Major Changes In Our Ad Viewer And Credit System

For a year, we have been testing our ‘Direct View Mode’ ad viewer system.

If you have been surfing ads, you should be familiar with this system.

With the recent change in the cookie standard as explained in my other post “The Dealth Of Link Cloaking“, it is time to make the switch.

What Is ‘Direct View Mode’?

Instead of showing ads inside our on-site ad viewer, the ad is shown in a new window, yet you can still interact with the ad viewer panel, like before.

You can rate ad, read social review etc, as if the ad is not in a separate window!

When you are done surfing the ad, just close the ad window and choose the next ad to surf.

See the demo below.

Paying attention to how I rate the ad and read social review.

You can hardly tell that the ad is in a separate window, right?

Your surfing experience should be very close to your previous experience.

Advantages Of ‘Direct View Mode’

1) Zero website incompatibility issue.

No more issue of x-frame, frame breaker and now cookie.

2) You can really surf any how.

Since the ad is now in its own window, you can navigate, opt-in, make purchase or do anything you want with it. No need to worry about breaking the ad viewing system.

3) More mobile friendly

Our previous ad viewer was basically not mobile friendly. It couldn’t be, due to all the functions. Try viewing an ad in your mobile browser now. ;)

Limitation Of ‘Direct View Mode’

1) Popup Blocker

You will have to allow popup for This is a one time effort.

2) Detailed Tracking Is Not Possible

Previously we can track everything, even the way the mouse move. But it is not possible now.

Surfing duration is calculated based on the time when the ad window is open.

How We Overcome The Limitation

Although I expect most members to surf with honesty and integrity, I still have to prepare the system for ‘opportunists’.

The biggest limitation of ‘Direct View Mode’ is that someone can open an ad and leave it there for minutes. Since it is not possible to do detailed tracking, the system can only assume that the person is surfing the ad and will continue to credit the person.

If it is your ad, you will jump.


Because with a creditable surfing duration of 3 minutes, if it is your ad, it will cost you 14.4 credits for that 1 visit!

If we were to fully implement ‘Direct View Mode’, this limitation must be resolved. Otherwise many members will frown.

Our resolution is…

With immediate effect,

the cost of 1 visit to your credit ad is simply 1 credit!

Yes, you hear me right.

No more spike in your credit usage.

I don’t want you to feel upset over sudden loss of credits.

It’s a hard decision. Previously, 1 visit will consume 1.4 credits on average. Now that we fix 1 credit to 1 visit, our burden has actually increased.

Change In Credit Earning

Since we equate credit to visit, credit earning has to be adjusted too.

Below is the new credit earning breakdown:

  1. First 5 seconds of surfing, you earn 0.2 credit (as before)
  2. Subsequently, for every 5 seconds of surfing, you earn 0.02 credit (previously was 0.1 credit)
  3. You can be credited for up to 1 minute (previously was 3 minutes)
  4. Ad rating will earn you 0.1 credit (as before)

You can see that in the new ad reward plan, we have reduced the creditable surfing duration from 3 minutes to 1 minute. Based on our stats, most people don’t surf that long. The average surfing duration is 22 seconds. 1 minute is more than enough for most people, yet it can deter opportunists from exploiting the system.

Another change is the subsequent earning after 5 seconds. It is reduced from 0.1 credit to 0.02 credit. It can still serve as an incentive for members to continue to surf an ad, yet it is not lucrative enough for opportunists to take advantage of it.

Last but most importantly, this new reward plan allows us to limit your advertising cost to just 1 credit per visit, down from 14.4 credits!

Why LeadsLeap Credit Is So Little?

Occasionally I have members asking me why LeadsLeap gives so little credits, while other programs can give 10 credits, 20 credits.

Now, let me ask you. Would you rather have 1 US Dollar or 100 Guyanaese Dollar?

Credit is like Dollar. It is what the credit can get you that matters. Our credit can bring traffic to your website and earn you money.

Companies that give a lot of credits eventually have ways to consume those credits. They may not translate into real traffic and money for you.

In traffic exchange, what you can compare is the Free:Paid ad ratio.

We strive to keep our ad ratio at 1:2. This means for every 3 ad visits, you get 1 visit back to your free ad. The other 2 visits go to paid ads. That’s how we make money (and share that money with you).

But we are talking about ‘average’.

If you look at the earning breakdown above, the maximum credit you can earn from 1 visit is 0.52.

Two ad visits could have earned you 1 credit.

And 1 credit now = 1 visit back to your website.

It’s a good deal for free traffic and free money, isn’t it?

That’s all for the new ad and reward system. I’m sure some of you will cheer, but some will hate.

