New Tool: Funnel Manager

We have released a long-awaited tool today.

It’s called Funnel Manager.

What Can Funnel Manager Do?

  1. Organize Your Pages
  2. Create Your Marketing Funnel
  3. Share Your Marketing Funnel

1. Organize Your Pages

You should already know that you can create almost any kind of pages using our Page Builder.

If you have created many pages to promote different products, your Page Manger can really be cluttered.

With the new Funnel Manager, you can organize the different pages into a funnel.

Say to promote Product X, you have created
– an opt-in page,
– a thank you page,
– a product delivery page.

You can add them into a Funnel call ‘ Product X Funnel’.

Similarly, you can have Product Y Funnel, Product Z Funnel, and so on.

2. Create Your Marketing Funnel

With the Funnel Manager, you can design your own Marketing Funnel or import the entire Marketing Funnel if you are given a Share Code.

I will show you how the Funnel Manager works soon.

3. Share Your Marketing Funnel

You can share your entire funnel, i.e. all the associated landing pages and popups, with other people, using a ‘Share Code

They can then duplicate your entire Marketing Funnel.

Team leaders will love it.

How It Works?

To illustrate how it works, it’s easier to use an example.

Let’s say you have created using Page Manager
– an Opt-in Page,
– a Thank You Page, and
– a Product Download Page.

To organize these pages in a funnel, go to Funnel Manager and take the following steps:

1) Click “Add a new Funnel” (at the top of the page) and follow the instruction to create a new funnel.

2) Click “Add a new page flow” (in the funnel that is newly created).

(A Page Flow is simply a container that connects to a Page Campaign in the Page Manager. As the name suggests, it facilitates the planning of the flow of your pages.)

After a page flow has been added, you will see something similar to the screenshot below:

3) Click (arrow 1) to link the newly created Page Flow to your Opt-in Page.

4) Enter ‘Optin Page‘ as the Purpose (arrow 2).

5) Repeat step 2 to 4 for the Thank You Page and Product Download Page.

You now have a funnel with 3 page flows as shown below:

To edit the linked Page in the Page Manager, click button 1.

If your funnel is very complicated, you can use color to differentiate the page flows. To change the page flow color, click button 2.

To sort the order of the Page Flow, drag button 3. This will be useful if you use this Funnel Manager to plan and strategies, before linking them to a Page.

Viewing Full Traffic Stats

In the Funnel Manager, you can only see the Unique Visitor stats. (Showing the full traffic stats in the Funnel Manager will make the interface look very cluttered.)

If you want to view the full traffic stat, click this icon (button 1) in ANY of the Page Flows.

This will bring you to the Page Manager, showing ONLY the pages in this funnel, sorted in the same order as the Page Flow.

With that, you can view the full traffic stats and also edit the different pages in this funnel.

Give it a try to see what I mean.

Share Your Funnel With Others

If you are a team leader, or you want to build a list by giving away your own Marketing Funnel, you can share your entire Marketing Funnel using a Share Code.

To do that, click ‘Share Code‘ (button 4) and share the code with anyone.

The receivers just have to click ‘+’ (button 5) and enter your Share Code.

The Share Code will recreate EVERYTHING in your funnel in the receivers’ account.

16 thoughts to “New Tool: Funnel Manager”

  1. Hi Kenneth,

    We are getting there to the top with this new addition Kenneth.

    Excellent Work ! Excellent value Addition too !

  2. Excellent Kenneth!

    Since I joined LeadsLeap as a free member (now Pro) it has gone from strength to strength. The value members get is absolutely outstanding! Thanks for everything, onwards & upwards :)

  3. Freeeeaaaakin’ amazing! LeadsLeap becomes more and more the absolute alternative to many expensive tools and platforms out there… Plus, none of them has traffic included like we have with LeadsLeap. Awesome work as usual, Kenneth!


  4. I am super impressed with all the dedication and continuous improvements being poured into this service Kenneth! I can truly be proud of what LeadsLeap is today and how it will be towards the future. This demonstrates a great distinction between a lot of products and services offered out there, where the owner himself is involved hands-on and that it’s apparently here to serve our needs for the long-term. Such deserves my trust and partnership! More power to you and everyone else in this growing community in LeadsLeap!


  5. I can see now there is no need for more than one Autoresponder, or Tracking service. When everything I need is right here. And it just keeps getting better and delivering more value for us. Thank you Kenneth

  6. Ken, all I can say is that this is brilliant! Other programs charge a LOT for these features and you are providing all these amazing tools under one roof and for one very, very low price. I am impressed!

  7. Hi Kenneth, I have been a member (upgraded) for a number of years but haven’t taken full advantage of all the features you offer. Thanks to an ad by George Nikolis I am now taking a fresh look at the features available and mentally kicking myself for not making full use of them. I plan to remedy that very shortly. Thank you for the time and effort you have put into this excellent site.

    1. Hi Norm, it’s not your fault. Many changes have happened in LeadsLeap in the past 2 years. The good news is, you are now ready to make use of what we have prepared for you. :)

  8. My only challenge is that by the time I have recorded a nice video walking though all the features, you go and add more awesomeness!! To be fair, that is a good problem to have…lol

    Just a quick question tho, if I give the share code to someone who is still a free member, will they be able to access it or do they need to be a Pro member too in order to use it?

    If they need to upgrade to access a funnel I create for them, then that is an incentive for them to go pro, which of course I highly suggest they do anyway.

    On the other hand, if they can get a pre-made funnel from me, but are not able to create their own, they can at least see the benefits of going pro when they are good and ready to be a team leader themselves.

    Fantastic new feature as always Kenneth, great job.

    1. Only for Funnel share code, the receiver needs to be a Pro Member, because Funnel Manager is only available for Pro Members.

      Reason being Free Member has a limit in the number of pages and popups they can have. Allowing Funnel Manager for Free Member will involve a lot of complication because for everything they do, the system will have to check against their limit.

      But that doesn’t mean Free Members cannot get help from you. You can still share with them the Share Code for the page and popups individually.

      Funnel Manager is really meant for heavy users of Page Builder. For Free Members, they are limited to 10 Pages. They can easily manage the pages using the Page Manager alone. There is no need to use Funnel Manager.

      1. Thanks for the clarification Kenneth :-)

        You are right of course, when we get into the hundreds of pages built for different purposes, it can quickly become dis-organized. Only those making full use of the page builder will have realized that…lol

        For your first funnel, 10 pages is more than enough for most anyway.

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