Internet Marketing Newbie – Step By Step Guide

“I am an internet marketing newbie. All I am asking you to do for me is to introduce me to the internet marketing from scratch, that is leading me step by step to the internet marketing system. Presently, I have no website, no list and no business yet.” – Akinbiyi Yinka Akinrinola

Many internet marketing newbies have been asking me similar questions and I usually do not bother reply.


Because the question is too general. Also, I got a feeling that anyone asking such a question is usually not serious in internet marketing.

But today, for the first time (and also the last time), I’m going to answer this question and post it up on our blog, so that I can direct whoever asking such a question back to our blog.

For all the internet marketing newbies out there, there are only 4 steps to making money from internet marketing from scratch.

Step 1 – Make a decision

Step 1 is to make a firm decision that you are going to make it in internet marketing, no but, no however, no unless, no excuse!

If step 1 is not accomplished, there is no need to proceed to the other steps. Quit now and go back to your comfort zone. Internet marketing is not for you. Nothing is, until you make a decision.

Let me tell you something I’ve never told anyone.

I started to explore internet marketing back in 1999, made my first $100 some time in 2004, made my first $1000 in 2006 and made my first $10k in the same year.

What happened in 2006? Did I stumbled upon a secret formula? Not at all.

What happened was that my offline business failed in 2005. I was $50k in debt and I desperately NEED to find an alternative to make money, so as to pay back my loan and keep my company alive.

For the years before 2006, I had been exploring internet marketing, but I was doubtful whether internet marketing was for me. Moreover, I had many other opportunities available and frankly, internet marketing was the last option in my list.

By 2006, I’d tried 3 different offline businesses, failed at each one of them, and owed $50k to the bank. With little cash on hand, I ran out of all my offline options.

I was in a situation where I either make it in internet marketing or quit my entrepreneur dream and look for a job.

Not to give up my last option, I turned to internet marketing, with no other backup plan!

Here’s a little secret about the universe:

“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Opportunities will be open to you. Ideas will come to you. Your saviour will appear.

So, before everything else, make your decision first.

Step 2 – Stop looking for shortcuts

Forget about shortcuts or quick cash. There is no shortcut. What does exist is leverage.

To make money fast, you need to leverage. You leverage on advertising to bring you more traffic in a shorter time. You leverage on freelancers to save your time and provide skills that will otherwise take you time to learn.

Other than leverage, there is no shortcut. You have to take the down-to-earth ‘boring’ steps of building websites, promoting them and doing all the maintenance work.

I’m not saying internet marketing is tough. It is tough initially because you’re still learning. Just like the first time you ride a bicycle. It was tough isn’t it? But once you get used to it, it’s as easy as ABC.

Step 3 – Decide on a business model

There are too many ways to make money online. You can make money from Adsense, PPC ads, Affiliate Marketing, Ebay, MLM etc.

So your 3rd crucial step is to decide on the business model that you want to adopt.

If you want to make money fast, one way is to become an instant guru!

I’ve seen many newbies who position themselves as a guru and start teaching people how to make money online. It works! Many of them who ‘dare’ to pretend to be a guru eventually becomes a real guru.

As a guru, you need to have your own website, your own product and your own affiliate program. That’s why I invested money to create the free M.Y.O.B List Builder Script for our members. Make this script work for you and you’ll become an instant guru overnight.

Read these two articles if you haven’t done so. They will shed some light for you.

What Are The Steps In Creating An Online Business

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Step 4 – Keep learning and keep working

Remember, there is no shortcut. You got to work hard and you got to learn fast while you work.

In offline businesses, you can hardly learn because very few people are willing to teach you.

The good thing about online business or internet marketing is that many people are willing to teach you, for free or for a very small fee. As long as you have your own business set up and are willing to learn the ropes, you will eventually grow and become another guru.

Lastly, after today, don’t ever call yourself an internet marketing newbie again. The faster you believe you are the guru, the faster you can succeed online.

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  1. Companies seem to ignore the single largest online branding/advertising venue available: their own regular external emails. Why not use these emails to market the senders company?

    You have a website.
    You send emails.

    Why not multiply your sales-staff by “wrapping” the regular email in an interactive letterhead?

    No other marketing or advertising medium is as targeted as an email between people that know each other (as opposed to mass emails). These emails are always read and typically kept.