I just hope that you can trust me. Whatever changes we make is for the benefit of most members and for the sustainability of the system.

79 thoughts to “Major Changes In Our Ad Viewer And Credit System”

  1. Hi admin. I started to get notification: “Your account has been flagged”. And i don’t get any credits anymore for surfing. Is my account banned or something?
    Kind Regards

      1. Uhm admin i have to ask,did we need to stay only 1 minute and then receive credits,or we can stay longer on page and received more credits,like before?

        1. The maximum creditable duration is 1 minute.

          Try to surf normally. If an ad is interesting, you can surf longer. If it is not interesting to you, move on. The system has a heuristic algorithm to calculate if the surfing is natural.

          1. One other thing. Can you return pages to open normally on the same page,where is LL main content page? Cause when i’m on pop-up page i cannot return on the previous page of same content anymore :(

          2. Once you close the popup page, you should go back to the ad viewer page automatically.

            May I know what browser you use?

          3. I just tried on Brave. It works the same as the demo above. You have shield down for leadsleap, haven’t you?

          4. Yes, that is correct. Ads will now open in a popup window. The reason is due to the recent change in cookie standard for chromium browsers, which has crippled many websites.

            We don’t want our advertisers to waste their effort, that’s why we decide to show all ads in a pop up.

            Please note that it is not an issue that we can solve at our end. Webmasters around the world have to update their cookie settings to comply with the new cookie standard.

          5. Oh i understand now Kenneth :) Unrelated to the topic,but,i was thinking could you in the future,make option that we can withdraw earned money by Visa? Directly to the bank account? Like some PTC or other surf,or survey sites have arrangements. Otherwise,LL is still the greatest site for me. Close by is only Wealthy Affiliate :)

          6. Withdraw via Transferwise. The money will go straight to your bank account if you have a US account. Otherwise it’s just another step to withdraw it into your local bank account.

          7. Thanks Kenneth. I didn’t know that we can move cash thru Transferwise onto the bank account. That’s good :) One thing related to this changes: i saw this notification while surfing: “Traffic You’ll Get” instead of “Total Unused credits”. Is that the same stuff?

          8. We just changed it to focus on the point that 1 credit is now = 1 traffic.

            Previously, as mentioned in the blog above, 1 traffic can cost a member as much as 14.4 credits!

          9. Wow Kenneth,i earned more now with this new system,then before for the same time of surfing! This is amazing! :) Just keep doing good job! :) Maybe we can even beat WA! :)

          10. The absolute amount of credit earned may be lesser, but the value of each credit has actually increased.

      1. This is because the system has detected unnatural surfing activities.

        When you surf, please be real. If an ad is interesting, you can surf longer. If it is not interesting, close it.

        I’ve unflagged your account.

  2. New and EXCITED to be here now! Best wishes to everybody! “Sooner or later, those who win are those who think they can.” —Richard Bach.

  3. Every time Google jumps, it seems the world has to jump with it! Frustrating would be an understatement.
    The changes you have made make sense to me.
    The ‘value’ of a credit is ultimately determined by the quality of the advertising and anyone that genuinely tracks these things knows, that the responsiveness of Leadsleap ads, is way above that of just about any Mailer or Traffic Exchange out there.

    Changes happen all the time and we have to adapt, like trying to put affiliate links on Facebook will get you Ghosted, because they want you to spend money on advertising with them instead!

    Google behave the same way unfortunately, their decisions are rarely in anyone’s best interests than their own.

    So yes Kenneth, I trust you to do the best you can for the members and maintain the integrity of this fantastic platform, for which I am sure we are all eternally thankful.

    Now see….I told you, you were probably very busy Kenneth!! ;-)

    1. Your last statement made me LOL literally!

      Indeed, you caught me at a busy time, bro. I had been working endlessly since Sunday to get the new system up and running.

      I’ve read your reply in the support ticket. Will work on the Quick Preview idea soon. ;)

      1. No worries Kenneth, there is no hurry, the quick fix you put in place with the ability to scroll left/right in the landing page builder is a big help :-)

        Glad it made you chuckle…unlike the greatest comedians…I need to work on my timing….lol!

    1. Hate to see you go Kevin, in fact, usually a little bumpy road makes for a fun ride.

      When you help the person who’s building the site know what problems you’re having are, you can actually help make the site better.

      So don’t go.

      Go to the support and let him know what problems you are having with the site, what you feel would make it better for you, and possibly find out how you can continue earning through the site.

      All sites go through bumpy spots, sometimes a little mud in the road is fun too. :-)

      We can go on a 4 wheeler in the mud and enjoy the ride or walk away from the bike.

