How to promote your ebook in a big way.

Recently I received an email from a member asking the question below:

“I need to advertise the book that I had written. I really need to promote it in a very big way. How do I do it.” – Mustapha

Find out my answer to his question below……

Before I reply to his question, here are some assumptions I have made:

1) He is promoting an ebook, not a physical book

2) He is writing something related to internet marketing

First thing first……

If you want to promote your ebook in a big way, I mean really a big way, you must make sure that your ebook has some viral elements built in. For example, your ebook should come with an affiliate program so that the readers of your ebook can promote your ebook to other people.

That is the basic element your ebook must have. Or else it’s almost impossible to make it big!


You need to have lots of traffic to your website that sells the ebook.

Let’s skip all the standard textbook answers and jump directly to the only 2 traffic generation methods that will give you 80% of the results you want.

If you want LOTS of traffic FAST, there are only 2 methods. Either you advertise heavily or you find lots of JV partners. I can’t think of the 3rd method frankly.

Notes on advertising……

Advertising is expensive and in many cases, you may not be able to sell enough ebooks to earn back your advertising cost.

If so, why do I still ask you to advertise?

This is because if you have no resources at all, where else can you start?

I spent more than 10k in advertising to get myself off the ground in internet marketing several years back. I practice what I preach.

But before throwing all your hard earn cash into advertising, you must have the viral element in place. That’s why I said it is the first thing you must have right at the beginning of this article.

Even if you only make 20 sales through your own advertising effort, if your viral elements are in place, these 20 sales will grow into 100 sales and then 1000 sales and so on.

Notes on finding JV partners……

The second method to get lots of traffic fast is through JV partners.

Finding JV partners is usually free but it takes a lot of persistence and hard work.

If you are a newbie, you can forget about finding those top gurus to JV with you. They are not likely to reply your email unless you happen to attend their seminars and manage to rub shoulders with them during the seminars. Or you happen to know someone they trust and that someone is willing to introduce you to them. Or else, your chance of JVing with them is near zero.

But if you’ve purchased any work from an average marketer, you can try writing to them and asking them if they would be keen to do a joint promotion, i.e. you promote their work and they promote yours. Please don’t write to them and say “Hey, I wrote a new ebook. Would you like to promote it.” Most people wouldn’t until you do them a favor first.

Think of finding JV partners similar to digging a well. It takes time to build relationships before asking people to promote your product. Building relationship doesn’t has to be costly. It can be simple things like helping the marketer to write a sales letter for free or do some graphic design for free, depending on what skills you have. If you are starting from nothing, a wise thing to do now is to start offering your service free to some of the marketers out there to build relationship. What I’m saying is you should start digging your well. One day, when you need their help, they are more likely to remember you.

If you have not attended any seminar, purchased any product from anyone or helped any marketers in any way, the only thing you can do now is write to as many marketers as possible and hopefully a few of them are willing to help you. The chance is very slim but try. You are like begging people for water, since you do not have a well. But if you are thirsty and have no money to buy water (advertising in this case), what else can you do?

Similar to advertising, all you need is 10-20 JV partners who are willing to promote your ebook and with the viral elements in place, you will be able to multiply the initial traffic many times over.

22 thoughts to “How to promote your ebook in a big way.”

  1. Excellent article, I really like the information presented here. As a newbie, I was wondering how do you know what people want to read about when it comes to online marketing? How would a person research this?


    Mrs Jones

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    1. The way to research what people want to read is to buy and read some good material first. This ensures you write with knowledge and someone reading your ebook will be able to tell that you are writing with knowledge.

      At our site we have the Worlds best Internet Business Entrepreneurs giving their ideas strategies and techniques. Go to our site and try out one or two we will send you a free ebook too. Good Luck.
      email me for further information.

    2. Go to forums and find out what are some common questions asked by other marketers. Or if you have a blog, read the comments from your readers. Communicate with your members and find out their needs is another way to inspire you to write something.

  2. Great and helpful article, thank you!

    There are few good ways of FREE viral website promotion out there, and mostly you just get ‘secret courses’ to buy and drown in emails that want to sell you even more. I’m so fed up with them!

    The good news: If you look for FREE VIRAL WEBSITE PROMOTION check out the most fascinating one under – a new kind of intelligent search engine with which you can build unlimited links WITHOUT ANY COST! And btw it’s just so much fun seeing how you earn from the very first moment, simply by commenting other peoples posts. I got the virus and comment like mad :-)

    Regards and much fun

    1. Hey Ken

      Excellent article. Very much to do point without any fluff.

      JVs are definitely the way to go to leverage your efforts. At a recent seminar I met lots of people including a lady who only has a small list of a few thousand people …. we got on really well. I helped her with a few marketing issues and controibuted to her teleseminars too.

      I know she will promote my upcomig launch on product creation.

      But there’s no way I could build a list of sevral thosand people in one weekend AND build a relationship with them, while at the same time making friends with lots of other markteres too.


      I can’t find the search engine & that you refer too.


  3. Visiting forums is not only a great way to gather information but also it’s a great way for people to know you better which will translate to finding future JV partners.

  4. I just wanted to comment on the article and all the comments. Everything was great! Very informative. I also wanted to unabashedly recommend a friend, Warren Whitlock, whom I consider to be the #1 person in the field of marketing ‘physical books’ online. He is a best-selling author himself and a specialist in promotions that create Amazon best-sellers. He also has a zero-cost promotion program that I consistently participate in to build my lists. If you’d like to be a best-selling author,too, visit Warren’s site at

  5. I appreciate the article as I begin promoting my latest book, “One Amazing Grain of Sand” (excerpt available at Dream-Big.Biz). This whole marketing thing is brand new to me. I truely in the beginning phase of marketing.

  6. Hi,

    I am thinking to create a free ebook for ON PAGE SEO techniques. These tips will really help me out, how to share and get more reviews to my ebook.


    Clay Smith.

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