Can your tracker tell you the surfing activities of your visitors?
Introducing the first and only tracker that tracks human activities for 3rd-party links

Dear Affiliate Marketer,

What are your options when it comes to traffic tracking?

Honestly, limited.

You can't insert tracking code like Google Analytics to your affiliated site.

You can just use a third-party tracker

But most trackers can only track hits.

Better ones can detect basic bots.

But smart bots nowadays are able to disguise themselves as human. It's hard to detect such bots.

Ask me how I know!

We Were A Victim!

We faced the same problem many years back when we first started

You see, we sell advertising and we reward people who send traffic to us.

But people cheated.

They used bots to visit the ads. Bots that look like real human.

We needed a better way to make sure that the traffic we send to our advertisers were real visitors.

So we kept on inventing...

Finally, we created a system that was able to detect the surfing activities of the visitors to our ads.

With that, we can then measure the Surfing Duration of the visitors.

Why is Surfing Duration important?

Because bots don't surf!

Although advanced bots can simulate real human visit, they don't surf like human do.

Once we were able to measure the surfing duration, those fake traffic were suddenly exposed to us!

We were able to tell which traffic was real, which was not.

Let's Not Be Selfish!

We were very pleased with this new system.

Then we thought, "Why limit the usage to ourselves?"

That's why we created The Real Tracker.

It is a link tracker that uses the same technology that we use for our ad system.

What can The Real Tracker do?

With The Real Tracker, you'll know long your visitors have actively surfed your links, whether they have taken any action, and many other tracking stats.

But that's only the tracking aspect.

There's more!

You can insert opt-in popup into the links that you track! Yes, even if you don't own the site!

This means you can build your own list while promoting other people's product.

You can add an ad bar and cross promote other offers to any link you track.

You can rotate those links, add different weightage and different limit for different links.

You can create tracking sources on the fly, no need to login all the time!

What's The Cost?

It's free!

The Real Tracker is free for all LeadsLeap members.

Of course, LeadsLeap membership is also FREE!

Our members LOVE this tracker!

From time to time, we will receive emails from members telling us how they manage to get refunds from websites that sell them bogus traffic.

This is a testimonial sharing about how he got his refund:

feature img

Here is another experience that I read from a blog:

feature img

Is It Ad-Free?

Short answer is YES!

Long answer is, it's optional.

If you have seen our link tracker in action, you may notice that there are ads at the footer or right-side bar.

We run a PPC program and we pay members who send 3rd-party visitors to the ads in our network.

If you want to participate in this PPC program and make some money while tracking your links, you can.

Otherwise, just turn off the 'Monetize' option.

No ad will be shown in you turn off that option.

Any More Question?

I try to cover as much ground as possible, without making this copy too lengthy.

If you still have question, you can contact us.

But honestly, it's a FREE service!

Many questions can easily be answered by just trying.

If you are already a LeadsLeap member, login to your account and try it.

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