How To Increase The Response Rate To Online Advertising

Nowadays, it is getting harder to get high response rate to online advertising. I am not scaring you but merely stating the fact, from experience.

In the past, a simple squeeze page consisting of a headline, some tips and an opt-in form can easily get an opt-in conversion of 10%. But now, the conversion of such a squeeze page is hardly 5%!

I am utterly surprised that some professionally designed squeeze pages are getting the response rate that I expected.

Is online advertising dead?

I don’t think so. I’m still seeing advertisements with good response rate.

After studying some of the online advertising sales letters with good response rate, I realized that the fundamentals of online advertising has not changed.

The only problem is that the days of short opt-in squeeze pages are gone. Prospects are getting immune to the idea of opting in. Nice graphic and squeeze page design can no longer impress the prospects.

Things have pretty much gone back to the basic.

What is the basic?

A simple and decent sales letter showing your photograph and using the 3 ‘F’s and 1 P strategy to promote your offer.

What are the 3 ‘F’s and 1 ‘P’?

3 ‘F’s stands for Feel, Felt, Found and 1 ‘P’ stands for Proof.

A ‘back-to-the-basic’ sales letter essentially conveys the idea that “… I understand how you FEEL…. I was in your position before and I FELT this way too…… but I finally FOUND something that works …… Here are all the PROOFs that I have….”

The idea is trust, which is the fundamental of success in online advertising.

To increase the response rate to online advertising, you ought to make your prospects feel that you empathize with them, have gone through what they went through and that you are the best person whom they can trust because you are real.

One last secret that will increase the response rate to your online advertising is…… Keep advertising!

I hope you are not thinking that I am trying to hoax you into spending more in advertising.

Have you heard of the famous saying “it takes seven contacts to make a sale”?

Let me tell you a secret. Experienced marketers keep posting the same advertisement to the same group of prospects and eventually see more and more people accepting their offers after seeing their advertisements repeatedly.

Sad to say, this secret is stopping many newbies from experiencing online advertising success. Most newbies post an ad and quit for not getting the expected result. And they never try again.

I know you don’t like the idea, but it is how things work. Repeated exposure to your advertisement will build people’s trust in you. If you want to increase the response rate to online advertising, you have to keep advertising.

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    1. Hi Debbie,

      An autoresponder is just that, it automatically responds to a request from someone automatically.

      An autoresponder is an automated system that you can put emails into and when a prospect signs up on a form on your website, the autoresponder automatically sends out your emails to that prospect over a period of time ie.. every day or every other day or in whatever sequence you decide.

      If you would like to see one in action Click Here and enter your first name and email address. The autoresponder will automatically send out emails to you over the next month or so about (what else) autoresponders, of course, lol

      I hope this explanation helps you to understand what they are about and how they can simplify or automate your business.


  1. I understand how you FEEL…. I was in your position before and I FELT this way too…… but I finally FOUND something that works

    This sentence lead me to make a comment:i understand that there is a need to get customers in a way that they feel you have gone through they are now,but don’t you think there are many sales letters,squeeze pages ,opt in pages, contain the same words,i have read them many times.When you see a same sentence written thousands times in the identical way you must think ,here is something i havealready seen,looks like a repeated strophe ,and i think all that is fraud.

  2. Thanks again for this blog. I really liked your “to the point” me a new way to look at copywriting in a nutshell. I love the fact you keep things so succinct and informative at the same time

  3. No matter what new marketing strategy arrives, the bottom line to me is people who trust you, buy from you. This is even true with Web 2.0 and social media. You can not just make a profile and think people are going to trust you. It still takes building a community who in turn comes to trust you.

    You make a great point, this is basic. We do see the seasoned marketers repeatedly putting their message oout to their subscribers.

    We somehow have to get this message to sink in to new marketers coming on board! With sites like your, maybe we will hear less about novice marketers failing.

    Christine’s Internet Marketing Spot

  4. This is and has been the key to marketing and success. It is called repetition and without it there is no success.All the top marketers online that have been here for a while, if you were to look at their profiles you would see that there is a consistency in the way they do things. This consistency is spread in all their business. The network marketing place teaches and shows marketers how to create a mindset of consistency.

  5. Agreed Kenneth,

    This is what we need to educate new marketers all about business. May it be online or conventional offline business, advertising is a must to make in business world. Things won’t fall from they sky just like that.

    Consistency is a must and keep on learning . .

    Great post and surely would like my friend to visit here. :)


  6. Great advice. I am a newbie and I will try some of your suggestions, and hopefully I will start getting some customers. I like your adage that it takes 7 contacts to make a sale. I have never tried to send my ads to the same group more than once. I will head your advice and let you know if I have any improvements. Thanks

  7. If your offers are for internet marketers this should be expected. Hardly anyone signs up to lists these days because they just get sold to.

    The free gift just ain’t worth it anymore. You could easily increase that rate by either switching markets or offering a better freebie.

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