Secret Affiliate Weapon 2: Leaked Content

Affiliate millionaire, Ewen Chia, will be launching his Secret Affiliate Weapon 2 on this coming Tuesday. He gave me a review copy. At first I though it was a revised version of his flagship product, Secret Affiliate Weapon 1, which I purchased many years back.

I was wrong.

The only similarity between the two is the price, $9.97. It’s under-priced for sure. That’s why the first version sold more than 50,000 copies.

Today I’m going to leak out some content taught in Secret Affiliate Weapon 2. (Please don’t tell Ewen!)

Leaked Content From Secret Affiliate Weapon 2

Most of us understand the importance of list building, but undervalue the power of list management.

What’s the difference?

List building is about getting more opt-ins. List management is about getting more response.

Most of us tend to believe that when someone is capable of making more sales, he must have a huge list. We simply refuse to believe that the person is better in list management and hence he can generate better response from a small list. Ewen Chia is one such person.

There is no doubt that Ewen has a huge list in internet marketing niche. But in other niches, his list is as small as many of us. Yet he can generate good response from his list. His secret? Better list management!

Without spilling all the beans, here’re some of his list management secrets extracted from Secret Affiliate Weapon 2:

1) “Before the title of every email message, you should always include your name.”

As explained by Ewen, this strategy allows the recipient to immediately recognize that the email has come from you. If you’ve established yourself as the authority in your niche, this simple tactic can dramatically increase the email open rate as well as the response.

We use a similar tactic in LeadsLeap. For example, all our newsletters will begin with [LeadsLeap] followed by the email subject. This is a double-edged sword – either your subscribers delete your emails immediately or they keep your emails because they know you provide values to them.

Note: Very few (and I really mean very few) marketers use this tactic. This tactic will lose its novelty if every marketer does the same trick. Hopefully that day will not come too soon. A few years back, we were taught to include recipient’s name in the email subject. Now almost every marketer is doing it, including spammers.

2) “You must always remember that you’re dealing with individuals who have exactly the same needs and desires as the next person.”

If you understand the essence of this tip, you’ll know why you are not getting response from your list.

Whenever you draft an email, always put yourself in the shoe of your readers and ask what is it that they want. How can you satisfy their needs and desires?

If you want to promote a product, are you focusing on selling the product benefits or you are focusing on how the product can help your readers achieve their needs and desires?

Just a shift in focus can make a huge difference in the response.

3) “You must know when and how to promote.”

How you create your autoresponder email series can make a drastic difference in the success of your promotion effort. According to Ewen, there are certain guidelines that you should follow.

First, you should keep pushing the initial product that you are promoting, for at least 6-10 email messages over a period of time, focusing on different benefits of the product.

Secondly, you need to demonstrate a degree of continuity and consistency in your email. This means you need to be consistent in your advice and not changing your mind in every email message. This will give people the clarity and confidence that they need to overcome their fear of buying. A mistake that many marketers make is promoting too many different things at one time, hence confused and intimidated the readers.

Ewen suggested in Secret Affiliate Weapon 2 that over the course of a year, you should recommend no more than 3 or 4 products in your email series. This means you’ll choose 3 or 4 products and create a 6-10 part email series for each of them. You’ll then start with the first product, run the full email series and then move on to the next one. When you’re done with all the 4 products, go back to the first one and start all over again.

Ok, I think I’ve shared enough. If I continue writing, Ewen may kill me.

If you want to learn the complete strategies on how Ewen generate 7 figure income from affiliate marketing, I suggest that you get Secret Affiliate Weapon 2.

Here Comes My ‘Crazy’ Bonus

If you get Secret Affiliate Weapon 2 through my link before 6 September 2009 12pm EST, you will get one month LeadsLeap PRO membership worth $27. For existing PRO members, you’ll get your next month fee refunded.

Is that crazy enough?

I’ve never given such a crazy bonus before. I do this to thank Ewen for all the help he has given me.

With the traffic that our PRO membership sends to you and the strategies you adopt from Ewen Chia’s Secret Affiliate Weapon 2, you should be well-positioned to start your own affiliate marketing empire.

Here’s what you need to do to claim your bonus:

1) On 1 Sept 2009 12pm EST, clear the cookies in your browser.
2) Click this link to order Secret Affiliate Weapon 2.
3) Open a support ticket and paste your Clickbank receipt in the ticket.

We will handle the rest.

