Introduction To Our New Ad Viewer – Surf And Earn Continuously

This article explains how our new ad surfing system works. It’s quite a read but please do not skip it if you want to get the most out of the system.

The problem with conventional ad viewer…

Most ad viewer systems work like this:

You click an ad and see a timer countdown for 20 seconds. When the time is up, you click another ad, and repeat the process…

There are some limitations with such a system:

  1. Once the time is up, most people will move to the next ad to earn more credits, since they are not incentivized to continue surfing.
  2. Many visitors spend time keeping track of the timer instead of surfing the ad.

There must be a better way to do it…

I want to create a system where members really check out an ad, click around to explore more, opt in if they like, and earn credits while doing all that.

I don’t want members to be a timer watcher. They should surf freely and earn credits continuously while surfing.

It took me months to think and test. Finally, I believe I’ve got it!

Introducing the ‘truly’ Earn-As-You-Surf system…

In this new system, you will earn credits every 5 seconds for up to 1 minute per ad.

The first 5 seconds will earn you 0.2 credit. Thereafter you will earn 0.02 credit every 5 seconds for up to 1 minute.

If you find an ad interesting, continue to surf and click around. Go to the FAQ page or the About Us page if you want. As long as you stay in our proprietary ad viewer (you will know when you are), you will be credited continuously.

About our ad viewer…

When you click an ad, you will see our special ad viewer like the screenshot below.

Our ad viewer consists of 2 sections.

The left panel is the control panel.

The right panel is advertised site, which will open in a popup window.

Why ad opens in a popup window?

Most ad systems show ads inside an iframe. But our system show ads in a popup window.

There are 2 reasons why we do that:

  1. Many websites, including Youtube and Facebook, forbid iframe. By showing ads in a popup, almost all websites are compatible with our ad system.
  2. Most advertisers are affiliates. Affiliate links may not work in an iframe. But we are pretty sure all affiliate links work in a popup. (Read the death of link cloaking for more details.)

Control panel explained…

Below is an overview of the functions in the control panel.

It starts with the info about the ad you’re viewing, followed by an option to rate the ad.

You can also read social reviews on the program, flag problem ad and bookmark the link for future reference.

Rating an ad will earn you 0.1 credit.

Flagging a problem ad will earn you 1 credit, if the problem is verified.

How to know if you are credited for surfing?

There is no timer in our ad system.

How do you know you are credited?

After 5 seconds of surfing, you will see ‘Surfing started‘ (see the green text in the screenshot above).

That means you’ve earned your first 5 seconds of surfing.

If the ad is interesting, continue to explore it further. You will continue to earn credit every 5 seconds.

Please note that you must be really viewing the ad to be credited. If you go to another browser tab or multitask on your computer, you will not be credited.

If the ad is boring, just close it or visit another ad.

I believe this new system is the way to go in the future.

  • It is compatible with most websites.
  • It is compatible with most affiliate tracking systems.
  • It encourages visitors to really surf a site, rather than becoming a timer watcher.
  • Visitors are incentivized to continue surfing, instead of being chased to the next ad after the 10- or 20-second timer is up.
  • It leverages on the social effort to help keep up the ad standard in the network.

255 thoughts to “Introduction To Our New Ad Viewer – Surf And Earn Continuously”

    1. We haven’t really come to the marketing part. ;)

      The technology that we’ve developed in this system can be used to make into a powerful tracking system that can track how long a visitor truly stays and surfs on your site. It will be a great tool for those who advertise, as they can then track the real visitors vs clickers. Look forward to it!

          1. I can’t wait to get started and see how this all works together. I’m a little lost but I think it will all come together very soon.

      1. This is great , I can finally start working on my Bucket list. (I’m a 76yr old Navy Vet and Mystic.I only have S/S to live on which dosn’ leaves me much,but now I can finally found a way that I can complete my Bucket List.

        1. Hi, Theodore, I am just wondering how you are doing with your bucket list.
          Today is 15th August 2021.
          Can you give any tips to a beginner?

      2. Am a newbie here and as I dig to this platform it amazes me. I love the features and marketing strategy. Well done ✅

        1. Hi this is a great place. I love it. I was reviewing the surfing time. It states surfing credited for up to 1 minute on the summary and here it says up to 3 minutes. What am I missing?


    2. Really like what this system has to offer and how it’s different from the rest. I will be testing this advertising source but I am sure it will be a good one due to the method that is used for advertising to find out if the ad performs well or not. My best!

