Filter Unique Traffic Using Link Rotator

This is a feature request from our fellow member, George.

George helps his team members to promote their links. He needs a rotator that can send unique traffic to his own links, and for other non-unique traffic, he will distribute it among his team members.

I thought this is an excellent feature.

So it is done!

How To Do It?

In the Link Rotator set up page, click the link button (arrow 1).

You will see a new option called ‘Unique Traffic Only‘ (arrow 2). Click on that option to receive unique traffic.

Important Note 1

Do not activate unique traffic for all rotated links. Otherwise, if a traffic is not unique to all links, that visitor will see nothing.

To avoid this, the system automatically forbids all links to be set unique.

Important Note 2

Do not use Rotator in LeadsLeap advertising.

First, our system already automatically sends you unique traffic if possible (most of the time possible).

Second, our reviewer will reject rotated ads. (Rotator is only allowed if it promotes the same program.)

We disallow rotated ads to make sure that the ad content matches the image and text description.

Most other traffic exchanges do not have such a limitation. So this new feature will be useful to help you distribute unique traffic across your links, or send extra traffic to your team members, as what George did.

6 thoughts to “Filter Unique Traffic Using Link Rotator”

  1. Wow! When I asked for that, I wouldn’t expect it to be ready so soon! Excellent work, Ken, always a pleasure using LeadsLeap! Thank you!

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