Internet Marketing Guru – Who Should You Follow?

I’m quite sure that you have constantly been bombarded with offers from different internet marketing gurus asking you to buy their products or other guru’s products.

The problem is, every product looks good. Even if you have money to buy all of them, you wouldn’t have the time to study them!

The secret, my friend, is to be selective in which guru you listen to.

Let me share with you a little experience of mine:

Some time ago, someone called me on my mobile phone asking if I was interested in making an extra $50,000 in the next three months.

Well, I bothered to answer that call because she was calling from an internet marketing guru’s office. I know that guru and I’ve purchased some high ticket items from him. That’s probably the reason why they have my number in the first place.

So I told her, “Yes, I’m interested.”

She went on to sell me a coaching program from another guru, whom I have not heard before, in a tactful and professional way and frankly, I was impressed.

Before deciding on whether to buy the coaching program, the first thing I did was to Google for the name of this guru and find out how he makes money.

Based on my research, this guru is a national speaker in the self-help industry. He has written many books and been featured in the national TVs. (I don’t know him because I live in Singapore, not US.)

If you remove all the bells and whistles, this guru basically makes money conducting seminars and coaching programs teaching people how to be successful.

I have no intention to become a speaker, nor am I interested to start any coaching program. So whatever experience that this guru is irrelevant to me.

What I’m try to tell you is don’t blindly listen to a guru simply because he is famous. Look behind the scene and find out what he does for living.

If what the guru does is what you envision to do, by all means, listen to everything he says. Or else, that guru is NOT your guru.

Get what I mean?

Let me give you another example.

A few years ago, I got into a membership coaching program by another internet marketing guru, Mark Ling. I invested in his program because he makes millions from Adsense and Clickbank by building little content websites in all kinds of niches that he knows nothing about.

That was what I envisioned myself to be doing and therefore, I got into his program and learnt everything he taught.

Speaking of him, the same membership that I was subscribed to is now free. I highly recommend you to get into the membership because there are tons of videos and tutorials that I used to pay to view.

Click here to get instant access to the free videos and tutorials that I paid to view.

That’s all for today. Remember, the next time you see an offer from another internet marketing guru, ask yourself, is the way that guy makes money the way you want to make money? If the answer is ‘no’, don’t waste your time on that offer.

37 thoughts to “Internet Marketing Guru – Who Should You Follow?”

  1. Hi Kenneth,

    Very wise advice indeed :-) Would a person Pay to be trained by an Electrician if they were working on a Plumbing project? If they did chances are the Electrician may be very wise but of little or no help at all with a Plumbing project ;-)

    So yes make sure the Guru is a Guru in your area otherwise wasting your time, his time, and your money

    All The Best

  2. Really good advice, I am as guilty as anyone when it comes to joining this program or that program because I see something I think I want or need. The end result is a hard drive full of stuff that I intend to sort through and use someday. The secondary result is a major investment in stuff that I am not using. After much exploraton I have found a couple people that I am closely following and trust. This blog is a good source of good information. I look forward to reading it. I trust Kenneth. I also trust a guy named Michael Cheney. I am currently involved in his newest project and I must say the guy knows his stuff. Because of what he has taught me, Life is looking a lot brighter than it was six months ago.

    Thomas B Northrop
    Dover, Ohio

  3. Hi Kenneth,

    Good to hear about some of your experience and yes it is so true. It is not how good the “Guru” is BUT can we put to use what he/she has to teach?. Is it something that will benefit us in the short time/long time? or just sounds good and interesting but may not be something that can profit from.
    Keep it coming Kenneth.


  4. Kenneth this is the best advice you can give anyone on the net. Everyday a product comes out that sounds better than the one that came out the day before, program jumping is the number 1 reason many do not make money online today!

    Kenneth keep up the good work, I love this program!!

  5. How true, Kenneth! This is great advice and I’d like to add that if you start out with even a simple business plan specifying type of business online you want to have and how (steps) you’re going to get there, it helps to determine whether what a particular guru is offering fits into your plan. You may feel that it does, but perhaps revisiting the offer at a later time when you are at that step would be a better choice.

    Thanks again for another great and thoughtful post.

    1. This is what I think (may not be the real reason). When Mark started his paid membership, he created lots of good videos every month to make his paid members feel ‘worth it’. But producing videos and tutorials every month is no joke and for someone making 6 figure a month on autopilot, running such a membership website is more like a chore than a pleasure. So after about two years, he stop his paid membership, turn it into a free membership website and get more people to get on to his list. With more people in his list now, he can always make more money through other means.

  6. Hi all,

    You have pointed out mnay things to be useful for newbe’s to start their online business when they follow Gurus. There are so many so called Guru’s are selling their products, fewer having that provid that knowledge that really make money online. As well as when follow any one you should Internet what he said right or not.



  7. Hi,
    I started Internet Marketing since Jan 08, and since then have been joining so many programmes. True to what Kenneth said,I have learn the not too easy way by not having a right strategy to evaluate offers.
    Now,after all the trial and errors, I am more settled and started to build lists. You can view my journey and notes in my post here and save money and get short cut to save time.