    3. Hi
      Just got started and I am really excited to see how this works it really hard to find a system you really like that is EASY!
      Thank You For All You Do For All Of US!

    4. I really love the new ad system its motivating to stay and explore an ad rather than browsing knowing you are being compensated for your time and in the mean time you wont miss a thing about that particular ad which may very well interest you kudos great job

      1. I just wanted to say I’m just starting this journey and I’m so excited and this new system sounds outstanding good luck to all.

    5. I believe your system is innovative in many ways. It motivates me to read ads that I may have been apt to do it the old way. Thank you!

        1. Amazing! Sooo excited to start right away. Thank you for this new learning while earning and most of all enjoying what I am doing.

      1. I am a newbie with LeadsLeap but do know quite a bit about the online marketing industry. I haven’t really explored this yet but it seems to be the rebirth of surfing ad content. Easy to use is also a big plus because as you and I know simplicity is what the people want and need. Thank you for letting me be a part of this with all of you guys. Kudos to all

  1. Really interesting concept, should absolutely make surfers take more time checking out ads much more carefully. LeadsLeap is continually making the membership more powerful and innovative for the membership….

    1. Hello and it’s good to be here, I had signed up for leads leap some days ago, and I realized that I am not bombarded with emails like those others trying to get you to join their program, I like leads leap

  2. I agree absolutely with gregory to.
    LeadsLeap is not a TE to click, click , click and earn Credits,i´m sure LL go the right way for me…….why, it is simple, work hard and you will earn ….

    1. I completely agree a far better more honest system saves wasting time with the T/Es that people are only interested in earning credits.So for me I am going to dump the rest where I have been wasting time and money over the years, and stay with L/leap

    2. I’m telling you that by clicking on it, you should have noticed the content and the program, and then clicked, and most of the stuff is also very good. It’s all about. It’s all about. What does that mean?

  3. I think it’s a Great idea! I place ads because I want real visitors..visitors who will actually take the time to look around and see what the site is about, not visitors who has no interest in my ad or site and are only clicking my ads just to gain credits. If I want to waste my time on worthless traffic like that I’ll use the traffic exchanges.

    1. We are trying to differentiate ourselves from traffic exchanges. Really glad that you don’t equate us to them.

      1. Hello. KENNETH. It’s good to keep it unique. Because this will bring more viewers to the system.

    2. It’s quite true. Someone who does not have time to check the site correctly, I do not think it’s worth exchanging. It should be energetic and tried and time was worth it. I thought you were a good point.

      1. This is definitely a must save page to serve as a point of resourceful reference should I ever have to come back to this if what I want to do is help my referrals get the hang of this awesome ad-viewing paid-to-surf system-

        I’m proud of myself and I’m glad I’m learning and taking action!

        Wishing everyone success for 2020 and the oncoming decade!

  4. I love the concept…should result in more click-thrus and conversions!!

    Keep up the great work…thanks for all you do to make (and keep) this a great site!!!

    1. Yea you talked of upgrading from free member to pro membership. I just wanted to find out how to do this.

      Secondly, apart from surfing, which other method can I do to obtain more credit

  5. This is a very nice feature,. When an ad captures my interest, I will take the time to explore it and I don’t worry about the credits. Now, I will be getting credit when I do something that I have always done.

  6. Good Day To All

    I came across this site and I am sure glad I did. I think this site is great and gives you different ways to advertise your site. I wish you all good luck and hope you make a lot of money.I leave you link to click on and look over, Maybe it will be of some help to you.

    To Your Continued Success & Have A Great Day !!


  7. Hi Kenneth,

    Thank you for the new concept in LL. I do not have to rush again to earn credits. Secondly, my website will be seen seriously by surfers. Keep up the good work… Cheers!

  8. Hi Kenneth,

    Thank you for putting so much thought in this system.

    I do have a concern on the possibility of our credits becoming negative. Once our credit hits negative, will the free ads still be shown even it has not expired?

    If the negative credits grow to a huge number, I would not be really keen to play catching up by viewing ads just to make my credit positive again.

    I would prefer the system stop displaying my free ads once my credit hits zero.


    1. The system will stop showing your ad once the credit falls below 1, so there is some sort of buffer there. The chance of you going into negative credit is quite slim.

  9. Hi Kenneth

    I’ve been a member for over 6 years but not really used LeadsLeap to full advantage.

    To be honest, I ignored it for years but still read your emails as they came in.

    I am blown away by the improvements you have made and will be sharing your fab marketing solution with all my referrals and leads.