      1. Believe in yourself and everything you do constantly and consistently roll out your traffic-getting routine every single day whether you feel like it or not! Nothing succeeds like excess! :)

  2. Wow you are very bold to take on such a wide subject. I enjoyed your personal story. Everything you said in this post is truly the path to success. I have learned that it is very important to remove all doubt and believe with every thought that you are going to reach your goal. If you can do this you will succeed.

    Thomas Northrop

    1. It is very true Thomas Northrop that everything Kenneth said in this post is the real path to success. success doesn’t just come unless someone says that he/she really wants to succeed.
      Every success is as a result of definitely directed thought and success begins the moment you look forward to it and decide that you really want it.
      Anyone can make money on the internet instantly once he/she takes the courage to practice the above and all the other things are there to be learnt before someone can start making real income online.

  3. Isn’t it something that it is necessary to inform some that to be successful involves some very basic steps? Know what you want. Make a plan. Work hard. Continue to learn. There are more guidelines, but those are probably at the top of the list.
    I enjoy your e-mails and blog very much. They are helping me to ‘continue to learn’.

    1. When I first started my carrier as a Freelancer in the video production industry I didn’t get any kind of support from any one except two of my friends.Same for my new Internet Marketing Company too many competition but no supports but your tips are price less.

  4. I agree that you should stop looking for shortcuts.
    To many newcomers get stuck running from one thing to another
    and get caught in a rut or give up. I believe that it is a constant learning process that takes time to grow,unfortunately most will give up before they truly learn it.

  5. This is an excellent advice. This post is definitely one of my favorites. Your personal experience makes it more interesting and motivational for others out there.

  6. Thanks Kenneth, You said it perfectly, I have yet to see a get rich model overnite yet, if you believe there is one then you should be able to believe you can start your own business.
    I was told a long time ago focus focus focus and stop jumping around.

  7. Kenneth you are so right. Most of my prolonged pain was not having or taking the time to think about a business model. jumping from one opportunity to another promoting one product after another with no real PLAN will not get anyone anywhere. Sure we can make a buck here and there but that is NIT a Business. A system is needed to be implemented and to stick with it. Results will show sooner or later. It is also important to learn and automate as much as possible to save time and ultimately money.

  8. Oh.. also YOU Do NEED to have your own website and not just one. Do not be thinking on saving money but think how to multiply your business assets by building websites (money sites) either to sell PLR products, adsense or tatget profitable niches. But the real success is being “visible” meaning your SEO is done right because Google adwords is not a cash cow for many. So learn SEO from the best and start building your first site. Make sure you understand the importance of keyword and niche research BEFORE you buy your firs domain name and put up your site.
    Lots to say but main important thing is KEYWORD Research. Period. I posted a video here:

  9. I was once an internet newbie and i suggest you should have a niche. a niche is the blood and soul of your online business. Your niche must be something of your interest. When you love your niche, why can’t you be successful in your campaign?

    With that said, this is absolutely a great article everyone should read. good job..

  10. Hai Kenneth,what you said here is, absolutely fair process for internet marketing.Few months ago,even i was faced so many troubles and i was successfully managed all those, with the same process as explained above.thank you very much for sharing the information…

  11. I just gained a whole lot more respect for you. Finally, a straight-forward, no-nonsense easy to understand answer to a very common question that too often receives an answer more geared toward putting $20 or $30 in some “guru’s” pocket, leaving a newbie wondering whether or not there are any honest and helpful people in Internet Marketing. Kudo’s to you, Kenneth.

  12. I’m learning a lot from your Blog and I have applied much of the information to my sites and I think I’ve finally got it!
    This is my great resource…Thanks!

  13. How with me as new comer ken,
    what I wish how to draw sympathic of reader and can give yhe information to them in accurate figure and respon which are positive.
    can you help me, give a picture of affiliate marketing of good to followed, because some affiliate which I follow not yet given the result.

  14. Waluyosh, I wrote an article a couple of days ago on Affiliate marketing and CPA Oferers. This may answer your questions.
    The Arbitrage Conspiracy, CPA Offers and PPC advertising all for Money and about making Money…

    Here is a bit of an inside story of how I found out about Click-Per-Action (CPA) Offers and PPC advertising (Search Engine Marketing)

    Just over a year ago I purchased and got enrolled in the PPC Classroom created and produced by Jeremy Palmer and Anik Singal. These two Gentlemen and Marketers that I very much respect and to this day they kept their integrity and reputation.

