58 thoughts to “My Google AdSense Account Is Disabled. What Should I Do?”

  1. This is great advice! When I first started serving adsense ads I wondered if I could be in jeopardy of losing my account. I kept hearing about people losing their accounts because of the reasons you talk about in this post. So, I chose to educate myself on adsense so the inevitable would not happen. Those interested in learning more about Adsense can also get lots of great info at Google’s Adsense Blog: http://adsense.blogspot.com/

    1. Yes,Debbie you can make some money from Googles’ Adsense Program. It can be through signing up and allowing adsense ads to be placed on one or more of your blog pages,
      I have been a free member of dada.net for sometime now and signed up to their Friend$ program which works around the Google Adsense program,have had some fairly good results and you don’t even need to go into your Google account to check any Adsense earnings,you can do it right there on your own Dada.net homepage.
      I hope this information will help you get started in the right direction.

  2. Great article. Yep, I’ve been suspended from Google Adsense from nigh over a year now and haven’t bothered retrying to open another one after my appeal to Google (as usual) failed. I blame an image ad on an areea that was prone to Traffic Exchanges (after quickly deleting (almost) all the Adsense ads subject to TEs), but I was never told (as usual) what or where the offence took place. I just may take up your suggestion to reapply under another name & email address.
    I use alternative such as DailyPay Day, Adsverts,Imgads etc which are paid for action only.

  3. Thanks for the information about google adsense. I’ve put together about 60 websites with probably 500 or so links.
    Can anyone tell me how many sites that I can use adsense codes on?

    Here is another program similar to adsense.

    I have a few sites on it also.

    Thanks for the info.

    Ron Lyon

  4. I was disabled from Google Adsense three months ago. My mistake was that I got Adsense account nomber which i missed to note, meanwhile I applied from other email address also.So I was informed by Adsense to shut one of the the two accounts. I did but meanwhile I was disabled.
    Anyway your keen interest into my problem has guided me genuinely. I convey my hearty thanks.
    I find a close friend in YOU.

  5. Thanks Kenneth! I have all of the stuff to start my Adsense Program; just haven’t had the time/quiet-time to set it up.
    I’m glad to know this stuff before I even get started.

  6. Thanks so much for your advice! I got my adsense account banned before, and I would say it was a huge blow to me. Nowadays, try using other advertising medium such as Adbrite.

  7. I am using adsense on my blog.But,I think that I have earned some money from fraud clicks.It can be false also.But, I am not sure.Will I inform it to google adsense center?Please help me!

    1. To play it safe, you can always report to Google about your experience. But if the amount is negligible, you can just ignore it.

  8. If Google disables an Adsense acct., it’s probably due to the fact that for as much money as they’re making on it, they still-have their business-related costs to contend with. It costs money to provide the bandwidth able to support massive linkages to their ad rotator and every little bit that they feel is justified to keep their program making money is to be expected to be adjusted in order for them to stay competitive and be able to offer all the options that their users have come to rely on and give them the traffic that they need to sustain the program and stay competitive with their (limited) competition. The best thing for anyone to do is to brush up on their Adsense theory/practice. If you REALLY want to make the money from the affiliate program (and, yes, you’re all Google affiliates), you’re going to have to study up on what works and what doesn’t. One piece of advice – forum postings. I’m sure a fair amount of you are forum attendees of some sort. Make sure you review your forum memberships and see which ones offer Adsense Revenue Sharing as a forum policy,
    so that way whenever you start a new thread, the clickthrough traffic is accord to your account. I’ll just leave you with this to help you formulate attack plans for this problem (for anyone who previously didn’t have this);

    Adsense_Empire.zip (eBook)

  9. My personal Adsense account has been disabled. Besides, in my personal account i had the business name filled out in my profile.

    Do you recommend me to open a new business account with my business name (the one i told google before) or try to do a new different one?


  10. My account was banned one month ago, and it took Google about 1 month to sentence me for permanent closure of my Adsense account. Although my blog site is not making money at all, it’s only a beginning for me to work on more productive ways to make my blog profitable. It’s a big blow to me. I have been researching for alternatives, but I am not able to sign up AdBrite or other similar, because I am non-US resident, and there is no Tax ID for me. Anyone can give me a clearer direction?

  11. I think your advice is very helpful and it’s very important to pay attention to the policy, otherwise one can get into trouble.

    I too suspect that may have been sabotaged a few times, but I don’t know how to check the traffic to be sure about it. Hopefully, Google has better ways of dealing with this.

  12. Thank you for your advice,I have tried to opened account at Google but my account rejected ,I can open new account after 6 month . please give me some advice…

  13. All,

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  15. Hello everyone
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  16. Folks,

    You should be appreciative that you got disabled by google. Adsense is tacky and reminds visitors of the guy on the corner in a trench coat selling fake watches.

    Adsense also tells your visitors that you have nothing substantial to offer them in the way of product, information, or otherwise so you instead went and put up a bunch of advertisements.

    Take my advice, Adsense is a joke and the only ones profiting substantially are Google and the advertisers.

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  18. mine is disabled too. with in 2 days starting blog. I have added only some SEO friendly keywords (no porn, no violence) and Google disabled my account is that FARE??