      It’s much more fun when others ride with you and the mud’s not so bad once you enjoy yourself.

      Hope to see you around Kevin,


  4. Hey admin. I totally understand some site need change. But due to this change I have to change my routine using LL now. As I noticed I can’t surf and collect that +1 without leaving the page to get paid with other site. The problem I am having is I really like your site and using your site, or else I’d be gone by now once I noticed what I noticed today. So my routine for using your site now will be last if I have time to do what I need to with LL, not trying to talk bad but I have a routine every morning before I trade. I am still going to remain a member, maybe one day once my LL business picks up I’ll upgrade. Just so you know bro, I am no advertiser, I am a money maker, I only create currency for myself. And credits to a person like me don’t mean anything whether they are worth 1 cent or a million dollar a credit.

    I’d like to get referral because they do help as I seen for a couple years with a PTC. My problem with referrals are they want me to do work for them, lol i am my own slave nobody else’s, I work for myself, and I’ll help any of my referrals get started. But laziness doesn’t sit well with me. If I have that motivation to trade almost everyday. And it is work figuring out what to buy or sell or should i even trade today. I hate that part but I know I must do it so I do it. The PTC sites I use daily, trust me i don;t like sitting there collecting 0.000001 USD for a 30 second ad. I do it because I still have active referrals and I am making money from these kinds of site.

    So to my conclusion bro, I am still going to use LL, but its going to be the last site I visit if i have time, my cut off from my PC is by noon. By noonish my work is done, trades to hit stops, ptc sites done, investment sites completed, and the rest of my day is for me and my family.

    I am not knocking your site as I do really enjoy it. I enjoy all the stuff I can use in there. But not being able to surf while surfing other sites like I did yesterday, it is going to be hard to get me motivated to click ads on one site alone. but i will try my best because i enjoy LL. Can’t promise to be active everyday but will try to make it out here.

    1. Thanks for your candid feedback. Sooner or later, as other PTC and traffic exchanges see the problem, their ad system will have to change too.

      You probably have to change your routine completely eventually, though that day may not come soon.

    2. Hey Nelson, I find this way even better and faster to surf along with other sites. I found it harder to do before, now, like I said, and at least for me, is way better and faster to surf at sale time with other TEs. And I do it on my phone…

      1. Ola Jose,

        Are you surfing a bunch of sites at the same time or just LL all alone? I surf about 5+ sites at a time. But what i did notice today was I click ad at LL, and i would leave it while I go to other sites and click the ads, but when I returned back to LL ad the +1 sign would never come up, I have waited for some like 3 minutes and never get the +1 so I can move on. But if i stayed the whole time I will get the +1. So basically the way I would surf many sites with LL I can’t anymore because I need to stay on that page to get that +1.

        1. Olá Nelson,

          Yes I surf 5 or more sites at same time without any problems and better and faster than before and the 1 plus does appear and also the credits.
          After your this comment from you, that I’m answering, I tested a bit more and what I found is that you cannot close the ad window to fast. When I did that the 1 plus did not showed and I did not get credited, but I don’t think that is a problem…

          Either let the ad load before moving to the other sites or when returning watch the ad for a few seconds before closing the window…

          Doing that, the 1 plus always showed and I was always credited.

          Watching the ads is the all point here… if you are doing it and it’s not working for you maybe it’s your browser I don’t know but for me is working just fine, better than ever!

          Fica bem!

        2. Nelson, to be honest, surfing multiple sites simultaneously is always discouraged in LeadsLeap, whether it’s in the old system or the new system.

          If it doesn’t work, it is correct. It shouldn’t work.

          If it works, it’s a loophole that will be patched eventually.

          I know it’s not something you like to hear, but we have to place the interest of our advertisers at the first place.

          1. I hear you bro. To be honest with you I just upgraded at LL and LL will be my top priority. I really have to lay off many of these sites. I am only finding a few worth it. I just figured I surf LL on its own. My other 4 allow this kind of surfing but i think I’m just going to cut it down to my top 3 who are paying me and making things work out.

            I really like the tools you got here bro, and I don’t mind surfing here till I get my 50 so i can encash it. I really think you got a good system here. I just need to get experienced. I signed up for a couple list on LL rotation to learn to build the splash pages. But I really want to work on my Crypto and BTc currency niche. I think my struggle is the email writting. But, since i upgraded I got to start building email series for captures i get. Bro, keep up the good work, any recommendations, resources to get me top knotch with email list building/LL I will truly appreciate.

            Thanks you everyone.


          2. I’m so glad to hear that.

            Crypto is an opportunity. Many people are new to it and are looking to learn more. If your newsletter can help them to bridge the gap, the pie is yours!

