The Dos and Don’ts Of Using Popups

It’s no longer a secret that using popups (or variations of popups) ‘correctly’ can increase the response rate. However, not all popups are equal. Some work wonders, but some may chase your visitors away.

In this article, we will look at what are the dos and don’ts when using popups on your website.

1) Give people what they want FIRST, then give them what they want MORE!

Have you ever visited a site where you get an annoying popup while reading the content? Worse still, you get a popup immediately upon reaching the site?

I know some reputable sites do it. But they are reputable and they want to force you to opt-in before you can see their content. But if your website is a relatively unknown site, such popups can be very annoying. Visitors may just close the popup or simply leave your site.

If there is only one thing you must remember from this article, this it is: Always give people what they want FIRST, then give them what they want MORE!

What do I mean by that?

You see, people come to your site mostly for information. This is especially true for blogs. So the first thing you should give them is good info, which is the content on your website. Popups should only appear AFTER they have finished reading an article or WHEN they intent to leave your site. Such popups are known as ‘End Of Post Popup’ and ‘Exit Popup’ respectively.

In case you are wondering how on earth do you create such popups? You can buy a script for $47, or use our free popup generator online, which essentially does the same thing and gives you more creative power because you can easily create any design from ground up easily. Also, being an online system, you don’t have to worry about upgrades because whenever we upgrade, your widget will be upgraded automatically!

2) Give people what they want FIRST, then give them what they want MORE!

If you notice that the second point is a repetition of the first point, you are right, because there are 2 aspects to this point.

In the earlier discussion, I mentioned that you should not show a popup before visitors start reading the content on your website. That’s because you should always give people what they want first. Popup should only be shown when they are done reading.

Now, the second aspect is to give them what they want MORE!

Assuming your website is about how to make money, and the article your visitor is reading is ‘how to make money from blogs’. When the visitor finishes reading the article or when the visitor intents to leave your site, you show a popup that offers a free ebook “How to make $2,137 selling nothing”. Do you think the visitor will bite?

The idea is this, the visitor has just finished reading your article and he is wanting more of what he has read. At this point, you offer him a free ebook in the same topic. It’s like offering a free lemonade to someone who is thirsty.

3) Think beyond conventional popups

Talking about popups, most of you will think of a big rectangular box that pops right in front of you, blocking most of the contents.

Don’t just limit yourself to that.

First, don’t limit yourself to rectangular boxes. With our popup generator, you can design popups in any shape and style you want. Make your popup unique, professional and impressive. Make your visitors feel that you are different.

Second, besides popups, there are other forms of animated widgets that can gain visitors attention. You can have a bar that slides from the top or bottom of the browser (we call it Slide Bar). Or a small box that slides from a corner (we call it Corner Block). You can even have an animated static widget that is place inline with your content but when visitors see it, it will gently ‘wave’ at the visitor.

These alternatives are not as obtrusive, yet they still manage to capture visitors’ attention.


Popups do not have to be annoying. If you follow my advice of giving your visitors what they want first and then use popups to give them more of that they want initially, popups can be helpful to your visitors because they don’t have to search high and low for what they want.

25 thoughts to “The Dos and Don’ts Of Using Popups”

  1. If you have an Aweber or GetResponse autoresponder, both offer the opportunity to have a signup form as a popup so you don’t even need a plugin or other software. GR even provide a video tutorial on how to set one up (probably Aweber does too, but I don’t know).

    Pop ups do increase the quantity of sign ups but I do agree with you that the timing and placing is important to avoid upsetting your visitors too much.


    Steven Lucas

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