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Health & Fitness
Stephen Minter's review...
My experience with the program so far

I have been a member of Livegood for a little over a month and have gotten well over 20 preenrolled already in my business some was done by solo ads I had purchased and some from promoting LeadsLeap.

I have also began using the products that are available to buy and they are good and I can tell you that they work and not filled with a lot of fillers and the products are cheaper than most products you find online at some places

If you are looking for supplements then you need to check them out. The site is easy to navagate and make it easy to find your links to promote your business, great people to work with and they have live training on Thursdays to go over any business that is needed to be discussed as well as telling everyone the thousands of people that has enrolled, and what to do next.

I believe that there will be records broken in the amount of people that are joining the business

What I Like

Well the best part of the business is the products as well as the ease of the system not complicated and you don't need to worry about a lot of tools to have to purchase to make it work. This is simple to do and you have people who you can ask questions on the supplements and the way to take them each day.

What I Dislike

If there was anything I would say that I dislike it would have to be the lack of some supplements available to you but the products they do have is very good.

Final Verdict

Easy just do it.


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Web Service
Kim Fowler's review...
My experience with the program so far.

I've only been a member of Got Backup for a mere four days but my overall experience has certainly left me astonished and rather satisfied! On the surface, I made an investment of $4000 on what seemed to be 'junk'. However, in this short duration, I have not only recovered from my expenditures, I've also started to see sign-ups like never before.

From a functional point of view, Got Backup is more than just a data protection system. This state-of-the-art platform effortlessly backs up all crucial photos and videos, without the need for you to compromise on the available storage space on your device. All backed-up contents are easily accessible at any given time, thereby eliminating the issues of unwarranted data loss and providing a flexible backup solution.

To those who are technologically inclined and open to new sources of income, Got Backup presents an opportunity for making easy earnings by leveraging their platform. One can make money by sharing this user-friendly platform with anyone who uses a device - essentially, anybody in today's digitalized world.

Got Backup's uniqueness further reveals itself through an exclusive feature called 'Powerline and Matrix'. It's a bonafide game-changer that enables one to earn a steady income by introducing new customers to the company.

In conclusion, my initial skepticism regarding Got Backup has been completely overturned. I've found it to be a potential lifesaver in terms of securing important data and likewise a prospective gold mine in terms of earning opportunities. I cannot wait to explore more of what Got Backup has to offer.

What I Like

I Like the price at just $10 a month I have the protection of all my photos and videos you can not get their memories back once you loos them when you accidentally damage your phone.

What I Dislike

Wished I knew About it Sooner.

Final Verdict

Great Opportunity Most People Have Got A Phone.


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Affiliate Marketing
Glen Palo's review...
I was reluctant to join Wealthy Affiliate. After all, I have been marketing and making money on the internet since 1996. My attitude was, "What could they teach me? " I was wrong. Wealthy Affiliate has filled in many of the gaps I didn't know I had. For those that don't know, Wealthy Affiliate is an online community membership site founded in 2005. It became the number one community for learning, creating and building successful online businesses. Members get to network with fellow members and learn from thousands of experts. Everyone receives websites based on the popular WordPress platform. Free members get two websites. Premium members receive 50 websites. There is enough training and daily step-by-step tasks oriented towards helping all members build out their websites.

What I dislike about Wealthy Affiliate is the website hosting tech support they provide. Most top of the line web hosting companies provide telephone or instant chat support. Wealthy Affiliate uses a ticket message system for members wanting tech support. Members have to submit an online ticket request and then wait for customer service to respond.

Because WA combines website hosting with training into one monthly price. It is difficult to evaluate hosting costs with other website hosting companies.

I RECOMMEND Wealthy Affiliate for anyone, particularly beginners, looking for training and a helpful community. Experienced entrepreneurs or marketers looking for website hosting services should look elsewhere.

I revised my rating down to 2 stars after leaving Wealthy Affiliate based on poor hosting technical support after my WA-hosted website was hacked through a faulty plugin.

On January 13, 2024, I revised up to 5 stars based on the launch of the Wealthy Affiliate Business Hub system and AI tools. It is a GAME CHANGER!


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Health & Fitness
Linda Bomba's review...
My experience with the program so far

I just joined this company a week ago and I joined initially just for the products. I was with another company using their CBD oil and I was paying $89 for a 750 bottle and their price for the same thing is $18 so I think that is a no brainer plus there are other products they have that I will use.

As I have started to explore the website it just makes sense to use the products but create a side income although they do state you can earn up to $2K+ without referring anyone. While that may be possible it's unlikely it's like 24 cents for anyone who falls into your matrix and you would need to get thousands of people from spill over in order for that happen.

What I Like

The prices and the monthly membership fee is only is $9.95 which I paying $147.00 a month to be on auto ship with my other company. I like the membership idea which models Costco.

What I Dislike

Building a team with a matrix that is based on the efforts of other people and if you want to make any kind of size able income you do need to depend on the efforts of other people.

Final Verdict

So far I am liking it and can't wait to get my products. The company and people seem like they really want everyone to succeed.


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Safelist Mailer
Joy Healey's review...
Traffic Zipper is a superb piece of software that lets you automate sending emails to up to 25 list-mailers. It also includes a downline builder for these sites, so that people who join Traffic Zipper can join your downline in the mailers included.

