Bux.to Scam? A Veteran’s Review

HTML clipboardThe story began when one of our LeadsLeap members complain that someone is advertising a scam program called Bux.to in our network. The scam ‘proof’ is given in this website:


Because of this, I began my own assessment of this program to find out if Bux.to is really a scam.

For those of you who have not heard of Bux.to, it is a Paid To Click (PTC) program, where you are paid $0.01 for each website you personally view and $0.01 for each website your referrals view.

There is nothing wrong with PTC programs. From business point of view, each click costs the website owner $0.02, $0.01 goes to the member viewing the ad and the other $0.01 goes to the member’s sponsor. If the website owner charges $0.05 per click, which is a good bargain to most advertisers, he will make 60% profit. Good deal.

Before I continue, I probably need to tell you that I’m not a newbie in the PTC industry. To tell you the truth, I run Asia’s largest paid-to-read-email program, with more than 130,000 members. In other words, I know what I’m talking about!

When I study Bux.to’s business model, I found 2 things that make me feel uncomfortable.

1) Low advertising fee

Bux.to charges $19.10 per 1,000 member visits. This means an advertiser only pays $0.019 for each ad click.

Remember that Bux.to pays out $0.02 for each click? This means they are losing money for each ad click they sell.

To me, it is quite obvious that this pricing plan is not sustainable.

2) Selling referrals to members

Bux.to sells referrals to its members. The price is about $1 per referral.

To me, it simply doesn’t make business sense to sell referrals, unless my aim is to get rich quick instead of building a long-lasting business.

The reason is obvious.

If my members can make money from the referrals they’ve bought, it simply means that I am losing a lot of potential income in the long run.

If you don’t understand what I mean, ask yourself this question, “if you know that you can make $0.01 from Member-A whenever he reads an ad, and he can potentially read 10 ads a day (or earn you $0.10 a day), will you sell Member-A away for just $1?”

If your answer is no, why do you think the website wants to sell referrals for just $1 per referral?

I can only think of two reasons: 1) to get rich quick, 2) the website owner fails his maths.

Is Bux.to Paying?

If you google for Bux.to scam or Bux.to review, you will come across many people who are paid and many people who are not paid.

The general feedback is the payment is slow. The website says that members will be paid in 60 business days, but some people have waited for than 4 months and still not being paid.

It seems that they are now having a problem paying its members on time.

From my above assessment of the program, you can see that the program doesn’t have a long-term profitable business model. It may be very successful in the short run because many people can make lots of money in a short time. But in the long run, I do believe that the website will run into financial problem.

So is Bux.to a scam? You decide. You may be the lucky one who is paid.

For me, I’m not comfortable with its business model. I don’t believe that such a model is sustainable.

If you are advertising for Bux.to, I strongly encourage you to change your ad.

66 thoughts to “Bux.to Scam? A Veteran’s Review”

  1. Hi Kenneth,

    Thanks for the warning. I only do one PTR and would be interested in your assessment of that if you have time at some point, it’s depacco.com – I am a free member so don’t think I have anything to lose by building up to the minimum payout (which is quite high lol – for free members)it’s a test on my part as there are some mixed views out there on the net. I don’t refer anyone, preferring to reach the payout limit and see what happens first but in view of your experience and impartiality it would be great to hear what you think?

    Have a great weekend,

    1. This certainly looks like a ‘high-priced’ version of Bux.to. Which advertiser on earth will pay people $10 for viewing a page? It’s too obvious that the website is making money from its members, not from advertising.

  2. Hi Kenneth,

    This is a great post…thanks very much for writing about this and warning people. I am not a member of Bux.to, but I am sure those that are will greatly appreciate the heads up on this! Keep up the awesome job you are doing with helping others! :)

    Have a great day!

    Marilyn Martin

  3. Yes I too have bought referrals from Bux.to but when you don’t click they don’tcount the referrals’ clicks either. So I’ve been waiting for a $1,000 payout for months now. In the meantime I spent $1.100 on referrals and have a balance of approximately $5,588.00 Wonder if I’ll ever see all of that?

    Here’s hoping I do!


      My last payment request from Bux.to was April 4th 2008 for $7,780…I have still NOT been Paid.
      Even if Bux.to does pay you like they did me in the beginning…it’s just keep you hooked so you will invest more money.Eventually you will be like me,waiting 2 years and still no payment.
      If you have been scammed by Bux.to file a complaint with the Commonwealth of Dominica(this is where Bux.to is located)
      Here’s their website.