    Where other peoples (Blogger) are doing same more than me and Google is Happy with that..

    I loved google but now i have lost trust on google.

  19. Hello, I have read an article or blog regarding invalid clicks in Adsense. How true is it that publishers will not be given any details on any invalid clicks made on their account? Doesn’t that pose significant threats to publishers since it would basically mean that they can get screwed at any time?

    Quote: “Once your account has been disabled for invalid clicks, Adsense will not provide you with information regarding this issue”
    Google Adsense Pros and Cons

    I am very much interested in Adsense right now but I also find it a littly scary so I’m trying to gather as much information as I can before trying to apply.

    1. I just found out my Google Adsense was disabled when I went in ot check how much I made, yesterday. No email ‘warning’, nothing, just a statement that my account had been disabled. Shocking. I am dumbfounded by this, and it turns out, you get NO information of why you have been disabled, AND you lose any money you’ve made – is outrageous. GoDaddy happened to go down, today, from being hacked, so I thought the two things were connected, and when GoDaddy went back up, my Google Adsense would kick back in, too, but it didn’t, and I’ve had Google Adsense on my site since 2002. Just shocking. I think I at least deserve a reason, and I immediately wrote an appeal, this morning, and tonight they confirmed that I will be permanently disabled. What to do, now?? I guess I’ll look into the alternative affiliate programs… but up until today, Google Adsense was my best bet, now I just am in complete shock about the whole thing.
      http://www.buildyourownhouse.ca, http://buildyourownhousebodylife.blogspot.com

  20. Nice article.
    Google can suspend Adsense account without providing any reason. Mostly Google says that the publisher is not valuable to the Adsense (in such a case).
    I have seen that in some cases if your clicks are comming from the same range of IP addresses, then Google disables your Adsense account! e.g. people sitting at your company/office click on your Adsense ads.
    However there are ways to get back your Adsense account fairly quickly. It is not necessary to have a website or a blog in advance of applying for an Adsense account :)

    1. Could you please explain your comment, “there are ways to get back your Adsense account fairly quickly.” All of those who read this thread would certainly appreciate some guidance in this area.

  21. Hello,

    My account was disable. And I had been thinking in opening a new one with my husband information. My only question is:
    Google can track your IP?
    If in the past I was using my computer and they disable my account. Now I create a new one but using the same IP?
    Would it work out?

    I really appreciate your help!


  22. hi please help me ,my adsense account is disabled due to copy right materail issue just one day before check dispatching date, i think its not true ..I have 500$ in my adsense account ..please help me how to get back my money and how much time google takes to reply to an appeal .

  23. My adsense was recently suspended, and I’m trying to find out if there is any way to get it reinstated. I made quite a bit of money off my ads. Google tells me that they will not give me any more information other than there were invalid clicks on my site. I have no idea when these occurred or how. I know the rules and never click on my ads. So, don’t think it can’t happen to you if you do all the right things. Since my site comes up #1 on search engines, I suspect it is sabotage by some type competitor, but if Adsense will not communicate with me about it, there is no way to find out. Now I’m trying to figure out if other advertising groups will work for my site.

  24. My adsense account has been suspended. I want to make a new account and put it in my same site. Is it possible or will google disapprove my new account again?

  25. I purchased 2 sites recently from a gentleman who claimed I could make 300 gross per month from each site if I paid $99 service fee to include hosting, content changes, but most importantly driving traffic
    There was a two day trial to see how they performed (which they did) I then paid for the sites and the domains were transferred to me. Then for a few days the sites were earning as he had promised.
    Then I tried to log in and BAM….your account has been disabled
    I got two emails from google saying they were disabled, and I really have no idea why. I believe it was due to quality issues.
    The guy i purchased the sites from said he is working on it, but I highly dought it.

    Can someone look at my sites and tell me why they think I was disabled. shawn.c.oneil at gmail dot com

    Thanks for the help. I am just a deployed soldier in afghanistan trying to make some extra money

    1. In my experience, you will never know why your site was disabled. My site was a fairly high quality site with thousands of hits per day. It was over 10 years old. I’d been using Google Adsense for years. I was making very nice income and was following all the rules. Then one day it was all over. My site was disabled for invalid clicks. No proof. No way to appeal outside of the dinky little form, and no discussion. I enjoyed it while it lasted, but it has really left a bad taste in my mouth for anything Google. My advice – don’t buy a house or a car, planning to pay it off with your Adsense income!

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  28. You explained it very well. I too have the same doubts whether any of my competitor (just imagining) try click bomb in my blog adsense ads, what will happen. It is very difficult to prove our innocence before Google. Placing ads on junk sites –oh I need to check all websites and blogs in my account again.

  29. Something that is really disturbing is Google often disables Adsense accounts when it has nothing to do with the bad intentions of the Adsense publishers!

    However, it is possible to get an Adsense account again!

    If anybody’s Adsense account has been disabled, check out http://www.adsensegetback.com


  30. The situation is same for me. My Google AdSense account is also disabled before few days. So I have no idea what to do next or how to activate it again. I think the given solutions will help me to solve the issue.

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