My experience with the program so far:

  • I joined this program as a free member about 6 months ago. The free trial lets you link up to two of your mailers and send broadcast messages.
  • To use the full suite of features, which includes Traffic Autopilot, I quickly took the Starter Upgrade to automate mailing to 4 of the 25 supported sites.
  • Having experienced the power of the autopilot mailing I took the Pro upgrade to be able to integrate 10 out of 25 supported sites.
  • Elite allows you to integrate with all 25 sites, but I haven't yet taken that upgrade.

Why I Joined

It took a while, but eventually in my online marketing career I realised just how many 'eye-balls' you need to get on your offer before someone will opt-in. For anyone reading this: it's thousands, unless you're marketing to a warm market with social media marketing - but that doesn't suit my busy life-style.

Instead I started using list mailers for my marketing but was finding it increasingly difficult to keep on top of when I could send out each mailing to use my credits to maximum effect.

Then a friend explained that I could more easily keep track of them all with Traffic Zipper - and, even better, automate them.

What I Like

  • TrafficZipper is an affordable way to send my promotional emails out, hands-free. Even when I'm on holiday my business continues on auto-pilot.
  • TrafficZipper includes a large down-line builder to benefit from referrals to other programs.
  • You can even add your links and banners to rotators
  • The support is superb. My questions were promptly and patiently answered.
  • It's extremely affordable compared to the hours (and wasted credits) it saves me.
  • There are great statistics to show you the mailings sent and your click through rates.
  • New sites are added regularly - once the TZ owners have checked out the quality

What I Dislike

It's a shame that free members don't seem to understand that they're missing the Auto-Pilot feature by not upgrading; but that's not the fault of the site owners. Perhaps this should be 'pushed' more?

Once I had spent the couple of hours getting it set up, there's nothing I dislike.

Final Verdict

Traffic Zipper saves me hours, and makes sure that every credit on every mailer is used to maximum effect. As long as I use list-mailers I will continue using Traffic Zipper.


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Derek Yeung's review...
This is the first online system and FREE training that help me to make my 1st ever commission online.

This system is so easy to follow and it will teach you all the skillset that you need to become successful online.

The reason why I would highly recommend this system/program to you all is that once you become a member of the OLSP system, all you have to do is just share your magical link to the world, and the OLSP system will do the rest for you and make you earn commission on a daily basis.

The way it works is very simple, once you joined the system you will get your very own unique Mega Link and if anyone joined the system throght your mega link they will be cookie to you for life, and on the back end the system itself will follow up and promote products to all those leads on your behalf on a daily basis.

They have many product and services inside the system from low ticket to Mid ticket and to High ticket, and any of your leads that buy any of the products or services whether it's in a month, 6 months or even a year time you will get the commission for that down to two tiers.

From the new update of 2024, they now have an all buld into one builder app where you get all the tools inc. Site/page builder, autoresponder, social media post scheduler , CRM, SMS massaging, membership sites, Blogging, and so much more all under one app.

Also they now have this new link system called the "Magick", where you can start building your list and get pay for it. The way it works is also very simple, every time anyone opt in through your Magick capture page you will get commission and that person will be added to your list. How crazy is that!

Also when you first get your Magick you will also get FREE 100 guaranteed CLICKS to your Magick capture page. So you are GUARANTEED to make money on your very first day!

What I Like

I love the OLSP system, because it is so newbie-friendly and also it has tons of FREE training for you to learn in order to make you become a better affiliate marketer online, so you can earn more commission.

And also I found that the community within the OLSP system is one of best I've seen so far, anytime you have a question or problem about the system or online marketing enquires in general. You don't even need to call the support team, just post any question within the OLSP community Facebook group. Your question will get an answer within minutes since there are so many helpful members within the OLSP community, you will just get bombarded with answers to your question.

Also, the BIGGEST reason why I love the OLSP system so much is that, it's so simple your main job is just to share your own unique link to other people and then the team within the OLSP system will do the rest of the hard work for you.

You don't need to sell or promote anything, they will do the sales for you on your behalf and they will even follow up your downline for you. So you don't have to worry about how you are going to follow-up with all your leads, the OLSP team will do all that for you on your behalf. And now with the new Magick link system, I get paid to building up my own list as well. !

What I Dislike

If I have to say something I don't like about the OLSP system is that some of their training can be quite long, although all their FREE training is well explained in details and easy to follow, also it's very newbie friendly.

But some people might find it too overwhelmed with all the FREE training and in-depth information they provided to make you become successful online, other than that, I cannot find anything that I dislike about the OLSP system.

Final Verdict

So out of all the Affiliat Marketing system and training that I've been through since I started my online journey, I have to say that the OLSP system is one of the most legit and valuable online programs I've ever came across (and I've been through a lot of different training and courses in my time). Also this program really teaches you how to become a super affiliate with all the in-depth training they provided to you all for FREE.

So if you are a newbie marketer or even if you are an advanced marketer, the OLSP system has all that cover.

For newbie it is the best place to get started, earn while you learn.

As for the more experienced marketers, you will always learn something new that can help you with your current business and start a new revenue stream.


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