New Features In Our Ad Viewer – Social Review, Bookmarks and X-frame Sites

Here comes another round of upgrades on our ad viewing system.

In this upgrade, we’ve added 3 new features:

1) Integrated Social Review

The new ad viewer will now automatically link Social Review to the advertised program.

When you surf an ad, if the program being advertised has reviews in our Social Review directory, you will see an icon like the one below:

You can click on it and read the reviews.

If you don’t see the icon, it means there is no review available.

The benefit of this feature?

This will help members to make a better decision whether to join the program.

2) Bookmark Ads For Future Reference

This is a member requested feature.

You can now bookmark ads for future reference as you surf them.

To bookmark an ad, just click the icon below:

The actual link of the ad will saved in your account.

To view the links you’ve bookmarked, go to navigation link shown below:

The benefit of this feature?

If you’ve come across an interesting ad, you can bookmark and revisit it later. Our bookmarking system saves the actual link. This means even if the advertiser changes the ad in the future, you can still access the link that you have bookmarked previously.

3) Pro Ads Now Allow X-frame Sites

Some of you may have come across some websites that cannot be shown in our ad viewer. Whenever members come to us for help, we were helpless.

But not now!

For months, we have been developing a solution. And I’m pleased to showcase our solution to you today.

For sites that cannot be shown in our ad viewer, we will open the link in a new window that bears the same dimensions as the ad viewer, so to you, it is almost as if you are surfing in the ad viewer. (See the screenshot below.)

What do I need to do when I see such an ad?

First, don’t be surprised to see a popup. You can easily tell if it is a legitimate popup from LeadsLeap because there will be an indication and the popup will be exactly over the ad viewer.

Just surf it as usual and close that window when you’re done. You’ll be credited for the amount of time the window is active.

Even if you don’t close it, the window will automatically be closed when you close the parent window or navigated away. We want to make sure that your screen is not cluttered with windows.

How to set up an x-frame allowed ad?

No special setup is needed. The system will automatically detect it at the point of submission. If for any reason the system fails to detect it, you can always contact our support. We will do it manually.

But please note that this feature is only available to Pro Ads.

We do not make it available to Credit Ads because it will be ambiguous to deduct credits for such an ad since we don’t measure the actual surfing duration but the window active time.

Is there a demo?

Yes, to see how it works, click here.

I hope that you’ll find these updates useful.

Remember to share with me your comments below.

14 thoughts to “New Features In Our Ad Viewer – Social Review, Bookmarks and X-frame Sites”

  1. Hello. I just sent in a support ticket but thought I’d let you know that the link viewer does not detect my surfing activities and therefore, gives me no credit for my ad views. When I refresh the page, the stats are the same. I click another ad and the same thing happens.

    I like the changes though! Hopefully, my issue gets fixed shortly. Thank you.

    1. Hi David,

      I’ve replied your ticket.

      System as a whole is working. I also see that you have earned credits after the upgrade. Anyway, let’s communicate further via the ticket.

  2. The changes you are effecting good, but for me to comment too early. I have just entered after a long break. Give me some more time , then I will come back.

  3. Yes,love it.. I am always waiting for a new innovation here, This site has been a stand out of the crowd advertising site…But if possible, I think 15 pro ads is far more ideal for an upgraded member, not only 10 slots…

    1. Glad that you love it.

      We limit to 10 because we do not want the traffic to be spread too thin. After all, the total amount of traffic every Pro Member can receive in a month is about the same, regardless of how many ads they have.

  4. Hey Kenneth I really like the enhancements you have made, especially the integrated Social Review and the ability to bookmark sites. At times, in the past, I’ve wanted to know more about certain sites being advertised but didn’t want to take the time then. Your bookmarking feature fixes that nicely. Thanks for the improvements.

  5. Great Move! It helps make good use of the reviews. I love this system you are creating. It’s one of the HIDDEN GEMS among a SEA OF TOXIC TRASH. Leads Leap is one of the rarest, fairest, most useful, and affordable online marketing tools I’ve come across in my 6 years marketing online. I’m amazed at how much I get for FREE, and how valuable the Pro features are. I basically Love being a member. Thanks for all the great tools. Next if you roll out a Funnel Builder, things will be Platinum. Thanks for all the amazing advertising options!

  6. Hi, I had a run with the new features. I like it. Very smooth flowing and fluid side panel pop out to access links and category choice. Bookmarking addition will be very useful (for those who desperately bash the back button). Less stressful. A good move and a sure way to keep old members like me coming for more. Thanks Kenneth and keep up the great work!

  7. The new Updates are great Kenneth. And I especially like that you can connect your ads to Social reviews, that’s cool. Plus the new feature to book mark Sites you’re interested in. Plus having the actual link if they change their Ad. I’m very glad to be a member of Leads Leap I get a ton of value from here.

  8. Yet more cool new features! As others have commented, Leadsleap just gets better and better.

    Thanks for everything you do Kenneth, great work as always.

  9. I am impress with your new features.I am learning so much about marketing since I became a member of LeadsLeap. Starting today I will read all your messages in older blog post for I am certain I will continue to learn. Thank you.

  10. Hello, I am learning more about this Site and improve my business, I want to Earn more money online, so working hard, all people help me it’s my expectation , I want to learn Unique online marketing. So I Joined here and become a member of LeadsLeap . So I expect a proper Guide from LeadsLeap,s Support team . Thank you .

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