  4. Thanks, Kenneth
    I have been waiting for a $16 payment since February this year and wondering if bux.to only pays a few so that they can get some testimonials…if the testimonials are real…??

    They paid me twice in the beginning – two $10 payments, but the third is still unpaid.
    I invested in only 15 referrals so I am a few dollars in profit..!:)
    But I am often wondering if it is worth the time to click on more ads..??? Maybe I give them a little more time yet, but if it is a waist of time, it will be a good lesson!!

    You made me think and make some changes on my site with PTC links, as you can see, so Thank You So Much!!

    Marja Sandstrom

  5. The problem they have now, is strong competition from NeoBux paying in seconds after you earn only $2 the first time. They rent referrals so you can continue to asses their profitability.

  6. I’ve never heard of Bux.to – but I recently joined MyTurn4Bux.
    They sell advertising on the internet and have a program that pays out anywhere from 120%, up to 350% per month on your investment. They just started and already are over the $1 million mark. Could they be related to Bux.to?

    1. Jim,
      It sounds like a typical HYIP program. Scammers use high returns to bait greedy individual. If website operator has a sound proposal that can generate 120% per month, many companies will be queuing to give money to him.

  7. I have a bux.to account. I’ve been waiting for my $10 payment for months. I don’t thinking they are gonna pay me at all. Good thing I decided to test their system and didn’t waste a lot of time clicking on ads after i have a balance of $10. Anyway, yea. It looks stupid.
    Games for boring classes

  8. To all readers,
    Generally, when accessing a program, you have to logically look at the business model. If the business model is not sustainable, like the way I assess Bux.to, the business will fail eventually.

  9. Firstly, I would just like to correct you on one point, Bux.to pay $0.01 per click, not $0.02. However, this does not change the facts that there are a LOT of people who have not been paid. I am one of them and have been waiting since February, over 8 MONTHS now!

    1. I said $0.02 because $0.01 goes to the viewer and $0.01 goes to the vierwer’s sponsor. To Bux.to, the cost per click to them is $0.02, yet they are selling it at $0.019. That’s the point I’m trying to make. :)

      1. It does if they click the same ad you did. If you click the ad but your sponsor didn’t you only get $0.01. So in-fact Bux.to makes $9.10 for an ad package of 1000 views. The problem is that they guarantee you can click a certain amount of ads per day, many of which are their own ads, so unless they have outside advertisers they will be paying for people to view their own ads.

        1. Actually, they are paying $0.02 per click, sorry I’m not good at maths either (or business). Like you say their business model is all wrong. The only way they can be making any profit is by selling referrals, in which case they’re a Ponzi scheme.

  10. Hi Kenneth,

    Thank you for cautioning before joining Bux.to and really it helps to know what is happening around from a experienced guy like you other than communicating about the program you have joined.

    Proud to be a member of Leads Leap which upholds honesty.It is great to hear a word of caution from you .


  11. Hi, I personally think they make money from other sources, including the fees on the bux.to card. They are one of the top 500 or close to it on alexa. That is way beyond any other ptc.

    I am up 600 dollars and if I get full payment someday up $2400. I cannot complain about Bux.to. I am not making any guarantees about the site other than they are loyal to my account.

  12. I just don’t get it as to why would people would spend all that time promoting referring and clicking and build up all that money in their account and hope that they get paid soon, but then again it’s in the back of their head that they may not pay them at all.

    Am I the only one here that thinks this is insane. Oh maybe I will work for this company for a few months and who knows, they might pay me or not. Unbelievable!!

    It’s too bad as long as some people are getting paid, thousands will continue to flock to this type of program and not get paid at all, thus waisting their time and money.

  13. No question Kenneth, the numbers just don’t add up.
    I don’t know when people will start getting with the plan and quit giving these rip offs their money!
    Even if it was legit, all the time they would spend clicking away for a penny a click is SO wasted!
    Does Carpal Tunnel ring a bell?
    I guess that’s easier than really trying to learn and prosper online. That way they can then sit back and complain how Bux.to ripped them off.. Oh woe is me.
    “Get rich quick” is a synonym for “lose your money and waste your time”.
    I’ve got a better idea. Learn how to Blog. Write about stuff you know and love, and learn what it takes to run a real business online.

