How To Make Money Online For Beginners

Most of the “How to make money online for beginners” articles on the web are either trying to sell a turnkey money making system or attempt to provide a huge list of a-z ways to make money online. But none of them have the answer I have in mind.

That’s why I decided to write my own version of how to make money online for beginners.

I started reading about how people made money online since 1999. Like many beginners, I opted-in to many gurus’ lists, reading their newsletters, trying and failing different opportunities.

At that time, information was pretty fragmented. Different gurus seem to have different ways to make money online. I was learning, trying, failing and confused.

Later I learnt that there is a technical term for this stage. It’s called initial perturbation. It happens whenever we are exposed to something new. It’s the beginning of a new learning process.

So my first ‘how to make money online’ advice for beginners is – be ready to learn, try, fail and get confused. It’s a natural process anyone will have to go through. During this time, you’re subconsciously building your industry knowledge, marketing senses and business acumen.

In 2005, I had an opportunity to help my employer at that time to build a simple company website. No one in the company knew about website building, so I volunteered to build one.

Did I know anything about website building? Not at all. I picked up a book called Frontpage For Dummies, read it over a weekend and spent the next one week building the company’s website after the office hours. With the basic website building skill, I started building all kinds of websites. That’s when the real game started.

So my second ‘how to make money online’ advice for beginners is – learn the technical stuff. If you believe in those gurus who tell you that you don’t need to know anything technical, well, good luck to you. All I can say is, the more competent you are technically, the more tricks you can do and the higher your chance of success.

Like many of you who have your own website, the next problem I had was how to promote my websites and bring traffic. That was when I seriously learnt about SEO, copywriting, advertising etc.

So my third ‘how to make money online’ advice for beginners is – practice purposeful learning. Purposeful learning means you only learn things that you need to use now. For example, if you build a content website, you need to learn and practice everything about SEO. If you build a squeeze page, you need to learn and practice everything about copywriting and advertising. Purposeful learning will make the learning process fun and you are more likely to appreciate and internalize what you’ve learnt.

Finally, my last ‘how to make money online’ advice for beginners is – treat yourself like an employee. Apart from thinking of new money making ideas and strategies, all other things about making money online is boring and repetitive. For example, website building is boring and repetitive. Traffic generation is also boring and repetitive. If you treat yourself like an employee, set datelines for yourself and push yourself to meet the datelines, you are more likely to complete the boring and repetitive tasks and eventually get the rewards you deserve.

In summary, here’s my advice on how to make money for beginners:
– Get over the initial perturbation
– Learn the technical stuff
– Practice purposeful learning
– Treat yourself like an employee

If you can follow through these four advices, there’s no reason why you can’t succeed.

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  1. Great post Kenneth, this is really important if you’re just at the beginning of your online journey. This brings back memories of the very first internet marketing course I ever purchased which I still refer to from time to time just for sentimental reasons and Lord knows I still have much to learn. :-) That’s where my journey began and you’ve explained perfectly how to start the journey in the right direction. All these things are a part of maturing with your business, great info to absorb!

    1. It’s true Chad that you will need to refer to the ebooks you have already learned from time to time.

      If I have to write a webcopy, I’ll always first refresh myself by skimming over some copy writing courses in my hard drive.

      It’s all very repetitive and Kenneth is right to say that we should treat ourselves like employees of our internet businesses with deadlines to meet.

      Otherwise you won’t accomplish those repetitive tasks that you must undertake from time to time.

      Purposive learning also holds its special place in the world of an internet marketer. Trust me there will always be a new trick to learn and a whole new idea to follow. Who knew twitter would be there for the marketers by this year? But many marketers are now chasing twitter traffic while learning how to do it well while others are actually selling twitter related products and softwares.

      It’s just the ordinary world of internet marketers with continually evolving technologies and approaches.

      Speaking of purposive learning and this being a beginners guide, consider reading my new blog post called The surefire 5 step formula to make money online for newbies

      Kevin Njoroge

    2. Thanks for Your sharings, Kenneth! Yeees: This post is up to now actual!!

      (…) the more competent you are technically, the more tricks you can do and the higher your chance of success: I think there is no thing better for Success than this one

  2. Great post Kenneth, you are right on about setting deadlines and treating yourself as an employee. If you don’t you will be scattered and become a victim of information overload and will not make any progress in moving forward.

  3. This is really great posting.Because it described more or less about me for my journey to make money online that is near to stage of maturity.

    You’re absolutely right,we must go through the learning curve process and treat ourselves as an employee’s attitude.To apply it into a product.If you have a little economy knowledge,you would probably know that a product has to go through a process.

    There are:

    Hence,we need to go through the learning process before start making money online.

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    This is a good start for the beginner and it might save much of your valuable time in hoping to get the best program with the objective to make money online.

    I wish you all the best and success
    Have a great day

    “Treat People as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they are capable of being.”(Johann Von Goethe) You can have everything in life you want,if you will just help other people get what they want.(Zig Ziglar)

  4. I agree i am going through the leaning stage now i am actually making money now not bad considering i have only been in the biz for just over a month.