20 thoughts to “Secret Affiliate Weapon 2: Leaked Content”

  1. Thanks for writing this review Ken. If only reviews on IM products were written like this than what other affiliate marketers tend to do by copying stuff that can be found on the sales page and claiming they just did an honest unbiased review…YUCK!

    Anyway I’m curious to know how using this new “list management” technique will make you money fast (like the sales page claims). Because I do know that building a list takes time, then building a relationship with your list takes even more time; so maybe the making money part is easy, but it ain’t fast, right?


    1. Femi,
      Yes, it’s not fast. When I was a newbie, I was looking for ways to make fast money and I made none. When I shifted my focus to building a long term business, my business grow exponentially. Look at how an exponential curve is drawn and you’ll understand businesses that grow exponentially are ‘slow’ initially.

  2. Hello Ken,
    thank you once again for sharing some great information. Looks like Ewen has went and done it again… a great product for a great price.
    Looking forward to a great read.

  3. Thanks Ken, I like the idea of of your name before your subject line, (haven’t tried it yet) but wouldn’t that confuse a new subscriber and have them opt-out of your list?

    1. Not at all if you are getting subscribers through the ‘legal’ way. They are new and hence they remember opting in to your list. If they opt-out because they see your name, they won’t be reading your emails anyway. So it’s better to get rid of them than keeping them and use up your server resources.

      1. I didn’t think about it that way. A lot of the time someone will opt-in (Double opt-in of course) just to get a freebie, I don’t mind especially if it helps them, we were all there once. Anyway I started testing it a few days ago, only three unsubscribed.

        Thanks for the tip Kenneth. :)

  4. Stop what you’re doing . . .
    I mean it.
    Please stop what ever else you are doing right now – and re-read Kenneth’s wonderful article above.
    All we need to make this ‘make money online’ thing work for us is made available to us through the wisdom of Ewen Chia, the experience of Kenneth Koh.
    If we have the desire and determination to stick at it – the results will come.
    Thank you Kenneth – you have nailed it for us once again!
    Michael (The Luck Doctor)

  5. Hello,Ken Koh as always you hit the ball right out of the park with the benediction of the unbelievable Ewen Chia.This is good stuff that every one should take advantage of.Again thanks for enlightning us.Keep up the good work.

  6. Thanks fot this information, Kenneth
    I have a little list and need to improve its management.
    So, I’ll buy Ewen Chia’s ebook and, by the way, have a trial at Leadsleap pro membership

  7. I can only say Ewen Chia is the best and the best that contribute his best to help everyone to be successful to make money online. Keep up your good work

  8. Thanks, Ken for this invaluable review. Even if someone were to follow, what you have just mentioned in your review and implement it in her / his business, it could make a world of difference to it. Great going as always!

  9. Hi everyone,
    I downloaded the free introduction right after Kenneth opened this thread.

    I read a little about the content.It was more focusing on passive income.It is a good read from anyone, especially the newbie.

    You will learn faster to do internet business with Even Chia product, be it the first or the latest version. It is really a good buy.

    And consider yourself to join Leadsleap’s full membership.With the membership you got, you can earn passive income while recommend your referral to Leadsleap and make money at the same time.I strongly recommend Leadsleap to everyone.

    Another thing is, if you are looking at easy free traffic and useful free downlines program, I highly recommend to free join the following to help you increase your traffic around 40%.

    Note: By just one free sign up link, you can put your site view by more than 70 Traffic Exchanges.

    I hope you like it.
    Have an awesome day.

  10. Great review, Kenneth. And as usual you give us a few great tips to try and implement – the best way to learn, bit by bit.
    I feel lucky to be part of an online business that already follows the steps you’ve outlined above, Kenneth. Click on my name if you’d like a look. Great for any network marketer to help grow their business.
    Thanks again, Kenneth

  11. Great tip Ken
    Thant would be a real help for newbies starting out,
    the idea of using names before email main Subject is cool,
    but like you said one needs to stamp one self as an expert in ones niche. and always see you provide value for your readers.

  12. Just to say that I have bought Ewen Chia’s Secret Affiliate Weapon 2. It also includes Secret Affiliate Weapon 1. So if you did not buy the first one then version 2 is definitely worth buying.

    1. Hello Lou,
      I was wondering if you would mind explaining more about why you don’t think selling products with Leadsleap works.
      If possible, could you show examples of sites where you have used this? We may even be able to help you.
      Thank you for your time and consideration.


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