  14. First time visitor and I must say
    your article is a real eye-opener
    into the world of PTC coming from
    experience. I am with a couple now
    which are paying and hesitant
    about joining others until I
    see members getting paid. I don’t
    like to waste my time and not get


  15. Hi Kenneth,

    I have been a member of Bux.to for awhile now. I reached payout MONTHS ago… and am STILL waiting for payment.

    I have basically given up on bux.to, adbux and any of the other ‘bux’ programs… most of them ARE scams.

    Thanks for letting others know… :)

  16. Hi Kenneth,

    nice post mate, I have have been paid from bux.to but it take along time to paid about 3 or 4 months.. but it ok because i just using a software to auto click the ads.. haha

  17. hi Kenneth,

    Thank you very much for your comment.
    I raly appriciate your analitical explanation.
    This would help ppl to deside is bux.to a scam..
    (Like me)

    Thanks again

  18. I belong to over 80 PTC sites, I figure it is a numbers game. Some pay and some don’t. I don’t click them all every day, the best ones I do about 5 times a week and the others 2 or 3 times. I rarely upgrade unless I can see a substantial benefit for doing so (taketheglobe was certainly worth it). I have actually joined close to 200 this year but the rest have disappeared or had too few ads to be worth bothering with. If a site gives me any hassles at all I just stop clicking there and remove them from my list. After all there are plenty more fish in the sea!

    I don’t think buxto is a scam but I do think they have grown too big and they can no longer keep up with things like paying members on time. To me a scam is a site that just disappears without paying anyone. I have been in a few where the cashout button doesn’t work but you don’t find that out for weeks or months until you earn enough to request payment.

    I know that it makes no sense to pay out 2 cents and charge 1.9 cents per ad. But there are other factors to consider. I’m not specifically referring to buxto here but ptc sites in general. At most sites I click at, a fair number of the ads are admin ads and not member’s ads, in fact some sites have nothing but admin ads. The admins are advertising other ptc sites and opportunities that they want signups for. Now 2 cents is a cheap price to pay for your advertising when compared to what it costs for google ads (or similar). He might be paying out 2 cents (or only 1 cent if a member didn’t sign up from a ref link) but how much is he earning from the people who signup under him in other programs? I would say substantially more than 2 cents wouldn’t you?

    It’s my opinion that an intelligent ptc owner could easily pay even 5 cents per click and still make good profit if he is an affiliate for a large range of programs and services. Some of these admins end up with thousands of referrals for other programs.

    Just my two cents worth! :-)

  19. I want to thank you for doing the research so that we wont be scammed. I would also like to ask for which PTC sites you recommend?

    Thank You

  20. Not to change the subject, but I just thought I should warn you about mygrantoffers.com! They offered a CD called “Free Grant Finder Software” for $1.97. Sounded great! Well I just got charged $99 for that CD and there is no software on the CD for one, and according to thier database, I don’t even exist!!! The CD only contains a PDF file!!! Yup, a Book!!! So, do yourself a favor, if you’re looking for grant info help, DO NOT GOTO THESE SCAMMERS!!!


  21. Thanks for a great post Kenneth. My wife and I have been marketing online for more then five years now and am ashamed at all the scams out there. Fortunately honety and integrity are still alive online and out number the garbage 100 to 1.
    In fact, if any of your members or yourself are interested in some “Free Advertising”, then I urge you to check out a new site that just launched at:> http://freetrafficforlife.synthasite.com/
    The name says it all, you get to post totally free text and banner ads witout ever paying a dime and no reciprocal links are required. As far as honesty and integrity goes, you can put this one at the top of your list.


  22. Hello ,,this is something most of the people wanted .I also joined bux.to with much hope because i am trying to create some free money from the paid to sites so that i can invest them in good paying programs..and whatever told here is true about bux.to,They are not able to pay my request of 10$ how they can pay thousands of dollars?so i have left bux.to why wasting time i am now decided to work on those with either automatic payment or low payment waiting period..but the truth is you never can be sure on paid to click sites they come..stay for sometime..and go..if you are lucky and have some money to spend for referrals you can cash out some money …I have also seen some good sites which are consistently paying to their loyal members…email me if you want the list…

  23. Hi Ken:

    Very good review. I don’t like much signing up to PTC programs because of time consuming and very low earnings. Yet, I belong to 2 or 3 at most. Anyway, in some moment I was thinking to get inside Bux.to. So, your post comes to me as an alert. Scam or not scam, well, I’ll leave it for another time, that is, never.

    Thank you,
    Jesus Moreno

  24. Great post Kenneth. It occurs to me that people that don’t want to build a business by forming relationships with other folks that have the same interests are kinda missing the boat.