    The course was some $500 (a physical product, 3 ring binders with DVD and software) PLUS training on the web through a well managed and attended forum.

    It was then that I was introduced to CPA Networks, CPA Offers, and Anik had some very good information in audio format on that. Since then I bounced back and forth but finally decided that the money is in the CPA Offers if one concentrates all efforts and gets away from the “Gurus” hype and just stick to one thing.

    The notion of Arbitrage was talked around in the Internet marketing circles and in fact I purchased an e-Book on it but it was more of buying clicks cheap and then sends them to your Adsense pages and the difference is profit. It was not Arbitrage Conspiracy, not CPA and certainly not the amount of money Aymen and Emmanuel are making.

    I do believe they perfected it to a science and make good use of certain tools and knowledge in order to get $50,000 to $100,000 a DAY, is definitely unheard of

    I personally, do not think many “Gurus” make their money with CPA Offers. Most are into selling e-Books on how to make money online and nowadays hey extended that to audio and video.

    In most cases they are disciplined enough to do the work to research public domain information and package it for consumption or outsource the entire product research and product creation. Then they make good use of their mailing list along with a whole bunch of other “Gurus” lists to create hype and sell. Does it work? Sure it does because there is an endless supply of Newbie’s and the psychologically written sales letters are precisely design to close the sell and part you and me from the cash….

    So in most cases one wonders around for years, disoriented by the amount of information paid for but in most cases useless. I know I did…

    I am glad I finally “saw the light” and went into CPA Offers and stuck to is and made/make money doing it on a full time basis. Nothing like the guys in the Arbitrage Conspiracy BUT Hey! There is always room to improve and perfect and with Aymen training I am sure to take my CPA business to a new level of income and fun.

    Want to become a CPA Offers Conspirator? Perhaps it’s time to stick to one thing that actually makes money.

    I am Amazed that Most People Do Not GET IT. But then again it took me many years of time wasting… I also use SEO with tools that most out there do not even know exist and finally happy.
    I hope this helps.

  15. There are many ways to earn a decent income online. On the flip side, it seems like there is a lot of change now and then, so it does take a bit of reading to keep up on everything. Still, working from home is a nice treat.

  16. Good article. It’s true that you have to know that you are going to make it from the start, no matter what. It sometimes get tough, but if you have the commitment and the mindset you’ll go thru it and learn what you need to learn to get to the other side.

    Thanks again.

  17. This is great advice for all newbies. There is so many hyped up get-rich-quick schemes on the internet. If you really think about it, if it was that simple, most people would work from home and be millionaires. You must learn to earn. Just like going to college to learn a profession, internet marketing is no different. You must read, learn then earn. It is hard work and time consuming to be successful. Nothing is free in this world, especially Money!

  18. This post hits right at the heart. When I first got started I was looking for shortcuts and expecting to make thousand out of the gate. I failed to realize that in order to establish long term success you need to treat IM like a real business. While overhead might be less, it still requires lots of attention and dedication especially when it comes time to outsourcing.

  19. Most people don’t stick at IM for long enough to see the results.You will probably have to wait x amount of months for it to start paying off.I know that most poeple say that the money is in the list, but I don’t really believe that it is very easy to build one

  20. This is one of the best how to MMO articles I have read in a long time!

    Wow, aren’t you glad you did all of the IM research before your offline businesses flopped?

    “Lastly, after today, don’t ever call yourself an internet marketing newbie again. The faster you believe you are the guru, the faster you can succeed online”.

    I couldn’t have said it better myself! So, so, so, true.

  21. there is no short cut to get success in internet marketing, we neet lot of effort, pain, and work hard to get it. Something that I can’t do right now.. so I keep working offline as a worker in public company, but I still dreaming to be work at home as internet marketer someday..

  22. I ‘m and Internet newbie too but before I get start Online Business I learned from an Online Bussiness expert. For me “The method of how to success in business is more important than Business Model.

  23. Having a clear goal is imperative however this is where a lot of newbies fail – right at the start. The main reason is because of concentrating on the rewards rather than serious contemplation on the path that must be taken to achieve those rewards.
    Also jumping in without any talent or knowledge is heading for a fall.

