Affiliate Marketing Leads Generation Myths

If you have been studying the subject of affiliate marketing leads generation, you will agree with me that there are really not many new sources in generating online leads.

You have heard of search engine traffic, web 2.0 traffic, article marketing, different forms of online advertising etc. You probably have tried one or more of these sources and failed.

What’s wrong?

In today’s discussion, we are going to discuss the myths relating affiliate marketing leads generation. In particular, we will discuss about search engine optimization and online advertising.

Myth #1 – You Can Generate Affiliate Marketing Leads Through Search Engine Optimization

The story is always the same – If your webpage can rank in the first page of the search engines, you can drive lots of marketing leads to your affiliated product and make money.

It’s not true!

Well, it’s true that you may be able to drive lots of traffic, but you may not generate any sale.

Memorize the paragraph below by heart!

The first secret in affiliate marketing leads generation through search engine optimization is to find targeted leads who are “planning” to buy. The second secret is to find targeted leads who are “about” to buy.

The two may sound similar but not quite so. Read again if you don’t get what I mean.

Before you even think about search engine optimization, you must first decide what kind of keywords your leads may use.

Let’s say you are selling an ebook called “Forex Made Easy” (I made up this title), you should ask yourself for those who may buy “Forex Made Easy”, what kind of keywords will they use?

For those who are “planning” to buy, they may search for “forex ebook review”, “forex trading guide” etc. You can do your research using various keyword tools, through forums or even spying Adwords competitors.

For those who are “about” to buy, it is relatively simple. They will typically search for “forex made easy review”, “forex made easy scam” or “forex made easy bonus”. These are leads who are about to buy and with a slight push and some incentive, they will buy from you.

Myth #2 – Just Post An Advertisement And You Will Make Money Instantly

Many newbies loss money in advertising because they don’t understand the advertising industry, or should I say they don’t understand the mindset of the leads viewing their ads.

Most forms of online advertising involve promoting to a group of leads with a common interest. This means instead of targeting leads who are ‘planning’ or ‘about’ to buy, you are now targeting leads who have a common interest and may not be thinking of buying anything yet.

You may be asking what is the difference?

The difference is HUGE!

It affects the way you craft your salesletter (or presell letter).

Let’s use the same example – to promote a forex ebook.

You can advertise to a group of leads who are interested in forex trading or you can advertise to leads interested in making money online. The approaches are different.

If you are advertising to leads interested in forex trading, you want to write a salesletter (or presell letter) to share with them how you lost money in forex trading following some gurus’ guides and then finally, you make it all back after using “Forex Made Easy”.

But if you are advertising to leads interested in making money online, you want to show them that you are an online newbie trying to make money online but failed. Then you stumbled upon this guide “Forex Made Easy” and you naively followed the guide. To your amazement, you made $1000 in your first month of trading forex.

See the difference?

In advertising, you have to understand your target audience, know what problem they are experiencing and customize your ‘solution’ according, although the ultimate solution is the same.

As I said in the beginning, there isn’t many new sources in affiliate marketing leads generation. The sources may be the same, but the approaches are different. The winners are those who know how to use the right approach for the right source in the right situation

28 thoughts to “Affiliate Marketing Leads Generation Myths”

  1. Excellent article! People put so much emphasis on SEO but if your goal is to make money, you need to pinpoint your target market even more with “ready to buy” keywords. This is something I often neglect so thanks for the reminder!


  2. hi Kenneth,

    I think if you are being ranked #1, you should be getting tons of traffic. I don’t see why you can’t make any sale. If that’s the case, I think the salespage must be really bad.

    1. George, this has been a common myth that being listed first will make you a lot of money. I have had a couple sites listed at #1 and the sales page was top-notch, so I thought.I was getting tons of traffic, but it was not an optimized site that pulled in “buyers”. They were just seekers.

  3. “If you have been studying the subject of affiliate marketing leads generation, you will agree with me that there are really not many new sources in generating online leads.”

    How true!

    The point is to work on becoming really good at 2 or 3 kinds of traffic methods and not simply jump onto the latest magic traffic bullet :)

    Delivering Net Profits to Your Business,
    Willy Lim
    Small Business Marketing Expert
    InterNETwork Marketing Expert
    Making InterNET Work for Marketing in Asia

  4. I totally agree. That’s what I get wrong most of the time….just choosing the right keywords to search optimise for in order to target that small buying group

  5. Kenneth,

    Excellent post. It all points to test, test, test. Never take someone’s word as gospel. Research, write, test and retest.
    When it works…move on to the next project. If it doesn’t work, scrap it.

    Keep up the good posts…


  6. So easy to want to jump right in and start “doing” things, before performing thorough research and mapping out a keyword strategy. I’ve fallen for that trap myself. The ironic part is how much time is wasted when you start doing first, instead of planning first.

  7. This is definitely one area that I had to learn the hard way. Sometimes it does take a little research and trial and error to actually know who your audience is.

    Once you do take the time to do the leg work, you will find that your results improve dramatically.

    Bill Darton

  8. This information is key to not going broke. It takes more time but increases the potential for success.

    Finding targeted buyers can be tricky. I spent a lot of money on broadcasting to double opt ins who were supposedly interested in opportunities but really were not.

    Business to Business leads are often more targeted but difficult to broadcast to with a website and keywords.

    One effective method is through voice broadcasting software. You can target thousands of businesses that use your product or service automatically this way.

    You can even market the ibuzzpro software and have it pay for itself.

  9. I agree if you want to sell a product don”t advertise to Tire Kickers
    Research is vital to success, and give them more of what they are looking for.
    .Good products and Info to there particular need builds responsive lists
    thanks for the great insight Bob

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  12. You are absolutely right! I agree with your statement. I know few facts regarding this matter because I have studied related with affiliate marketing. So I can understand about what you have shared in this blog. Keep sharing such posts!

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