TRT update: Archive Your Old Links + 24 Hour Stats

We have made 2 minor improvements to The Real Tracker.

1) Archive Links

You can now archive links that do not need frequent monitoring.

To archive/unarchive a link, simply click the archive icon as shown below:

Why archive a link?

The advantage of archiving links is to reduce the number of links that are shown immediately when you enter the TRT Link page.

If you have hundreds of TRT links, this feature will be very useful to you.

By archiving old links, you can quickly access those links that you are currently actively monitoring.

How to access archived links?

Archived links can be viewed by selecting the ‘Show All Archived‘ option from the Tag Filter.

Archived links will also be viewed when you filter the results by Tag.

You can easily differentiate an archived links from an unarchived links by the color of the archive icon. An archived link will have an orange archive icon, like the example below:

2) 24 Hour Stats

This is a feature request from our fellow member, Theresa.

Previously you can view the stats in periods of 7 days, 14 days and 30 days. Theresa needs to access the 24 hour stats.

This option is now available.

To view the 24 hour stats, simply select ‘Past 24 Hours‘ under the Period option (see the screenshot below).

I hope you’ll find these improvements useful. Have a great weekend!

15 thoughts to “TRT update: Archive Your Old Links + 24 Hour Stats”

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  2. wow nice feature I have used similar software where I can track my old backlinks, but it had some trouble like it doesn’t tell us about the active someones it shows all. the new version of your is better with some good addition.

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