    It’s truly a win-win situation!

    1. Hi Sue,

      Welcome back!

      LeadsLeap has changed a lot since it was first launched back in 2008. We are now preparing for the final change before we re-launch LeadsLeap as LeadsLeap 2.0. This re-launch will let old members and the public know that LeadsLeap is no longer ‘LeadsLeap’.

      More win-win features coming up. Look forward to it. :)

  10. Oh…What a fantastic feature.
    To be frank with you, I was boring clicking and looking at ads that advertised on Leadsleap(Going to be Leadsleap 2.0). There were tons of useless clicks from my end as many websites having dead links or their website no longer available.

    Today, I come to see what has happened after I read your regular email as usual.
    Tell you what was in my brain the moment I played around the new feature. I was completely shocked about the awesome improvement.

    The creative idea of making people want to stay longer to earn more credits to view an ad is astonishing insane. Now, the viewing is equally fair for everyone. That’s the nicest thing we can have!

    Final note: Please be remembered to let me be your reseller for this giant beast of traffic if you were decided to sell it to the outside through affiliate and reseller. This is because I am a Traffic Reseller for real human visitors so I know how valuable this type of traffic.


    1. Hi Henry,

      I’m glad to have an expert like you who appreciate the power of the new system.

      We only provide the traffic to our members. No plan to sell it to non members yet.

  11. Thanks for the great information. I’m new to this and trying to learn as much as I can…it’s definitely a lot of information to digest, but I expect to do a lot of reading before I go live with my new website (that I’ve only started building today, so I haven’t gotten very far yet) I’ve taken more reading breaks than I expected.

    I appreciate the time you take in making this easier for everyone to learn!

  12. I have been learning a great deal about the traffic to your websites through “Leads Leap”, in fact I’ve spent most of my day getting to know it even more! It’s working out terrific! I’ve even also used a few sites listed as mailers before, so I get that I can trust the networks!

  13. This new feature would eliminate most of the need to open a site in a separate window and bookmark same.I have always been concerned that links to my advertisements about Income Opportunities might be overlooked because of viewers focusing more on gaining credits rather than taking time to review what the offers are about.Many other Advertising Sites need to take a leaf out of your book.

    1. Hi Robert,

      You can still open several ads in different tabs, so that you can let them load in the background. Your surfing time only starts when you are on that page.

      In fact this is a good practice because you don’t have to wait for the ad to load, even though you are paid during the loading time if you are waiting on that page.

  14. Great concept! I have always felt that traditional traffic exchange methods were flawed…but I never could put my finger on the problem. But you’ve discovered a great solution from what I’m reading here. It really does seems that it would keep the surfer’s attention on the ad rather than on the timer. I know for me it would coz I;ve never been a timer watcher, but seems every time I did use a traffic exchange that darn timer always just kept glaring me right in the face forcing me to look at it, and you’re right, chasing me away to the next ad – even sometimes against my own will.

  15. I have been a member(free) for a few years, but lost interest at the futility of surfing and the cost of everything..I haven’t a brilliant head for business. I’m a hands on person,

    I had 4 websites,but after a year of no results I stopped them,. Now I wish I kept at least one of them. This new concept of yours has overruled all other companies for any financial opportunities on the web.

    Thank you for restoring my confidence.

    1. I’m glad to know that!

      The key in long-term success is to provide values. Think along this line and your business will grow. Don’t give up!

    1. Hi Murjan,

      2 questions to ask yourself. 1) How viral are your 4 websites. 2) How much values do they provide.

  16. This actually makes sense to me as a surfer. I was click click clicking my life away for credits and not necessarily doing anything effective for the business, the site, or myself. To really view an ad and see what it is was definitely missing. Pretty soon all the ads looked the same and the incentive and motivation to surf was lost.

    I will hopefully learn better viewing and marketing through this site. The new ideas presented may be the boost I need to continue online. I was about to give up as I could no longer see any benefit to my online activities.

    1. Hi Kenneth,

      Thanks for sharing,it’s a wonderful system and easy to use. I used to spend time playing games but after joining Leadsleap I spend more time exploring and browsing the ads in Leadsleap…while surfing I also learn a lot from different ads. I am now very focus…..


  17. Well I really don’t know were to start … I just joined about a hour ago .. and I was surely thanking myself clicking that link during my surfing in another traffic exchange site.

    Well what can you say when you know you have found something great .. it make you think of all the great times in your life that were so perfect .. my favor being Xmas morning … .

