How To Find JV Partners

In this article, I will share with you some of my recent experiences in finding JV partners.

As you probably know, we’re nearing the launch of our new link building system and I’m dead busy preparing for the launch. One of the things I am busy doing is to find JV partners for the launch.

Getting Big Names To Be Your JV Partners

Thinking that I have a good product and some reputation in the market, I thought maybe I can try sending a JV proposal to some of the big names out there. So I did.

I sent out about 10-15 emails either to their email addresses or via their online support. The result? None. Either they reply with an industry standard reply “My schedule is full” or there is no reply at all.

Kind of expected, but I thought no harm trying my luck.

The lesson? Don’t be disappointed if you are rejected!

Getting Big Names To Be Your JV Partners – The Correct Way

Alright, above is a negative demonstration. Here’s the correct way to do it.

Over the past years, I was acquainted with other big names and have helped them either in their product launches or in other aspects.

This time, when I sent them a JV proposal, most of them respond favorably.

You see, big names are busy. They have their own businesses to run and are not in any need to promote any product. The only reason they will consider your JV proposal is because you’ve done them a favor in the past.

So before you even think of approaching big names as JV partners, you probably need to start building rapport months or years ahead. If they have a product launch, help them in the launch and be one of the top sellers. Get them to know you in person. This will dramatically increase your chance of getting them to help you in your product launch.

The Ultimate Way To Find JV Partners

As I always emphasize, whether it’s through advertising, JV partnership or other “instant” traffic approach, the traffic is short-lived. Ultimately, it is your viral system that multiplies these instant traffic into long-term passive traffic.

The same principle applies to finding JV partners.

Take our new link building system for example, the beta members and other invited JV partners have brought in hundreds of other marketers for the launch. This is something that I can’t possibly have done with my own effort.

You may think these marketers may not be those big names with big list. But never underestimate the power of small-time marketers. Although those super affiliates can bring in lots of sales as an individual, as much as 80% of the total sales are usually generated by the mass of small-time marketers who can only generate a few sales per person.

Well, that’s my personal experience in finding JV partners. I would love to hear your experience in finding JV partners. If you do, please share it with us below.

By the way, if you are keen to join us for the launch of our new link building system on 22 Feb, this is your last week to join. Just drop us an email at ezjv [at] leadsleap [dot] com. We will send you the details rightaway!

19 thoughts to “How To Find JV Partners”

  1. Thanks for the info. It’s often the case that if you want someone to help you, you have to help them first.

    Good luck with your new link building system too. If it’s anything like Leads Leap, it’s going to be great!

    Stuart Stirling

  2. I have found that most of the big names in the industry do not want anything to do with JVing with up and coming marketers unless there is one particular question is answered properly:

    “What’s in it for me?”

    If they don’t see a monetary benefit to themselves, they will typically blow you off in a heartbeat.

    Unfortunately, these so-called “big names” are missing the boat. The very foundation of long-term success is cultivating and nurturing these up and coming new marketers.

    Sure, a JV with a new venture may be a flop and make absolutety nothing for the “big guy,” but the relationship has been established and the new person has learned a wealth of information about launching a new product.

    Since this “big guy” has established the relationship and worked with and nurtured this new marketer, who do you think this new person will go to the next time they have a new launch? And who knows, maybe the next launch, or the third or fourth, will be the next multi-million dollar success story that reaps huge benefits for the “big guy” that otherwise wouldn’t have had time for the newbie.

    So many so-called “gurus” are nothing more then individuals that have had some form of success, coming from hard work or sheer luck, and once they made their fortunes, they forget where they came from and ignore please of help from the new people coming into the market.

    The really sad (and sick) part of online marketing is the products being sold. It has become exceedingly difficult to successfully launch any new product or buisness venture due to the very nature of what has been done already online. Products that don’t even come close to living up their hype and pre-launch advertising. Membership sites that rape and pillage as many dollars as possible pre-launch, only to keep extending the pre-launch to hype it some more and rape a few more dollars from the internet, then (if it happens at all) they launch a product or membership site that is worse then a 5th grader could have put together. They disappear to jump to the next hype and never support the very people that they stole money from in the first place.

    Let’s face it folks, until the internet marketing industry cleans up its act, it is doomed to failure. And I am speaking of failure in the real sense of the word. Quality, quanity, integrity and truth. These are all qualities missing from 99 percent of offerings today!

    Here is my feelings on marketing on the internet:

    1. If a product or service has a website that does NOT disclose the owner(s) name, address, telephone number, and other legitimizing information, RUN. Do not give them the time of day. Obviously if they don’t disclose, they are intentionally hiding something.

    2. If you check the Whois database and find a private registration, coupled with no disclosure on the website, RUN. For the same reasons stated in number 1.

