Share Code Is Now Available For Page Builder And PopupXpert

A number of you has been asking if you can share your landing page design with your leads.

Now you can!

We call this function ‘Share Code’.

Share Code is already available in SendSteed, where you can share your email series with your leads.

Now this function is extended to Landing Page Builder and PopupXpert.

Why Share?

In case you wonder, why share your design? Here’s why…

1) Share your landing page or pop-up design with your leads and help them to duplicate what has worked for you.

2) Build your own list by giving away a collection of your landing page /pop-up designs. (If you share it in the forums, you can even build your team in LeadsLeap. It’s killing two birds with one stone.)

How To Share

In your Landing Page Manager or PopupXpert Manager, you will see a button that says ‘Share Code‘.

Click on it to get the code and share it.

That’s it.

How To import Your Design Using Share Code?

If you have to tell your leads how to import your design, here’s what you tell them…

Go to your Landing Page Manager or PopupXpert Manager , create a new Campaign if you have not done so, then click the ‘+’ button.

Enter the Share Code given and click ‘Import Now‘.

That’s it.

Who Can Use Share Code?

Share Code function is available to all members, Free or Pro.

Also, all members can import a design using Share Code.

If you can think of other uses of Share Code, let me know in the comments below.

25 thoughts to “Share Code Is Now Available For Page Builder And PopupXpert”

  1. Hi Keneth,

    I was one of the Leadsleap user who had requested for a way to share my landing page as I had made some customization, which, a relatively newcomer will find it a little bit complicated to duplicate the design of my page. This is really a functional tool for duplication, as it is awesome!

    Thanks a lot for this, Leadsleap is really becoming an all-in-one platform for online marketers!

    1. Year!…..leadsleap has come to stay. The ideas coming up all the time are superb. Mastering everything is now the only issue out there. Tips are still very important to grasp.

  2. I am glad to be a member of Leadsleap.I learned how to do internet marketing all because of the tools that the Admin implement. You are given the tools and you are instructed how to use it.

  3. Another awesome addition being able to share any pages we create, thanks Kenneth for this.

    So here are my thoughts so far working with the new landing page builder.

    It is great that just like the tracking links we can see stats on where our traffic is coming from and time spent on page, country and opt in rate, but what is so far missing from this is the ability to track conversions and be able to copy the conversion code from one page to another, so we can build complete funnels. This is a great feature of the usual tracking links that I believe would be just as useful and a fantastic feature to have on the landing pages too.

    I don’t know if this is something you have already thought of or not, but that is definitely my top suggestion having started to use the new page builder.

    Leadsleap just gets better and better and offers incredible value to anyone marketing anything online. It might be a bit much for new members to take it all in and I find I am spending time teaching my students how to use all the awesome features and they seem genuinely blown away by it all….over time I am confident they will willingly choose to upgrade to pro member when they understand the added value of doing that for their business success.

    Thanks once again Kenneth for doing such an awesome job in helping us all get great results using the tools Leadsleap offers, you are a legend among program admins…:-)

    1. You are sharp, Tony. Yes, conversion tracking hasn’t been added to Page tracking because I thought the built-in opt-in tracking is enough. For most affiliates, opt-in tracking is what they need. Conversion tracking is more for advanced users, and so far, looking at the usage of conversion tracking in Trckapp, it’s not widely used. So I thought we can leave it out for Page tracking. (Fine, it’s an excuse from the lazy me. I will add it in in the next upgrade.)

      We are working hard to strike a balance between simplicity and functions, so that the system looks simple to Newbies, yet sophisticated enough for Veterans. Thanks for your time in teaching people how to use the system. We need more members like you.

      1. Awesome Kenneth, much appreciated!

        I understand exactly what you mean, keep things simple for newer members, but powerful for those who have that bit more experience and understand the value of these tools.

        Thanks for the reply to my comments and more importantly, it is what you do for us members, it is greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Geoffrey, have you read the introduction ? If not, give it a read and follow the instruction there.

      If you need personalized assistance, you can reach out to me via our support ticket. Let me know what challenge you face and I will guide you from there.

  4. This site is useful! I will request that you design a mobile responsive app for ease of access from our mobile device. Thank you

    1. Most part of our website is mobile friendly. But certain app like page builder can hardly be mobile friendly due to complexity of the application.

  5. As a new person in online businesses,I hope to build my business through this energy giving platform. Am ready to learn and apply practicals instantly. This is wonderful ❣️♥️❣️

  6. it looks smart and I have also created a popup page, but as soon as I put the share-code or get code into the page I have created in my page-builder manager, it comes up with a message: “no page found”

    But it is built and it comes up fin in “preview this form”
    neither the code from “Get code or “share code” works
    What do I possibly do wrong?
    I try to add it to “add new page” in the little + icon

    I have seen it works for others, so it must work, somehow, but how?

    1. You said you created a popup page? Is it a popup or a page? I got a feeling that you have created a popup and you tried to insert the share code of that popup into a page? If so, it won’t work.

      The purpose of a share code is to duplicate something. You can’t duplicate a popup in a page. You can only duplicate a page in another page. I hope it makes sense.

      If you are trying to insert a popup into a page, just go to the page manager, click the edit button, you will see an option to select a popup to insert.

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