LeadsLeap Progress Report For 2008

To all LeadsLeap members, I wish you and your family a happy and prosperous new year!!

On behalf of LeadsLeap team, I sincerely thank you for supporting LeadsLeap.

LeadsLeap was started in January 2008 and it’s turning to one year old.

Here’s what we’ve achieved over the past one year:

1) We’ve grown from zero member to 27000 members and we are now growing at a rate of about 100 members a day.

2) We’ve delivered more than 2,500,000 leads to our members.

3) We launched LeadsLeap blog, a viral blog that our members can advertise in. This blog is now well established in the search engines, getting more than 1000 visitors everyday, sending traffic to our members websites.

4) We also launched 3 powerful tools that our members can use for free.

The first tool is our Advanced Link Cloaker.

It’s probably the most powerful link cloaker available in the market. Besides helping you to cloak and track links, you can also use it as an advertising tool to promote your businesses.

The second tool is our rebrandable viral software – Affiliate ID Manager

Besides having a useful software to manage all your IDs and passwords, you can rebrand the software with your ads, distribute it for free and promote up to 6 programs of your choice.

The third tool is of course our latest M.Y.O.B. List Builder Script

This PHP script is my answer to the most common newbies’ question – “How do I start making money online?” M.Y.O.B. stands for Mind Your Own Business. That’s the message I want to give to all our members. Start your own business, build your own list, run your own affiliate program and sell your own products. With your own business, you can promote any affiliate program you like.

What’s next in 2009?

We’ve a list of new developments laid out for 2009. We simply need time and effort to turn ideas into realities.

Our developments basically focus on two areas.

1) To attract more traffic so as to deliver more traffic to our members.

2) To provide more values to existing members by creating more useful tools.

3) To continue educating our members by sharing my marketing experience in our blog.

My vision is to turn LeadsLeap into a community where members can advertise and build leads, and have access to useful tools that can give them a competitive advantage in winning the internet marketing game.

So in 2009, look forward to more traffic, more free tools and of course, more practical tips from LeadsLeap.

Once again, Happy New Year!!

17 thoughts to “LeadsLeap Progress Report For 2008”

  1. Hi Kenneth and the LeadsLeap Team!

    I just wanted to say its been a great year being with LeadsLeap, and I’m really excited about 2009. I know you’re going to make our experience here better and better just as you have been!

    Congratulations on our 1 Year Anniversary and Happy New Year!

  2. Thank you Kenneth for creating such an amazing innovative Business Opportunity with so many FREE bonuses and “Internet Marketing” education that is simple yet powerful. We love LeadsLeap :)

  3. Hey Kenneth,
    I really find all the resources in your site very useful indeed and yours is one of the site that i frequent the most. I LeadsLeap will be able to improve further for 2009. Good luck.

  4. Hi there kenneth,

    Thank you for bringing such a useful site for the betterment of improving our knowledge and skill towards today intense internet marketing.

    As far as I am concern, I haven’t met any company like Leadsleap that can really help provide useful infos, great tool that help to build your own business with free.

    You have a generous heart with you, wish you best of health and continue to bring your goodwill to the people from around globe.

    I believe Leadsleap will make a remarkable achievement this year . If you could achieved 100,000 members, I won’t be surprise course I do believe :-)

    Have a beautiful day


  5. Kenneth,

    You have really achieved something worth the effort.

    I’m glad that, even if I didn’t believe in this until now, I haven’t unsubscribed and I decided to follow the link to this post today.

    Your results really impressed me now; I so decided to give it a try and I’m waiting to see the results soon.

    If I’ll get them, I will constantly promote this afterwards.
    Nothing could be more powerful than the promotions of a re-converted follower, ain’t it?

    Happy New Year and many more achievements in 2009!

    Steve Lorenzo
    the VaultBoss at

  6. Congratulations On An Outstanding Year Kenneth!

    I am assuming we are shooting for 100,000 members (or many more) this year. It should be a piece of cake really. You have created an incredible resource here. And I for one, appreciate it greatly.

    Bill Darton

    Ontario, Canada

  7. Good job on a year well done Kenneth. I looking forward to another year of highly informative blogging, I always get a great deal of knowledge from your posts.

  8. Kenneth,
    This is one of the best viral marketing sites that I have been a part of. You give away so much value that many people do not know where to start, however you have made it easy for them to get started making money.I know that this is not supposed to be a kiss up session,I just want to tell you thanks a ton because you have save me a lot of money with the bonuses alone. My network marketing business has grown by 75% since I have joined leads leap. I have to tell you thanks.

    The Best Is Yet To Come,
    Jimmy Williams

  9. Hi Kenneth,

    Happy New Year!

    You have been very successful in 2008 and this year you will most certainly surprise us again. The leads I am getting through LeadsLeap are valuable and has helped my business grow. Thank you.

    Most may not realize that to be successful online takes a lot of work, dedication commitment and self discipline. Once all falls into place things get easier in terms of results may come “out of thin air” but that is because of the consistent work done in the past.

    Any online entrepreneur will tell you that that is the time to get even more serious and work harder to get to the so called “ autopilot” mode. Which by the way is never 100% auto but does make things easier once one gets to that stage.

    If we treat our online business like a real business it will produce like a real business if we treat it as a hobby it will produce less results.


  10. I would like to thank you for creating this resource for us. The learning process never stops and I think you have helped me a lot in this. Your honesty and sharing of your knowledge is appreciated.

    Thank you and Happy New Year!

  11. Thanks Ken. You provide VERY useful information as always. I also love the great tools you give us free access to. The Mind Your Own Business Script is simply amazing. I’m also using the Affiliate Id Manager as well. I went ahead and spent the few bucks to upgrade to Master since I have my own program.
    Thanks for all you do.

    Sean Grimes

  12. Kenneth,

    Congratulations. You certainly work hard for your members and that is why membership is swelling at this rate. I enrolled 87 members and my target is 100 by the end of this month.

    Here is wishing you a HAPPY, PROSPEROUS and SUCCESSFUL NEW YEAR 2009

  13. Hi Kenneth,

    I really appreciate for your effort to your member including me, Right now i still to struggle with getting traffic.
    I hope in 2009 I can do follow your success in 2008.

    Thank You so Much, and Keep Up the good posting.

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