    As a newbie the hardest step online is where to find the RIGHT information. There are too many blind leading the blind online.

    So who do you take notice of? How do you know that someone really knows what they are talking about.

    Go check out their website – see where their website comes up when doing a search on Google.

    For instance if you do a search for – how to start a home business online – you will find that is in the top position out of around 450,000,000 other competing sites.

    That shows that I walk the walk. All the information is free and if you have any further questions or need any help, I will guide you step by step. You will find my contact details on the site.



  24. You mentioned using freelance contractors as leverage in your article. One great and inexpensive way to do this is outsourcing your simple tasks overseas. I like using oDesk. I’m not an affiliate for them or anything. I really just want to give them a thumbs up here, though. I recently had a guy in Pakistan do about 5 hours of data entry for me into Excel (would have taken me twice that amount of time because I’m not very fast at 10 key), and I paid 94 cents per hour.
    Thanks for the post.
    Kind Regards,
    Chris Huntley

  25. i want to sell my ebook but i dont know to create a link for downloading my ebook in the “thank you” page. can anyone help? i am a beginner and i dont have any knowledge about html, etc.

  26. Hi I want to start making money online as thats the only option I have left and i’m very serious about it but I dont have much knowledge of all this.So can anyone guide me step by step and tell me exactly how to start n exactly what to do. Would anyone like to be my GURU????? No newbies or wannabe gurus please. Thanks

  27. Hi HARJ and any other newbies reading here.

    I have been making a full time income internet marketing for around 10 years.

    I found it very difficult when I started out. I was totally dedicated, committed and prepared to work hard. However I found that I was totally confused by the information overload.

    Therefore many years ago I developed a step by step “How To Start a home business Online” website with a free 24/7 study.

    Please read the material in the study in the order it is given – then if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me – my contact details are at the site.

    Go to:
    Then enter the study.



  28. Kenneth you are so right. Most of my prolonged pain was not having or taking the time to think about a business model. jumping from one opportunity to another promoting one product after another with no real PLAN will not get anyone anywhere. Sure we can make a buck here and there but that is NIT a Business. A system is needed to be implemented and to stick with it. Results will show sooner or later. It is also important to learn and automate as much as possible to save time and ultimately money.

  29. One Problem I am having with marketing, is trying to stay focused on one Business model, everytime I open my E-mail there is a new course or tool and each systems seems better than the next, so My personal opinion is pick one thing and learn it until you have made even a little money and then add different techniques to it

  30. You dont need any money to start earning online, just signup for free blog @ blogspot, create a blog and then signup to adsense and start driving traffic to your blog.

  31. A good guide, I just would like to wish good luck to all the newbies out of here who start their journey into internet marketing, gl guys and dont give up on hard times!

  32. The said post here is very informative. I am impressed as to the ways in which the author delivered the message to us readers. I am curious as to the details and have read and got my answers to my query. It is nice to know that this one here really exist. I would love to track your future posts.

  33. I found some useful information here. I have almost no idea what how to get things up and running so I’m collecting as much info as possible. Hope I see so more current post because I would to hear what others are thinking and doing

  34. I wrote a article in a local magazine about this. I have read several article on this particular topics and I have to say this are awesome. This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I love seeing blog that understand the value of providing a quality resource for free.

  35. I can totally understand the question for the newbie internet marketer. I am relatively new myself and knew what I wanted to do, just didn’t know HOW to do it. I didn’t want to have to spend a lot of money to get websites built, buy a lot of training when I didn’t know enough to decide what to buy and what I wasn’t ready for and what just didn’t work.

    Once I figured this all out for myself costing me way more time and money than I wanted to spend, I decided to give all the same information that cost me money away and so that is what I do now.

    No upsale, no catch, just giving it away so others can benefit from the start up basics. This by no means is a get rich quick business. What I give away also is not everything you need to know, but it is all the basics that any newbie can use. It is step by step with checksheets on how to do every detail from beginning to end.

  36. I wasted so much money on promises of big earnings none of which got me anywhere. If you want to get into internet marketing and need training then I have just the thing for you. I tried this and now am making enough residual income online to survive. Please visit this website today where myself and Chris will show you the way forward. It may just be what youv’e been looking for.

