New Feature: A Complete List Management System For You

Before today, we had a basic List Manager.

But I always felt sheepish about it because there were many things it couldn’t do.

Today, we replace it with a new system.


Yes, it’s not

We have to host it under a new domain name because of the complexity of the system.

But it is dedicated to LeadsLeap members only.

With this new system, you can

  • Build a list
  • Set up Autoresponder
  • Send email broadcast to multiple lists
  • Track email open rate
  • Automatically track all URL click-through rate
  • Set up email series such as eCourse or automated follow-up emails (This is a Pro Member feature)

Basically, you can do almost everything a standard list management system can do.

Some Interesting Features

The new list management system has some intuitive features that I like very much.

1) Smart Filtering

If you mass mail to multiple lists, the system will automatically consolidate repeated subscribers.

This means if someone is in your multiple lists and you send a broadcast to all your lists, that person will only receive the broadcast once.

Remember how annoying it was to receive the same email multiple times, because you were on a person’s different lists?

This will not happen with our system.

2) Smart Greeting

When you enable ‘Smart Greeting’, subscribers who have entered their name will be greeted in the email automatically. Those without a name will see your default email message.

This will make your email more personal, whenever possible.

What Happen To My Old List?

Your old list has already been imported into the new list system.

This means you can now send email broadcast to your lists. (Previously you need to set up your own SMTP server to do that.)

But you need to activate the lists again!

It is necessary because there is a change in the settings and you have to submit additional information.

If you do not activate the list, your list will STILL capture leads, meaning you will not lose any leads, but other functions will not work.

I don’t want to bore you with the details. The arrows below depict the settings you want to pay attention to. Change and update them if necessary.

How To Start Using The New List Management System

If you are new to our list manager and want to start building a list, login to your LeadsLeap account, then go to:

List Manager > My Lists

Follow the Step By Step Guide on that page.

Is This List Management System Really Free?


Why Free?

Many members want to start list building, but they lack the resources.

We tried to provide different solutions (solutions that were cheaper and easier for us to implement), but none could meet my expectations.

If we really want to help our members to build a list, offering a free full-fledged list management system is the only way.

We couldn’t do that previously because it’s an expensive solution.

But now, I think we are capable of supporting it.

So, if you haven’t started building a list, no more excuses!

Let’s get busy with list building…

64 thoughts to “New Feature: A Complete List Management System For You”

  1. Wow this is a wonderful idea. Experience users and newbies I think will learn a lot and can grow their business. Thank you LeadsLeap!!!

  2. Thanks. It would be nice to have a simplified opt-in form, such as “Click here to get a basic opt-in form for this list.” Popup Xpert is hard to use. I still haven’t figured it out even with the instructions.

    1. PopupXpert was an ambitious project. We added lots of features.

      But you’re right.

      Our direction now is to keep things simple.

      I got what you mean. Will work on the “Click here to get a basic opt-in form for this list.” idea

      Thanks! :)

      1. Superb addition to the system! well done that man,

        I think the simple opt in form question could be sorted very quickly by just adding a few simple ready to go opt in templates to Popupexpert, that just need the list ID to be added, that would be great for simplified speed of use and users would have the option to customise later if required . . . just a thought

        1. Yes, I’ve been thinking about this too after Jimmy raised the issue.

          Creating a simple form link within the List section may not be a good idea because while it sounds good, simple form means no tracking, no A-B test and minimal customization. If we want anything more, we may end up creating something similar to PopupXpert.

          There are already ready templates in PopupXpert. In fact, it is entirely possible to create a form using existing template and simply adding the list ID.

          Thinking still in progress…

          1. Sounds awesome to me Kenneth, I think that PopupXpert will get a lot more use now it is useable with your great mail system, perhaps more members will learn how versatile it could be.

            Excellent addition to the site, I will be moving my lists here, and putting PopupXpert to work . . . . . nice informative splash page, then pop in semi transparent Opt-in box on click or exit . . . .

            Once again many thanks Kenneth.

        2. I know I will learn from this system. I will be able to set up my Autoresponder system. Thank you for all your help and teachings.

  3. Great new feature Kenneth – much appreciate your continued work on our behalf!

    Just wondering if our Leadsleap team will automatically become a list for us in there at some stage? I would love to set up a what to do to earn with Leadsleap list :)

    1. Sorry to say no.

      The recommended way is to create a good offer in the Follower Message and convert them into your list.

      Your 10-levels of followers will see your message again and again, and again. In fact, as long as they are active, they will see your message. You have technically unlimited opportunity to convert them into your list.