    This is a great concept that will reward you in many ways for your time and interest .. you know your life will have more value from the knowledge you will gain ..

    I have been investing time online since to 2001 and this have to be the second most powerful thing I have come across in a very long time … the business I am doing really need the help I will get from joining this business .. Wow how do you say “Thank you” Kenneth … this is so valuable

  18. Dorothy J
    Feb. 9/16 9:51 AM

    I joined two days ago and extremely thankful to have been introduced to such a system…I just wish it had happened years ago…never too late for improvement ! :) At my age, I have no more time to waste!! lol

    Thank You Kenneth

  19. Dear All,

    Well I really don’t know were to start, I just joined about a hour ago and I was surely thanking myself clicking that link another traffic exchange site that makes you Earn !!.

    Well what will you say when you know you have found something that looks great ? it make you think of all the great times in your life that were so dream and you I think this looks great !

    God bless the founders and all members

    Mahdi from London (UK)

  20. Hi Everyone, Just joined this evening.This looks AWESOME! Will take a bit of time to learn the ins and outs.This is a huge positive step up for me. The best to all!

  21. Hello

    I’ve look high and low to find a legit way to earn sign up. Hope this is it looking forward to learning how to use it to get the most out of it.

    1. Ayisha, welcome to LeadsLeap. Read the articles and info in your Member’s area and ask specific question so that we know how to help you.

  22. Hi,

    Very interesting read..thanks.

    I just joined today, so I’m still trying to get my head around how you do things here..lots to read and explore, though I think I understand the basic concept.

    Have to say I find the quality of the site “text”’s nice to encounter something that comes across as honest and not based totally in hype and BS..and this gives me high hopes for this service and the results that are possible from using the same..hence my joining.

    Best of luck to everyone reading this.


  23. Hi people,

    It’s great being part of this awesome opportunity, truly it pays earning money online while doing nothing.

    See you all at the TOP!!!

  24. What a refreshing departure from the boring PTC sites. Good for both members and advertisers, more for advertisers who are more likely to continue sponsorship. That can only mean longevity for LeadsLeap.

  25. The new ad system is a great tool for marketing. I am exploring it for the first time. I want to master it so I can maximize my time and profit as well. Thanks for the new system and the opportunity to build up my downlines.

  26. Salam n Hola

    Wow.. sure sounds like a very good system you’ve got going here now.
    I’ve been a member since god knows when.. hahaha..

    Somehow, this just slipped down the line. Until a few weeks back when I came upon an email (I think) about LeadsLeap once again.

    Decided to check things out.. my my.. think I will spend a bit more time in here every day to check things out.. and try them out one at a time..

    Thumbs Up to ya!

  27. This is a program I have been looking for a long long time. I ‘m not going to waste my time anymore I’ll stick to Leads Leap forever.

  28. Great site ! I haven’t seen such a helpful, innovative and interactive advertising site on the net such as this..Love it!

  29. Nice system I am a new comer this is my first day but I’m am excited to have this opportunity.
    Thanks! And look forward to great reports here in the near future.

  30. I’m new here but I think I will put in my best here. Nice app

  31. Good, a system like this that I’ve been waiting for … Finally, there is someone who understands and make changes like this. Thumbs Up.

  32. I am here before but getting no result but since a friend recommended this I might give this a retry maybe this time would be good, so many changes has taken place in here why not get a second chance as FREE member until I see result

  33. Hi, As a new member, This is exciting news ! ! ! Traffic Plus Income. what a unique idea. I look forward to comparing the income from my site with the monthly cost of time and expense here at leadsleap. I will be be blogging if it shows a high ratio next month. Keep tuned. Read on members.

  34. Yes Sir,
    This site is so plugged in to the win-win and an even brighter future!

    Thanks,Kenneth and Team
    Robert D Smith

  35. I like this, you can never get time back so using our time is this manner is effective and efficient!

  36. This site is very interesting. I’m a new member with leadsleap and I feel like I have stumbled in a gold mine. I am involved in the the Health and wellness business where I show people like you how to care for your family naturally, cheaper and efficiently

  37. I couldn’t be happier with LeadsLeap. Followed it as a free member for quite awhile and recently upgraded and am using the widgets, Pro ads, and even surfing. The Surfing/Credit setup is about as Fair as it can get. Even better, I am now experiencing new members joining under me. Happy, happy!

  38. I just joined but from what I have read so far I am looking forward to a profitable and enjoyable long term relationship that will be mutually beneficial.


