A Simple, Effective And Lasting Traffic Generation Strategy

There is a simple, effective and lasting traffic generation strategy that I think every marketer should consider. We use this strategy since 2009 and till now, this simple strategy is still bringing us traffic.

The strategy I’m talking about is rebrandable ebook.

Since 2009, our members have been able to rebrand the ebook, One Signup A Day, and distribute it free. Being able to rebrand it means they are able to include their LeadsLeap affiliate link in the ebook before distributing it, so that when people click the link in the ebook to our website, they will be tracked as referred by the member.

Why Ebook?

If you want affiliates to promote your website, you’ll have to make it easy for them to do so. It is much easier for affiliates to simply give away a free ebook instead of trying to promote your website. Just let the ebook do the selling.

How To Make An Ebook Rebrandable?

Most ebooks come in the form of PDF file. I’m sure you know what a PDF file is. To make it rebrandable, you need a software or PHP script to modify the PDF file so that your affiliates can insert their affiliate id into the PDF source file and turn the ebook into a customized one.

There are a few products in the market that can do that. In the past, we used a software, but I don’t recommend it now. That’s because our affiliates need to download the software, rebrand the ebook and then upload the rebranded ebook back to our server before they can distribute the ebook. That process is a little tedious and the uploaded ebooks are taking up our server space.

What we are using now is a PHP script that is installed in our server. It is called Easy Viral PDF Brander. With this script, our affiliate can simply create a rebranded ebook with one click. That one click will get the script to do everything in the background and return the download link. (If you want to see how easy it is, you can login to your member’s area and go to referral tools, look under strategy #3.)

What I like most about this script is it doesn’t really create another rebranded ebook. It simply creates a database of the affiliate ids and a unique filenames. When someone download the file, it will generate the rebranded pdf file on the fly. This will save a lot of server space in the long run.

Final Note About Rebrandable Ebook

Needless to say, the content of the ebook is important. The content should be unique and interesting. More importantly, it should make people wanting to take action. But these are not the key. The key that make or break your rebrandable ebook campaign is the title of the book.

You see, if you can’t get people to download the ebook in the first place, they don’t even have a chance to read it, no matter how good the content is.

I once advised an advertiser to change his free ebook title from something like ‘How to make money from the internet’ to ‘How I made $1500 from the internet in 1 week’ and that change significantly increased the opt-in rate. The content of the ebook was essentially the same.

What I’m trying to say is spend some time to think of a good title. Don’t spend a month writing a top-notch ebook but in the end use a lame title that can’t arouse people’s interest.

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  1. An ebook can be a great tool for marketing just as you mentioned. And, I agree that the title of your ebook needs to be attention grabbing, if not for the simple fact that there are so many ebooks available online.

    Thanks for the info!

  2. Hey, great article!

    Yes I definitely agree, the title of an ebook is so important! I would also say a decent cover design is also a must for attracting people to download your ebook, I go to fiverr.com to do this where you can find someone to do a really professional looking cover for you for $5, saves you the time and hassle doing it yourself.

    Great site you got here by the way, I just had a look around. If you added a few pics to your blog posts too then I think it would really help it to come alive!

    Will defo be back, the content on your site is awesome1 :)

  3. your updates are really works for me, i am not expert but sometimes spend my lot of time to write articles and blogs and people like that, thinking to combine in proper ways and act upon your traffic strategies.

  4. Most of the digital marketers are in search of a lasting and effective strategy for generating site traffic. These information seems to be very useful for the same. Ebook looks to be a good idea for doing the same effectively.

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