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Health & Fitness
Myra 's review...
My Experience with the Program So Far

Let me take you through my journey with LiveGood over the past year. From the moment I signed up, it's been nothing short of remarkable. The ease of ordering, coupled with their lightning-fast delivery, has made every transaction a breeze. And let's not forget the high-quality products that have been a game-changer for my health and wellness journey.

What I Like

There's so much to love about LiveGood. Firstly, the quality of their products is unmatched. I've tried various nutritional items, and each one has exceeded my expectations. And the best part? I'm saving a significant amount compared to what I used to spend elsewhere. The wholesale prices make it possible for me to stock up on all my essentials without breaking the bank.

Additionally, the atmosphere within the LiveGood community is incredibly supportive. Whether you're a seasoned health enthusiast or just starting out on your journey, you'll find a welcoming environment that encourages growth and success. And let's not forget about their affiliate program – getting paid every Thursday is just the icing on the cake!

What I Dislike

To be honest, there's very little to dislike about LiveGood. If I had to nitpick, I would say that I wish they offered a wider range of products. While their selection is excellent, having even more options to choose from would be the cherry on top. However, this minor inconvenience pales in comparison to the numerous benefits LiveGood provides.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, LiveGood has exceeded all my expectations. From their exceptional products to their seamless ordering process and supportive community, they've truly set the bar high. If you're looking for a low-cost club membership that delivers premium nutritional products straight to your door, look no further than LiveGood. Join the club and experience the difference for yourself – you won't be disappointed!


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Edward Keyte's review...
My experience with the program so far:

I have been using LeadsLeap for about three years now, and I must say that it has been a fantastic experience. This platform has escalated my online business by providing all the necessary tools and resources to generate leads, track where it's coming from and nurture those leads using the funnel builder that's all built-in and in-turn brand myself that then allows me to generate sales, and signups to by business and build a huge following. It has helped me save money and time by providing a complete solution for all my marketing needs.

With LeadsLeap I have earned almost 10k, 552 referrals, and 4128 in my downline. Leadsleap never ceases to amaze me with all the new features getting added to the platform.

What I like:

The first thing I love about LeadsLeap is the autoresponder feature, I have 100% moved everything over from other marketing platforms and now 100% use LeadsLeap. As a member, I can have an unlimited number of people on my list, and the cost of membership never changes. This feature has allowed me to build a massive list and keep more money in my pocket, the deliverability is amazing and I don't even need any third-party tools to increase deliverability such as paying for over priced ip addresses and dedicated servers etc.

The landing page builder is another excellent feature that I like. It's easy to use, with drag and drop functionality and the freedom to place text and images anywhere I want. I can edit on the fly with the page editor in real-time, which saves me a lot of time but the thing I love is the share code system that allows me to support my team by sharing all my pages; it's genius.

The link tracker is also an excellent feature that allows me to track every source of traffic I use with pinpoint accuracy. It helps me know exactly which ads are producing results and which ones are not and it thus allows me to split-test my pages to see which page performs better and thus I can tweak my pages for optimal success.

I also appreciate the support offered by Ken the owner of LeadsLeap, Ken brings out updates all the time, listens to the needs of the members and is very willing to help and guide. I like reading his marketing emails that get sent out to the members as training, they help a lot.

What I dislike:

I've just spent the last 20 minutes setting here trying to figure out what to write here, nothing comes to mind lol.

Final Verdict:

I have been using LeadsLeap for over three years now, and it has helped me grow my online business in ways I never thought possible I moved over to LeadsLeap having used so many other platforms and not only did I struggle in using those other platforms but so did my team. Weather price, ease of use, the learning curve etc. LeadsLeap wins over all vs other platforms I've used. The autoresponder, landing page builder, link tracker, support, and affiliate ad network are excellent features that make it an all-in-one internet marketer's platform. The fact that there is a free option and a paid option also makes it accessible to everyone. I highly recommend LeadsLeap to anyone looking to grow their online business.


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Internet Marketing
Meir Ben Hadar's review...
"My Online Startup" is a free training program that helps all levels marketers (new/intermediate/experienced) to build a full operational online business from scratch.

This is mainly a training platform but also have a huge side of being one of the top affiliate programs out there.