    PTC and PTR programs are all right but they don’t put you in a position to create an online residual income like you get from the many legit businesses out here.

    I suppose you just take your chances with these programs and if they don’t pay, what can you do. Imagine working a regular job and them not paying you for months, how long would you keep on working there after your first paycheck was due.

    The company that I’m associated with is actually a safe ad zone where we list scammy type programs right in our forum to warn the members about so that they don’t get burned by them.

    Anyway keep up the good work and thanks again for the review of another one of the internet’s worst.

    Tom Munson

  25. BUX.TO itself is a suspicious name to begin with, which is why I never begin using or even bother signing up for it. There was once I see some ads on that site on several PTC sites that I no longer visit. And from the way they advertise, I knew by intuition that they are only after money.

    There are also other sites which offer services in allowing people to play online games or play Flash games, and if they win, they would be allotted some sum of money. How are these sites gonna verify such winnings? Are such games legal to begin with? And… you think that people can earn easy money by just playing games online? That’s too easy – and definitely fishy, I’d rather find an idea and sell it.

  26. bux.to just sucks, I’ve been waiting for almost a semester for then to audit and pay my 15 dollars, tried to talk to them but they’re a bunch of ignorant scammers.

    F*ck them.

  27. Hello

    bux to owns me my money for about 3 months already!
    maybe – just maybe – they will pay me some day – haha!
    but i dislke this company any more – and surely cannot believe it any more!

    just do not fool yourself and fall into such things any more

    all the best

  28. It’s been almost 8 months and I have not seen a penny from Bux to. I’m beginning to think that I got scammed. I noticed on their website the only people who got paid are the ones that made small amount of money (like $10) I’m afraid that I am never going to get my money back. Bux to will be facing lawsuit pretty soon.

  29. I am agree with Vivian and Adler , Bux.to is a scammer, I have lost almost $950 to them. I have waited for almost 6 months not a single penny I got. They just dont want to part with your money. Some times they make payments to one or two percent members to show that they are actually paying. They should be banned and and must booked by syberlawsuit.

  30. Everything you have put makes perfect sense, but there are still some very gullible people who are investing money with them. They see the odd success story and think great they pay and bang there goes $100+ then you get the weary ones who go the free route first and when they finally get their $10+ they then invest $100+
    These same people will complaining till they are blue in the face when the curtain finally falls on bux.

  31. Hello Kenneth
    Tnx for your information regarding bux.to coz i also did’t pay by them. but i also need help from your end that can you tell me some almost 5 web site (PTC) who pays to their member actually.

    i will be very tnxful to you. coz i need extra cash.

    1. I can’t speak for other companies. I have a Paid To Read Emails website. It’s the largest PTR in Asia. But it’s not for people to make quick money.
      If you want quick money, you probably have to find some new PTC sites that let you click many ads in one day, with low or no minimum cash out so that you can cash out the earning before the company fold.
      Genuine PTR or PTC websites are fundamentally an advertising service. To survive, the website must provide results for their advertisers. Imagine a PTC where its members view 10-20 ads a day, do you think the members will buy anything? If no one buys anything, advertisers will stop advertising. That’s why many PTC websites ended up selling upgrades to members, hoping to make money from members to pay members. This is usually the start of a Ponzi scheme.

  32. Hello,

    After reading your blog it made me think about the possibility’s.

    I’m an Bux.to member for over a year now. And as you have guessed I havent got paid. Everyone is whining that they dont pay… Well before you actually join them you could see that the waiting time to get paid = 1 Year.

    Some people are lucky to get paid within 90 Days. Others like myself are still waiting. You dont see mee whining yet. Most of the people are just yelling out Bux.to = Scam while they aint even a member or whatso on.

    The thing what i’m doing is hoping… Hoping to get paid.
    Why am I hoping? 1 Reallife friend was lucky enough to get paid within 90 days… And what an amount! 3000+ USD!
    An other reallife friend. Bought an special package with a Bux.to T-Shirt + Reffels. after 1 month he received his T-shirt.

    This can mean many things…
    Like they said in their announcements that they really got attacked ( http://bux.to/new_august232008.php )
    And got a big ‘lag’ with the payments.

    They are topnotch scammers that do have a support Helpdesk. Pay out ‘ some ‘ people that request a payout with a low ammount. And also to give the big buyers some hope some big requests.

    Everyone has their own thoughts + own theory’s but aslong there is no hard evidence, you cannot proof.