  37. Step 3 of your article is where a lot of newbies fail. Most of them have no prior business experience so they do not even consider developing a plan or even know where to begin in learning how to construct such a plan that makes sense.

    A business model is not something like “Article marketing” or “SEO” or “Affiliate marketing”… Those are all part of a business model online. Those are the actions you take to improve your website and brand.

    A business model is one that reveals exactly where you are right now and where it is you want to go. Most people aren’t honest with themselves in terms of these two areas and therefore will never be able to sustain a long term business.

    Mike Hill

  38. I consider this post as one of the best post ever. It is one of a kind. I really admire the important ideas that you offer in the content. I am looking forward for more important thoughts and more blogs. Your such a lucky one to have this gift basket of knowledge. Keep it up !!!!

  39. Hi,

    Yes it can be difficult for newbies. There is so much on the internet, some times so much you don’t know what one to take notice of.

    You do have to make the decision of what niche and stick with it long enough to give it a chance (that’s more than the first week).

    Best of luck.

  40. Great stuff here. The information and the detail were just perfect. I think that your perspective is deep, its just well thought out and really fantastic to see someone who knows how to put these thoughts down so well. Great job on this.

  41. ARTICLE 1: Learning To Make Money Online

    If you want to make money online, one of the best methods is to emulate someone who has already had the kind of success you want, and copy them. This is more or less true of any business: Why re-invent the wheel from scratch when you can follow a path to success that you know has worked before?

    When you start out, you are in “information mode” – you need to make sure that you are getting off to the right start, in the right sort of niche, with the right sort of products.

    However, all the information in the world is never going to help you if you never get to put what you have learned into action, and this is the step where most people falter. In order to get past this hurdle, you need systems – meaning not just information but a clear, realistic idea of exactly what to do with it.

    The best way to do this is by working with a coach or a mentor. This can make a big difference in your progress – and not only in how much progress you make, but how fast you make it.

    A coach can see you falling off a cliff before you can. They have been down the path before you, and they know what potholes and bumps lie ahead so they can guide you around them. This is crucial if you want to learn how to make money online as quickly as possible: Why struggle when you can make it easier on yourself?

    At this point, you want to get your business profitable as soon as you can. You have come to realize, through trial and error, that having a coach or mentor will get you there more quickly. Now, all you have to do is pick the right mentor, and the important thing is to choose a mentor who has achieved the kind of success you want.

    They will give you the steps, and your job is to follow them. Probably the hardest part will be to stick with it and do all of the steps without allowing yourself to become distracted.

    There will be lots of people and programs telling you that they have an easier, faster way but if you start jumping from coach to coach, and program to program, you are only going to slow yourself down. Just focus and you will see results faster.
    the Secret Of Making Money Online can give you the benefit of the experience of someone who has “been there, done that” using Underground Online marketing, and dramatically shorten the sometimes painful learning curve that comes with learning Internet marketing.

  42. I agree. No shortcuts and you won’t be slapped by Google. Become a student of internet marketing and reap the benefits. It’s a slow burn that pays off later.

  43. On the tip number 2. People are anxious of instant result. So they tend to go shortcuts which in turn creates problems as the loop taken has some misguided or flaws that does not match the end result. It is the trait of a person that must be changed.

  44. For me, Internet Marketing is not just a profession but it’s a passion. I read books and blog posts on the subject not only to further my career but because I love what I’m doing and I want to feel empowered personally and professionally.
    thanks for such a great post

  45. Good
    it can be difficult for newbies. There is so much on the internet, some times so much you don’t know what one to take notice of.

    You do have to make the decision of what niche and stick with it long enough to give it a chance (that’s more than the first week).

    Best of luck.

  46. Thanks a lot. Actually i am a newbie in online. I have a product but have no idea how to make it work through online marketing..Most of the time i market my product offline..
    thanks for all guides given..thanks a lot. Really appreciate it.

  47. For me, Internet Marketing is not just a profession but it’s a passion. I read books and blog posts on the subject not only to further my career but because I love what I’m doing and I want to feel empowered personally and professionally.
    thanks for such a great post

  48. As this is a continual forum for ideas and inspiration one particular method works well, youtube!

    Thats correct, making videos. This method will grow your online presence continually. Day, night and if you don’t know how to, then target that as a learning experience you should take. You’ll be glad you did!

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