How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

“I am a blogger with Adsense now and I need to know what I can do in LeadsLeap to improve my traffic to my blogs to make money from the ads?” – Love in Jesus, Marina.

There are many things you can do in LeadsLeap to drive traffic to your blog. Here are some of the ways I can think of:

1) Set up your LeadsLeap ad

The easiest way to drive traffic to your blog is to set up your LeadsLeap ad. If you have an ‘okay’ written ad, it should drive some traffic to your blog. If you upgrade your account, it will drive more traffic to your blog. If you’re using a free account, make sure that you have positive credits in your account or you should build a team that you can advertise to.

2) Build a list

As a blogger, you must understand the pros and cons of a blog.

A blog is good at attracting Search Engine Traffic and building relationship with your prospects. But it is not effective in retaining traffic, especially traffic generated from advertising.

This means if you advertise your blog, chances are you are driving traffic ‘through’ your blog, i.e. the traffic just come and go.

To me, that’s a waste.

You should try to retain the traffic (a.k.a build a list) so that you can drive this traffic back to your blog again and again.

You can easily build a list with two of the tools provided in LeadsLeap:

List Builder Script: Install this script to your server and you’re ready to build a list (as well as a full-fledged business).
SlideSense: Add SlideSense to your blog to send your blog traffic to your opt-in offer.

3) Practice search engine optimization

If you are running a blog, but not practising search engine optimization, you are missing the greatest power of blogging.

Though LeadsLeap has YET to develop any tool to help you in this search engine optimization, I’ve written many articles in this blog to teach you how to do it. Read this blog. If other members get result after following my advice, there’s no reason why you can’t.

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  1. Social networking, Article marketing, Press releases, Forum auto-signatures can be used to quickly get traffic to any website/blog. Ofcourse building a list does explode the income when done properly. It’s a number’s game. More Content, More exposure, lots of give-away offers and pre-selling builds a follower-base :)

    1. Just wanted to add something to my earlier post. Free organic search engine traffic should be the only way to drive traffic to adsense sites. TOS are strict for Adsense and any slip can cause termination of Adsense account without prior notice / warning. It’s critical that Adsense publishers comply to all Terms, Conditions and Policies set by Google.

      And ofcourse, viral e-book giveaway, PR and article marketing (as far as I know) are the best way to get free search engine traffic :)

      1. Yes, thanks for this reminder. For Adsense traffic, strictly no autosurf, traffic exchange sites, paid to read email etc. Search engine traffic is the best. But PPC ads, banner ads, recycle traffic from your list are also allowed (PROVIDED that your blog is built to provide genuine value to visitors, not simply to lure visitors into clicking Adsense ad).

    2. Actually, forum signatures are pretty useless nowadays, mostly because they got to be so large. I’d focus on on-page optimization and networking, as in collaboration with bloggers in your niche

  2. i still dont know how to use this leadsleap. I am adsense publisher it oke to publish our adsense’s blog to facebook ?? i dont want to get banned again :(

  3. if you want to publish to a lot of places at once.try using the new sokule network. this may solve the problem with facebook and others,sokule noe is now connected to blogger,twitter and others.
    i use it all the time with the new sockwell post it page available for long post.
    connect your twitter through api to face book.all your post would be posted to facebook with no problems.i run a permanent ad on twitter to try drive traffic to my blogg has adsence.and i have no problems.

    hope this can help

  4. Creating relevant QUALITY backlinks to your site will increase traffic to your blog or website. using MY OWN unique articles and submitting them to Free Traffic System I have been getting free traffic to my blog with just a little work by rewriting my articles so there is NO duplicate content.

  5. It would be awesome to help each other with AdSense revenue. Next time you visit a page with Adsense, really look at the ads for anything of interest to you. What goes around comes around.

    You need to be sure to ping your Blogs, and update the content regularly and re ping. That brings traffic also.

    Find interesting Blogs and POST a comment-The links bring you traffic too. Visit mine-I get lots of traffic!!

    1. First I would like to say that I LOVE LEADSLEAP!

      And if I thought that anyone would ever suggest anything illegal that has to do with Leadsleap, I would feel obliged to report you.

      So with that said…I am on my way to Marianne’s site to look it over.

      I like the idea of supporting my fellow LEADSLEAPERS.

      I hope that as LEADSLEAPERS we all continue to help and support each other on into 2010.

    2. Marianne, why would you have a blog where people must sign in or register to leave a comment?

      Everyone knows that people love to give their opinions! So, make it as simple as 1,2,3 for them.

      Make it as easy as possible for people to leave comments on your blog and you will be surprised at how many people are listening to you.

      Also, if you like, you can go here Subscribe to Marianne’s Blog By EMAIL and allow people to subscribe to you by email. RSS is a beautiful, beautiful thing, but there are still millions of people who have no clue how to use it.

      I know because I am one of them. lol

  6. I’ve used the free advertising with Leadsleap….it’s working…the only problem is….if you want it free….you’ve to earn it by reading members ads…..otherwise upgrade. :-)

  7. Man! You just reminded me about that List Builder Script! I had completely forgotten it! I’m going to install that this week, been insanely busy! Once again, thanks big time!

  8. My first blog is a year old this month and I have found that this Traffic Getting SEO is absolutely wonderful for SEO optimization of your blog.

