What Would I Do If I Were A Newbie In Internet Marketing?

Sometimes I ask myself, “What would I do if I were a newbie in internet marketing?”. Let’s answer this question today. I believe it will benefit some of our readers here.

1) Build Adsense Income

Yes, the first thing I will do is to build my Adsense income.

Until today, I am still grateful that I added Adsense in my overall game plan.

The thing is, in the processing of building Adsense income, I would have mastered a few important skills, which include website building, simple server management and most important of all, search engine optimization.

I don’t have to know how to sell or promote things. As long as I know how to bring in traffic, I am likely to make money!

It’s truly a “Learn As You Earn” scenario.

When it comes to making money from Adsense, I will not start a blog, which most people will do nowadays. This is because blogging takes time. I want to spend most of my time learning more skills and exploring other ways to make money. (Note: When I say “starting a blog”, I don’t mean starting a blog filled with prewritten articles. I am referring to a blog where I need to personally write articles and post frequently.)

2) Explore Affiliate Marketing

The next thing I’ll explore is affiliate marketing.

There are many different strategies to make money as an affiliate marketer. For example, you can create different niche sites to sell different Clickbank products. But I wouldn’t do that. Somehow I don’t feel that it’s going to bring me long-term passive income. (I may be wrong.)

Instead, I will become a ‘guru’ type of affiliate marketer, where I build an info-rich website (not blog) and a list. I’ll get traffic through search engine optimization, advertising and viral marketing.

Once my website is established, I can sell many different affiliate products and I don’t have to worry about whether a particular affiliate product will disappear tomorrow because I own the customers.

When choosing which niche to get into, I will look for a niche where there is a lot of potential to earn passive income. For example, I may get into the stock trading niche where I can promote brokering services that earn me recurring commissions.

Through this venture into affiliate marketing, I would have learnt the art of copywriting, advertising and viral marketing. These are essential skills that will make me a powerful online marketer in time to come.

Did you notice that I said I will start an info-rich website (not blog)? Basically I will not start a blog until I feel committed to the niche.

3) Mess Around, Explore and Dream Of Big Ideas

In the process of building my Adsense and affiliate income (while learning all the IM skills at the same time), I will spend some time exploring different online programs and tools. While some of them may help me in my existing websites, the main objective of doing so is to learn more business models and marketing strategies that other marketers are using.

From time to time, I’ll also day-dream about big ideas and when a good idea strikes me, I’ll ‘ignorantly’ jump into it and never say die until I turn that idea into reality. The irony is what comes after a good idea is always a pool of sh*t and you’ve got to swim through that pool before seeing fruition of your idea.

Finally, throughout the journey, my mindset will be, “Though there is no guarantee that every venture will turn out to be a success, all I need is one successful venture to make a killing online.” The good thing about internet marketing is the downside risk is always manageable, but the upside potential is unlimited.

33 thoughts to “What Would I Do If I Were A Newbie In Internet Marketing?”

  1. Awesome info once again. instead of getting a quality backlink to my site i decided to share one of the latest and greatest free opportunities that newbies can not only win at but can do even more by sharing the info with one they proclaim as a guru! Enjoy and keep it coming

  2. It’s funny you say about building a website and then just ading affiliate links to your website so you have your own show site as I might call it and then put affitliate links so when they click on your site the affiliate site comes up!!

    For example I love music and playing guitar but I don’t have none of my own video lessons but by having a domain name and putting an affiliate link too match what my wbsite is about I wouldn’t need to have my owen guitar lessons I could use someone elses clickbank link and when they purchase the product I would get paid a prcentage of that site or I could charge my on price since it’s my website and then make sure that the costomer geqts the link that they purchased you could make a fortune on this!!

    1. What I mean is an info-rich website, like a website about guitar playing. Promote affiliate products as a form of recommendation.

      The idea is not to build something specifically for a product. This is because if a product flop, what you’ve built will become obsolete. But if you have your own info-rich site, you can always change the product you want to promote. And all your previous effort of building traffic is not wasted.

  3. Hi Guys,

    I have put it all together in one blog post. See How to build your list like the pros

    Feel free to leave a comment or two or ten. My blog is a “Do Follow” blog meaning your URL will get more “Google Juice” by posted a comment with your URL in it there. FREE of course.

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    p.s. Yes, I know the video there is not working. Trying to get it fixed. Bear with me.

  4. Hi everybody

    I dont know what you are talking and everything.
    Can anybody explain me more?

    I have just know about, if i want to marketing by internet then we need to add by some other site and put some offer picture on other site. everybody wants to make money but some of them making money by internet and some of them by hard work or any way.


  5. I still have that mindset-14 years later!!! Great info.

    “Though there is no guarantee that every venture will turn out to be a success, all I need is one successful venture to make a killing online.”

    1. I feel your pain I’m in a venture now and I figure if it doesn’t work out I’m just going to build my own site that way I know I’m getting paid not relying on others paying me

  6. Hey Keneth thank you for the advice you gave me tell me what do you think about just buying an info product and then changing it with your sigmnature style. I’m just a little timid when it comes too actually building my own website myself.

    Thank You

  7. Hi Kenneth – The only thing that has always put me off re. Adsense is and this is to my mind, I would welcome Your response. Don’t You run the risk of losing hard earnt traffic from Your own website in exchange for just a pitance?