    Hope… Hoping to get paid


  33. Waiting over a year, support system is canned operator at best given my personal experiences. As for now I have to agree this is a scam and in their own reply to inquires made regarding payments Bux.to acknowledges delays and mentions those who seek to “defame” Bux.to due to extraordinary waiting periods in term of payment, not in accord with their claims, may have to wait longer. I think a $600.00 payment waiting period of over one year, and no sophisticated wild ass guess as to when payment will be made makes it a scam. With $2000.00 in “earnings” waiting to be claimed to follow since the initial $600.00 in July of 2008 well I think my two messages to follow up in the period of one year hardly makes me disgruntled and more in the area of a person waiting patiently.

    Think the gimmick is Bux.to’s claim they pay premium quicker, but then wait until not premium, so good luck with that because the pay premium quicker. Good review wish this was at the top of the review back when I looked for reviews on Bux.to.

  34. This is site is a PONZI!!! omg :
    -No support
    -Long Payment
    -FAKE REVIEW posted on their FORUMS

    I am going to fill out an ic3.gov form asap to get my $$$

  35. I requested payment of $50 from Bux.to in June of 2008, not paid yet (as of March 16, 2010). They paid me $10 a while back, and that took a long time. I don’t think I will get paid. After I got paid the first time, I purchased 16 referrals. I never thought they were real, because they were inactive. I am sorry that I ever joined that site. I have written them 3 times and I get answered by staff04, staff02, and staff07, telling me that my payment is being reviewed. I click one or two ads daily, just to see if I am going to get paid.( I am not giving them a reason to cancel my account for inactivity) If I do, I will report these people to the internet crime agency.

  36. I have emailed the government of Dominica that Bux.to which is registered in their country is scamming people in the world. Their registrar of companies have sent this report to their police and ask me to make a police report in my country and the police here will liaise with the police there. So, all that got scammed, go to http://www.dominica.gov.dm/cms/index.php?q=contact and fill up the form and then report police in your own country. :) Let’s get them before they get others!

  37. Most of the sites i started to make some bussines with were scames so would you mind telling me an honest site that really pays in time ptc or ptr or any affiliate programme that i can trust

  38. Don’t join them. I requested payment few years ago and got nothing. Like someone already said,they pay you the first 10$ to keep you hooked(that’s what happened with me)then you will think they will pay you later but they don’t. They just get more money from you. Me being a bux.to veteran,I saw many arguments going on the forums and many hardcore bux.to members leaving because of lies. What lies? Lies that the bux.to staff was spreading to mask the true owner of bux.to website. To keep their members they deleted posts from the forum about complaints and truths of this company. You might think “but they paid the other guys,they even post it in forums” Don’t be fooled. Those people are hired by bux.to and the success stories are completely fake! I remember a guy posted in forums about their “photoshop fail”. Where the blur was made badly and you could see few details. Of course bux.to didn’t like that so they removed that post fast. The bux.to staff started spreading rumors about this company’s boss. That it’s a guy named George and some other woman(who cares really?). So a pissed off lawyer created a website where he exposes the true owner of the website. Just google it if you are not tired already.

  39. SCAM. I’m premium since 2007, buxcard, more than 500 eur invested, and NEVER paid. So now, I want to make this situation the more public I could, through my blog. signup and denounce them!

  40. Yeah you’re right but for people needs cash and who know nothing on the net but ptc, I think you’ll have to grab the opportunity and…….. gamble.

  41. Bux.to is a scam. After 3 years of bull, I still haven’t been paid. Day in and day out I used them. That is why I started my own site for those that want to legitly get paid. I pay users out of pocket and will be lowering the cashout limit to $5 and paying users $0.10 per click. That is much more than bux.to can or will ever offer since they are cheapscapes to begin with.

    Owner, Lersner.com

  42. Yes it’s as scam as it can get! I’ve waited my payment for 4 years, and NEVER ever broke any rules. I spent over 200 dollar in bux.to and now theywe removed my account. I never broke the rules. All bux-sites are scams and even some reviews on the internet that say it’s not a scam (but its just slow!). Those reviews often have even a bux. banner on the page!

  43. Bux.to is a total scam, I had a deal with them.
    Firstly they paid me my $25 but then hold $125.
    $0.01 per clicks and $0.01 per referral one with 0.02*1000 = $20 – the formula gives no profit to owners if they pay to members

    The admin of http://www.co-webs.org (free short & hide url service with clicks tracking)

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