    3. I hear you Nelson, so if it is more about the money than the credits for you…and we will have to see how this pans out exactly, but there is the encash credits feature.

      It seems to me that you earn credits faster now, as they are 1 full credit for each page you view, so I guess it comes down to the monetary value of each credit, as to if it is worth the time or not.

      I have my own daily routines, so I get that part completely, but even I have to review my routine now and again, to see if it is still the best use of my time.

      Everyone has to place a monetary value on their time. All advertising costs either time or money…sometimes both, it is down to the individual to decide if it is worth it or not.

      As for being a money maker rather than an advertiser, you are correct in saying that getting a few referrals will make a big difference. Leadsleap is getting better and better value with more reasons to upgrade to Pro, which means of course even as a free member yourself, you would be earning 25% commissions.

      Whatever you decide to do though Nelson, I wish you every success with whatever you do.

  5. Hi Kenneth!

    I appreciate You (again) for making adjustments in the interest of members instead of only having the profit of the company in mind. Yes, we need to be adaptable and may change every now and then. The most important part is, that advertising works on any platform and You have just done Your best to deliever.



    1. You understand me, Kay. We are really putting our profit at risk.

      We could have just shrugged off the issue, ask members to check their links, and continue as usual.

      But how many members will really check their links? I simply do not want our members to waste their advertising effort.

  6. I don’t like it. No matter how long you stay on the ad, I only get .5 credit. Why would anyone

    take the time to look anymore. I feel that I am wasting my time with advertising.

  7. Hello Kenneth,

    I didn’t know what a jewel I had with Leads Leap when I first signed up, but I’m so glad I did. LeadsLeap is much, much more than a Traffic Exchange. I’ve learned a great deal from the articles you publish, as well as the inspirational, education emails. I certainly trust that anything you do on LeadsLeap, I know, is to benefit the members. I like the changes quality beats quantity hands down.

  8. Every time I click a link using Real Tracker, I get a message “Illegal Skills/Questionable Skills” and the site is blocked. Can someone tell me why this is happening and if I can do anything about it.

  9. Well, I came in and started surfing normally and I became confused at the the changes. I was not expecting. Now that I have read this post, I have made adjustments in my mindset. Thank Ken for the update.

  10. Could I make a suggestion and ask that the new pop up ad automatically closes after a minute and goes back to leadsleap..This would save a lot of time trying to figure out how to close the window and less confusion…

    1. What if you are in the midst of reading something?

      Actually you don’t even have to close the window. If you open a new ad, the old ad will close automatically.

  11. Hey Ken

    I like the changes. Let’s get real, how many of us surfed ONE site for 3 minutes anyway? 1 minute is more than enough.

    As they say, “Some Will, Some Won’t, So What?”

    Cheers, and keep on keeping on.

  12. The new ad-viewing system is awesome Kenneth!..
    Sure, you earn less credits than before, but as you pointed out; the “opportunists” are the ones that ruin it for us honest marketers.
    Honestly, it wouldn’t have been too hard for some bad eggs to automate interaction with an ad for 3 minutes at a time.

    One suggestion I would love to make tho:
    It would be great to have more affiliate-tools, like some fresh banners and new email swipes etc.

    .. Other than that, Im 100% going to continue being a Pro member here for yet another year. ;-)

    Keep up a great work Kenneth!

    Jonny | Vast Online Traffic

    1. Sure, Jonny. Those are overdue. My bad.

      We are almost done with all the new tools. The next thing is to improve the members area and affiliate tools.

  13. Hi Mr. Admin, How many credits should I earn to make $1 ? And the other question is can I able to get the details of my referrals if I promote leadsleap like email address?


    1. 1) There isn’t a fixed number because the value of credit is designed in such a way that it gives diminishing returns and your earnings depends on our earnings.

      If say you earn 50 credits a day and you encash all of them everyday, You can earn $1 in 5 days based on yesterday’s conversion rate.

      But that doesn’t mean you can earn $1 with 250 credits in one day.

      2) We do not share members’ email, not even with their sponsors. It is against our privacy terms. The unobtrusive way to reach out to your team is via our Follower Message system.

  14. LOVE the new system for earning credits. One problem… When accessing on mobile, I do not see the number of pages I have surfed as I do on desktop. Any chance of a fix for that?


    James King
    Just a Guy, Tryin to Get By

    1. The mobile browser is already pretty cluttered. Can’t put in all the stats. Just your number of ad served for the day, is it enough?

  15. I am learning a lot from your system. I know you will always do what is best for your members. Thanks for your interest in us.

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