    I use it and would refer it to anyone.

    My blog went from 33% to 98% optimized!


    The best part is that it is FREE!

    1. From my experiences, I have found that by having a kik-azz optimumly converting website AND a blog promoting that website is better than just the website alone is because your blog will generate more traffic, more sales, and more backlinks than a website alone ever could. Here’s why.

      People leave comments on your blog (if you properly motivate them), which gives you some link love which can eventually improve your website PR because your blog is linked to your website. It should be anyway.

      Blogs that are conceived specifically to promote a website can also deliver massive sales because you use that blog to engage your potential customer in a conversation where they MUST answer back to you.

      You force your potential customers to answer you in 1 of 3 ways on your blog:
      1. They will purchase the product your blog is recommending.
      2. They will bookmark your blog and visit again, maybe.
      3. They will leave and never come back.

      And many will do the second two, but if you want them all to do a Number 1 on your blog, you must make sure that you use your blog to impress upon them how necessary your product is to their survival. Yes, their personal and/or professional survival.

      For those who do not choose Option Number One, make sure that you give them an “OUT” when you have the pressure turned up all the way. And make sure that “OUT” is directly to your website, which should be like a breath of fresh air to them by providing all the answers to their problems with none of the pressure they felt on your blog.

      I believe that a comfortable blog is a dead blog!

      You do not use your blog to spit out facts and figures. Many studies have shown that facts, figures, and graphs make people feel safe. You do not want people to ever feel safe on your blog. You want them agitated and in transition so that they can transition themselves right to your website and/or directly to a sale for you. Your blog should be electric, constantly pushing emotional buttons!

      If your blog punches those nerves that jerks the cc’s right out of their wallets because your blog has convinced them that your product will make a difference in their lives, your finances will improve.

      And, A L W A Y S have a capture mechanism on your blog, just in case.

      This, in my opinion, is why using a blog AND a website, rather than just a website alone can make a big difference in your monthly income.

  9. Just wanted to say thank you to Lynne Gordon for taking the time to visit and come back here and make comments! Serious link exchangers really do register, and it builds a nice list from my Blog, but I will think about your suggestion. There are soo many Blog Spammers that it takes a lot of moderating!! Thank you LeadsLeap, for the awesome info and opportunity to share!!

  10. Hi Kenneth,

    As always great post. Actually I’m trying to build my list. And I’m thinking about using the listbuilder script after I read this post. Is it possible to use the script with a self hosted wordpress? I’m thinking using it with any free WP autoresponder plugin.

    1. 1) Yes, just create a new directory and install the script there. Use a good name for the directory, say offer. So your optin url will be
      2) With the script, you do not need any autoresponder plugin. The script comes with an autoresponder system.

      1. Hi Kenneth,

        Thanks for the response. That is good to hear. I’m now looking at the installation process. Pretty interesting stuff. Hope all turn out nicely.

  11. This 3 steps are genuine. It works.
    I like all you posts. Simple. Easy To Understand. Clear The Concept.

    I like to read more about your SEO practice.

    Will you please like to share?

  12. giving answer of related questions on yahoo answer with url of blog as source is also best.
    but you must find first poeple who ask questions related to your subject of blog, its easy …

  13. Great post! Blogging is a powerful marketing tool. And it helps if your blog is teeming with traffic. There are tons of ways to drive traffic to your blog and some of the suggested tips here work great. Some minor tips for bloggers: you have to be interesting and unique so that people will feel their time wasn’t wasted while reading your post. Eventually, you’ll gain loyal subscribers who may become potential buyers to your online business (if you have one) and before you know it, your business is up and running.

  14. Building a list is very often overlooked when generating traffic and I agree that it is a crucial outlook. It’s unfortunate that many marketers do not start a list. Secondly, SEO is crucial for long term traffic. Great information!

  15. I completely agree that you need to build a list in conjunction with everything else. You’ll find that your list will become your most valuable asset as it continues to grow.

    In terms of sites I actually use more than you’ve got listed above. Each one has a very specific purpose but they all work together to increase sales ROI.

    1. Standard SEO blogs for generating free traffic – build links, readership, rss subscribers, etc…,
    2. Email capture squeeze pages – optimized for building email lists
    3. Sales funnels – allows me to perform page flow optimization and heavy CRO (conversion rate optimization) without the additional “noise” a standard site has,
    4. Customized checkout pages – I list this in my sites because often they reside on different urls
    5. Customer service ticket system – an absolute must when dealing with sales and customers.

    Of course your target niche really determines how many sites and what kinds your should have. This is just my basic layout for creating maximum ROI.

    Just my 2 cents :)

  16. Driving traffic to a blog to build a list is a little overkill.

    I think that optin pages have a much higher conversion: even the best laid out blog with a capture device every step of the way never converts better than 10%, because people come with the mindset to read, and not to subscribe.

    I have been promoting the heck out of my blog, and the daily subscribers are around 1~2 a day?

    Some days, when the post really resonates with readers I get more, but I am not so great producing a post like that with any real frequencey… :-(

  17. Recruit a competent SEO operator to ensure your blog is received in the market where it is seen and viewed regularly by Google searchers. Ensure your blog is interesting and worthy of your campaign to attract advertisers. This is becoming a significant business option and requires a good product,in your case it is your material and content, that is important

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