      List building is relationship building. It is better for you, for your followers and for us if your followers can first trust you and see the value before getting on to your list.

      1. Ok thanks Kenneth, I agree about the good offer etc for active members. Its the inactive ones that I was hoping to be able to provide extra guidance to so as to encourage them to become active on Leadsleap.

        1. New members are always enthusiastic. That is a good time to give them the guidance, via Follower Message.

          For older inactive members, we have system in place to make them active again.

          If despite our regular system improvement and new feature releases, we still can’t win back the heart of inactive members, chances are they have abandoned the industry or their registered email.

          We will never release members’ emails to their uplines, directly or in the form of automatic list opt-in, because LeadsLeap was created based on the concept of an unobtrusive leads generation system. I understand you have good intention to guide your followers, but there will be uplines who simply bombard their followers with blatant sales messages. It is something that we want to avoid, hence we created LeadsLeap and the Follower Message system.

          Make yourself stand out from other uplines, by offering great value in your Follower Message. Enthusiastic members will see your values, and these are the people you really want on your list.

  4. Thanks for yet another marvellous innovation Admin! I should honestly say that LeadsLeap is the best of all sites I have ever joined and I am glad to be a member of LL. (I discovered LL very late after wasting lot of time and effort on numerous online scams). Another webmaster whom I found to be reliable is Maryanne Myers!

  5. This new list manager is a very nice feature. Thank you for developing it!

    I wonder about the separate domain and branding. Even the logo of a horse with an mail isn’t related to the LL “triangle”. Do you think we should promote it separately? So for example if we are putting 300000 banner impressions per month towards LL banners, do you think we should make some new SendSteed banners and split the impressions 150000/150000 ?

    1. You can promote the landing page separately. Affiliate link can be retrieved from the ‘Affiliate Links & Tools’ section in your Member Area. But there is no banner for sendsteed and most likely there won’t be one.

  6. Hi,

    ‘just excited about this new feature. I believe it’ll go a long way in boosting my stay here.
    I’m new to LL, but really believe it’s gonna be fun making it here. I want to believe that mine is good timing!

    Kudos, Admin!

  7. You guys read my mind and I could have discovered it at a more perfect time. I really appreciate everything you do for everybody and this is definitely icing on the cake. I certainly going to promote leadsleap and all of the free tools and resources to help get started. A+

  8. I would like to ask, even though there is no autoresponder feature for free members, can free members send a welcome messages automatically?

    1. There is auto responder for free member, but not email series. So yes, you can automatically send a welcome email and that email can have a download link for the freebie that you offer.

  9. Hi, Kenneth.
    I’m really impressed with your genosirity and all that you do for us Leadsleap users.
    Thank you for this new feature added.
    I’m really excited about this version of LeadsLeap 4.0 Alpha.
    Thank so much and much success.


  10. Just to clarify. Free members can not create an email series, is that correct?
    Can they send a broadcast?

    How many follow up emails can be added for paid members?


    1. Yes, Free Members can send broadcast, up to 10 broadcast a month. Free member also can send an autoresponder, which is an automated email send immediately after someone double has opted-in.

      We can’t make follow up emails feature available to Free Member because it is a server intensive operation.

      Pro Members can set up unlimited follow up emails (aka automated email series).

  11. Fantastic job as always Kenneth, another great addition for free members, but also another way to encourage people to the value of upgrading, with the ability to add a follow up series for Pro members. Slightly off topic but I was just playing around with the rotator and while we can choose left or right for the position of the footer tab in our trackers, it looks like the tab is always on the right when using the rotator. Would it be possible to have the left/right choice for the rotator too? I only ask because a lot of my pages have a chat system button in the bottom right and the tab obstructs it. I want to use the rotator because one of the websites I want to be geo specific.

    Loving the new features though, thanks for all you do.

    1. That has to be a mistake! It is only logical that it follows the setting of the link.

      I found the mistake and has fixed it.

      Thanks for bringing it up.

  12. I come back with a question. Let’s say I have a mailing list with Mailchimp and I want to transfer it here. Is it possible to do that?


    1. Unfortunately, no. We do not allow import of list because we are not sure whether the list is from a legitimate source or a spam list from somewhere else.

      To protect the reputation of our mail server, all subscribers have to be double opted in.

      You can create an offer to your Mailchimp list and get them onto the new list.

      1. Ok. Thank you for your reply.
        Your recommendation makes a lot of sense. I hadn’t considered that option.
        Kind regards,

  13. I’m a complete newbie when it comes to list building and doing the things with

    emails where can I go to get help

    1. There are two things you need to get help with.

      1. Technical how to

      This one is easy. Just get your feet wet with our system and mess things up a bit. You’ll soon get the hang of it.