When you first register as a free member you can start and learn everything from how to buy a domain, and how to maintain a blog, how to get leads to your business and how to become an authority in your niche.

What I Like

As an experienced marketer I like the fact that "My Online Startup" is a real genuine platform that let's newbies the opportunity to really learn how they can open an online business from start to finish.

I think they give real tools for real people and really help them succeed.

I also like their business opportunity where people that joined free can upgrade and make money from the platform with multiple income streams.

What I Dislike

I think some of the modules in "My online startup" could be more user friendly, and it would be nice if they would have a PDF version of the videos about each module.

Final Verdict

In total, I personally really love this platform as a way to learn about affiliate marketing and on how to start an online business, and I also very like their business proposal where they offer earning from multiple streams of income with only one link.

A great All-In-One platform.


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Scott Dubois's review...
My experience with the program so far

Hello and Welcome to my review of Triple Traffic 2.0 by Dawud Islam. I am back with another review about one of Dawud's Products. Now as I have said in a couple of other reviews I really enjoy Dawud's products because of the value he provides, the helpfulness of his support, and much, much more! I do highly recommend his products as they help you get traffic galore to your affiliate links, and or your website. Let's get started!

So Another great product that I absolutely loved by Dawud. In this product its another traffic rotator that he offers. It is no different from his other offers. He offers great value and bonuses with the purchase of the FE and offers great upgrades as well that really skyrocket your results.

With this system, you simply go after you get it go to the members area, and create a login. Once your login is created you will head into the members area where you will see a navigational bar on the side where you can view some training videos.

Once you get to the point where you must test your links to your affiliate offers you will test the links you want to add to Triple Traffic 2.0. Once your link is tested and is all good you will go to the next video which should be the video on how to submit your link. I will take this moment to share with you that to get more clicks, make a rotator link so that you can get clicks to different offers you offer. I also strongly advise that you use squeeze pages as this is a product that is helping you get traffic. Get your squeeze pages setup in a rotator and send it in.

I know that this will be a rotator link inside a rotator link but it works. It is a great way to get a bunch of your pages shown to buyers who might be interested in your different offers.

Once you are ready to submit he will advise you to go into your email and email him with a copy of any receipts including the receipt for the FE and any upgrades you may have gotten along with the link you will be using with the system. Once you set this up he will correspond with you and tell you to change things that need to be changed... Also make sure as I said above that you have checked the URL because once it is sent in that is it it cannot be changed so it is very advisable that you test, test, TEST! I cannot say that enough as testing should be a normal occurrence in the online industry. It will be a wasted purchase if the link you used does not work.

Once it is submitted and there are no issues he will confirm with you that he is working on it and then will send you a confirmation that your link has been added to the system.

This is a great way to get traffic and get noticed. The more you get noticed in the online industry the more traffic you will get and the more money you will start to make. Rotators are a great way of getting seen and if you add your own rotator link to the rotator you will be showing your offers every time someone clicks and your link pops up!

I will take this moment to also mention that as always in all my reviews I always include bonuses I have another 13 bonuses to add extra value to this one!

He also offers some amazing bonuses that you can claim inside the members area.

Also check out my other reviews on other traffic sources I recommend as they have all worked for me!

What I Like

  • Easy To Setup
  • Handsfree system once it is setup!
  • Autopilot traffic/buyers to your offers without trying.
  • Great value and bonuses
  • Find out more info to escalate your business!

What I Dislike

The only thing I dislike is you have to share a rotator with other people but that is simply alright because it still works out and you do receive traffic easily.

Final Verdict

My Final verdict is I would seriously consider adding this to your business as the more traffic you can possibly get the better. We all need eyeballs to offers and websites, and this system gives you that.

In a competitive world in the online industry where it is difficult to get noticed and receive traffic to your offers something like this is much needed and I highly recommend it. The bonuses I offer and he offers along with the system help you in your travels as well. I figure for 10$ it is worth the try for anyone but it gets your stuff out there!

My honest opinion is get it. Dawud has helped me and can help you as well! Great things that he offers.

I hoped you enjoyed reading this and I hope it has helped you make an informed decision on whether or not this will be right for you. I wish you all the success!


I continue to get traffic every day by adding my rotator that I have here on leads leap and get sign ups to a few different offers via the traffic system. It is great traffic and still has increased value that will for sure get sign ups to your offers.