    Like I say I am really interested re. Your view on this.

    Kindest Regards,

    Graham Price

    1. If you have better way to make money with your traffic, by all means, ignore adsense. What I like about adsense is it’s ideal for newbie, with little skills, especially marketing skills.

      Also, the old saying of “never put all your eggs into one basket” always hold. Adsense should be one of your income, not all your income. If you need to live and eat with Adsense, I suggest you start thinking of alternatives. Google is changing everyday and you have no full control over it.


  8. I don’t know about you, but the bloggers I talk with, have one thing in common – they’re all saying out loud how HARD it feels like to make money online. And I’m talking about bloggers from all walks of life, in all kinds of niches and industries; beginners and pros alike.

    Remember how easy it was back in the days when you could slap a banner on a free site and make one or two sales; today you can’t approach blogging the same way like 5, 6 or 7 years ago! You need to have a vision and plan a strategy because people are now more reluctant to buy online than ever.

    Perhaphs you don’t understand the concept of TRUST. Let me explain it to you. It is quite simple – people buy on trust. They buy from other people [and usually not from companies] that they like, know and trust. And because today’s niches get crowded rapidly, competition grows fast too; although the demand for your knowledge, skill and information might be high, the competition is getting fiercer!

    And the problem is this – you can’t expect to make money fast anymore. Your blog visitors have the option to compare your blog and your product and whatever you recommend them to purchase or download, within seconds, with just one mouse click, by Google, Twitter and other related sites.

    So what is the solution? If you believe that there’s at least one solution to any problem you might encounter, then I’m glad we think alike and can’t imagine how excited I get because we are on the same path here.

    OK. The solution is simple. Start building trust with your blog visitors. You can do it via RSS, but there’s a major drawback. A big challenge. Trust takes time. You don’t build friendships in a week. You don’t talk with your best friends via email only. You phone call her, you meet face to face, and so on.

    The situation is very similar to blogging and to the method you should adopt in your venture. RSS is good. But it does NOT help with list building. The key here is you can’t afford to underestimate the concept of “list building” or neglecting it completely. List building is not just creating a list of subscribers. The big picture includes sending follow-up emails and stand alone broadcast messages, such as discount promo emails and special offers, etc.

    Ask all the pro bloggers in your niche. The majority, the ones with the highest respect, authority and experience, are using email list building in combination with RSS feed subscriptions. They have seen tremendous potential in this strategy and made it an habit in their projects.

    Now, if you want to put your WordPress list building on steriods, you should check out this plugin – Subscribers Magnet http://eCa.sh/PHpy – it’s proven to rapidly build your email list by using the technology in some unconventional and unique way. It’s unobtrusive and highly impactful. Watch the video on the page to see it in action.

  9. Thanks for all the advice guys expexially nicodim. I’m just a beginning bloger so I will definately check out your site. But I just want you too know that I do practice relationhips with costomers and potentil costomers.

    I’m alsao not afraid to get a little personal bcause people like to be treated like people and I think if you keep that mindset it can take you a long way.

    That is why I do use RSS feed on my facebook page. Anyway thanks for the advice

  10. The starting income using the basics above, even if just a dollar, gives a big mental push in the write direction that anything is possible, and has allowed me to focus on my art. Thanks

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    Ulike search engine advertising where you have too put a Title, Description, and Keywords all you do with this website is put your URL in after perchase and eveything else is done for you.

    And remember these are guaranteed visitors/hits. You won’ get that with search enine of classified ad advertising.

    Everyone who joins my team will get these kinds of links from me so you can get immideate traffic and LOTS of it. And you don’t need oo know ANYTHING about internet anvertising.

    You cold alsao use these kindas of services if you have a nich website and get tons of suscribers too you ezines newletter and potential customers.

    I hope this helps

    James West

  12. This is good advice but my experience rings a few alarm bells.

    If you are not blogging you are not going to meet and get to know other Marketers not to mention you wont build up social proof – so whilst I agree that writing articles for Blogs can take time it does help give you an online presence showing you to be a real person

    The second point I would add is linked to the 1st – whilst Ad Sense income should be possible to actually sell something you have to do an awful lot more than post articles with affiliate links.

    You say about ‘owning the customers’ – treating people this way will not work. You have readers who believe you have something to offer and you make the odd case for ‘an affiliate product that will help make their life better’ – This does not address how they remain as your customers – is it through email marketing or the blog?

    Take Care and Thanks for the post



  13. Awesome information regarding marketing and also about making online money. So you do not have to wait longer and can apply the various marketing strategies. You can also do the same thing by making your own blog. Getting your products sale by Blogging is now a very common phenomenon. Also the which you provided are quite good and will be very much effective in practical life.

  14. I would as well incorporate Google adsense into my overall game plan. I initially lost faith in Google adsense but after some times learning and tweaking things a little bit, the cash started flowing and I have never looked back. Thanks for the inspiration I have been getting from this blog.

  15. Thanks for the information Ken There are now many strategies to start. I have a few in my link which will give you Additional Training and Tools and you can join for Free. You Are Welcome to view it at any time. I of course am using Leads Leap as well.

  16. For me, affiliate marketing is the way to go, Google Adsense they will pay pennies under a dollar and it takes a lot of traffic to make $100 a day (depending on a niche of course) with the same amount of traffic you can make much more with affiliate marketing.

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