      2) Strategy

      This part is a bit harder. You’ll to think of what value to offer and how to write emails that people will read.

      Get on to other people’s list and observe. Find ebooks and resources that teach about list building. If you are open to learning, nothing is impossible. :)

  14. Thank you Kenneth, Sendsteed is a great new addition Kenneth. You really do care about your members and it shows. LeadsLeap is awesome Site and gives so much to free members. And you over deliver on the Pro memberships as well.

  15. I’ve been a member of LL for a while but only recently started seeing value after I came across a tutorial. I’m getting hits to my sites on autopilot which is really nice. Thank you

    I am trying to create a list and an optin form. I’m ok on the list but can’t figure out the optin form. I’m trying to use one of the lightboxes that has a click here type link but does not have an opt in form. How do I add the opt in?

    1. Sounds like you’ve chosen a template without an optin field. Choose another template.

      You can manually add input field, but as a start, it is easier to use a template that already has what you want.

      If you still have problem, contact us via the support ticket, so that we can access your account directly and see what you’ve done.

  16. What are the chances putting a Video tutorial of how the systems works, just having a hard time in following the instruction?


    1. Please contact me via the support ticket and let me know what specific function you’re stuck with. I will point you to the right direction or show you a demo on how to do it.

  17. Wow, wonderful! It has been my deepest problem since day 1 of being interested in online marketing and internet business, up to now have not yet started my list building due to hardship in choosing the best 1. It’s good leadsleap remains to be my foremost and loved platform though I stayed yet as free member til these days..this must be the time to level up for good..want to succeed, too.

    1. Hey thanks for your post yeah leadLeap is incomparable site before me too I joined a lot of on line site but was no hope for success but this site bring for me my hope cheers

  18. Thanks so much for the great values you are adding to LeadsLeap Kenneth. I have been a member of LeadsLeap for many years, most of the time Pro and sometimes Free, but I have never cancelled my membership because of the great tools that I am using.

    I have recently decided to add another tool to my kit: the list builder. I tried many times to use it but found it rather complicated. I have been using a “reputable” list management system for many years which has become more and more a disappointment (poor delivery of messages, signups not receiving their double optin message, etc.) so I decided to try LeadsLeap again and try to understand how to set it up. To my surprise I discovered that LeadsLead was offering Sendsteed (it shows that I haven’t pay attention to the update message sent out, shame on me!). I gave it a go and discovered how easy it was to set an autoresponder up and to load follow up emails.

    So this really got me as it was the only thing that held me back from seriously promoting LeadsLead, as I was then unable to help anyone wanting to setup their LeadsLeap autoresponder. But now, there is no holding me back, LeadsLeap is the program that I will promote.

    So thanks again Kenneth for creating so much value for us Internet marketers. You are definitely THE best!


    1. An opt in form isn’t simple in the first place, because while it seems simple, many things happen at the back after a form is submitted.

      Anyway, if you are referring to SendSteed opt in form, you can go to your Sendsteed manager, click the ‘Get Opt-in Code’ button (next to the trash button) and look for the 3rd option. It will give you the simplest, bare bone code that can link to your SendSteed list.

  19. Thanks for the good works. Been trying marketing for some time but to no avail. Still trying to understand internet marketing. Now studying the system.

  20. Thanks for simple straight forward system.I am

    I enjoy working on leadsleap system as it is informative. I don’t fully understand internet , but I know I eventually succeed.


  21. Thanks for leadsleap very informative many strategy on how you must upgrade your income watch and learn.Thank you.

  22. Thanks for the welcome! Look forward to always learning something new, as well create the financial freedom… Debt free…

  23. Dear sir i’m Alex Research , Nice to meet you every one , i need help to open and Create My Leap Funnel System List , how can i do

    Best Regard

    Alex Research

  24. I really don’t understand how Leadsleap can benefit its users. I am overwhelmed by a lack of understanding.

    Best Regards.

    1. We really have a lot to offer. Soon you will get through the stage of ‘initial perturbation’, then things will start to make sense. It happens to everyone who are new to something. Don’t worry.

    1. I am not sure if I understand your question. You can check out the page manager. If that doesn’t answer your question, please open a support ticket so that we can give a personalized support.

  25. I do not have enough words to express how grateful I am for your Leadsleap system. Sometimes I do not understand what I am doing but I know if I persist I will eventual succeed. Keep up your good work Kenneth (admin).

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