An Example Of How You Can Customize Your Free List Builder Script

As you probably know, we offer a free yet powerful List Builder Script for our members. With this script, you can create your own business from scratch, build a list, make some instant cash, start your own affiliate program and position yourself as the next IM guru.

The script is a powerful script that can easily be sold for $97. We give it away because I genuinely want to help our members to get started on the right track. And the right track is to ‘Mind Your Own Business’, which is the name of the script.

Recently a member drop us an email to thank us for the free script. Here’s what he wrote to us:

Just wanted to say a sincere “Mahalo!” for the List Builder Script. Here’s what I’ve done with it …

In just a few short days, I’ve added dozens of subscribers.

Amazing chunk of software. Thanks!

Aloha …


I had a look at his site. Wow, he has put in the extra effort to give the script a totally refreshing look. You should take a look at it too.

There is an idiom that says, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. But in marketing, people ALWAYS judge a book by its cover!!

The power of the script lies in its engines, namely its autoresponder system, affiliate system and one-time-offer system. If you can wrap the script with a professional template like what this member has done, you’ve truly owned a complete and professional online business.

With the right mindset and the right tool, sometimes, success is just a stone’s throw away……

17 thoughts to “An Example Of How You Can Customize Your Free List Builder Script”

  1. Hi, I want to say great job to Kenneth as he ventures off and leads the way to many new and veteran online marketers. This piece of software has been solely responsible for me being able to build a mailing list of 25,986 subscribers in one year and 2 months. Each one of them came as a result of the script. I have been able to turn some of those subscribers into customers while providing them relevant value packed info.

    Jimmy R Williams
    Your Local Marketing Expert

  2. Hi,

    I don’t know if it’s a technical problem, but clicking the link I only get the OTO.
    It could also be this little piece of software to create a list…??
    To my opinion non really ethically.

  3. Hi Everyone

    Great Copy. What a job! Totally professional. So…

    Well, Steve, I signed up and got my download link zippy quick. Thank you.

    Thanks Ken for the Heads UP.


  4. Well, here is the rest of the story.

    After I posted the initial link to my new website partner, another window opened up with another offer – scrolled down – click on no thanks (which hadn’t been activated on closer examination) and both windows just hung. I found I couldn’t close either window. So I opened another new browser connection thinking maybe there was just a simple glitch as I had other windows open in my original browser connection too. Nope. It happened with the fresh browser window open too. To make a long story short – windows just keep looping with offers for this and that.

    Great first page Steve, but your marketing method sucks.

    Came and Went.

    P.S. – Don’t bother re-contacting me

    1. I am interested in internet marketing, and as you said we have heard most about the positive sides of list building. When we list the positive sides we will get attracted to the list building easily and will never think of the other side.

    1. Sorry for the poor experience. My post is to commend the site for its professional customization of the script, i.e. its landing page.

      As for its marketing approach, the script does come with several marketing tools, including one-time offer capability, email ads, pop-under ads and banner ads. I’m not too sure if the poor experience is due to the use of all these tools but what I believe is tools are ‘innocent’. It depends on how the user deploy them.

      For those who wants to see how the script works before customization, you can login to your account, go to the script introduction page and try the demo.

  5. I’ve noticed alot of you had trouble with your download I persaonally hadn’ tried to download the software yet. BUT I have tried downloading similiar software in the past…

    This kind is file is usually a zip file and in this case you might have to downlod the software winzip first.

    I had to do this when I download classified web submitter so I would recommend trying that and then you should be able to download almost any type of software on the market

    Kennedth I will check out this software at a later date nnd tell you what I personally think of it.

    You can start building your list without any software by putting you ads in the free classified ads ther are a lot of them and most of them are free or very cheap

  6. The main thing regarding the MYOB script is that it gives you total control and management of your list. It sure beat the idea of signing up with free autoresponders such as freeautobot and others because you never know when your account is going to be remove or worst still the possibibilites of the sites offering such service closing down without advance notice.

  7. MYOB script is a wonderful free tool to make your own business or your own product. It also gives you free auto-responder to your new list of subscribers without you have to spend a penny.

    I had been using the script twice, one with Hostgator before and now all with Webhostingpad (I use this simply I can use its RVsitebuilder that supporter by FF and Chrome, price also cheaper).

    One example of my site made of Leadsleap’s builder script.

    Thank you Kenneth for the fantastico script.
    Millions thanks

  8. List building is an important part of email marketing and automating this part will make things easier for you. I am glad to find a script with auto responder system, its a treasure for email marketers. Thanks

  9. I am very grateful to you for sharing this useful information regarding the customization of free list builder script. I have read it thoroughly and it seems very easy to customize the builder script. I am expecting more information regarding the same.

  10. I went through the example that you have shared on this blog and I think this is the perfect way to show how to customize the free list builder script. I am very happy to get this amazing opportunity. Thank you very much for this!

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