    I know i still have lots to learn i set myself goals everyday and try and do as much extra as i can each day on top of my goals.

    I stop listening to all the Guru’s hyped up rubbish and seek out real experts who tell it as it is like yourself.

    I have learn’t more in the last couple of weeks from you than i did from the 6 months i spent researching and studying the Guru’s before i started my biz.

    Great job Kenneth thanx mate when i am successful you will most certainly get a mention.

  5. I’ll have to say that isso true. very good post. I’ve only been at this a few months but have leraned alot.

    Your right you going to fail the first time but you have to get back up and try again and again tell you have learn everything and have success.

  6. Hi,
    great post and sound advice. I’m having that 1st ‘blue’ right now, initial perturbation…
    I have much more knowledge stashed on my hard drive than I’ve time to go thru’ that let alone learning…!! I know I must overcome that! Learnig techy things is giving me jitters and I’ve been trying to put it off. I’ve been collecting ebooks and ereports, I don’t have time to read.

    What you have said here fits me… thanks to you, now, I’ve stopped collecting and I’m into making a weekly schedule to use the books and reports.

  7. Hi,

    Great post. Deffinetly, set your own hours as if you were in an office say from 9-5 and take a lunch break. Do anything that you would normally do at an another company (where you have to drive to) and you’ll enjoy your freedom of working at home.

  8. good article… journey to success is bitter but if you can ENJOY the taste, you will be moving forward to success. Struggling is inevitable and it is the only ‘thing’ that can make us reach our fullest potential but many people keep avoiding it instead of conquering it.

  9. This is a great article! The key to making money online is to learn, learn and keep learning and to never give up! Stay focused and help others along the way, you will succeed if you stay on track.

  10. Before getting into any home business, affiliate marketing or internet business…first off, you need to study everything about copywriting, seo, sales funnels, autoresponders, etc…IF you want to succeed in these industries.

    People fail because they join today and they want to become millionares in 3 weeks.

  11. Blogging is not easy money at all. It requires patience, relevant skills, as well as dedicated work.
    I think, just as in the real life, there are no short cuts to making money in blogging as well. If you see it closely, a lot of principles that apply to other businesses apply to blogging as well.

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  13. In my opinon there is no way to make fast money online unless your are a tech savvy individual.Also every time I read someones testimonial the average learning process for starting to make online profits is about 5 years.

  14. I agree with you Gavino, it takes some time before you actually see money rolling in on a continual basis or any at all. You really have to work it.

    Another good tip would be to join related niche forums and communicate with people who are doing what you want to do online.

  15. Hi,

    Very good article! I liked it because…
    1. It was clear
    2. It was concise
    3.It was relevant to my needs
    In summary, I have used your techniques to become a better comment writer in order for me to make money on my blog in easy way. :) Anyways, Thanks for pointing this out. It will help me a lot and to other bloggers who are new in this field.

    Warm Regards,

  16. I fell into so many scams online and now I know from your writing that it is part of learning. I waste a lot of money especially because I thought that making money online was easy. In fact, it is simple and repetitive as you said but it’s not easy.

  17. Building an online business is a definite challenge…requiring hard work and diligent effort. Create quality content and always stay consistent with building links to your site.

  18. Making money for beginners are little difficult. Because they don’t know which way to start with. And there are lot of scam website on the internet which drive beginners to the wrong way. I think Forum and Blog are the best place for them to find best ideas for them.

  19. awesome and unique article for beginners,
    I know it is difficult to start, but ones you get going it is like a child’s play for you.
    so my advice for beginners for first six months don’t think of making money think of establishing yourself.
    Ones you got your blog or website popular than money will flow automatically, just try to rise above with content and organic traffic.

  20. Making money online should be fairly, fair! It’s picking the right methods that really count and researching the right sites, apps, and networks other…

  21. Beginners need to research and don’t be afraid to start with two legit programs that one can truly work with. I’ve bitten off more than I can chew but I am comfortable blogging on free websites with my researched information and the programs I’ve chosen (only the ones I’m truly involved with).

    Blog such as yours, does give the beginners a clear head and pointers on how to start.

  22. Very true about purposeful learning. I would add that having a nice balance between drive and patience is key to having a successful online career.

  23. I appreciate your insight and experience. I truly feel everyone should start “free”. It’s a shame people get caught up in everything and totally panic. There are legit online sites that allow free members to start, test the waters, and expand. You will fail and get up, but now-a-days you have a learning curve if you allow yourself time to read others comments. This site allows growth, and that’s a Good Thing! Thank-you.

  24. I appreciate your post really do. Its true learning the technical aspects really puts you in touch with your operation. For me when i first started lol i was promoting an affiliate product and got a sale. I found out when the purchaser had problems with the download link. Barely knowing the technical side of things i setup a work around download link and emailed my customer. But then i thought ‘this was a bad experience for my buyer. That lesson taught me something valuable… Test test test before you go live!
    And yes follow a plan and you will do ok.
    Have fun with your online business.

    Take care

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