How To Increase Your Odds In Online Success?

Today I’m going to share with you how to increase your odds in online success. It’s simpler than what you think, really!

First of all, do you know that 9 out of 10 entrepreneurs will give their lifeblood and fail?

When it comes to online, I believe the same odds applies.

So, how do you ensure that you are the 1 out of 10 online entrepreneurs who succeed?

Simple. All you have to do is to be an online entrepreneur 10 times!

Mathematically, if 1 out of 10 will succeed, it means if you do it 10 times, there will be 1 time when you succeed!

Make sense?

Some of you may think this is nonsense, but it’s not.

Many people quit too early. In fact, many people quit even without trying!

I didn’t succeed in my first online business. I have registered at least 5 domain names that I hardly do anything with. I also have at least 2 ‘BIG’ websites that I’ve spent at least 2 months preparing but they are now sitting somewhere in the web, collecting virtual dust.

But so what?

I don’t need all my websites to be successful.

Even if you talk about Adsense websites (I have about 70 of them now), the highest earner can make me $500 a month and there are some that are just earning $5 a month.

Again, so what?

All I know is the more websites I have, the more money I make.

Am I disappointed with those websites that fail to perform?

I am. But that only motivates me to continue looking for other ways to bring traffic and make money online.

How about promoting affiliate products through PPC advertising? There is no guarantee that your first campaign will be a success. What if your 4th campaign is going to be a great success but you quit at the 3rd?

The good thing about being an online entrepreneur compared to being an offline entrepreneur is that you can hardly lose your shirt.

I lost $50,000 in 6 months in my first offline business. Question is how many $50,000 can you afford to lose before you hit the jackpot?

But when it comes to online, if you invest $500 on an online business, which is already considered a lot, 10 businesses will only cost you $5000. 1 successful business can easily recover all your losses.

So, if you are thinking of quitting, why not think about what your next project is going to be?

If you persists and keep improving, success is inevitable.

19 thoughts to “How To Increase Your Odds In Online Success?”

  1. Thanks Kenneth. You are right, the longer you preserve, the more likely you will succeed.
    I have registered around 8 domain names, of which 2, in my opinion, is making me money. So don’t ever quit!
    Guys, do check out the lastest website that I have just created.

  2. Thats quite a way to put it into perspective. Ive been online since 2001 and I also have stuff out there collecting virtual dust. I dont know how to quit online or offline because I have a passion for marketing. Im called a weirdo about it but what can I say :-) Success is indeed inevitable.

  3. Right on Kenneth

    I have spun my wheels on many domains/projects from Adsense to drop shipping and affiliate sales.

    I know my answer to freedom lies here on the net and I am in the throws of launching a new enterprise around digital photo prints and digital photo expression gifts.

    Check it out…

    John Cussons

  4. All I can say is wow! This is a great article because it really shows the nuts and bolts of the business and what it takes to really make some money online. I haven’t been online very long, and everyone around me thinks I am addicted to my computer…well maybe I am, but I don’t care what other people think. I care about how much money I am going to make online this year. I just read a great article, actually an interview in “” with Maryanne Meyers being interviewed by Abe Cherian. Maryanne tells it like it is, how she got to be the “Super Affiliate” and how she went on to make her own websites and grow her own business.( This is the stuff we need to hear about, because I really believe it takes a certain type of person with a lot of tenacity to make it online.

    Thanks again Kenneth for another excellent article!

  5. Kenneth

    I am fast becoming a fan of your writing.

    Not only do you highlight the key areas of building a successful online business in your articles but you do it in such a way to make the reading interesting.

    I really must leverage your articles and the LeadsLeap lead building system more than I am doing so now.

    Not only am I sure others will benefit from the wisdom you share but the LeadsLeap system provides me with an effortless way to build more leads for my own sites.

    When you keep at it Kenneth you keep me at it aswell. Thanks.

    Michael Searles

  6. Hi Kenneth,

    Thank you for sharing with us your valuable information.

    That’s right! To succeed you have to WORK FOR IT, and you have to WANT IT.

    Cheers to your success!


  7. That’s a good way to look at things Kenneth.

    When it comes to making money online you do have to “grasp the nettle” and not be discouraged by what Napoleon Hill calls a temporary defeat. Instead, see each mistake or failure as a stepping stone to future success by learning and moving on.

    You might call it the “Edison effect” – fail, try again, fail again, fail better! move on again… and eventually you will have a “lightbulb moment”…

  8. Frankly I dunno why some people are dead against online businesses. Even though some maybe scams but I think most are not.

    I have done offline selling and to keep up with the rest of my duties as a mom is wearing me out. But with an online business, most commuting is cut out and yes I have A LOT to learn about marketing, but that only increases my knowledge and to finally have somebody sign up to your program is just as satisfying as selling something physically.

    But I guess not everyone likes doing something online. So I believe it all depends on your passion. Continue to do something you are passionate about and do not be easily discouraged by those who dun see your potential success.

    Like what Kenneth has written, if you keep at it, success is inevitable.

  9. So, how do you ensure that you are the 1 out of 10 online entrepreneurs who succeed?

    Simple. All you have to do is to be an online entrepreneur 10 times!

    I believe otherwise. Let’s put it this way. If you are the “1 out of 10 online entrepreneurs” who don’t succeed. It doesn’t follow that you have to be an online entrepreneur 10 times to be successful as long as you continue doing the same mistakes.

    Better is to be the 1 entrepreneur doing the “right thing”.

    More power,
    – Ding

  10. Read the article tonight and was surfing the web to find another product to promote or maybe even quit. You guessed it kinda new to this thing. The hardest part to affiliate marketing is the tenacity that it takes to continue to push forward. Second hardest thing is to filter out the right with wrong products. I have chosen several wrong by the way. The only thing in my opinion I have done right is continue my pursuit of my main site.
    Even with the little attention at this point I give it.
    My point is thanks for the words though because I am searching for a little motivation every once in a while to continue on this tough journey of affiliate marketing. Piece of advice to all new marketers making money online in a few hours not true. LOL. But it can be done with hard work. Once again thanks for the motivation. I really needed that.

    1. Hi Jay,

      I was going through my incoming mails just now and I realised I had missed this particular article. Before I forget, thank you very much, Kenneth, I really love this article!

      Jay, my sincere advice to you, if you have started yr online business, DO NOT QUIT. I just want to encourage you with a few points :

      1. In any online business, you need to be very persistent. It’s yr persistence which will make you successful in yr business.

      2. When you are persistent, you will have a die-hard belief to always on the look-out for some effective ways to build yr online business NO MATTER WHAT. It will be this persistent “Never Give Up” attitude that will make you look for information which will lead you to the path of success while others will easily give up their “internet dreams”.

      3. These successful people will always educate themselves, develop themselves with more value to give to others. So, if you want to be successful in network marketing, keep building up your own value. Never stop doing that.

      4. It’s persistence that will lead you to the fulfillment of your dreams. You may need to struggle through times of disappointment and even ridicule but if you stick with it on your Internet business . . . dreams do come true!

      Hope it can encourage you.

      My best wishes to your internet success!
      Carol oon

    2. Yes it is true what Jay has said about NOT taking up a few hours BUT you are still the boss to do how many hours you choose. BUT like what Carol Oon has said, it is the persistence that counts most.

  11. Excellent article. You are revealing what most aspiring internet entrepreneurs don’t realize. You can try and fail, but the potential loss is minimal compared to regular businesses. Perseverance is definitely necessary.

  12. You know the old quote saying “Try and try until you succeed”. Therefore keep on trying until you belong to those 1 out 10 successful person. This post motivates me more. Thank you.

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