3 Updates To Landing Pages

3 quick updates to announce today.

1) Conversion tracking for landing pages

Conversion tracking is an advanced tracking feature that has been available in our Link Tracker.

We omitted this feature in our Landing Pages because I thought it was not necessary. But I was wrong.

Since the launch of the landing page builder, I’ve received several requests asking for conversion tracking.

So it is now added to landing pages.

I will not explain how to use it here. It is the same as Link Tracker.

If you are new to conversion tracking, you can learn more in this blog post.

2) Optin tracking for 3rd party autoresponder

One of the stats in landing page tracking is ‘Optin‘.

Previously, ‘Optin‘ only record the number of subscribers to your list in SendSteed.

If you use a 3rd party list manager, then ‘Optin‘ will not work, since we can’t get the info from other list managers.

But now, if you use a 3rd party list manager, ‘Optin‘ will give you an estimate of the number of optins.

How does it estimate the opt-in?

It measures the number of times the opt-in form has been submitted.

Assuming all submissions are accurate submissions, then this measurement should be the same as the number of opt-ins you’ve received.

Nevertheless, if you want a more accurate data, you can use conversion tracking.

3) Delete your own clicks from the tracking stats

Imagine you have a campaign that is already running.

You made some changes and ran some tests.

Your tests have now messed up the stats.

Previously, either you reset the stats completely, or you live with it.

Now, you can delete only your own stats!

How to do it is very easy.

When you click on the Reset Stat button (arrow 1 below), you will see a popup asking whether you want to reset all stats or just delete the stats from your IP (arrow 2).

If you choose the latter, all clicks from your current IP will be deleted.

This function is available in both landing page and link tracker.

23 thoughts to “3 Updates To Landing Pages”

  1. Awesome Kenneth,

    I suspect I was one of those asking about the conversion tracking, so I am a very happy bunny now…lol

    Getting the balance right between newbie friendly enough for new users and powerful enough for more seasoned users is a tricky path, but as you pointed out, this feature and details on how to use it already existed for the tracking links, so hopefully this isn’t too confusing for anyone.

    For those of us that like to build more complex sales and marketing funnels, this tracking feature is brilliant, thanks for adding it to the landing page builder Kenneth, much appreciated.

    The ability to remove your own clicks is a neat little feature too, I must admit I did tend to reset all my stats before, which is far from ideal, so thanks for that little tweak too.

    Great job Kenneth as always, looking after this Leadsleap family :-)

  2. Absolutely fantastic improvements Kenneth especially the ability to delete our OWN testing clicks, I’m always testing and rechecking my pages, this helps me to accurately know my TRUE conversions stats.. Leads leap is constantly growing and improving…

  3. I appreciate your 1nstructions on how to use the tracker. I am learning more each day. Leadsleap.com is truly an amazing system.

  4. I’m no longer thinking landing pages (which everyone knows Google frowns on when it comes to indexing for SERP) instead I’m thinking product knowledge mini-sites.

    Using a product knowledge mini-site you will have pages such as an about page for the product creator, a testimonial page, an image gallery page, the main sales pages outlining features and benefits and of course the order and thank you pages.

    This way the prospect engages more with the content and not A. left short on information from a landing page and is being forced to give up personal information without knowing who you are giving it to in the first place and B. getting rid of that GOD forsaken long form sales copy that have you scrolling for miles if you were to read through the content on a mobile device.

    Yeah, I like the idea and this is how I’m going to promote affiliate products from now on by making it easier for the prospect to engage your content.

  5. Hello KEN,

    Thank you very much for all doable information, and I read through how to setup the landing page and email list!

    Sincerely yours,

    Antonio Serra

  6. This is the platform, that most newbies like me should have. All the tools that a marketer needs in one platform.

    Guess i will be staying forever.

    Thanks a lot!!!

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