How To Write Text Ads That People Will Click

This is not the first time I get members asking me how to write text ads. There is a simple formula that I use to write text ad or almost any other types of ads. Today, I’ll share this formula with you.

My Simple Formula To Write Text Ad

Writing text ad is an art. Different marketers have different style of writing.

For me, I follow a simple formula. My formula is:


A – Attention
E – Expectation
A – Action

Most text ads are made up of a headline (or title) and a text body.

The objective of the headline is to grab Attention.

The objective of the text body is to build Expectation and call to Action.

For example, I may write an ad like this:

I Made $6K in my First Month
Learn Exactly How I Did It.
Free Download.

Can you see how I use the A-E-A formula in this example?

How To Write Attention Grabbing Headline Or Title?

There are many ways to write a headline or title that grabs attention.

For example, you can ask a question that invokes curiosity. You can also tell a story like I did in the example above.

One simple way is to use some power words that can capture people’s attention.

Some of these power words include: How To, Secrets, Free, Download, Exposed, Save, Amazing, Time-Sensitive, Proven, Step-By-Step, Shocking Truth, Cheap, Urgent.

Why Build Expectation?

Once you grab the prospects’ attention, you need to tell your prospects what they can expect from you after clicking your ad.

This is the hardest part and if it’s done right, 90% of the battle is won.

To build an expectation is to create a desire. As you know, once a person has a strong desire for something, he can do anything to satisfy that desire.

In this case, once you successfully build an expectation, your prospects will be motivated to click on your text ad to get what they’re expecting.

Again, there are some power words you can use to build expectation. These words include: Learn, Discover, Find Out, Increase, Reduce, Eliminate, Save, Loss, Gain, Heal, Change, Transform.

Call To Action – The Final Push

Many marketers put too much emphasis in the call to action. My view is, the most important element is Expectation building. Once the expectation is built, call to action is simply a final push.

Call to action is for the subconscious. What I mean is subconsciously, our hand react to some words.

For example: Click Here, Download Here, Instant Access, Start Here, Get It Now, Buy Now, Watch It Here, and … (i.e. ending your ad with …)

Anyone Can Write A Text Ad Like A Guru

No one is born an ad writing guru. Every ad writing guru I know has a habit of keeping a library of ads that they think is good.

Whenever you come across a good ad, keep it and refer to your collection whenever you need to write an ad. It’s just a matter of time before you become another expert in writing text ad.

27 thoughts to “How To Write Text Ads That People Will Click”

  1. I read a book ‘Hypnotic Writing’ by Joe Vitale. He explains how you can sell almost anything with a good salescopy. Beg, borrow or steal if you must to get this book. Excellent read!

  2. I wish all my Trainees would understand what you are saying Kenneth (and what I am trying to explain to them). It doesn’t require a whole book to become an ad writing guru, just the A-E-A formula, a lot of testing and an accurate monitoring.


  3. Excellent tips. I am a print advertising specialist and it has been a little challenging in writing small text ads when I have been so accustomed to larger newspaper classifieds. This was a very useful article that you published and I’ll certainly share it with my advertisers and colleagues. Thank you!

    1. “Bad news, Good news and call-for-action” is good for sales letter writing. I call it “Give them a headache, sell them the Panadol”.

  4. As you have already said no one is born an expert ad writer.It takes some practice to perfect the art of ad writing.
    The AIDA formula is one legendary formula and even though I don’t know who to reference for this masterpiece,it is a great formula

  5. Great tips – very nicely put! I missed this post in the spring, but am happy to have found it now. I have already applied the concept to my current ad, and look forward to seeing my click rate increase.

  6. These tips are completly AWESOME! Now, I will be able to write A-E-A type text ads with the information that you sent. I have been in the Network Marketing/Direct Sales Rep industry for almost 3 years and I haven’t received information like this before.

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  8. Nice blog but I am not sure how many believe that kind of header. I like to keep things realistic and simple for my followers. My header consists of what I have made and my text consists of maximum 3 steps on how to achieve what I have achieved.

    This is not to say that your header is a lie, it is hard to believe. I could be wrong but I always pass these kinds of headers.

  9. Kenneth, really appreciate what you are sharing and the S- E-A method. Learned something very useful. Thank you.

  10. Very good read, thank you.
    Everyday we can see first hand how its done just watching tge commercials during the evening national news. They show the viewer what they are lacking, whats available to them, and how to get it!
    Take notice next time and see how the heavy companies do there ad spend.

  11. Thank you so much for breaking that down in simple understanding sentences & words. Especially the Power word tips, for me it’s how you are saying or telling about the objective to whatever you are promoting or sharing. This is my first time of ever doing anything like this online so I’m like completely in the dark & I do believe that there are great opportunities out their that you can actually make a comfortable living income from but it’s finding what actually is real, on top of what works is the biggest challenge. That’s where my struggle is & has been. So again, thank you so much for inspiring, being straight forward, & giving us tips that will help us to grow. Have a great & Awesome day! :)

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