More eyeballs means more visibility which means more sales! You must be willing to do whatever it takes to get traffic to your business!


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List Building
Bert Jensen's review...
My experience with the program so far

Embarking on the journey has been akin to discovering a secret weapon in the realm of email marketing. Initially drawn by the bold promise of handling a list of 50,000 subscribers for a mere $25.00 per month, I was curious yet skeptical. How could such an affordable service deliver where many others, often at a higher cost, had fallen short?

The experience, however, has been nothing short of revelatory. From the moment I started, the process of setting up campaigns to reaching out to a vast audience has been streamlined and efficacious, transforming my approach to digital communication.

What I Like

Unparalleled Subscriber Management: The ability to manage a colossal list of 50,000 subscribers without additional costs is a game-changer. This feature alone elevates SendShark from a mere service provider to a strategic partner in my marketing endeavors.

Integrated Page Builder: The integrated page builder is a masterstroke, blending ease of use with powerful design capabilities. It has empowered me to create landing pages that not only capture attention but also encapsulate the essence of my brand.

Deliverability and Insightful Analytics: SendShark excels in ensuring that my emails reach their intended inboxes, backed by analytics that offer deep insights into campaign performance. This has been instrumental in refining my strategies for better engagement.

Robust Security and Support: The commitment to security and privacy is evident, providing peace of mind in today's digital landscape. Moreover, the responsive and knowledgeable support team has made navigating any challenges a breeze.

What I Dislike

While my experience has largely been positive, no service is without its drawbacks. However, in the case of SendShark, these are far outweighed by the benefits. If pressed, I would desire even more customization options for the page builder to unleash full creative freedom, although what's available is already top-notch.

Final Verdict stands as a titan in the email marketing field, shattering preconceived notions of what an affordable service can achieve. It's not just the cost or the features that make it stand out but the holistic approach to empowering users. Whether it's the expansive subscriber management, the ingenious page builder, the precision of deliverability, or the unwavering support and security, SendShark delivers on its promises and then some. For anyone looking to elevate their email marketing game, SendShark is not just a wise choice; it's an essential one. It's a testament to what's possible when a service truly understands and caters to the needs of digital marketers in the modern age.


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Health & Fitness
Trevor Jones's review...
My experience with the program so far

Since LiveGood's initial testing phase in Florida, long before its global expansion in December 2022, I was captivated by the concept of essential high quality health products being conveniently delivered right to my doorstep at a minimal cost. I am an online marketer and while some marketers dive headfirst into new ventures for the allure of incentives at launch, I've always erred on the side of caution, prioritizing stability over immediate gains. However, as I observed LiveGood's remarkable growth and success, my perspective shifted. It was a complete paradigm shift.

Witnessing their spectacular rise motivated me and six months later I began purchasing their products to evaluate by using them myself. After that I then went on to become actively involved in purchasing more products and involved myself in the LiveGood affiliate team building program, supporting others and setting them up.

Today, I'm pleased to be an integral part of the LiveGood community, driving my team forward with passion and purpose.

This is my take on LiveGood: A Year + in Review

What I Like

The convenience of placing orders, paired with their super-speedy delivery service, has made each transaction effortless. And, of course, the top-notch products have truly revolutionized my path to health and wellness.

Additionally, the atmosphere within the LiveGood community is incredibly supportive. Whether you're a seasoned health enthusiast like myself or just starting out on your journey, I found a welcoming environment that encourages growth and success. I took advantage of the products and the lucrative affiliate program – Getting paid every Thursday is just the icing on the cake!

What I Dislike

While LiveGood has won me over with its exceptional offerings, I'd be negligent not to address areas for improvement. One minor qualm I have is the relatively limited product range. Though their current selection is top-notch, a broader array of options would cater to diverse preferences and needs. However, it's crucial to note that this minor hiccup hardly detracts from the overall excellence of LiveGood's service and products.

Since writing this review I have been informed that more products will be added as they go forward into the cosmetic and weight loss ranges.

Final Verdict

If you're seeking a cost-effective membership that offers top-notch nutritional products delivered conveniently to your doorstep, LiveGood is the perfect choice. Joining this community has been a game-changer for me, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking to elevate their Health and Well-being. Don't hesitate – join LiveGood today and discover the difference it can make in your life!


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