  39. Hello Kenneth,
    This is Excellent. I am glad to be
    here and hope to brighten up some others
    with the excellence that is here…
    new member


  41. Very interesting and good improvemeny.

    Is there any other way for LeadsLeap to track an advertiser ad that some one has opted-in to the

    advertiser squeez page.? If so deduction of 5-10 credits for each opt-in person will be an incentive

    credit for visitors and advantage for advertiser. Win Win Situation.

      1. Wow, I think this is a great suggestion. It really represents the ultimate purpose of what an advertiser seeks in his ads: to have a person opt-in to their offer. Kenneth, I hope you can incorporate something like this in your excellent system.

  42. Hello names Paula an just started today and have been in the on line business for a few months. I have felt so very over whelmed at the amount of information out there. And now to see that there is such a website like yours to finally if they are true visitors and not just click and to find more information on the things that will help us to build are business an be paid to do so wow what a noble concept you have given us cant wait to learn more an see my hard work pay off

    Thank you Thank you

  43. Good morning,
    I begin with the system, I read your explanations that encourage me to persevere with you.
    I will tell you more in a few days

  44. Going to give it a try and see what happens even though
    the last Biz OPP that I signed up for it didn’t pan out as expected so let’s hope this one’s different

  45. Hi Kenneth I have been an inactive member for some time but after reviewing all the thought you have put into this it has got me very interested to become active also join payza and up grade well done

    Thanks Garry Tatnell

  46. I have seen so many traffic exchange site up to now but LEADSLEAP is amazingly different.

    Undoubtedly leadsleap is a newbie-friendly platform where one can not even learn a lot but earn’ve got my approval!

  47. great traffic and exchange website. thanks a lot. I’m a newcomer here and I already see the huge difference from other so called traffic sites. yours is totally pro. I just wonder if there’s any possible way to contact and chat with other members. Thanks.

    1. We do not enable member to member direct communication. We used to have a private message feature, but it ended up being a spam junk. Hence we removed that feature completely.

      To reach out to other members, the best way is via LeadsLeap Ads and Social Review. To reach out to your downlines, use Downline Message. These methods are not obtrusive and allows you to reach out to them effectively and repeatedly.

  48. Excellent feature! A good check and balance system to ensure quality ads at the same time giving incentives to users.

  49. Very logical way to surf and earn on the basis of staying on the ad rather going through it without even realizing what it is and what it is for.

  50. LeadsLeap is a much better traffic generation system compared to traditional traffic exchanges. Here people truly see your offer and do not click away after 15 seconds. Also, I think this provides a lot of targeted traffic, people who are truly interested in the offer. I have read many great reviews about LeadsLeap, this is why I signed up.

    1. Better traffic, offers, targeted, interested, great reviewing. Great points to highlight. The reviews I’m reading show that people get it. So, I’m convinced, too.

  51. Hey i have joined some months ago without taking it seriously. But coming back today and after reading this review I’ m fully convinced that this the right place of the job I was looking for to promote my business.

  52. Good Morning, even though I am new here, & I’m finally able to sit down & read more about LeadsLeap & what its all about & the concept of it & everything. I do have to say that I really like it & it’s useful & great & I am looking forward into seeing what comes of it. Also just out of curiosity, while on this page it says that it’s not a secure site. So do you think you could look into that. Over all I think its great.

    Thanks & have a great & awesome day.

  53. I just signed up. And have a lot of shortcomings in English and also in computer science. Getting to put my site in English would not be easy. Really I find that Leadsleap really interesting. But I hope for the sequel The Almighty God will help me with your support. Thank you very much Kennet.

    Jean Djedjro

  54. Hi, Kenneth,
    1.- Really Love your site!!. Initially joined Last year & it Catches my attention and almost immediately. I’ve posted your PPC-Widget in my website.
    2.- I got distracted for some time till I got back this February to LeadsLeap.
    3.- Started reviewing other Features of your Great Site, I posted several other ADS & Started seeing a good response to my ads.
    4.- Reviewed little more other features of your site & proceed to Implement some more, after that.
    5.- I Upgraded to PRO Membership to Get Full Benefits,
    6.- NOW I Have Posted PRO Ads has Pro Member & am Surprised of Great Amount of Traffic My Pro ads Are Getting.
    7.- To the Point where Am Going to Quit A Couple of My TRAFFIC EXCHANGE Sites & Put My Money At LeadsLeap, where I Do Get Response to my Efforts.
    8.- To Focus More on LeadsLeap & Continue to Take Full Benefit of All the GREAT FEATURES that LEADSLEAP Offers.
    9.- I have purchased Several Great Advertised Programs Here at LEADSLEAP that Looks Very Effective.
    10.- In All my Years over 10 Surfing on the Web HAVE NOT FOUND a Site Like LEADSLEAP that has such a Large amount of Great Programs being offered.
    11.- Only thing I Will really Miss from Other Traffic Exchanges & would really love to see here in LEADSLEAP is an option In SIDEBAR Of ADS for MAILING to myself The Really Interesting Sites Being Offered to Review Further, before signing up to them.
    12.-If You are In Need of Great RESOURCES, TRAINING In Multiple areas of Marketing Advertising & INCREASED Amount of TRAFFIC You Must Join LEADS LEAP.

