Page Builder Major Revamp

In the past few weeks, we have been revamping our Page Builder .

If you think our formal Page Builder is good, wait till you see this one…

Without further ado, let me introduce some of the new features.

Some of these features may be suggested by you in the past and I said, “Not possible”. It is possible now. ;)

1) Undo

Previously, if you make some changes and regret, you’ll have to redo everything.

But now, you can simply ‘Undo‘.

2) Grid

Having a hard time aligning different elements?

Perhaps the new Grid option can help.

Simply check the Grid checkbox. A 20×20 grid will be shown over the page content.

3) Drag To Lock / Unlock Elements

Do you know that you can group elements and move them at the same time?

Previously, to do that, you need to click on the ‘lock’ button one by one.

If you have many elements to group or ungroup, it can take a lot of clicks!

But now, you simply CLICK and DRAG.

CLICK on one lock and DRAG across multiple locks to group/ungroup them.

See how it works:

4) Advanced Row Type

We added 6 new row types to give you more flexibility in designing.

See those Row Types labeled ‘New‘.

With these new row types, you can create collapsible design with 40-60 column ratio, like this:

Prefer to have the image on the right, yet still on top when collapsed? No problem. Just choose the ‘Right on top’ row type.

5) Background Setting For Row

Previously you can only customize the background of page and content. If you want different rows to have different background, you’ll have to use a background element, which is kind of rigid, especially for collapsible design.

Now, you can customize the background of every row.

Here’s how to do it.

With this option, you can now create full-width design like these:

6) Exit Alert

Last but not least…

Have you ever designed a page and accidentally clicked the close tab button of the browser by accident?

I have.


I told myself, “That will not happen again!”

Now if you close the Page Builder without saving, the system will prompt an alert like this:

But beware. If you click the close tab button twice, you will bypass this prompt and close the tab immediately.

For accidental clicking of the close button, this prompt should be good enough.

Whew, that’s all for today’s update and our weeks of work.

I hope you like these changes.

Let me have your comments below.

23 thoughts to “Page Builder Major Revamp”

  1. You’re unbelievable Kenneth those are all cool features! I love the new grid option, I wasn’t sure if my content was well centered now I can be sure it is.

  2. You are the best in the business. I am learning so much from your various tools and how to them. Thanks.

  3. Fantastic! I particularly like the background color feature with the rows, the lock tabs and PayPal features! Great work with the 2-column row feature as well. Amazing revamp. Thank you Kenneth!

  4. Great updates Kenneth I always had the alignment issue now these updates will make the work easy and faster. Love to work on it Excellent work keep it up.

  5. The alignment and undo feature are two features I am excited about! Now I can go and see if my boxes are aligned and never have to worry about making mistakes. You are always making LeadsLeap better and better for us! Thanks so much or these enhancements!

  6. You are TOTALLY AWESOME Kenneth!!

    I sincerely appreciate all the ways you help us be able to present a more professional image.

    I do have another question. I received an alert that I have the limit of images in “My Gallery” and that I need to delete some images. I can’t locate the delete button. I realize I’m probably overlooking it but I have searched about an hour already.

    Thank you,

    Ann Heinrichs

    1. Just sent you an email showing you a demo of how to delete image. For the benefit of others here, in ‘My Gallery’, just mouse over the image and you will see a delete button at the bottom left corner of the image. Click on it to delete.

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