How A Renowned Internet Marketing Guru Started From Scratch

Most successful internet marketers started from scratch with little resources and were hardly known in the market until they become famous. If you are a beginner, it will be good for you to learn how some of these internet marketers started from scratch and how they had their lucky breaks in their online careers.

Today I’m going to show you how a renowned internet marketing guru started from scratch and how he had his breakthrough moment that changed everything and made him the world’s No 1 super affiliate, as what we all know today.

You probably have guessed it. This guru is none other than Ewen Chia, an online millionaire from Singapore.

What would you ask if you have a chance to meet up with an online millionaire?

Most people would ask him how he made his million dollar online. I didn’t ask this question. Why? Because it won’t help you by knowing what he is doing now. He has a lot of resources that you don’t. Even if you know what he’s doing now, you may not be able to copy.

Make sense?

Instead, my question to him was, when did he have his lucky break and what did he do to have the lucky break.

Can you see how this question can help you better? Here’s the full story……

He started exploring internet marketing back in 1997. But he only got his lucky break in 2004 (not too long, just 4 years ago!). That means it took him 6 years to get his first lucky break and another 4 years to become the world’s number 1 super affiliate. So if this is your 5th year exploring internet marketing and you are already thinking of giving up, shame on you!

So what exactly did he do to earn that lucky break?

Basically, he interviewed 19 experts in resale rights and compiled the interview into an ebook called “Resale Rights Secrets”.

Here’s the smart thing he did to this ebook:

1. He gave the 19 experts the FULL RIGHTS to sell the ebook and keep 100% of the profit!
2. He gave the 19 experts the FULL RIGHTS to sell the Resale Rights of the ebook and keep 100% of the profit!

Can you imagine what was happening? The 19 experts happily promoted the ebook to their HUGE lists and make 100% of the profit. PLUS many of the customers upgraded the package to Resale Rights and they in turn sold the product to more people!

According to Ewen, in just 3 days, the whole internet was talking about this ebook. That’s how viral this campaign was.

If you are fast enough, you would have realized that Ewen made $0 from the sale of the ebook!

Here’s another smart thing he did:

He created a One-Time Offer at the download page of the ebook. So when people downloaded the ebook, they will see the One-Time Offer.

Guess what, in just 3 days after the launch of his product, he made more than 10,000 USD from the One-Time-Offer!!!

But that was just the beginning.

Look at what he had achieved from his little venture:

1. He made USD10,000. Nothing impressive because it’s just a one time earning.
2. He managed to build a substantial list of buyers. These are people who have paid for a product and they are very likely to buy again and again. That’s invaluable!
3. He had built for himself a group of JV partners who would be glad to sell his future products again. That’s another invaluable resource!

So with Resource #2 and #3, his online business exploded and like what many people like to say, the rest is history.

For those of you who are savvy internet marketers, you may think that these strategies are widely used in the market nowadays. But back in 2004, no one was doing such things!

I was utterly surprised when Ewen told me that he is the one who ‘invented’ these strategies! He started teaching these strategies to the world and that’s why right now, you see these strategies everywhere. There are many other marketing strategies and sales letter tricks that he has come out with and become very popular nowadays.

Can you imagine talking to someone and then realize that the person actually invented say light bulb? That’s how I felt when he told me all the little tricks that he had come out with because I see these tricks everywhere today. I didn’t know it was him who came out with these ideas!

Ok, enough about his creativity. Let me ask you a serious question.

Is it really that tough to do what he did for his lucky break?

If your answer is yes, I have nothing to say. (I just feel sorry for you.)

If your answer is no, then what are you waiting for? If you do what he did, you too can have your lucky break!

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  1. please explain this :

    “Like this story? Bookmark this story in your favorite social bookmarking website and build more leads for you at the same time!”

    1. Are you a member of LeadsLeap? If you are, detailed instruction is given in the email you’ve received.

  2. I enjoyed the information. I know about creating e-books, and selling information products on the internet. I just need to know the detailed information on doing it. Where to market at low cost to no cost to Explode my business.

  3. I appreciate your instructions and encouragement on having my own online business. I will follow your instructions and I believe that my goal of making an online income will be achieved.

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