    Thanks a lot for your Time.
    Sergio Durazo
    TO me LEADSLEAP IS #1 So FAR, About Half Way Reviewing & Implementing Auxiliary Promo Tools. Will Update This Post When Completed Implementation Got Many Things To Do & Work A Little at a Time!. Thanks

    1. Thanks Sergio. Would love it if you can share this review in your Social Review for :)

    2. Hi, Sergio, Enjoyed the 12 bullet points you made about LL. Did you add it to reviews. Its helping me explore the many features in LL and how to incorporate them in my old way of marketing. I wish every reply/review would take the time, as you have, to comment about how it has personally affected their creative thinking about marketing. Kudos also to admin for creating this system of posting and reviewing. Makes it personal, real, and trust-worthy.

  55. Thanks a lot for this opportunity, as a new member i am yet to explore this website introduced to me by my trainer as a gift. In fact i have a feeling i am going to make it with LEADSLEAP to earn some passive income in the future.

  56. Stunning reviews above.
    I realize that I have not paid enough attention to Leads Leap.

    However, from now on I will be looking at Leads Leap very carefully
    because I have seen a number of tools that will make my life much
    I guess, as a very new Newbie to anything internet, and computer-related, I have been feeling absolutely overwhelmed. But by spending more time on Leads Leap much of my confusion will be cleared up

  57. The credit earning is great, a real winning idea.
    I have not seen anything warning about clicking on bot detection ads.
    Why do we have them displayed?
    What happens if I click on them?
    What happens to members who accidentally click on them ?

    1. The bot detection ads are meant to deter bot clicks and also mindless clicking.

      The account will be banned from earning credits after 3 clicks on bot ads in a day. Appeal will be on case by case basis, but most appeals will not be successful.

      I’m sorry that we have to be strict on this to protect the interest of our advertisers.

      If you really read an ad before clicking on it, you should not click on a bot ad. Even if you do, once or twice is fine.

        1. Bot ads will have the text ‘For Bot Detection. Do Not Click’ appear somewhere in the ad, or the ad may have garbage ad text that is totally meaningless. Samples of bot ads are given on the surf page.

  58. This is an interesting idea. It favors sites with more content. More content is a bad thing on average PTCs because people aren’t paid to stick around. The limited information LCPs that are the norm on PTCs are at a disadvantage here.

    People might want to adjust their pages and give out more quality information since it should be more beneficial.

  59. Well, as I surf and read the comments, I am really amazed at the system even if I didn’t try it yet. And this is the system I am looking for. Thank you for being here.

  60. Good job. Started to surf. With this insight I am trying to learn and understand the system.

    Thanks very much.

  61. in my opinion the surfing is a gift from lead leap.The system you launched is appreciated but as a suggestion “Bot Detection must be removed immediately ” by improving the system to avoid any mistake from viewers.Thank for doing a lot

    1. Bot detection is necessary to ensure that the traffic we send to our advertisers are real visitors. It is also a way to deter people from clicking ads mindlessly.

  62. This site is very unique and has special steps. I have wasted so much time on scam sites so I know which ones to flag. However there are many good sites with great results and they deserve a good rating.

  63. II am a newbie at this. I’m trying to learn and I really appreciate that there are sites like Leadsleap. I hope I can contribute in some way with you and increase my knowledge of network marketing.
    Thanks Mr Kennet for the opportunity-

  64. Hi, I’m new to this page, I’m analyzing it because my English is very slow. but I will test your suggestion. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to learn with you.

  65. Without a doubt this has to be one of the most unique and authentic marketing ideas that I love coming across. It’s not every day someone goes out their way to recreate entirely new systems in a market that they are already striving in!

  66. Hi Sir,

    Leadsleap is an excellent opportunity for all the newbies here. A great platform to know more about many things. Thanks a lot.

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