Dominating Google’s First Page. See What I Mean Here.

Take a look at the screenshot below. This is what I mean by dominating Google’s first page.

Out of 10 results in the first page, 9 are articles from the same author, syndicated on different websites.

The last result is a YouTube video, which is something Google tries to include in every result page.

In fact, for this particular search term, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th page of Google are mostly dominated by the same article.

Interested to know how it’s done?

In today’s blog, I’m going to show you exactly how it is done. Yes, I know exactly how it’s done because I’m the person behind it.

What happened is this article is an article submitted by one of the members at ezArticleLink, our new link building system.

The article gets published in hundreds of other domains in the system, over a period of time, so as to get backlinks to that member’s site.

Now, the question is, if you write an article and publish in hundreds of article directories, will you get the same result?

Not likely, because most of the articles are buried deep in the directory and more importantly, there is no backlink to those articles.

Then what makes this article different?

I’m not going to hide anything. Here are the reasons:

1) Unique article

The article has been spun according to our spinning requirement. This ensures that every published article is unique (at least in the eyes of Google).

To ensure good user experience, Google does not display duplicated contents. It will only choose the most relevant one (usually the one with the most backlinks) and show it.

For Google to show all your articles in one page, that article must be unique. So to Google, it is showing 9 different articles.

2) Highly relevant content

Google’s objective is to return the most relevant webpage for a given search term.

By means of relevance, I mean…

i) The title of the webpage must be relevant

As you can see from the screenshot, all the titles contain the search keyword, except for the 9th listing, which is something else (actually an error with that site that cause it not showing the correct title and the problem has just been fixed).

ii) The content in the webpage must be relevant

In this case, every webpage you see in the screenshot above has content related to the keyword. NO OTHER miscellaneous content or randomly generate content in it.

iii) The internal links and outgoing links in the webpage must MOSTLY be relevant

Except for some standard navigation links such as home, contact, privacy etc, ALL the links in the above webpages, be it internal links or external links, are about ETF, stock or forex trading.

3) Highly relevant backlinks

This is the most important factor.

Each of these webpages you see in the screenshot above have highly relevant backlinks from other unique webpages from different domains. This is possible because of ezArticleLink’s auto link building system.

When I say highly relevant backlinks, I mean 2 things:

i) The anchor texts of the backlinks contain the search term.

ii) The backlinks are from webpages with relevant content

That’s all. When you have all the 3 ingredients in one place, plus if that search term isn’t too competitive (in this case, there are 62k competing sites), you get amazing results like this.

This is a good example to show you how to create webpages that Google likes. Take note of these factors when you create your next webpage or website.

30 thoughts to “Dominating Google’s First Page. See What I Mean Here.”

  1. I have been a member of Leadsleap for many months now and decided to purchase ezArticleLink membership only because I was sure it would over deliver on it’s promises. Thank you so much Kenneth. You are an Internet-marketing GURU with a difference. We members love and respect you as our teacher. That’s the reason LeadsLeap has received a B+ rating on third-party rating forums like IMreportcard. I look forward to learning more from you for years ahead. And yes, thanks again for the $300+ upgrade commissions you paid me for referring new members to leadsleap :)

  2. I am a Gold Member beta tester of ezArticleLink: Link Building and Article Syndication since Nov 2009.Now I have submitted 14 articles and I am really very excited about the search engine rankings of my targeted keywords.I have many of these keywords that can rank within Page 1-5 of Google. For one keyword that relate to Asian Ning social Networks, I have No.1 to No 9 listing of Google. For another very competitive keyword ” Acme People Search ” I get ranked no.7 in page 1 of Google.

    It takes time to get the whole process of indexing, may be about 3 weeks.

    I am pleased with the potency of ezArticleLink.


    1. I was very impressed with the linking process. I started a brand new blog using articles I submitted to ezarticles and used the anchor linking system. I was surprised to find my blog was listed in google in only after a few days. Its not on the first page of the keyword I wanted but its on the 5 page but thats mainly because I went after a competitive keyword. But i am very pleased with there service and recommend it to anyone that blogs or uses seo to market their sites.

  3. Thanks Kenneth.
    You got the great idea, great product and great support. I have a website ranking at No.2 on the 1st page with 1.25Million competition.

    ezarticlelinks rocks!

  4. Hi Kenneth,

    I have been so impressed with ezArticleLink
    in the few weeks I have been a member and now
    when I found Leads Leap in my in-box, I had no
    hesitation in taking a PRO membership.

    I am very impressed in the way everything is
    presented, the functionality and the speed for
    learning new things suits me just fine :-)

    Great job! I shall certainly be happy to pass this
    on to my list of marketers.

  5. Hi, I think it is a great idea. I replicated your search results and in Google UK the article takes top 11 positions. Amazing :)) To be perfectly honest, when visiting the target site I was hoping to see a higher Alexa rating. Can you give us an estimate – how much traffic is this example receiving from this method?

    1. It’s a long tail keyword with low search. So it won’t be much. Maybe 1-2 traffic a day, or less. The thing about search engine traffic is traffic from each search term is negligible, but when you add the negligible, it becomes very significant.
      For example, LeadsLeap receives close to a thousand traffic each day from the search engines. But if you look at the traffic from each search term, most of them are 1, 2 and the most is 20.

  6. You are so right – “The last result is a YouTube video, which is something Google tries to include in every result page” Don’t forget to do a video. Interelated google websites seem to get good results in the search results.

  7. That’s incredible. Great article. Where did you find most of your relevant backlinks from?

    This is a nice project that I’ll have to try. Do you have any articles explaining your spinning requirements?

  8. Hi Kenneth
    I follow your news letter, thanks’ for update.
    Do you think back link from relevant site is important? How about link from High Page Rank sites? Which one is most important?


    1. Backlink is good. Backlink from relevant site is better. Backlink from high page rank ‘webpage’ (not just site) is BEST.


  9. Great blog. it’s useful for me to build backlink from high pagerank of Website. I wish you will successful in this process.Thank for you to share this information. Good job.

  10. It seems some days like I’ve tried every ‘garuanteed effective’ SEO practice promoted by every ‘guru’ on the web, leaving me loathe to start with new forays into untested waters, but being the big fan of your articles that I am I gave ezArticleLink a go and I must admit I am quite impressed. Not only do you deliver what you promise, but the interface is dead easy to use. Hard to believe your efforts aren’t being duplicated elsewhere by less reputable organizations. Oh well, I’d rather light a candle than curse the darkness. Thanks!

  11. The post is really really good, it has given me the complete overview information of how it works. i would like to thank you for sharing the information.

  12. Great info about ezArticleLink. I have tested ezArticleLink and it works super great. One thing most people miss when submitting articles to article directories is a lot of those directories are using nofollow links so Google does not index your link. This is why ezArticleLink works so well. You get your article with your link on a relevant website. This is what Google deems important. Save yourself tons of time and money. Scroll up and find the link to ezArticleLink.

  13. I just published my first article through ezArticleLink. Their free spinning software is actually pretty awesome – way better than any other free tool I’ve been able to find out there.

    I thought I had it spun well, and got rejected – they found a bad spin that made a sentence look… well.. spun!

    So someone is out there checking and making sure the articles are, in fact, decent. Pretty cool!

    Hopefully I’ll see some results in the upcoming weeks.

  14. I was extremely satisfied to discover this site.i needed to thank you for this extraordinary read!! I doubtlessly getting a charge out of every last bit of it and I have you bookmarked to look at new stuff you post.

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