Ways To Make Your Website Sticky

Back in the old days, I’m talking about early 2000, everyone was saying a successful website must be ‘sticky’. Nowadays, I seldom hear people using such term. Instead, everyone is talking about making a website ‘sociable’.

There is nothing wrong with adding a social aspect to a website. If fact, that’s the viral aspect from traffic generation point of view. But we shouldn’t forget about the ‘sticky’ part, i.e. making your visitors wanting to come back to your website again and again.

In this article, we will look at ways to make your website sticky.

1) Build a list

The first and most important way is of course to build a list. Building a list is an active approach to bring visitors back to your website, instead of waiting for them to come back when they remember you. Of course, you need to have a good reason for them to come back. That brings us to the next few points.

2) Provide online applications or services

Whatever niche you are in, think of some online applications or services that your visitors will use on a regular basis and provide them on your website. If you are not a programmer, you can get a freelancer to create the application. I assure you that it will be money well spent.

Having a good online application is not only a good way to bring your visitors back, but also a good reason for people to talk about your website both online and offline.

One thing good about providing online applications is that it doesn’t require much manual update on your part. This means you can free up your time to do other more important things, such as building more websites or doing more promotions.

3) Have great contents

I always like to describe a good website as an encyclopedia. Whether the content is presented in the form of a blog or static webpage, what’s important is it provides a complete and organized collection of information pertaining to the niche. In particular, the information should focus on solving the problems and answering the questions of your visitors.

When visitors first come to your website, you want to overwhelm them so much great contents that they have no time to read them all. This will make them wanting to bookmark your site and come back to read more.

Having great contents on your website is an asset to your online business and is a permanent competitive advantage to you.

4) Have regularly updated new contents

I’m sure you have a favorite movie site that you frequent for the latest movie review. That’s what I mean by regularly updated new contents.

If your website belongs to a niche that have new things coming out very often, you can keep your visitors coming back by posting new updates regularly. However, manual posting of updates is tedious. You have to be mentally prepared for it. Else, you will tend to give up before seeing the results.

Alternatively, you can think along the line of user generated content. A good example is forum, where users contribute in the discussion. If the discussion is interesting, people will come back for more. But a forum is not suitable for new sites. Your site needs to have a good flow of traffic before you can even think about adding a forum.

5) Make your website strength obvious

Last but not least, you need to make sure that visitors can quickly see the ‘stickiness’ of your site. For example, if your blog has lots of great content, make sure that you list your popular posts in a strategic location which can easily be noticed. If you have a useful online application, make sure that new visitors are aware of it.

Have you ever come across a website that seems to be full of things that the next thing you did was simply leave that site?

Always ask yourself the question, “why do people come to my site?”. Match the answer with the strength of your website and simply sell that idea to your visitors.

35 thoughts to “Ways To Make Your Website Sticky”

  1. As for any website or blog, content is the main reason for people visiting your site. Of course, the content can be in a variety of forms such as text, video, images, graphics or audio. Excellent ideas here Kenneth, thanks!

  2. I strongly agreed with the point 3 and 4. I have seen a site created in the year of 2003. The owner became a serious full time blogger in the year of 2006 after his site made $2000 per month.

    Now, his site generates millions dollars per year. What he did was putting more content, latest news, blog year by year and consistently.

    The Alexa rank is less than 10,000 and A PR3. However, he made millions dollars not by himself alone. He has a management team to maintain few websites which he started in the year of 2009.

    Blogging to make money online is possible.

  3. “Content, Content & Content”
    The most effective way of making your website sticky is posting high quality content which will automatically increase the user engagement. Posting high quality content not only ensures a returning visitor, it also ensures a good presence amongst various search engines.

  4. It’s a good article on sticky website and very purely described that how to put the stuff and which type of stuff will make your website sticky it is really nice steps for those who want to make their sites sticky.

    1. I agree with you about how important it is to create a sticky website. I’ve seen a lot of websites that pulls a great number of traffic but the landing page is pushes visitors away. It’s expertise and can provide them with information that they want a forum is a great method of making a website sticky.

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  6. Aren’t sticky websites are simply those with a low bounce rate? well, anyway, I wholeheartedly agree with adding new content to the website, if you are stagnant and do nothing with your website, its not much different than having no website.

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  9. I have gone through your site and came to know about the different ways to make our website sticky. I think this piece of information will helpful for who are planning to build or design new websites.

  10. If you are looking for good traffic to your website, you have to post something that attracts people. You have to make sure that people have a reason to visit your website. It won’t work otherwise. There are millions of websites on the internet.

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  12. I think what you mentioned about updating your website contents regularly is a very important point to hold the viewers attention. Nobody would want to visit a website which has content that was written ages ago and haven’t been revised since.

  13. I found this post very exciting. I agree that there is not tick, content is everything. Content is the king and will be forever!

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