    3. If you purchase a product (such as an eBook) that claims to provide certain information, and you find that all it contains is some gramatically incorrect and incomplete information, or is nothing but another hype and sales pitch filled with more links to more products and sites, DEMAND a REFUND. If you can not obtain a refund, immediately report the fraudulent transaction to your payment processor (i.e. alertpay, your credit card company, etc). Do NOT let the crooks steal your money.

    4. If you send a message asking a question about a product or pre-launch, you should get a “QUALITY” answer. As an example, I recently sent a message to a pre-launch program being promoted heavily with a hefty price tag. I specifically asked the owner to take a few minutes and provide some substantial content in his reply so I could make an informed decision about purchasing and promoting his product. The response I received was a one-liner, “Everything will be revealed on launch day.” And guess, what? It wasn’t, and still is not revealed, and the owner no longer responds to emails.

    Folks, BEWARE. Deal only with reputable people that will RETURN your EMails, and TAKE your calls. If they claim they don’t have time to take calls or respond to emails, RUN.

    I promote a traffic exchange, and my clients can CALL ME, or EMAIL ME and expect a REAL response in a very short period of time. I do not use “form mail autoresponder series” when I deal with people. Each email I send out is written as it is being prepared to send. Why? Personal care and concern for my clients.

    Well, if you have made it this far, thanks! I didn’t start out to make this such a lenghty post, but hopefully someone out there has received a bit of useful information from these comments. There are so many scammers running rampant right now, it is very difficult to determine legitimacy vs fraud. Just beware and do your research. If it smells like a fish, it probably is a fish.


      1. Why would anyone pay money to a person/business without knowing where their money is going?

        When you hide your contact information, you are basically telling the potential customer that they have no recourse once they pay their money if they are not satisfied.

        There could be a 10 year old kid on the other end raking in thousands in payments only to disappear after they have made a bundle, knowing full well and good that they are not going to get procescuted very harshly for running their scam.

        It is simply good business to openly state your address and telephone number for your customers. If not, don’t expect to be taken seriously.

        If necessary, get a postal service or postal box for your address and a cell phone for business purposes, but don’t hide your contact information. When you do, you lose many potentially valuable clients.

    1. A very informational tips eventhough it’s a bit long. There’re so much marketing hypes on the internet nowadays, most newbies who’re trying out their luck the first time would probably be brought to the slaughtering houses unless he’s super smart. To me, I regard this as lessons eventhough painful but that’ll eventually equipped you to be a successful internet entreprenuer. Learning from mistakes is part of the process in life. Most importantly admit whatever mistakes made don’t be in self denial mode.

  3. This could be one of the most important information for us especially myself I’m planning to launch my website soon.

    Thanks for the info. It’s often the case that if you want someone to help you, you have to help them first.

    Good luck with your new link building system too

  4. Your blog post makes a point. You need to put yourself out there in order to be taken seriously.

    You won’t be able to JV, or you’ll have a hard time, if you have no background in previous launches.

    If people know that you can convert then it’ll be a breeze to get JVs.

  5. When approaching the big guys it always worth keeping in mind the value proposition, ie what is in it for them. They, like you are running a business and will not want to waste their time on half-baked proposals that offer little benefit to them. Make sure you have a decent proposition and then approach them professionally.

  6. A really informational suggestions eventhough it’s a bit long. There’re a lot advertising hypes on the web nowadays, most newbies who’re trying out their luck the first time would probably be dropped at the slaughtering houses except he’s super smart. To me, I regard this as classes eventhough painful however that’ll finally geared up you to be a profitable web entreprenuer. Studying from mistakes is a part of the method in life. Most importantly admit no matter errors made don’t be in self denial mode.

  7. This is a great blog and I especially agree with the tips from ‘gator’ regarding the authenticity of various websites and marketers.

    Twice I’ve joint ventured with a very well known UK internet marketer who took my product and sold it to his huge email list.

    But, ‘whats in it for me’ was definitely the first question he asked me.
    It took me several months to convince him, plus I had to pay him a £2000 deposit to cover his initial website/sales letter costs, but luckily it did pay off and I made a decent profit.

    To make the JV process easier, and to keep the costs down, try approaching the lesser known marketers first to get your product and name out there, then go for the bigger marketers once you have the experience behind you.

  8. Get a product launched with jv partners can be a great way to get your product reconized and be financially rewarding, but finding the right jv partners is just as important.

  9. There’re so much marketing hypes on the internet nowadays, most newbies who’re trying out their luck the first time would probably be brought to the slaughtering houses unless he’s super smart. To me, I regard this as lessons eventhough painful but that’ll eventually equipped you to be a successful internet entreprenuer. Learning from mistakes is part of the process in life.

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