    Check the link here :


  8. Kenneth:
    Thanks for the advice. Truth is that actually one has to be very reflexive when its about acquiring a guru’s work. Yes, I have experimented myself that not always a guru’s product is as good as expected. Some times, inclusive, are not well written as they should.

  9. Hi Kenneth!

    I’ve been an so called “opportunity seeker” for a long time, jumping from one “opportunity” to another, buying stuff that I don’t even have the time to watch & read, following one guru after another, and pretty much getting nowhere because of “info overload”. But finally I’ve learned to set my priorities (unfortunately through the trial & error process) and to avoid getting involved with every guru and every new product launch that isn’t related to my business model.

    And yes, I’ve got that call too. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think You’ve got the call from the Dan Kuschell’s office regarding His protege program, and You might have buy something from Mat Bacak earlier, so that is how they got Your number. However, I was also impressed with this guys level of professionalism, they kept me on the phone nearly an hour, even played the “personal message” tape from their boss, playing all the little dirty tricks and psychological triggers to convince me to spill 6.000 bucks for that program. And when I asked if they give some guarantee, at least for the money back if not for the results (50.000 $ in 3 months), they kept saying: “But We’ll give You an OPPORTUNITY to make 50.000$!” and also that “this opportunity is available only here and now”. So I said to them that I live in a very poor country, Serbia, and that 6.000$ is my income for entire year (which is sadly true), and I must consult with my wife, regarding the amount of money. They said “O.K. We’ll call You tomorrow”. The moment they hang up, I’ve Googled Dan Kuschell’s name and find out pretty much what You described. I’ve also find the online application for that program, so “here & now” what they told me didn’t stand. When they’ve called me tomorrow, I didn’t want to argue why I don’t want to enter the coaching program – I’ve simply told them that I’ve slept on it and that I just can’t take that risk right now.

    So, the point is exactly what You’ve told us: “Remember, the next time you see an offer from another internet marketing guru, ask yourself, is the way that guy makes money the way you want to make money? If the answer is ‘no’, don’t waste your time on that offer.”

    P.S. Sorry if I didn’t write grammatically correct, English is not my native language. I hope You will understand my point.

  10. It’s a fact that over the years that the Internet has been in operation, some things have ‘died a natural death’ and you don’t hear about them any more… But one thing is certain – Advertising will never die! Both free and paid advertising including classified advertising, is still as popular now as it was in the 90’s. Marketing is something that anyone who wants to make money online needs to use at some stage…

    To your success,

  11. Hello, This site has a lot of authors experience with the internet is really a nice idea,sharing such an experience with the visitors,Hope everybody will gain some knowledge about the gurus.thanks for the information……

  12. Kenneth koh,
    Wow, you ready give a good advice. Currently, I also surf internet and encounter so many good programme but yet to decide what paid programme that I have to order.
    So now, I have to be more selective, to see what I actually want and which programme is relevant to my need.
    Your recommendation on the free video’materials that previously that you ordered, I am going to take a tour.
    Kenneth koh, thanks for the valuable information, wish you more success.

  13. Hi Kenneth
    Thank you for sharing real-world ideas about earning money online. I like your down to earth practical examples.

    So much of what we see online from other authors is tired and worn out. You give us hope that it really is possible.

    Thanks for the practical things you do for your members such as creating the new LeadsLeap widget.


  14. There’s no doubt that the contents provided by is very down to earth, very valuable and practical.

    My only beef and in my opinion, a dark cloud hanging over Leadsleap is their compensation plan.

    For those who are earning around $20 or $30 bucks a month won’t get a dime because they don’t meet the minimum cash out requirement and therefor goes directly to the owners pocket.


    Paul Penafiel

    1. Hi Paul,
      The minimum cash out of $100 is cumulative and what you’ve earned will accumulate with no expiry date and there is no charges whatsoever that will reduce your accumulated earnings. If you are earning $20-30 bucks a month, you will be able to cash out every 4-5 months.

      1. Hi Kenneth,

        Very well said, indeed! You have hit the nail right on the head – especially so for Newbies and opportunities seekers. Who are always looking for the next ‘Secrets’, the next and latest money making program from the GURUS.

        Imagine, you are at a cross road. You can either turn left or right. As Kenneth said, you have to follow your passion. If your passion is what the guru does. Then, by all means follow him and STOP looking for other gurus whom you think has a better program.

        The thing is the program may be better but is not what you want to do for a living. Get it? Your choice.

  15. Hi Kenneth,

    I only can emphasize to be VERY, VERY careful with these calls coming from some enterprises s.b. probably never heard of. These people have a very good rethorical education but: The company behind them doesn’t keep the promises!!!

    By the way, only a couple of weeks ago I got such a call and the person on the other end of the phone refers to a guy with whom I have an affililate contact.

    Useless to say, that I never gave my permission to deal with my private dates… A kind request at the owner of the program why I was contacted from a third party, till today is without answer.

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