this info out and learn from their experiences. Unless they have the money to pay for consultations with any one of the various Gurus, which usually run about $500.00 an hour.

      In lieu of that expense, Kenneth is offering many people an opportunity to gain knowledge thru both his experiences and thru the information he supplies 100% for free.

      Please don’t knock this information simply because you may have risen above it and are now bringing in $100,000.00 a month!

      Others will find it extremely useful…especially if they follow it to the letter.

    2. 1) ALL LINKS COUNTS. That’s my conclusion after repeated success in SEO. Links from PR 6-7 will sure help, but 1000 backlinks from pr1 (or even pr 0) will still lead you to somewhere, for sure, especially for low-competition keywords, which is where the money is.
      2) Google values new content? I believe so. That’s why new content such as news usually pop up in the top search result as soon as it’s published. But in long term, it’s hard to say. I have proven with more than 100 niche websites that old, never-updated contents will still receive traffic (and more traffic as the site become more established).

  4. Hi Kenneth, I have had a few of those and received an e-mail saying someone signed up through my link or purchased something. I have had times that I actually went to the webpage just to view what the link was about to remember what I promoted. This is a perfect example of why you create YOUR OWN unique content on your site and you will receive quality backlinks from Google. Getting quality backlinks is not that hard, some of the work for this can done on auto pilot

  5. @Dwayne, well you just have to do what you have to do. Yeah, getting good quality backlinks are hard and that’s why the professional SEO charges you hundreds on that. It just takes ages to get good quality link. But a link with Google PR of 0 is still worth a value than NO link at all. So it’s really up to you if you want to do the linking or not.


  6. Also, there are other ways you can get (organic traffic) or free targeted web traffic from the search engines to your blog or website.

    When you link to ANYTHING on your website or blog, always place this little jewel into your links:


    Online Money-Making Strategies

    Always include a ‘TITLE’ in your links and always include your primary keyword that you want to rank for in that title.

    This also works for images.

    Use and enjoy!

    Lynne Gordon

  7. I recently went back and redid my keywords for sites I established long before I understood the value of keywords. I also went and installed a keyword plugin on my Blog that enables me to tag all my Blog entries. I don’t believe the importance of keywords can be overstated. Now backlinks are a little trickier, but this has worked nicely for me:

    Thanks Kenneth!

  8. Hey, you guys talk too much about Traffic and backlinks…but not about CONVERT that traffic into sales(#3).

    You need to establish a good sales funnel in order to make money…

    1) People loves free info
    2) Giving away valuable information positions yourself as an expert in their minds.
    3) Lead them to your sales letter
    4) Create lots of pain and then…your product or service is the solution!!

    Thanks Ken for your post

  9. Hi Kenneth

    Yes. Keyword + Content + Backlinks = Endless Search Engine Traffic does work but it is not easy. Getting your website on the first page of Google for any specific keyword, when there are millions of competing websites, will take a lot of time writing articles, for both your website and article directories, and posting comments on blogs for backlinks. It is slightly easier to concentrate on long tail keywords with results in the thousands rather than millions.

  10. Your posts are always great Ken, they are always filled with much generosity. By the way, which books have you written Ken? I mean concerning Internet Marketing? I am the least perfoming guy in the leadsleap community, but your posts always inspire me to believe I am close to my starting point, just from your inpsirations. Just watch this space!
    Thanks millions of times.

  11. Well one of my blogs within 24 hours of launching started placing all my blog posts on Google first page 24hours or less after posting.

    Few even ranked above 5,000,000 in simple keywords search ahead of authority sites and stayed there. Can you explain this? I don’t understand.

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